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Can MoM (milk of magnesia) Offer Relief from Jock Itch?

Jock itch is a misnomer. This fungal infection can affect women (under breast rash, groin area) as well as men. Can MoM bring relief from jock itch?
MoM milk of magnesia magnesium

Wherever there are folds in the skin there is the opportunity for jock itch. That means women as well as men are vulnerable. Summertime is the worse time for jock itch. That’s because of the heat and humidity. When you sweat, chances are very good that you are setting up the conditions that allow fungal infections to thrive. Is there any relief from jock itch? What remedies work best? This reader was delighted with the results from topical applications of MoM (milk of magnesia, also known as magnesium hydroxide).

MoM Provides Relief from Jock Itch!

Q. For about three years, I had a chronic problem with “jock itch.” First I tried many OTC products, but none worked. My physician dismissed the problem by telling me that it was a seasonal allergy despite my protests that it lasted all year long. Then my urologist and dermatologist each prescribed products that gave no more than limited temporary help.

A recent People’s Pharmacy article mentioned milk of magnesia for jock itch. I bought a store’s private label MoM, applied it after my shower and was stunned with the almost instant relief. My only dissatisfaction was the very liquid form of MoM.

What Causes Jock Itch?

A. Jock itch (tinea cruris) is caused by fungal overgrowth on areas of the skin that get warm and moist. The itchy rash is not limited to athletes nor to men. It can occur on the inner thighs, buttocks, genitals and even under the breasts (intertrigo).

Treatments That Offer Relief from Jock Itch:

Antifungal creams are the usual recommendation. Some people have been able to control jock itch by washing the area with dandruff shampoo containing selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue). Another popular remedy is applying old-fashioned amber Listerine to the rash. Be careful, though; the alcohol can sting if the skin is irritated.

Milk of Magnesia = Another Option for Relief from Jock Itch

Many readers have reported success with milk of magnesia, especially for under-breast rashes. You can read about how this approach has helped many women obtain relief from jock itch, aka a rash under the breasts at this link:

Will Milk of Magnesia Help Under-Breast Itching?

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One person found that leaving the bottle ajar allowed the liquid to evaporate and become a thick cream. That made application a little easier. It’s still kind of messy, though. 

We have another idea. Several years ago we discovered that milk of magnesia could be a surprisingly effective deodorant. We tried it. The only downside was it too was messy. Trying to slosh liquid milk of magnesia under your arm pits was challenging at best and drippy at worst.

Here is a short history on our discovery of MoM for underarm odor:

Milk of Magnesia is Old Cuban Rx for Body Odor

That started us on a quest to develop a roll-on MoM deodorant. We think we succeeded, and many followers agreed. It makes application of milk of magnesia really easy. Here are some examples of The People’s Pharmacy Aluminum-Free MoM Roll-on Deodorant

Here are some testimonials:

Molly in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a believer:

“I’ve been using this deodorant for several years. Initially I was concerned that it wouldn’t be strong enough to block the odor from bacteria I picked up in the tropics – no, seriously, I came home from a trip to the South Pacific stinking in a new, distressing way, and a doctor told me I was inhabited with some bacteria that would just live on me forever. Blessings to MoM; the doc was wrong. That smell went away and has never come back.”

Mike in Cullman, Alabama loves MoM:

“Had severe irritation under my arms. This is the ONLY product that does NOT irritate. God has blessed me through the discovery of this fine roll-on. I will order my third 3-months supply today. Thanks for the great quality. Papa Murph”

Cynthia in California Also Loves MoM!

“Absolutely love this product! I will never go back to commercial deodorants as long as this magnesium deodorant exists! It really works wonders in keeping odors under control and its free from harmful chemicals.”

If you find such stories helpful, you may wish to read our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies. It contains hundreds of simple approaches for common ailments. And if you want to try MoM for jock itch or under breast rash, here’s a link

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Tried Selsun Blue, worked great. 2 washings and no more jock itch.

Read about MoM as deodorant on this website years ago and my husband and I have used it ever since. He is Hispanic and his tee shirts used to become yellow under the armpits after awhile. MoM was the answer. The initial runniness is nothing compared to the amazing results. We tell everyone about it.

MOM works like a charm as a deodorant ! Easy to apply. I’ve been using it for about 3 years, as an alternative to the products that have potentially harmful aluminum in them.

I’ve used Listerine successfully for years. Kept in spray bottle, after showering I spray neather regions and feet, then dress. I’ve never been bothered since by fungus.

Great page. Please ADD the ability to “forward” screen to friends, family etc. as you do offer on other screens. BIG thanks, Fort Worth TX

A little MOM rubbed on a lady’s tender places… it under the arms, breasts or other places…does wonders. No itch, odor or rash. I keep 2 roller dispensers, one in the bathroom for special needs. Works wonders! My new experiment will be trying it on toenails for fungus….might work…let you know.

Jock itch,smelly feet,and other skin conditions are caused by fungus. A little AVC judiciously applied to any affected areas will nicely remedy any problems.
Bragg’s is the best.

CBD ointment works better than anything Doctors have prescribed.

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