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Even before Prozac, there was Wellbutrin (bupropion). It was the first of a new generation of antidepressants and was introduced in 1985, almost two years before Prozac received FDA approval.

The company started shipping Wellbutrin to pharmacies around the country, but before prescriptions could actually be filled, a problem arose. A small study involving 50 women with an eating disorder uncovered an alarming statistic.

Four out of the fifty (8 percent) had suffered a seizure. This unexpected and alarming discovery created consternation at the FDA and the feds had the drug pulled off pharmacy shelves.

The FDA demanded additional tests, but the company resisted, maintaining that the bulimic subjects in the study were not representative of depressed patients. Prior research suggested that the seizure incidence was similar to that for other antidepressants.

For more than a year the company and the FDA argued. Eventually the company capitulated and studied an additional 3,000 patients.

The results redeemed Wellbutrin: The seizure incidence turned out to be 0.4 percent, not that different from other antidepressants and nowhere near the 8 percent seen in the small bulimia study.

Finally, in August 1989, Wellbutrin returned to pharmacy shelves, but it was almost too late. Prozac, introduced in 1987, had become a shooting star. Its incredible popularity made Wellbutrin an also-ran.

Although Wellbutrin works differently from Prozac and similar drugs (Paxil and Zoloft), doctors seemed to remember only the initial concern about seizures.

Despite its initial lack of success in the marketplace, Wellbutrin is roughly comparable to Prozac-like drugs in effectiveness.

Unlike traditional antidepressants, Wellbutrin does not cause weight gain, drowsiness, blurred vision, mental confusion, cardiovascular problems or impaired memory.

And it has one huge advantage over Prozac and other SSRI antidepressants. It does not lower libido, produce impotence or impair orgasms. If anything, Wellbutrin may actually stimulate sexuality for some people.

Side Effects and Interactions

Side effects associated with Wellbutrin include headache, dry mouth, agitation, insomnia, tremor, sweating, skin rash, nausea and constipation.

Other possible side effects include dizziness, nervousness, confusion, weight loss and blurred vision. Report any symptoms to your physician promptly.

Certain other medications may change the metabolism of Wellbutrin: The AIDS drug ritonavir can lead to large increases in the blood levels of the antidepressant, while the antiseizure medicine Tegretol lowers blood concentrations of Wellbutrin.

Taking antipsychotics, antidepressants, theophylline, or oral corticosteroids in combination with Wellbutrin may increase the risk of a seizure. So can sudden discontinuation of anti-anxiety pills like Ativan, Halcion or Xanax.

Other possible interactions may occur in combination with levodopa, phenelzine and tricyclic antidepressants such as amitrityline.

Because of a concern that ginkgo biloba could possibly make a person more vulnerable to seizures, it probably should not be taken together with drugs known to increase the risk of seizures. Antidepressants such as Wellbutrin belong in this category.

Interactions between the herb St. John’s wort and Wellbutrin are possible. Switching between antidepressants and herbal treatment calls for medical guidance (physicians can find a suggested protocol for gradual substitution of St. John’s wort in Hyla Cass’s book, St. John’s Wort: Nature’s Blues Buster).

Animal experiments indicate that compounds that act on dopamine in the brain, such as Wellbutrin, may affect or be affected by the herb chaste tea berry.

Check with your pharmacist and physician to make sure Wellbutrin is safe in combination with any other medicines and herbs you take.

Special Precautions

Even though the seizure risk with Wellbutrin is not as high as originally feared, a 0.4% incidence must not be ignored. The dosing schedule is extremely important in reducing this risk.

The maximum daily dose of 450 mg should not be exceeded. In the case of the sustained release (SR) formulation, the total daily dose should not exceed 400 mg.

Alcohol and certain other drugs (oral decongestants, other antidepressants, theophylline, oral corticosteroids) may potentiate the risk of seizures, so please check with a physician before consuming alcoholic beverages or taking any other medications.

Some drugs, such as Ativan, Halcion or Xanax, should be used cautiously, if at all, with Wellbutrin, because stopping them suddenly may make some people more vulnerable to seizures.

Wellbutrin may cause an exaggerated sun reaction, so people taking this antidepressant should stay out of the sun, wear protective clothing and use a broad spectrum sun block.

Taking the Medicine

Wellbutrin can be somewhat more complicated to take than other medications.

The SR (slow-release) formula is usually given as 150 mg twice a day with at least eight hours between the two doses. If the dose needs to be increased, this must be done gradually with medical supervision.

The SR (slow-release) formulation should not be chewed, crushed or split, as this might alter the absorption of this medicine.

The immediate-release tablets are usually given three times daily. No single dose should exceed 150 mg.

Dosing is usually started at 200 mg a day, given as 100 mg twice a day. This can be gradually increased to a total of 300 mg a day total. The daily dose should not be increased by more than 100 mg in a three-day period.

To minimize insomnia, the last dose of the day should not be taken at bedtime. However, immediate-release tablets should be spaced approximately six hours apart.

Food does not appear to have a significant effect upon  absorption, so it may be taken with or without food.

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I have been on Wellbutrin for over 9 years now. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know there was a difference between the generic (Bupropion) or the normal prescription Wellbutrin. I just looked at my prescription bottle and it says “Bupropion Generic for Wellbutrin XL”. I take 3 150mg each morning. I started taking 150mg, and at some point it went from that to 300mgs/day. I can’t say that I’ve lost weight with it, as many of you have mentioned, but then again 15yrs ago I had a gastric bypass so the eating matters have also changed for me way before taking the meds. So maybe it has helped me not gain weight? Who knows? Either way I’d be in deep trouble if I had a medication that makes me gain weight. So I’m not sure I’m understanding all that I’ve been reading.

I came across this site because, after taking this medication for some while, I too have been experiencing a few issues lately. I feel like it I am no longer as effectiveness as in my life as I was before. I use to suffer from iron deficiency, and usually I’d go do blood work, and it would be the reason why I felt so tired and not up to doing much. Unfortunately, the past 2 years I’ve been so good with my iron levels which only leads me to think that i’ts the medication. I also haven’t gone back to see my Psychiatrist so maybe this is the time to do this.

I would not want to change my medication because the last thing I want is to be experimenting with meds that might make me worse and gaining weight is truly not an option for me. As it is, I still weigh 197 lbs, and that, according to my Dr., is unacceptable after a gastric bypass. So I previously tried getting off the meds or reducing the dosage (without telling my Doc), and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I noticed a lack of energy, fatigue, no enthusiasm towards life. I still struggle with wanting to be active and go out with my family which makes me truly sad because they see me as a boring person, and I’m barely 45yrs old, which means I shouldn’t be that way. I also saw a super-high level of irritable symptoms. I’d get upset over the stupidest things that truly didn’t matter. So I couldn’t control that, and not to mention that I now cry over the silliest things – although my son being deployed to Iraq isn’t silly at all. I think I still cry over who knows what at other times.

So I’m a little confused. I’m not sure if the medication should be changed, or like some people mention here, maybe I should try lowering it, but I’m afraid because after several attempts of reducing my dosage or getting off it I’m truly scared. I didn’t believe that I would never be able to get off the meds like my Dr. told me once. I thought that maybe exercising, getting into church and praying to God would help me in removing these depression symptoms but I was wrong. Plus, I hate to admit it but I commute 3 hrs each day to work, and truly I don’t know if it’s the pill, the commute, life in general or what that truly is making me doubt about many things in my life and how I feel :(

I started on Wellbutrin 11 years ago due to severe major depression and have been on generic bupropion 300 mg XL for 10 years. At the time I had tried all of the SSRIs out there and none had helped me and I would agree that Wellbutrin was a life saver. Although side effects were difficult initially my body adjusted after a month or so – the main problem was really bad constipation caused by the drug – and I haven’t had any major physical symptoms.

My sister also takes the drug and has told me that lowering her dose has helped with memory and word finding problems. She said her psychiatrist told her this is a common side effect. I would like to experiment with lowering my dose but when I tried this about 7 years ago, I was not able to do it successfully as, after several weeks of taking 150 or 200 mg (I don’t recall which one) I noticed that my mood was lower and returned to the 300 mg of XL. I’m wondering whether this was simply a withdrawal effect that would have gone away had I stuck with it. I can find no advice on how to gradually lower my dose and it seems difficult since, if I stay on the XL I would have to halve the dose to 150 mg or else go on the SR version twice a day and to take 200 mg.

Another concern I have, besides the word finding problems, is that recently I’ve developed muscle aches in one arm which have persisted for months with no apparent cause. I have no idea whether these could be related to the bupropion but it’s the only drug I take.

Can anyone advise me on either of these issues? My sister also claims that she can’t take any of the generic forms of Wellbutrin, only the brand, but my insurance will only cover the generic. Thank you for any advice or referral to articles I could share with my doctor.

I must be a rare one. In being on the medicine for 2 months, I’ve packed on 40#, have no desire to do anything, feel flat almost all the time. If I feel anything at all, it’s deep sadness to the point of being unable to make myself move. I have terrible body aches, high BP and HR, and before I was doing great and feeling healthy. Right now I’m tapering down and it feels like I’m dying most of the days. Nauseous, fatigue, dizziness & vertigo… I’m coming to the point that I’d rather just be depressed and self harming than take this or any other depression “medicine”.

Been taking bupropion S R 150 mg twice a day for many years and have never had any side effects. Suddenly I am experiencing a very dry mouth. Could I suddenly have this side effect from it? I’m not on any new medications that could be causing it. It changes the way food tastes and I have a very foul taste in my mouth.

Just started taking bupropion . . .Sandoz. 2x day; 150 mg.

Felt better almost immediately (in terms of depression). No real side effects (okay – not sleeping as well. . . wake up almost every night, like clockwork, at 3 am for about an hour. Dealing with it by going to bed earlier.)

BUT. . . a few days ago, started itching LIKE crazy on the tops of my forearms. It is unbearable (even with benadryl and a hydrocortisone cream 1%). Doctor suggested I go off the drug for a few days to see if the itching goes away.

I’m not normally allergic to anything.

I’m bummed b/c I’m responding so well otherwise. I’d even put up with the itching if I thought my body would adjust. (But did I mention it’s almost unbearable?)

I won’t take any other anti-depressant b/c I really struggle with my weight (lost 85 pounds 2 years ago). Most other drugs cause weight gain.

Does this mean I have to choose between being depressed or having itchy arms? It’s insane.

Since I’ve been taking bupropion 150 mg I have chest discomfort and aches and headaches the headaches are not to bad but I don’t have any appetite at all. Foods I used to like I really don’t want anymore and itching I didn’t have this at first cause I just went to my doctor to see how I was doing since she put me on it. I told her I was doing good no more crying moments but now after I went to her all of these side effects start up if it keeps up I will probably have to switch to something else and I have nausea too. I told her that she said that should go away its a side effect.

Used to take branded WB. Switched to generic in late 2015 (by Sandoz) for $$ reasons. Then moved and so went to a new pharmacy. Was given WB generic made by Mylan. Got one hive (thought it was a mosquito bite) and within a couple of weeks was covered with horrible itchy hives. Stopped all shampoos, detergents, foods etc. Finally decided it must be my med. Switched back to previous generic–but problem persisted. That’s weird to me. Why would I be allergic to the generic that had NOT been a problem? Weaned off WB entirely. Depression unbearable but hives all gone. Going to doctor this week to get branded WB. Hope no more hives b/c I was taking 6 Allegra per day just to keep them in check. That can’t be good, long-term.

Have just been switched from Activis pharm to Par pharm, immediately began have tremendous side effects. Sever abdominal pain, severe dull headaches and nervous. Went back to old pills and most side effects went away. Tried 2 separate times, same result. Has anyone had a problem with BUPROPION 300XL from PAR PHARM? My insurance and medicare don’t want to pay for name brand WELLBUTRIN.

Hi Joe: If you want brand name Wellbutrin XL for next to nothing, you can get it from Direct Success Pharmacy in NJ. Google them. They are contracted by the brand company. Totally legitimate. Basically, for $50 (no shipping charges, either, unless you want it rushed), you get a 30 day supply. 150 mg or 300 mg. Same price for 30 day supply. You can’t beat that. When it comes to XL, I, too, had a problem with PAR, but not the same as your problem. The problem with XL generic from any manufacturer is that they don’t have the timed-release part right. With PAR, I’d get a sudden burst of bupropion sometime in the day and then not much else after. The timed-release mechanism in the brand name is far more steady and consistent.

The bupropion made by PAR Pharmaceuticals made me very jittery and tremulous to the point that I could not continue. The brand name drug, Wellbutrin, does not have this effect on me. Also, I took a generic bupropion in the past that did not have this effect, but I don’t remember the manufacturer.

I have been on bupropion now for a year and was wondering does it lose its effectiveness? I am on 150mg slow release. I do not feel a real need to increase.

I switched from a generic brand to another genetic brand of bupropion about 2 weeks ago.
Now I feel like I’m dying. Constantly dizzy…. Bad bad dizzy. I feel like I am in a fog all day. Like I just woke up all day long.
For about a week, I had body aches like I had the flu. I also have foggy vision and headaches. This sucks.

Same here! I switched from the Sandoz 200 mg SR to the Watson 200 mg SR, and I am miserable! I will definitely be going back to the Sandoz ASAP!

My Dr put me on bupropion for anxity, it has worked wonders for me. I feel more awake, alive, able to run erands by myself. Before I wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have too, not alone anyway.
I have had side effects like chest pressure as if someone was sitting on my chest. My Dr told me to stop it and changed me to xanax, horrible, horrible, horrible felt like a zombie.
I stopped it after two weeks and restarted bupropion, just recently I have had small blistering, clustered rash develop in my inner upper and lower eye lid with lots and lots of itching. I have read about the allergic reaction on the skin but not in the eye. I’m going to stop my med and see if it goes away. I will repost if it returns after I restart it.
The price I pay to be able to live normally!

Taking Wellbutrin SR has made a big change in my well being, but the most important thing I want to comment on is that a smaller dose helps me much more than a larger dose. I had to find this out through painful trial and error with my doctor.
It seems the way my body metabolizes Wellbutrin causes serious side effects when taken in normal doses, but quitting it altogether was not the answer. Decreasing the dose was what worked.

Please please tell what the painful trial error is. I’m on the SR as well. And just recently my doc upped it bc the first month dose stopped working as well. I started noticing headaches that turned into 24hr migraines. Now not even a 1week into the increased dose the migraines are frequent and the last dose of the day just started making me feel like I was going to pass out. I love that its helping with my issues but not sure if the migraines are worth it. Or if the migraines are caused from the vitamin I’m taking it with.

Lizzie: Your post really resonated with me. Same with me! I’ve been using Wellbutrin/Bupropion for nearly 19 years. There was a time when my body could deal with 300 mg just fine, but not anymore. Like you, I find I do much better on a lower dose.

Very helpful. Thank you.

After trying Prozac for 1 year and gaining almost 50 pounds I had to switch to something that was going to make me a much happier person. Gaining weight on top of MDD is almost the worst thing ever. So I have been on Bupropion for about 6 months now and I have to say, this was a life miracle. I felt an instant change in my mood and I have nothing but good things to say about this medication. Bupropion will make you much happier, and it will give you the motivation to actually want to do something & if losing weight is something you want to accomplish (It was for me) then this is the pill for you! You will be ready to get up and work out.
For anyone who is curious I started at 215 I’m now at 140.

How long did you start noticing a weight loss? I JUST started the 100mg twice a day today, I have been on 75 twice a day for about 2 weeks. No noticeable weight loss, although my appetite has reduced… Just curious, I have about 30lbs to lose :)

I have read a lot of helpful information shared by others taking Bupropion after having taken the brand name Welllbutrin. I will be calling my doctor TODAY for a consult to try to get back on the brand name.
I was put on Wellbutrin XL in 2003 after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 42 yrs old. Initially, it was 150mg, then a month later, upped to 300mg. It was prescribed for extreme fatigue, lack of energy and also to lessen the extreme hot flashes that were induced by the chemo putting me into early menopause. I didn’t really want to admit I was also depressed, but I’m sure I was. I felt wonderful! It gave me back the energy I had lost, I began exercising again and definitely helped lessen the effects of the hot flashes.
It’s been so long ago now, that I don’t remember when I was switched a couple of times to generic brands… but it was several years ago. I just didn’t pay close enough attention! I do believe it was at the same time that I began to feel like it wasn’t working. I was upped to the max dosage of 450mg. Nothing really seemed to improve, but I was afraid to go off it. I was gaining weight due to lack of energy again, feeling very discouraged and anxious, when I hadn’t been in so long. I thought it was just me possibly becoming immune to the medication!
Then I noticed my memory started to get worse each year, to the point I have been in tears thinking I might be getting early-onset Altzheimers. I also get fluctuating degrees of ringing in my ears. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I started to question the medication and not myself! I found this site and read a few of other’s stories and realized I might actually have a chance to get my life back!
I was still a little concerned that I was grasping at straws and that it might still be me, but after reading more stories today, I’m convinced it’s not all in my head and I’m determined to find a way to feel better! BTW, even when I was concerned about the cancer recurring, I never felt so despondent, in general, as in recent years. I believe, now, that this is due to the Bupropion HCI XL, that I’ve been taking for most of the 11 years I’ve been a cancer survivor!

Your story sounds almost like mine. I was diagnosed with blood cancer at 36 and had situational depression.
I was put into an early acute menopause from the chemo which also gave me hot flashes and probably added to the depression itself.
I gained due to the chemo killing the ovaries.
I was put on zoloft 200mg & it wasn’t working. I was so tired that I felt like a zombie. I could only get out of bed in the morning for about 1 hour before my mind just couldn’t “go” anymore.
My Drs said Zoloft shouldn’t make you tired me 300 mg of it! I said “No. I’m not tired because I’m depressed,….. I’m depressed because I’m so tired!”

I was switched XL 150mg. I 1st gave my 2 month break altogether & started to get my energy back. Once I started generic WB XL, I got a little more energy & I lost 20 of the 40 # I gained from chemo. I switched pharmacies & I swear there is a difference in the medication.
Does anyone know if brand name Wellbutrin is better than generic?

I’m severely itchy after being in the sun for one hour. I have a darker complexion. I never burn.

Wow thats amazing!!!!

We Texans can refuse generics? I had no idea, THANK YOU FOR YOU POST :D . I was reading all the other posts and then I knew that I too was doomed to be switched from Wellbutrin… you just saved me from a nightmare!

People say Wellbutrin may slightly help you lose weight. When I started Wellbutrin, I weighed 360 pounds. Normally I eat 3-7 POUNDS of food a day. Because of Wellbutrin, I feel like not only eating LESS THAN A THIRD of the amount I normally eat, I feel like AVOIDING JUNK-FOOD and DRINKING MOSTLY WATER. I’ve been taking it for 16 weeks now. It’s like a diet pill that won’t kill you and has many other purposes.
Granted I sometimes experience confusion, a ***lack of self-awareness*** or very occasionally a headache, it’s definitely a great trade-off for not eating like a pig and feeling like I should just quit waking up and leaving my bed.
So if you’re a fat depressed bastard (no offense :P) like I still sort of am, definitely try Wellbutrin if your doc recommends it.

I used to lose weight and be full of energy on Wellbutrin, but not since switching back to it from Effexor 3 years ago. Maybe I should ask for name brand cuz getting motivated and dropping 20 lbs of bloat right now would be awesome.

Hi all,
Just wanted to share with you my experience with bupropion. I had been taking it since last fall, mainly because I needed some energy (I have mild hypothyroidism)… most anti-depressants make me sleepy, but bupropion seemed to be good for me… it never really stimulated me at all, but at least I stayed awake and it helped my mood and definitely libido!! It was awesome for seasonal affective disorder. I don’t think I could have survived the fall and winter last year without it. So, it was a good medication for me, at least in the beginning.
My thyroid levels are under control, but I started having really bad acne and it really concerned me. It was mainly on my cheeks, the edge of my face, around my mouth and on my chin… very big and painful cystic acne and it would bleed a lot when I washed my face. My doctor put me on ortho tri cyclen and said it might help, but months later my skin was still breaking out.
For a week I was on vacation and I skipped taking bupropion and my skin started to get better. I stayed off it for a month or more and hardly had any acne at all, but then I started to feel very tired and was sleeping a lot during the day. I tried to take the bupropion again (by the way I was taking 75mg of immediate release generic bupropion 2x/day by Mylan) and within a week of starting it again, the bad acne came roaring back, so now I once again have scars that have to heal and the new breakouts have not completely stopped yet.
I stopped taking it as soon as I realized what was happening again. I seemed to be out of options as far as what to do for energy and stress, so I bought a supplement called Adrenal Support (by Solaray) and when I went to my latest doctors appointment, she looked at me like I was crazy for thinking something natural would work.
She gave me a prescription for 10mg Adderall 2x/day and I only took one today because I was a bit skeptical about it. All I can say is that I was not physically more stimulated, but mentally, yes. I felt like I could have given a seminar on pretty much anything… I had so many thoughts going through my head that I felt like I could talk someone’s ear off. I don’t know if the doctor thinks that is getting more energy, but it’s not. It’s just getting tons of extra thoughts going through my head. But I am all out of ideas because there was no way I could have continued taking the bupropion and having a face full of acne.
I believe that it wreaks havoc on hormones, especially to those people who are sensitive and who may already have a history of hormonal issues. So if anybody reading this is taking bupropion and has developed acne, that might be the culprit for you!!!

How are you doing these days I read your article from March? I hope things are better :)

Your post is a couple years old now, but I wanted to still say thanks and chime in on your experience.

I have been taking wellbutrin xl 300 for about 7 years. In the last 2-3 years my hormones went haywire. Same type of acne you describe and I’m basically in a constant state of PMS. Periods are also extremely painful. All the doctors I’ve talked to about it have told me its my age (30) and hormones change at this time- my family doctor told me that if i stop drinking coffee things might improve. I took her advice and, yes, coffee does seem to have a major influence on my acne. BUT, I only drank one cup a day in the morning. So, it seemed strange that suddenly this small amount of caffeine would wreck havoc on my hormones.

From what i’ve read coffee and wellbutrin have similar hormonal effects (both are dopamine re-uptake inhibitors and dopamine stimulates estrogen.). If that’s the case could my acne not also be a result of the wellbutrin? Or, the combination of coffee and wellbutrin?

10 days ago I reduced my dose to 150 xl (hoping to taper off completely) and my craving for coffee skyrocketed. So much so that I don’t even care if i break out… the coffee is making me feel human and productive again. I have had one morning coffee for a week now and interestingly enough I have not broken out terribly. One or two on my chin but nothing like before. Is this because my estrogen levels are lower?

I’m also expecting my period in one week, and in this part of the menstrual cycle estrogen drops dramatically. Unlike some people who see more acne during this time, I usually have less and get more after my period when estrogen starts to increase.

As I begin to connect the dots, it seems as tho wellbutrin is messing with my estrogen level (which only gets worse with the addition of coffee, and maybe age).

There is also a lot of info out there on the connection between high estrogen levels and acne (for women).

I don’t know that the drug being generic or not was what caused the difference. Listen to this.
I took regular bupropin ( Generic ) 150 in morning, no problem. Had a bout of depression,[ mostly tearfullness for no reason-and not being able to leave the house by myself.]
Doc put me on bupropin 300 XL, not only did my symptoms contiue-they got worse !
Doc then tried 2 doses of bupropin 150 2 x a day [I know, same amount!] and it worked fine ! I’m still levelling out, but if anything I am more wound up than depressed.
I know it doesn’t make sense-but as ong as I am not crying for reasons like ‘the mail was late’-I don’t really care which, what, or why.

Did you give the adrenal support a try…. I was wondering if it helped.. I had a headache everyday and didn’t attribute it to the Wellbutrin until one morning I forgot to take my synthroid and had only take the Wellbutrin and a short time later bad headache… so I stopped the Wellbutrin and the headaches stopped as well… along with nausea… I need the energy and the get up and go I felt while taking the Wellbutrin but I do not want to have to take meds for headaches everyday either… I would love to find something natural that would give me the ability to “want” to get up and do things…

I’ve been on Mylan’s generic (immediate release)for a week and am going to try the brand version, SR or XL because I get a huge rush as the pill breaks up as designed. I have been getting things done and feeling better (Major Dep, PTSD, etc.) I do, however, have to time when I take these carefully so I won’t be driving, having important conversations, or making decisions that have significant consequences, because I’m never sure if the initial flush, itching, anxiety (easily self-talked out of, not like real panic/terror) will strike too hard and skew my judgement, or make me speedy/sleepy.
I’m not able to pay 300 for the brand. I’m looking into coupons, Canadian pharmacies etc. I get dry mouth and weird breath, but feel sooooo much better. I’m sorry other people have had the same less-than-ideal experience on the generics, but glad to have validation. I would not wish dealing with heartless, ignorant drones while depressed on my worst enemy.
Some of our most amazing contributions have been made by those who saw the world differently. Invalidation by committee compounds/triggers symptoms and does not fall into the helpful category! Glad not to be alone in this.
Good luck to all.

Heather, I have taken Wellbutrin with Xanax for years with no problem. Last fall, I found that all my symptoms were getting worse, but I was on 150 mg of the generic XL. I take Welbutrin along with Prozac and it had been fine–all of it, until I started feeling bad last fall. The doctor put me on the 300 mg Welbutrin SR–I am on the generic as well. I started feeling better within a couple of weeks and there have never been any issues with the Xanax. I take .5 mg at night for sleep, and I take the Welbutrin in the morning. Give it a try… the increased dose of Welbutrin made all the difference for me!

I was put on Wellbutrin for smoking cessation and weight loss. I do not nor have I ever had any issues with depression. Apparently, the side affects are the benefit to me. Are there any opinions on this? Are there side effects that are simply not worth the risk?

I have just been prescribed Wellbutrin SR 100 mg, I am supposed to start with one 100 mg tab for a week, then increase to 100 mgs twice a day the following week, and then one in the morning and two around dinner time, but of course it’s the generic (Bupropion HCL SR) because of insurance issues. The only thing I’m afraid of with this med is that I take Xanax .5 mgs twice, sometimes three, times a day for PTSD, Panic Disorder w/agoraphobia, OCD, and GAD.
I have no plans of going off of it, but since I also suffer from depression, my doc wanted to give me something to take care of that too. I was taking the Xanax originally with 200 mgs of Zoloft a day, but I ended up gaining over 30 pounds in ONE YEAR from the Zoloft and I told my doc that I was taking myself off of it. It took me a little over 4 months to wean off of that, and I was just wondering if anyone here takes Wellbutrin with Xanax.
From what I understand, Xanax is sometimes used to help control or reduce the risk of seizures. So if I’m taking them together steadily, am I still at risk of having a seizure from the Wellbutrin? That’s the one thing I’m totally paranoid about. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. I am supposed to start taking them on Monday, June 10th but I am scared to death now! Thanks in advance to anyone who responds to my question.

I have been taking Wellbutrin for many years with only positive results and no recognizable side effects. On three occasions, I tried a generic (in part to save money). Recently, my insurer sent me Bupriopion HCL. It has been horrible. After three weeks, I am suffering extraordinary anxiety and sleeplessness. I do not believe this to be a placebo effect.
I wanted the generic to work. I had actually forgotten it was a generic and did not make the connection until my wife reminded me of the change. It is unreasonable to expect a generic to be the same as the branded product.

I was taking 150mg of generic Wellbutrin SR (buproprion). I switched to 100mg name brand Wellbutrin SR to be taken 2x a day. I have only taken the first dose and I am having a worse time than ever. I am shaky, agitated, and the base of my head feels like it is being pushed forward.

I need some information on the Wellbutrin. I am taking Bupropion SR 150 mg, 2 tablets in the morning, 1 in the evening. Yesterday my pharmacy gave me a different generic, Sandoz. I don’t like it I was taking the Mylan brand, it was fine in fact I use to take Sandoz but switched because I too was taking Wellbutrin XL, was great. In fact my doctor added another 150 mg and I was feeling the best I had in years. All changed when my brand was switched to the Teva brand. After 4 days of misery, I had some SR’s so I took them all was fine.
I called my doctor and he switched me to Bupropion SR 150 anything was better. But a year ago the pharmacy had the Mylan brand what a difference so I have been getting them and he had to special order them for me. Well now he says he cannot get them for me because they are to expensive since I’m the only person who request them. I need to call my doctor and change because I do not like the Sandoz. I don’t think I ever did. My muscles have been hurting and I couldn’t figure out why, after reading these post that it is a side effect from some generics, I’m thinking this is what it has to be.
I have a lot of chronic pain 8 surgeries but this is different and I’m getting upset all day crying etc… I don’t know what to ask my doctor for. I don’t think, well I know I cannot get brand because it’s workers comp. Do you think the Bupropion 100 mg generic would be okay? I took these along time ago and they seemed to work. I would have to switch to 400 mg vs 450 mg. Would this be okay? since the Teva XL have been pulled how are the other Bupropion 150 mg generic? What should I try?
I have a great doctor and I’m sure he will understand and call me in whatever one I choose. I will have to change pharmacy’s. What ones are the best? Please let me know so I can call my doctor as soon as I can. I don’t understand how something can be so different? I have no energy today either, now I’m wondering if it is from the medication change too. Thanks

I had been taking generic bupropion 150 mg XL for 3 weeks, and like quite a few people it seems, developed intense itching and hives. I’m not so sure it’s a true allergic reaction if so many people seem to have this happen. It almost seems like there must be a gradual build up in medications over around 3 weeks that it somehow floods the system? Could it be in the time release mechanism? It’s a shame because I started this medication to stop smoking, which I have & it has been a godsend taken with my 10 mg of lexapro. Now I have to stop it. It seems too common to be a coincidence. Look up wellbutrin XL or sr and itching at about 3 weeks. There are tons of people with the same “allergy”.

I really needed to hear this. I can identify and it has helped me understand that I’m not the only one who has had strange occurrences. I started wellbutrin sr 150 1xs a day and had a total melt down all day and night yesterday. I called the doc and am waiting for a call back. I really made a mess of things yesterday. I have been sober for 4 years. I have a pain pill addiction and alcoholism. I go nuts on alcohol. The pain medicine created this fantastic fake world and I remained in it for several years. This was initially prescribed for an accident it was in. SO here I am.
Shortly after I became sober I had terrible panic attacks. But no sign of true depression. I lost my mom a month before getting sober. Now over the past year I have stopped living… I can’t work. I can’t socialize nor can I be who I once was. I lay around. Do class work… try to not lose my soul mate. I have basically driven him away. Then last night happened. The first three days were fantastic. Then I couldn’t control my emotions. I cried hysterically for hours. Seriously couldn’t calm down. Then I became very angry. This is what really scared me.
I began to flip out. I broke many things and then cried for several hours again. I woke up today thinking maybe it’s too high of a dose. I am highly sensitive to all meds. but now after all the posts and readings I find that I could be right. I haven’t had a violent outburst in over 3 years. Last night was one. I plan to try this at a lower dose, and then hopefully this wont happen again. I have tried so may. Like 20, all kinds. This is pretty much the final resort. I hope that someone reading this can also identify. Thank you.

I am so happy to have found this information. Last year was a year I wish I could forget. My Rx was changed from Celexa (60mg) to Bupropion Hcl 100mg 3 x a day. I was having “ticker tape like thoughts” with Celexa and thought I should try something else. I have been sorry ever since. The change over was “hideous” for me emotionally ….I was suicidal, agitated, nervous, paranoid. I followed Dr’s prescription in changing slowly and had follow ups. No one listened to me….
I got through it and I remember one day in April the suicidal thoughts lifted. I don’t know how I made it through from Jan to April…. I just don’t know. I am still plagued with nervousness and agitation…. grouchy over anything… it is a wonder my husband hasn’t left me! Decided to go to counseling… insurance won’t cover a Dr in psyc who can perscribe Rx… so must rely on Dr and PA for their recommendations… PA prescribed respiradone as a supplement, but I refused to take it as I thought the side effects were too serious.
I am now taking passion flower, lavender at night, valerian, L-tyrosine, and a supplement called ‘chill pill’. I don’t know how to take these supplements in the right way… and I wonder what am I doing to myself taking all of these supplements. So… I just don’t know what to do. I have been diagnosed with depression for many, many years. I got hives with Prozac, Celexa seemed to be the best, but kept upping dosage.
One positive thing about bupropion is I do have more energy… I guess more energy to be agitated…….LOL. Bupropion also makes me a little nauseated. I have heard some say lowering the dose might help the agitation, but truthfully am frightened to do this. Thanks for letting me tell my Buporpion Hcl story.

I have been on generic Wellbutrin for years and am finding memory problems for these last say six months. I often find trouble finding descriptive words when talking. The thought is there but I am searching for a word and settle for a lesser word. That is memory loss and no easy to find words filed in my brain. I need to phase off this stuff. Tired of feeling mentally slow mostly with my word choices and forgetting a train of thought in conversation. I feel like someone else in my car and don’t feel like I’m really there although I know I am.
I look at peoples face when they talk to me and see them just as objects and people standing there tone observed. Kind of dreamlike but not really. Its messing withheld my brain and I have to phase off this stuff even if I become abrasive around people without it. I am also very annoyed by loud noise and bright light. Its a wake up and I think it has hurt my sex drive as I screw once a week and am only 49. I used to be better than that. Good luck and let me know if any is the same for. You.

I also have huge hives and welts from using the generic Wellbutrin sr… It really sucks, because my mood and energy has never been better. If I go on the Wellbutrin sr, and not the generic, would the itching and hives go away….

My doctor proscribed me Wellbutrin for 150MG twice a day. When I got to my pharmacy they suggested the generic substitute Bupropion, so I thought “Oh sure generics are the same anyway, right?”. Now I’m really not so sure. I’ve been on Bupropion for a little over two months. At first I could really feel a difference, In a good way. I even lost some weight, but then a little bit into the second month I felt a drastic change in my personality. I have become EXTREMELY Depressed, Anxious, Paranoid, I have begun to notice hair loss, and I have very recently began to develop suicidal thoughts. It’s gotten to the point where it has become physical. I have NEVER been like this before, and it really scares me.
At first I thought I was going insane. I wanted to rule out all factors, so I looked up some reviews on the drug and it brought me to this site. It seems that a lot of people are having trouble with the generic brand. I’m so scared I just want to stop taking it immediately, But I have heard that you can develop a whole new set of problems from doing that. I want to stop taking the bupropion and change to wellbutrin like I should been taking from the very beginning. I am never taking generic drugs ever again without talking to my doctor first. Hopefully the wellbutrin makes a difference, and helps with the side effects I have been experiencing. If not then I’ll have to talk to my doctor about switching medications ASAP.

I had been taking Wellbutrin SR (150 mg.) for a couple of years until my insurance company switched me to the generic. I don’t recall what company was manufacturing the Bupropion SR, but I do know that at some point, the mail order pharmacy switched to the medication made by TEVA. This was sometime in 2011, but I don’t recall when.
In late November of 2011 I started noticing muscle soreness, almost as if I had overdone it at the gym. It got progressively worse and I felt tired all of the time and spent most of my non-working time sleeping. It was as if I could not get enough sleep. I was in so much pain and so fatigued that I finally went to my doctor. My hands, feet and legs ached the most. They tested me for Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, hepatitis and Bartonella. They also checked my Vitamin D levels. Out of all of those tests, my Vit. D was the only thing that was out of line, and it was very low (16). Within days of starting the weekly megadose, my mind felt more clear and I did not sleep an entire weekend away as I had been doing.
While I did feel much better, the muscle aches never went away completely. But I just learned to live with it. My neurologist mentioned to me that some brands of generic Bupropion were causing people to have muscle pain, but I didn’t really think about it too much.
Then, just this past August, I became very, very depressed. The aches and pains became more pronounced and I felt completely hopeless and helpless. After about 4 weeks of this, I got in to see my Dr. and he suggested upping my Bupropion from 150 to 300. He gave me two weeks of samples for Wellbutrin XL and a prescription. The prescription was filled with a generic, but it is NOT made by TEVA. It has been about 4 weeks since I have had the SR made by TEVA and not only do I feel MUCH better on the 300 mg XL dose, but my pain has virtually gone away. I suspect that had I listened to my neurologist and revisited this with my doctor, I may have avoided all that pain. I felt 90 and I am not even 47 yet!
I just wanted to share this when I found this site, and wondered if anyone else has had these issues with the SR made by Teva. Perhaps they should pull the ENTIRE line of what TEVA manufactures off of the shelves, not just the XL which was discovered to not work at all. (Thank goodness for timing, or if it had been a month sooner, I may have gotten the Teva XL before they pulled it!)


Budeprion is the wellbutrin generic manufactured by the Israeli lab TEVA. Bupropion is the generic for wellbutrin, TEVA just named theirs differently. Budeprion was defective and has been pulled, but the generics made by watson, sandoz, etc seem to be fine.

Today I was reading People’s Pharmacy in the Dallas Morning News, a Tuesday ritual for me, and learned that Budeprion was pulled by the FDA on Oct 3. That is the brand name for Bupropion which is the generic for Wellbutrin, correct? I am a little confused. Will Buproprion soon follow? I am a mental health therapist and first learned about the possible ineffectiveness of Bupropion as opposed to Wellbutrin through People’s Pharmacy although most if not all of my clients doctors disagree, my clients notice an immediate improvement on Wellbutrin. Most, however cannot afford the exorbitant co-pay. Can anyone clear up the comparison of Budeprion to Bupropion for me? I would be most appreciative.

I have been taking a Global Pharm’s buporpion HCL XL 150 MG for a while. Then the pills started stinking–a very strong smell–if the container is open you can smell it 10 feet away. It is a bit like a spoiled fruit smell and something even worse underneath. I have been in contact with Global. They say this is normal and that the chemistry of the drug is not affected by this change. I find that hard to believe. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. They do not seem concerned about it. Should I report the smell to the FDA?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We have been told that the unpleasant smell is associated with chemical deterioration of bupropion. We are surprised that the manufacturer is not concerned.

I have been taking a Global Pharm’s buporpion HCL XL 150 MG for a while. Then the pills started stinking–a very strong smell–if the container is open you can smell it 10 feet away. It is a bit like a spoiled fruit smell and something even worse underneath. I have been in contact with Global. They say this is normal and that the chemistry of the drug is not affected by this change. I find that hard to believe. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. They do not seem concerned about it. Should I report the smell to the FDA.
Dear Ruth, you are not the first person to report a bad smell from generic bupropion. The chemist who helped develop the manufacturing process for Burroughs Wellcome, the original manufacturer of Wellbutrin, told us that an unpleasant odor was a tip-off that there was a problem. He said that it represented a breakdown of key chemicals.
Here is another message that we received several years ago:
Nat | November 23, 2007 5:18 PM | Reply
TEVA Bupropion is BAD NEWS. I started on generic Wellbutrin over two months ago, and the first prescription was made by Watson. I began to feel better each day, after about the second week.
Then when I got my prescription refilled, I was given the TEVA Bupropion. I ignored the repulsive odor of the pill, and assumed that it would be just as good as the Watson stuff. HA! Within two days, I had a throbbing headache that would come and go several times a day. I was also sick to my stomach constantly, and was very tired.
The worst part was that I became very moody and irritable, to the point where it began affecting all aspects of my life. I started treating my boyfriend like crap, and finding all sorts of reasons to argue with him and start crying.
Everything started to seem hopeless and terrible again, and I just wanted to crawl into a hole most of the time. It was like I completely lost control of my emotions and my life! This was all within a few weeks!!!
Two weekends ago I wound up going to the hospital because I began having serious thoughts of suicide and it terrified me. I have since been switched back to the Watson brand, with Celexa added to it–and guess what? I’m already starting to feel better.
That TEVA stuff is a total nightmare, and those people ought to be ashamed of themselves for putting out such crap–and potentially DANGEROUS crap at that! I felt worse on that stuff than I did before going on antidepressants. And at least when I was down, I wasn’t being mean to anyone. This stuff made me seriously down AND mean. Yuck.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It was like living in a nightmare, and now I’m trying my best to repair all my relationships that were damaged while I was on this garbage.

My doc increased Wellburtin by 150XL, I am also taking Welbutrin 300XL. All totaling
450 mg. I have had essential tremors for years, but 3 days after taking the 450Mg the tremors have gotten so much worse. In my hands, head and legs. I stumble and I don’t feel safe. Will these tremors reduce once my body gets used to the 450XL?
I tried to get ahold of my doctor last evening. Another doc was on called. The answering service took my name and phone number. I haven’t heard a things from the “on Doc”. It’s now 2pm and nothing. What if my call was urgent? My doc will hear about this on Monday for certain.

Hi, I started taking WXL 150mg (slow release) about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was prescribed this medication to assist with my smoking habit. I am only 21 (female), weigh 135lbs and stand at 5’7. My doctor prescribed myself to take WXL 150mg once per day for one week then switch to WXL 300mg once per day the following week and so on. The first day I felt a difference in my mood (laughing a lot) and had a decreased sensation to smoke.
During the first week I was experiencing all the benefits including sleeping well but with lucid dreams as well as an increased sex drive. I was excited with the immediate results and began to decrease my smoking habit. However, when I began to take WXL 300mg at once, I stared to experience almost all off the side effects (abdominal pain, abnormal dreams, blurred vision at times, changes in taste and smell, decrease in appetite, dizziness/light-headedness at times, dryness of mouth and chapped lips, feeling of fast or irregular heartbeat, gas, headaches, muscle/back pain, nausea, restlessness, ringing in the ears, sore throat at times, a little shaking in my hands, increased anxiety at work as well as paranoia, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, little bit of depressed mood with one thought and strong feeling of suicide after a nasty argument, and off coordination). I was and am obviously concerned.
I have never personally liked taking medications in the first place because of bad short term and long term side effects.. I am the person that you would be surprised to even see take a Tylenol.. Anyway, my agitation persisted along with nausea being the number one side effect until I started to itch.. I was itchy in my hands at first which then moved on to my legs, arms and especially my scalp. A day after I seemed to be fine but still nauseous. The day after I began to itch again only more intensively and all over my body.. little bumps started to appear after scratching and quickly they became inflamed and turned into welts. I suffered all last night with this intense itching with no allergy medicine or relief other than when I would fall asleep.
After the hives came about I did not take my dose yesterday nor today.. I have been taking Benadryl and it has helped the swelling go down around my eye area and has decreased the itching. I have never had an allergic reaction before in my life.. As far as I know I am not allergic to anything other than a little sinus irritation to pollen and pet dander..
My question is, is it normal to feel all those side effects? And was I and still am struggling with an allergic reaction? Or was I taking too much? I am very scared of this outcome and very suspicious about trying any other medication period.. I have stopped taking the WXL 300mg now for 2 days.. Am I going to expect to see or feel more side effects from stopping suddenly? I really was not on it for long, and am scared to take it because of the hives.
PS. I still continue to smoke and did not quit entirely well on the medication.. Could this be the problem (still smoking while on the medication)?
Definitely not what I signed up for.. I thought this medication was going to help me quit smoking for good as well as help with my anxiety, not increase it, make my mood depressed, and give me hives ??? I thought an anti-depressant was supposed to do the exact opposite of what this drug has caused me? I really must say I neglected to do my research before starting this drug.. Anyway, my eyes are currently starting to itch again; I am going to take another two Benadryl tablets. Would really appreciate a response. Thank-you.

I am female in 40s. I just started on Wellbutrin generic 100 mg once a day. A couple of days I took a 2nd pill in the afternoon to try 200 mg a day. Even on the 1 pill, I have tight chest, heart races sometimes, higher blood pressure, and irritable. A few times had sex drive off the charts, but today for instance have none at all. My appetite has decreased. I don’t like the way I feel (did like the sex drive that happened a couple times). CAUTION: to those I saw taking 2 pills at once, that is bad. You should not take more than 150 mg in a dose, at least of the immediate release ones. I am going to have to go off this drug, feel too jittery, heart races, and higher BP. And irritable.

I had the same allergic reaction while taking wellbutrin. I had hives so bad that I had to go to the emergency room. I was wondering if you found another medication that worked as well.

I started taking bupropion XL 150mg on Saturday I am on the fourth day and am becoming Nauseous in the afternoon. I know that this has been approved to aid in quitting smoking. Could the nauseous feeling be caused by taking this and smoking?
People’s Pharmacy response: Nausea could be a reaction to the medication.

I too had a bad side effect from the generic form of Wellbutrin SR. I was prescribed the generic form because my health insurance company required generic meds be tried before brand names. I took it for about 4 days before experiencing uncontrolled movements. The quick movements started in my neck/head area then traveled in frequency to other extremities. At first I only noticed a twitch a couple times a day. Within the end of the 5th day the twitching was so often I could barely sit still. Phoning my physical, I was told to immediately halt taking anymore of the generic drug. Within a couple of days the twitching totally ended. Unfortunately, the insurance companies require the generics be given and tested out on us, the patients, before brand names will be considered.
One downside to having to take only the brand name of Wellbutrin is the difficulty in finding a pharmacy that actually carries it and/or is willing to get it in for purchase. It’s not a common situation to warrant pharmacies to have this brand name in stock and supposedly cost way too much for them to order in for only one customer. Another downside is the cost to us for the brand name. It’s ridiculous the price especially since it’s a drug that came out prior to Prozac.

I was on Wellbutrin XL (later switched to Bupropion XL) for four or five years and basically had few problems until about 10 months ago when anxiety became an issue, off to the emergency room, etc. The doc switched me to Cymbalta, but the side effects, including weight gain and excessive sleep were issues.
The doc put me back on Bupropion SR – first once a day and slowly getting off the Cymbalta. Going off Cymbalta is a pain, especially the “brain zaps”. I was to start taking 2 of the Bupropion SR after the first week. Two weeks later I realized I had made a mistake – taking the two Bupropion SR at the same time. The past two weeks have been hell with a variety of side effects, including heightened anxiety.

I dislike Bupropion very much. I started Lexapro in 2008 which was wonderful for me, until I gained 30 pounds. I also had a hard time falling asleep and was given the bupropion in conjunction. I did not know at the time that it was a generic for Wellbutrin.
I started to get up later and later, always feeling groggy and tired. I even missed my morning classes from being in such a deep sleep. I stopped taking both medications. In early 2010 my brother passed, and I returned to anti-depressants with Wellbutrin being the suggested drug. I received the generic (Bupropion) again due to the insurance company but forgot that I had taken it before. I became very depressed and had suicidal ideations, slept all day, groggy tired no matter the time. I loved Lexapro, but I just can’t deal with the insomnia and weight gain.
I wish I could try the brand name Wellbutrin instead of bupropion.

I was prescribed wellbutrin for about a year, and then switched to bupripion. I had no side effects and the bupropion worked just as well for me.
The only side effect I had were insomnia if taken too late in the evening, and if I took two 150 MGs at once, instead of 150MGs twice a day, I felt very anxious and aggravated. I stuttered and couldn’t think straight. Other than that, I’m very happy with the bupropion.
I don’t want everyone’s negative comments to sway people away from taking bupropion. It’s made my life much better. Try it, if you don’t like it, don’t take it. Everybody is different. Not everyone will have the same side effects or outcome.

Wow, I feel really blessed after reading how Wellbutrin and or Bupropion has effected others. I started on Wellbutrin SR 100 back in 2000 after requesting to be taken off of Celexa. At that time I was also put on Depakote for Bi-Polar II. I did change the Depakote to Tegratol for a time but had to come off that because my WBC dropped to 3500 and bottom of normal is 10,000. So I had no immune system. So went back on Depakote.
Those drugs are anti-seizure medications so it kind of balances out the possible seizure issue. As far as tremors go I do have those some days are really bad others hardly notice. Seems to run in cycles. As far as memory issues I have those too but feel it is more from the Depakote. Currently I have no Psychiatrist because he just up and retired and there is a shortage of them where I live so either aren’t taking new patients or not taking my insurance. So my Primary Care Doctor is taking care of things.
I was taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg and I guess about 2 years ago it went to Buprobion XL 300. I thought I noticed a slight change at first but then it seem to level out and I really notice no difference in how it was before. Maybe the fact that the Depakote is a mood-stabilizer has something to do with it. I was told by the Psychiatrist that put me on the medications and got me off the roller coaster ride that I could possibly come off the Wellbutrin but I would have to be on a mood stabilizer the rest of my life.
My memory issues I believe stem from the long term use of the Depakote. But when I asked my last Psychiatrist about trying another drug the one I wanted to try he said wasn’t as effective and the one he was willing to try I wasn’t. But I will continue to deal with the tremors and memory issues because they are better than the depression and roller coaster ride of mood swings.

I have been taking Wellbutrin 200mg tablets 2 times a day for over 2 months now and it has given me more energy and I have lost weight but I get really agitated for no reason and when it is wearing off it makes my cheeks tingle and my head foggy. Does this happen to anyone else?

If I recall the information that comes with the meds (the little white paper with all the tiny writing) it says that the shell of the pill will be expelled that way. The medicine actually leaches out through the shell and the shell does not dissolve. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

please be advised wellbutrin and alcohol can cause seizures. If you enjoy alcohol on a regular basis please find a different med. The med decreases your seizure threshold. OK I’m here because my son has been on name brand wellbutrin xl 300mg for 8 years with great outcome.
NEW insurance new generic meds. Not good! Agitation-restless-headaches-angry-“feels like I didn’t take my med”. Even with an appeal to insurance and a form filled out by MD and submitted to FDA for adverse reaction the insurance still wont pay for name brand. TELL ME MORE about ordering name brand from canada and or mail order.

I started taking Wellbutrin generic Buropion 150mg 2x’sper day about 2 weeks ago. I had a few drinks Saturday night and when I woke up Sunday morning I thought I had been attacked by mosquitos. I had what looked like bites all over my arms and on my upper legs. The spots became large swollen knots. By Monday some disappeared but then more started forming, but now in the form of welts all over. I also realize I had them all over the buttocks region, and behind both of my ears were on fire.
I realized that it wasn’t bites but Hives. I have continued taking my medicine b/c I want it to work so bad. I have been taking benadryl, and now zyrtec. I have an appt. tomorrow with my doc, but I am scared he will take me off. I have taken Zoloft, and Cymbalta in the past, and let me say getting off of Cymbalta was pure HELL on earth. I wanted something that I could do different dosage and mg amounts.
Maybe I am taking too much or not enough? I am feeling shaky and my hands tremble, I feel like I can’t get enough done in the time that I have, because I can’t focus on one thing! I have gone over 2 years without medicine which I only ever started after the birth of my first child. I recently bought a business and we have been having financial struggles and I catch myself being angry all the time, completely stressed to the max, I discontinued my gym membership, which I use to love going to, I yell all the time, and I have had suicidal thoughts, even though I would never go through with them, EVER, just had the thoughts.
I felt after all of this maybe I needed to try something again to help me get through the funk and then I could ween myself again like I did before, but it would be easier b/c wellbutrin can be prescribed in lower dosages, but now the hives are here and I am getting painful, Painful swelling in my feet. It started in my right foot, now it’s in my left foot, almost to the point that I can’t walk without it hurting. I was about to start a workout program yesterday but at 4pm my foot was so swollen that I couldn’t put a tennis shoe on.
Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I have no insurance so I can’t pay hundreds of dollars a month for medicine (hence the generic). Oh he also prescribed Buspar and xanax to go with my Wellbutrin. I could not under any circumstances ever take the Buspar, it made me feel spaced out, drunk, and then like I had a hangover. I have taken 1 and 1/2 out of a bottle and it was a waste of money.

This is scary stuff. I’ve been doing well on Bupropion after taking less (300 down to 75 a day). This was a slow process I decided to do myself. 1) Feel so much better after 1 1/2 months. 2) More alert and can remember things much better 3) People are noticing I’m getting better after 6 years! 4) Sexual desire is beginning to return. Unfortunately all my prescriptions are through the VA therefore, there are no other options.

I’m also taking buproprion xl. Started at 150 then after having issues wend related to another ad I’d started on top of this with increased Bp and chest pain. I dropped the other one and increased buproprion to 300. I finally started doing well and actually felt like me. Then the chest pain and high Bp returned.
I refused to make a 3rd er trip in the same week for this. It did calm down on its own within a couple of hours. Trying to figure out if its this med or something else. So frustrated at this point with all the MEDS, but depression is so bad without that I’m thinking suicidal thoughts.

I have had some serious stomach/intestinal issues going on for sometime; bouts of diarrhea & chronic constipation. Yesterday, (I will not try to gross anyone out) after my BM, I was getting ready to flush the toilet and noticed a white tablet in the water. This tablet was my Bupropion which had never dissolved. I tried an experiment after seeing this; I took one of my Bupropion tablets and placed it in a container of water for around 15 hours. Yes, I know that water is quite different from stomach acids and the entire digesive process. Guess what??? Once again an undissolved tablet. I took this container back to the Pharmacy and spoke with the Pharmacist showing him the undissolved tablet….”hmmmm…that’s interesting”.
I demanded to be put on the Wellbutrin XL instead of the Bupropion. What a waste of money taking a drug which does not dissolve…. no wonder that my depression symptoms never got better.

I disagree with the comment above. Everyone’s chemistry is different.
I started on generic watson, 150. From day 1 to the 3rd week, it worked great. I was sleeping, I would wake up bright and early, rested and go to work. 4th week, irritability kicked in. I switched to brand. From day 1, I was not sleeping, I was not waking up, I had no desire to get up. I had massive hair loss when I washed my hair. I paid good money for it so I am going to stick it out until the bottle is finished.
Then I am switching back to generic watson and supplement it with low dose SSRI.
I should also mention, that even though I had quit smoking 8 months ago, from day 3 of being on this drug, I started smoking again.

I started out on Bupropion 150mg twice a day. I had severe insomnia, shakes, night sweats, dehydration, nausea, memory loss, diarrhea, and if I had even one alcoholic beverage, I would lose my train of thought mid-sentence and jumble my words, after only one drink! The energy it gave me was like having an overdose of caffeine. My mind raced and I could not finish a task without stopping and abruptly starting a new task b/c my mind was telling me I needed to do everything at once.
And by the way, when I say insomnia, I would stay awake for 24-36 hours at a time. (41 year old mother of 2 teenagers) I’ve never done cocaine, but from what I’ve heard and experienced, Bupropion pretty much has the same effect for me. Desperate, I went online to find similar experiences. Almost everything I read was that Wellbutrin (brand name) had little to no side effects. When it was time for a refill, I asked for Wellbutrin (it was about $100 compared to $8 for Bupropion) but it was worth it!
Pretty much little to no side effects whatsoever!!! I feel like a new person!! Still have a little dry mouth and trouble falling asleep. Otherwise, I am full of energy and more focused than ever.
Please consider the name brand Wellbutrin. I wish I had done my homework before starting Bupropion (6 weeks of Hell). Good luck everyone!

I went to my physician yesterday because I can’t concentrate she said I have ADHD; will bupropion will help me concentrate?

I started taking buproprion xl150 (one a day) about three and a half weeks ago. I felt better overall, but I was having very vivid dreams followed by acute anxiety attacks. I also have Xanax, and had to take one to calm down after any of these episodes. Once the Xanax kicked in I was fine.
Then, I noticed that I was exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep. I was mixing my words up a lot, and just felt slow. I was also aggressive. Part of the reason I started taking the meds in the first place was the fact that I just got out of a horrible relationship. My therapist thought that the anger might have been what I should have been feeling all along instead of sadness, etc.
Well, a few days ago, I started itching. It started with the bottom of my foot. That stopped after a few minutes, but later that night my shoulder itched. It also stopped. I woke up at 3 a.m. with the most intense itching on my chest that I had ever felt. My lips were tingling, my hands were burning. It was awful.
It’s Sunday now, and I haven’t had a dose since Tuesday. I’m still itching all over and breaking out. I’ve taken more benadryl than I care to admit over these past few days. My mood is better than ever after stopping.
I actually sleep and feel rested. I don’t feel edgy, but I’m itching everywhere! How long before the itching goes away???

It seems that most people have had problems with Budeprion. However, I have had problems with Bupropion. The Budeprion XL works as well as Wellbutrin XL for me. However, when my pharmacy switched to Bupropion I started getting light headed, moody, jittery, and nauseated. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have been on Buproprion for about 2 years now. A few months ago, it stopped working. I was prescribed to take only 150mg in the morning. The Doctor said if that wasn’t helping to take another 1/2 pill in the mid-afternoon. As of now, nothing is happening. I’m more depressed than ever and have no motivation. I have weird thoughts that had not been occurring before. Originally, the drug was working very well, for about 1 1/2 years. Have I run the drug’s course? I am so overwhelmed with depression and have not been working. I have all the energy in my mind and know what I should be doing (making lists in my brain constantly) but can’t get my physical body up to do the things I’ve always done as a type A personality. I really need some direction.

I’ve just spent two weeks of hell coming off Paroxetine, and in turn doubling my Bupropion intake to 2×150 a day.
I’m having horrible nausea, light headedness and electric tingles. The main issue is the nausea. I can function, but it is with a degree of misery. It’s definitely not to the degree that it was when coming off Paroxetine, but is still there and not pleasant.
It’s done wonders for my anxiety and depression, but does anyone know of any special tricks to ease the nausea? A squeezed lemon in soda water and miso soup sometimes helps. Will the nausea go away after my body gets used to the doubled dosage? Any insight/help much appreciated.

I have been taking 150mg of Bupropion SR for about a month. I had no side effects and felt that my depression, while not gone was certainly lessening. I’ve had severe depression most of my life along with anxiety. I have been going to therapy as well as taking this drug and felt positive about the results. However, 2 days ago I started itching. First it was just one finger, then the whole hand. By the end of the night my hands were inflamed and red (possibly from the scratching) and it was and still is the most intense itching I have ever experienced.
My hands still itch on and off and now I’m itching over my entire body. I can almost stand the itching on my body, because it is sporadic and not as intense, but the itching on my hands and fingers is almost driving me crazy. I don’t know if this will go away eventually if I just keep taking the drug, or if I should stop. I have a Dr appt in a month. I hope this itching stops soon.

I began Bupropion Sr 150mg one month ago for my 16-year smoking habit. The medication worked on the first day of taking it until two days ago I began to get migraine headaches around the back, top and front of my head. I take advil but that barely works, I put cold compress to ease the ache and it gives me some relief but, sleeping at night is a mess. The headaches come back till I place a cold compress and it once again gives me some relief.
It is disrupting my life. I stop taking this medication. I am going back to my doctor to maybe prescribe me something better or different from this drug or something for these constant headaches. I think the drug is great… it’s just not a good fit for me.

On my 3rd week of bupropion 300 mg XL watson. I was originally taking this at 10 am, switched to 8 am because of trouble sleeping (have been taking ambien since I started this med to sleep) Terrible heartburn starts in the evening, along with tightness in my chest, around 6 pm and lasts about an hour. Very dry mouth, nose, and eyes. Yesterday my gums felt sore, inflamed. Some anxiety. I know it takes a while to get the full benefits of this med, but will these side affects subside??

i just started the generic last Thursday to help quit smoking. I started with 150 then 3 days later 300mg. I am so irritated and easily aggravated. My head feels heavy and numb yesterday I was sweating & tired so bad I thought I was sick.. Maybe I was…
in any case will these side effects go away?

I took Wellbutrin for 5 months 150 mg twice daily. I had a tough time getting through the first initial 2 months, muscle soreness, agitation, anxiety but then at the third month those side effects disappeared, until one day at work I had a seizure, I didn’t believe it when everyone around me told me that I just had a seizure, I was taken away in an ambulance and into the ER, by the time I got to the hospital my mind and body were back to normal.
Two weeks later I had another seizure right before I was getting ready to go for a motorcycle ride. Seizures are a serious side effect from wellbutrin, I quit taking wellbutrin but I miss the way it took my depression away. I lost 20lbs from taking wellbutrin. I am slowly gaining it all back since I stopped taking it.
Does anyone know if there is another anti-depressant that is similar to Wellbutrin ? – Without the seizure side effects? It was a pretty scary experience. The people who witnessed my seizures said I fell to the ground and my eyes rolled back into my head and my arm was hitting my chest uncontrollably. Since I have stopped taking Wellbutrin my seizures have stopped, I have no history of seizures in my family or myself until I started taking wellbutrin.
Has anyone else experienced this???????????????????????

I have been on generic Wellbutrin XL 150mg for about a week. I absolutely love the energy boost. Any ideas as to how long it will take for the elevated heart rate to temper?
Please respond.

I investigated the generic form of Wellbutrin 300XL when I was given the generic instead of the brand. Although the generic’s are supposed to the “SAME”, in this case it is NOT.
The problem with the generic is the time release of the med. The generic breaks down much faster and not over a 24 hour time period as does Wellbutrin. Thus you have more intense side effects.
I also had to get a pre-authorization for the brand. Now, however after almost 6 years of being anxious, having uncontrolled high blood pressure, heartburn, dizziness and fatigue, I am stopping Wellbutrin. I did jump from the 300XL last week to the 150’s for 8 days and noticed right away that I had less anxiety. Tomorrow morning will be the first time I totally quit taking any form of Wellbutrin.
I am very excited. I hope that my heartburn will go away as well.

I had no idea that many of my symptoms ( agitation, short temper, insomnia) were related to long term and severe clinical depression. I was prescribed this medication three months ago, and it has made a huge difference. I actually feel “normal” for the first time in my life. I don’t have the mood swings that I used to have. A pleasant side effect is that I am slowly losing weight. Apparently, one of the ways that I dealt with my depression was over eating. Now that I am making healthier food choices and have the energy to exercise..well..that’s one side effect I can live with. I had been prescribed other antidepressants but could not tolerate the side effects. I’ve not encountered any at all ( other than the decrease in appetite) with Wellbutrin.

About 17 yrs ago I stopped smoking successfully. Unfortunately, several months later I was depressed. The local family physician prescribed Prozac. It worked briefly, then made me quite sleepy all the time, which in turn made the depression come back. If you are sleepy all the time, you are naturally going to be depressed b/c you will not be able to accomplish anything.
Fortunately, the physician sent me to a board-certified psychiatrist who diagnosed ADD and Depression and put me on Wellbutrin. This drug has been a miracle drug for me. Not only did it control the depression, it also controlled the urge to smoke, and helped with the ADD! I am still on this at a very low dose – 150 mg of the slow-release Bupropion. My doctor tells me I can stay on it for the rest of my life if I want to. For me there has been no noticeable difference between the Bupropion and the Wellbutrin.

Fascinating to read about the varied and similar experiences of the people taking this drug. I started on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg approximately five months ago. The doctor started me out with 14 days worth of brand name samples, and wrote me a prescription for the 150 mg (xl) of the generic to use afterward. At first, I experienced what appear to be classic initial symptoms–increased agitation, increased anxiety, headaches, fogginess, and bouts of rage seemingly out of nowhere, especially toward my kids.
I also developed itchy skin in the first few days (from the brand-name, so I’m not sure that the hives people are experiencing can be attributed to the generic). I largely ignored the symptoms because my Doctor told me the medicine takes awhile to actually kick-in and do it’s job, and I also know that with most of these drugs, the side effects tend to subside after a first few weeks.
And they did. After four weeks or so of being on the medication, I noticed I felt completely normal–a feeling I had not experienced in years. I felt as if my emotions had been neutralized (but not flat-lined)– I could think clearly, calmly, and rationally, without the racing thoughts and deep sadness and despair I used to feel. After about three months of being on the meds, I noticed a gradual decline in this normality, and eventually I started getting very depressed and started drinking again.
Shortly afterward, my anxiety also started up again, which I’m sure is largely attributed to the drinking. Also, once I started drinking heavily while on the drug, during the times I had been drinking, I would be happy and euphoric and really chatty for five minutes and then totally mean and raging the next–it was totally uncontrollable. So don’t drink while on the drug.
I would I did this for four weeks until I was almost as low as I was before I started taking the meds. I forced myself to stop drinking for a few weeks to see if that helped, and it marginally did, but not completely. So I called my Dr., who bumped me up to 300 mg and also prescribed Lexapro (which I’m not taking because I’m scared of the weight gain and sexual side effects).
So wow–I took the 300 mgs last night for the first time (wanted to be at home in case I had a bad reaction), and I instantly felt way too numb. I couldn’t even get off of the couch, although I was alert and able to send emails, texts, and focus on television programs (but disturbingly too much). For about 2 hours, my skin was itchy again. I also didn’t sleep well and had weird dreams.
HOWEVER, today, only 16 hours later, I feel like a brand new person. ALL of the depression and anxiety symptoms that had returned are totally gone. Occasionally I’ll start to feel the beginnings of anxiety but they disappear almost as soon as they start rising up. Needless to say, I’m also in a great mood.
The caveat is that my heart feels like it’s racing and beating out of my chest and my blood pressure was slightly elevated this morning when I went in to my allergist for a sinus infection (138/88). I’m only 31, and my blood pressure has always been low. I’m hoping this will go down in a few weeks like the other side effects did when I first started taking them. Has anyone else had this experience when switching from 150 to 300mg?
I feel this drug has been a godsend for me. Not only has it completely changed day to day outlook on life, but has helped me stop drinking in the same way that it has helped others stop smoking–I don’t need or want to drink, even socially. It’s very odd. It’s also one of the reason I noticed the 150 mg had stopped working, because I had gradually started craving alcohol and nicotine again. Anyways, I’m rambling. Good luck to all–if you can get past the first 3-4 weeks of symptoms, you may be able to change your life!

Are brain fog and memory loss recognized side effects of generic Wellbutrin?

I started taking wellbutrin in the year 2000 after my birth of my second son at that point in my life I had no energy and weighed 260lbs. Needless to say in the year 2010 I am what I now am down to 137lbs and still fight with some depression but I have learned to live with it and take my meds properly. The dr. has recently taken me off and tried me on cymbalta and I really want to go back on my wellbutrin. Things are going to look up at all times.

I am very glad I read these posts tonight.
I have been taking Bupropion SR 150 – one time a day. I was suffering from stress (working 10-12 hours a day since last October) .. with no end in sight. Doctor thought I was depressed as well.
I am experiencing confusion and thought it was just the pressure from working too long and too hard (medical benefits specialist.)
The medicine seemed to help the ‘depression’ but not the confusion and now I’m wondering if the confusion was the Bupropion to begin with.
I am calling my doctor tomorrow to see how I get off this safely.

I recently went to a neurologist for treatment of chronic daily headaches and occasional migraines. He put me on Wellbutrin, generic, 150 mg. SR and I am supposed to go up to 300 mg. a day.
After just four days, I find that the headaches are worse than ever and my blood pressure (I take 80 mg. of Inderal a day most of the time) is really high. This morning it was 167/90.
I am very leery of medications that immediately give me undesirable side effects. Years ago, my pain management doctor prescribed methadone for pain. It made me nauseated and I decided not to continue to take it. My son died two years ago from a combination of methadone, soma and restoril taken as prescribed for pain. I certainly wish I had known how dangerous methadone can be before his death.
I believe telling the doctor about his death is the reason he rx’d wellbutrin. I was on Effexor for five+ years and I gained 20 lbs and began having hbp. I will ask the doctor about Sam-E or another herb. I have never tried the natural route but possibly it will help without the side effects.

Watson laboratories was given the original formula by Glaxo for the SR version and is equal because it is the same. Glaxo can now pick up these sales in the generic market by doing this. This does NOT apply to the XL, only the SR. I suggest you look at consumerlab.org and see the intensive study they did showing how the generics (with 1 or 2 exceptions) failed miserably. Watson Labs SR version in 100, 150 and 200 all perform like the original because it is the original formula. The drug is off patent but the time release technology Glaxo uses is not and that is why the original is superior.

About two months ago, it happened again. I figured my local pharmacy, one of the chain store pharmacies, had gotten a bad batch of the generic. I changed to a different pharmacy chain, which carried a different manufacturer’s form of generic bupropion. That did not help. My symptoms persisted.
My doctor gave me a prescription for the name brand Wellbutrin. The dosing has changed. I’m taking a 300 XL once a day. With the generics, I was taking a 150 XL twice daily. I have now been on the name brand for 14 days. My symptoms continue. I’m not doing well, and my depression is really affecting my work. I’m feeling a little desperate. I don’t have any other health problems that I know of.
My question for the forum is: Have I gotten where I’m no longer sensitive to the drug? Will this drug no longer work for me? Has anyone else experienced symptoms coming back after years of wellness, even with the brand name Wellbutrin? I’m male and middle aged. Has my chemistry changed with age? Is this a problem specific to me, to Wellbutrin, or to anti-depressants in general? Does the efficacy fade over time?
(I may have posted this in a different forum earlier. Sorry for any repeats.)

Well, wish me luck as I start the wellbutrin and prozac combo tomorrow. I have been on prozac for 13 years with relatively little complication. However, last October when I ran out of prescription and medicines, I tried to get off all of it. Big mistake.
Never just stop taking an antidepressant; I actually started having psychotic symptoms in addition to the depression and anxiety which returned worse than ever. I am back on the prozac, now, but so far, it has not really helped like it had been before I tried to quit it. I have bouts where I lay in bed, don’t shower, or brush my teeth for 3-5 day stretches. So, the doc has now added the wellbutrin to the mix. I really hope it works; I don’t know how much more I can take.

Bupropion IS NOT equal to Wellbutrin – there is a filler in bupropion that nearly killed me due to allergic reaction – filed complaint with FDA and due to BCBS insurance only covering “generic.” I must pay $200 a month to take Wellbutrin which has been the ONLY anti depressant that has worked for me for YEARS; tried some of the new ones but none equal to Wellbutrin SR – I feel great, focused and have energy so I scrape up coin and do what I can to remain on WellbutrinSR.

I have no solution but have been wondering about the memory issues. Since I changed to bupropion from wellbutrin I have had major memory issues, forgetting meetings, information, things I was supposed to do. I have only just learned that the generic is likely to be causing this. I don’t recall having this problem when I was on Wellbutrin/brand name. It has been a real detriment at work. What is your experience with this?

Is the Candadian name brand Wellbutrin XL of the same formulation as the name brand distributed in the US? I ordered the name brand from a Canadian pharmacy but it has “WXL 150” printed on the tablet rather than “Wellbutrin XL” as is printed on the name brand tablets from a US pharmacy.
Wellbutrin XL is manufactured by Biovail which is located in Canada so I was just wondering why the difference in appearance. The generic version was not working for me so I requested the name brand when I last filled my monthly prescription at a local pharmacy – sticker shock! The cost was $165.00 for 30 day supply. Mail order Canadian pharmacy is much cheaper if this is indeed the name brand. Thanks

PP, thanks for this warning re: bupropion and techycardia and HTN-thought I was heading for the big one, and have been scared. I am under a lot of work stress, and this week needed nitro for angina. I also read that the bupropion xl 150 mg needs to taken twice a day. I’ve been taking 2 pills together. I’ll hold it for a few days and retry with 1 in the morning. thanks so much.

Had same reaction; never experienced worse sexual side effects from any AD.
But that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning bupro. I was taking 150 mg bupro SR and feeling pretty good, more energy both physically and mentally, more outgoing, enjoying life again, regained interest in things that I used to have prior to ADs, felt better physically too with a noticeable decline in aches and pains which have always plagued me. Much less obsessive and compulsive. Long stretches of the day pass when I barely think of food as opposed to constantly thinking about it. I can see how this stuff could be effective with smoking and other compulsions.
But then I decided to go 300 mg (2×150). I don’t want to say it was a mistake because 300 mg is considered to be a standard or common dosage but after about 2 weeks i felt terrible. Angry, hostile, irritable to the extreme, depressed, it was like from one end of the spectrum to the other. My wife and kids were shocked by the change in me. It took everything I had just to stay in the same room with them because just about anything anyone would say would set me off. Spent a lot of time in isolation, it was easier on me and everyone else. Well I’m back on 150 mg once daily and am right where I’m supposed to be (may change but currently optimistic). Wife happy, kids happy, me happy. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that the 150 mg can make a HUGE difference. I am feeling pretty good right now but will augment with an SSRI small dosage if anxiety is a problem. Also hoping sexual SEs diminish at smaller dosage but if they don’t I willing to accept that though not happy about it.
I should probably add that I’m sleeping better with the bupro (even at higher dosages) and my wife says I have not snored or exhibited sleep apnea symptoms since I started the bupro. Maybe sleeping better is bad choice of words, let me just say that I have more energy when I wake up in the morning. At 300 mg felt like I didn’t really sleep, more like I had one long lucid dream. Next day hard to separate dreams from reality. I expect this to diminish at lower dosages per previous experience at 150mg.
For a little background, I had been on paroxetine (paxil) for 10 years and although it did help me with anxiety I also lost interest in things, had little energy, and even think it may have contributed to a sleep apnea diagnosis. Had some sexual side effects but nothing as serious as the bupro.

My pharmacy keeps switching me too and it is scary because I am not at a point in my life for medical mental health screw ups. I am very vulnerable right now. I am like a branch on a tree that is fixing to break and fall to the ground if the wind starts to blow any harder. I want to get on Wellbutrin instead of generic. Do I just call my doc or do I need to go in for a visit? I don’t even know if my insurance will pay because it has some order that you have to try generics first and maybe two different. I have been on budeprion and now bupropion. Would that count?

You should check to see if it was the wellbutrin you were allergic to or some component of a generic. They have a lot of fillers in them that vary from one generic to another.

It’s reassuring to hear that someone else experienced nausea when budeprion was substituted for Watson Labs bupropion. When my pharmacy began using budeprion, I experienced extreme dizziness and nausea, to the extent that I had episodes where the side effects went away only if i was completely horizontal. Just getting up to go to the kitchen produced extreme nausea.
After a few months of trying to find a cause for the bouts of nausea [two neurologist, an ENT, a gastroenterologist all with numerous tests — all finding no underlying problem] I was accidentally switched back to Watson bupropion. Nausea and dizziness immediately disappeared.
Now my pharmacy has it on record to order bupropion only for me and I open the bottle and check the pills for the “w” before paying for them and taking them home.

I have been taking Bupropion 150 XL for approx 6 weeks to treat anxiety and depression. I immediately experienced loss of appetite and physical and mental agitation. Reducing the dose by half reduced my anxiety to a manageable level… but I am certain that my memory has been negatively impacted by this drug. Specifically, I have lost the ability to process complex thoughts and my vocab is greatly reduced as well. Additionally, my blood pressure is elevated above the normal range. I am very worried that the memory issues are permanent. I plan to do a gradual taper off the drug and go natural with exercise and vitamins.

I’m not going to tell anyone how to handle their depression/anxiety, but the whole medication spectrum of SSRI’s was nothing but one weight gain problem and disorienting to the point of feeling out of it, to be honest. Are the side effects of these meds serious? They are if you don’t want your quality of life compromised.
I joined the Jenny Craig weight loss program, and so far have lost 13 lbs. over an eight week period. I am exercising, doing housework normally, have a healthy sex drive and eat right at every meal, and in between. Go back to Buproprion, Lexapro, Celexa or klonipen? Never!
Happy new year, and go natural, as much as possible… the rest of the civilized world has known about the benefits of orthomolecular medicine for years! We Americans need to wake up and smell the coffee (coincidentally, Coffee IS my new antidepressant of choice!)

I’ve experienced the same symptoms as you. Are you still on Wellbutrin and having the same symptoms?

So, I feel like I’m a bit of an outsider here when it comes to my side effects…
I started taking Buproprion SR a few weeks ago (after taking Lexapro for 2 years) because I was tired of the sexual side effects of Lexapro (no problem with the sex, maybe a declined sex drive, but just could not reach climax). Now, since switching I feel like the sex drive is decreasing, after an initial bump, and now I’m having impotence issues.
After the first week or so, I’ve felt great. I had some minor headaches, dizziness at first…but they’ve since gone away.
What the hell??? I thought this was actually going to help sex!

Anyone have trouble with the brand name that they didn’t have with the generic?
I was on a generic version of Wellbutrin XL for quite some time, bupropion doing very well with no ill effects. Then my pharmacy switched to budeprion as its generic, and I had a bad reaction to it — racing heart, lightheaded, nausea, etc. So my psychiatrist wrote a new prescription saying I needed the brand name and not the generic.
The brand name is definitely worlds better than the budeprion, but I think the generic bupropion is perhaps better than both, at least for me.
Since starting the brand-name version, I have had a lot of digestive issues. I have ulcerative colitis and had been in remission for a long time, but I think the brand-name version may be exacerbating my UC.
I have a call in to the MD right now, waiting to hear back. Just wondered if anyone here has experienced problems with the brand name that they didn’t have with the generic bupropion?

My doctor upped my RX to 300 mg of Bupropion/wellbutrin. He said to take one 100mg tablet 3 times a day: One in the am, one mid-day, and one at night. I seen on your post that you were taking 2 in the am and one at night. And yours are 150 mg tablets. So would it be ok for me to take 2 of my 100mg tablets in the am and then 1 100mg tablet at night? Last time I tried to take 2 at once, I felt funny the entire day. But I’m hoping this will wear off after a few days of continuing to take 2 in the am and one at night. I ALWAYS forget to take one in the am, one in mid-day and then one at night. And as you can guess, it extremely messes with my emotions, depression, and anxiety attacks.
Any suggestions?

Does generic bupropion cause stinging pains in extremities? Experienced this upon switching from brand Wellbutrin to bupropion SR. Now on bupropion XL and have had one episode in my hand, almost like the electric shock I got wiring my new irrigation controller.
Do not feel I am myself, or maybe this is my new, less expensive self. Debating: Do I like this new designer personality, which blurts things out and speaks out inappropriately? And doesn’t sleep at night?

I’ve been on a very low dose (75 at first then 100) of bupropion for 6 weeks now and have never felt much worse in my life. I feel as if I have lost myself totally this time. I can’t remember when I was ever “normal” because I have been depressed most of my life.
Don’t know much about the difference between generic and Wellbutrin… but if the real thing could help me I’d do my best to come up with the money. I’ve been on most other antidepressants. Some worked for a while then quit and others just didn’t work at all. As you can see from my rambling my mind isn’t quite with it. But I do know this will be the last time for any meds.

I tried generic Wellbutrin SR 150 mg about six months ago and felt angry at any little thing and had teeth-clenching anxiety and agitation. I have heard that the Wellbutrin XL has very few side effects and is much more efficacious – but it is very expensive.
So, I am trying generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion SR 150mg) again and have had the same reaction teeth-clenching reaction/agitation/headache and irritable. Is it worth continuing because it seems to me the only Wellbutrin worth being on is the Brand Name Only – not these dubious generics. (I don’t know if mine are the TEVA I’ve read so much about – (the tabs are a purply-brown color with E415 written on them).
Don’t know about you but it really annoys me that these “so called” bio-identical drugs are so very obviously different – and could be very dangerous.
Any advice?

I had been off the Wellbutrin SR 150 mg for a week, then took it yesterday, only to notice an allergic reaction again last night and today. Forget switching from the generic. I tried that and it took only a month to develop the skin allergies again. Not to mention horrendous sweating, and feeling dazed with doing simple everyday chores.
It is not worth the $104 price tag, and I do better having a strong cup of coffee which doesn’t have the gastrointestinal side effects which I have developed either. I can get way more done and feel much, much better and more aware WITHOUT this medication.
Readers who suggest exercise and eating right are on the right track. Antidepressants are full of side effects even at a low dose and DO cause more health problems!
Also try lifestyle changes if that’s what’s causing your depression. It really works.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for three weeks. Today I developed hives – really awful hives. This is on the brand name, not the generic.
Many people are reporting that they develop hives on Teva’s generic, then switch brands, and the hives go away. I’m just evidence that the name brand can give you hives, too.

I am so glad to have read the information about 150 mg. budepropion sl. My experiences also have been awful with the Teva Generic Wellbutrin. I took it in the am only and it caused drowsiness, agitation, sweating (beyond belief), and even increased my arthritis/muscle pains. In addition, my allergies worsened to the point that my energy level was dropped and I got an itchy skin irritation which won’t go away. Sometimes it looks like acne, but is more than likely very bad hives.
Claritin couldn’t even help me keep from scratching, and my immune system has been really screwed up. I definitely suffered an allergic reaction to it. I am MORE anxious and tired being on this drug than off it. Teva’s scientists have obviously produced a monster in a bottle. It’s shocking that this is still on the market.
I thought it was me, as did some of the other consumers of this drug. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the system, and how disinterested our medical community is in the health, safety and welfare of the average person?
I ordered the name-brand yesterday from my pharmacy, in a last ditch effort to rectify my problem. It costs over 100 bucks compared to the 40 I was paying every month, so I hope it works. Otherwise I’ll stop taking it for good.

I am so glad I found this site…I started Welbutrin a month ago and broke out in hives with itching 2 weeks ago…I thought I had something in my house and have had an exterminator come out!
That didn’t work and I have been going nuts!!!! Thank you all for adding your comments….I now know that it is from the Welbutrin….which is a shame because it is really great for me. But not worth these hives!! It is the most awful thing!

I started out taking Wellbutrin, 150 Ml and I did fine and was feeling great. My mind was sharp and I was filled with energy. My doctor increased my dosage when my sister passed away in March, 2009. My insurance company switched me to Bupropion HCL XL 300 MG, 1 Tablet per day, manufactured by Watson Labs. The generic brand along with the increased dosage of 300MG has been horrible.
I feel like a different person and I keep telling my doctor and family something isn’t right could it be my medication. I’m experiencing the following: weight loss 25 pounds, mental fog, forgetfulness, memory loss, difficulty sleeping, gastrointestinal problems, (gallstones & gallbladder surgery), lack of motivation, extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, anxiety.
After reading all of the comments, I plan to discuss this further with my doctor and stop my medication. I think this medication has done more harm than good and the only one that is benefiting is the manufacturer. Most important it is costing me my quality of life. Thank you and I hope my comments help.

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