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Blackseed Oil Saved Knee and Lowered Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Blackseed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also have anti-cancer activity. Does this natural product have any scientific support?

Have you ever heard of blackseed oil? We didn’t think so. It has not gotten the attention that turmeric has. The first we became aware of this dietary supplement was from an integrative oncologist, Dr. Mitch Gaynor. He recommended this black cumin seed oil because it was rich in thymoquinone, a substance that has anti-inflammatory properties. Dr. Gaynor also recommended it because thymoquinone was shown to be pro-apoptotic. In other words, it facilitated programmed death of cancer cells (Pharmacological Research, Nov. 21, 2017). One reader was amazed at the anti-inflammatory power of this supplement:

Blackseed Oil vs. Knee Replacement:

Q. I have been taking a tablespoon of blackseed oil every night for the last six months. It seems like a miracle to me.

I was scheduled to have total knee replacements on both knees and was able to cancel the surgery as the pain decreased and my mobility increased. I’m now 95 percent back to normal.

Since starting the blackseed oil, my cholesterol levels have dropped back into the normal range. My HbA1c is also down. I feel better than I have in years!

Is There Any Science Behind Blackseed Oil?

A. Blackseed oil is made from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant of southeast Asia. It goes by many names including black cumin, black caraway and blessed seed.

Laboratory studies suggest a wide range of pharmacological actions: anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, analgesic, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-hypertensive and anti-cancer (Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Dec. 2016).  A randomized double-blind clinical trial showed that Nigella sativa oil (1 gm/day) reduced inflammation for people with rheumatoid arthritis (Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine, Jan-Feb. 2016).

A meta-analysis of seven studies indicates that blackseed oil can reduce fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Dec. 2017).  This would explain the benefits you have noticed.

More Blackseed Oil Stories:

Other readers have shared some interesting anecdotes:

Lyn in Texas also detected anti-inflammatory benefits:

“I have recently tried some liquid form of 0.85 % TQ thymoquonone for almost a week. I have had inflammation in my legs fo about 5 years or so making it difficult to walk and climb stairs.

“After three days the inflammation in my legs had almost completely gone. I believed that this is my miracle!”

Daniel in Seattle says:

“I’ve been taking blackseed oil for about 1.5 years. I find it to help reduce inflammation and I feel better overall. I’ve struggled with allergies, hypertension, and sensitivity to foods. I also feel that my immune system is stronger when taking blackseed oil. I take the cold pressed vegetarian capsules available from many health food stores and online.”

Share your own experience with blackseed oil below in the comment section.

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On 4/2017, my total cholesterol was 269, LDL 182 (but both with good ratios), and an HDL of 65. Seven months ago, I started taking two 500 mg softgel capsules daily of black cumin seed oil. On 8/27/2018, my total cholesterol dropped to 215 and LDL to 136 and I have to credit this oil for the decreases because I have done nothing else to warrant it. I am 79 and don’t exercise as I should and will never take any statins.

I started taking black seed oil after reading this article. I take a teaspoonful with apple cider vinegar at breakfast. I have found it gives me acute acidity, and offsets the effects of ACV. I’m going to try taking it at different times of the day. But has anyone else noticed this, and what can I do to counter it?

I recently started taking this as a result of this article. Two capsules a day.

I got it because so many people cited weightloss, but the biggest change I’ve noticed is that I’m sleeping through the night much, much more often. I used to wake prematurely and then have difficulty going back to sleep. When I take this in the morning, I sleep so much better at night.

I’m not good at taking pills, so sometimes I’ve forgotten to take it early and taken it late in the day. I’ve noticed on days when I don’t take it early, the sleep benefits seem minimized.

Of the 630 scientific peer-reviewed articles that have been published about black seed oil benefits, one fact is clear: there are few issues that it cannot help the body overcome. With virtually no side effects, the healing prowess of black seed is actually quite unbelievable and it boggles the mind that most peoplehave never heard of it! A study conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College researchers set out to determine just how potent black seed oil against some of these superbugs and pared it against several antibiotics, such as Amoxicillin, Gatifloxacin and Tetracycline. According to the study, “Out of 144 strains tested, most of which were resistant to a number of antibiotics, 97 were inhibited by the oil of black cumin.” available now from

Just a heads up – it tastes awful. I saw a recommendation to follow a spoonful of oil with a spoonful of honey and that helps.

I ordered a bottle of black cumin seed oil from Amazon. It’s labeled100% Certified Organic: This extra-virgin, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, halal, and gluten & preservative free; but it tastes terrible…a chemical, kerosene like flavor. Is that normal with Black Cumin Seed Oil? This brand originated in India.

Hi, yes, it’s normal. It’s like an onion was steeped in gasoline or oil. It tastes ‘industrial’ but it is actually how oil from that seed tastes. Take it with honey or hold your nose (It doesn’t smell but that will block some of the taste). Drink something afterwards. But you’ll taste it for a little while all the same. Not the worst thing in the world though.

I already take turmeric and find that I have nose bleeds sometimes, which I attribute to the blood-thinning effects of turmeric.

What do you think of taking blackseed oil as well as turmeric for those of us with arthritis? Not the same as the dangers of blackseed oil with Coumadin or Warfarin?

When I didn’t get an answer from the Peoples’ Pharmacy, I went elsewhere and got the following response to the question of mixing Turmeric and Black Cumin Seed Oil. I hope you see this!
“Turmeric does have blood-thinning properties. It depends upon the individual sensitivity and how many other blood-thinning supplements and how much of each a person is using. Other supplements such as omega 3, garlic, ginger, hawthorn, cayenne, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc also have blood-thinning properties. If a person is using a lot of a wide variety of supplements, cumulative effect may be a concern. No way of predicting. Start with low dose and gradually increase when adding something. Watch for easy bruising, cuts that bleed longer, nose bleeds, since these are warning signs that you may need to back off on amounts.”

I have some and I think it all tastes like that. I have been trying to find a way to mask it w/o success.

This combination has been studied in rats and seem to have some advantages:

I am a middle aged woman that had hair loss. After taking black seed oil pills for two months my hair has been sprouting!! I also see less grays.

Would using charnoushka in cooking be as beneficial as the oil?
Thank you!

You can tell what’s wrong with people just by looking into there grocery cards, mostly processed food and sugar. It seems to me the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries work hand in hand with each other. They feed you tainted food loaded with chemicals and sugar and after a few years of abusing yourself with this garbage you go to the doctor sick and he loads you down with prescription drugs to mask the symptoms instead of telling you what’s really wrong with you, and the cycle continues!

Rosuvastatin calcium (5 mg/da) for high cholesterol is the only prescription med I am currently taking. Have been given three months by my internist to see if I can lower my high triglycerides, by exercise & diet, before he prescribes med for that. Would love to try this black seed oil to see if it would help…would it be okay w/ my prescription cholesterol medicine, or is there a problem? Also what is the best organic form…seeds or oil? Thank you for your help/advice. I’ve followed you both for years and respect your erudite answers.

Boy….you said it!!!

It does not appear that this possible interaction has been studied. We would imagine the oil would be efficacious, but that too has not been studied.
To reduce triglycerides, cut the amount of refined carbs (starch, sugar) in your diet.

I have been taking black seed oil, since April 2017, nail grew hair got longer, had a lumpectomy January 2017 and I take black seed oIL. A lady 90 years old told me to take it. She also takes it.

Where is the best place to buy blackseed oil? I prefer the capsules. Thank you.

This looks very promising. I have seen it offered in gel caps as well as liquid. I would prefer the former, but am wondering if there is any data as to the effectiveness of this oil in gel caps rather than taken as liquid by the spoonful.

I think it’s not so much about effectiveness (why would gel caps make it different?) but the dosage–there are 5ml in one teaspoon. That would be a LOT of gelcaps, let alone if you were trying for 1T (15ml)/day.

I heard about Black Seed Oil after I came back from visiting my grandmother who has cancer that my family had not revealed to us. My son’s teacher told us to get BSO. My family is doing their own thing with the information I have provided.

However, I was motivated to get my community healthy but creating. BSO challenge!

Join us!

Two years ago, while in Germany, a very well trained health store
employee said the studies were done on Egyptian nigella sativa, to
be the best oil. There they call it black kuemmel oil (black raraway
oil). A student found that it prevented his dog from picking up lots
of ticks as usual when giving the seed oil. It is very pungent and
ticks do not seem to like the smell the body puts out.
You can buy it online from Swanson or probably Amazon.

Where can you get some Black Cumin Seed Oil.

The oil is not available where I live. Any thoughts on having black seed in powdered format?

I have terminal cancer and, after reading about this, found the oil at a site I use for my supplements, for a reasonable price. They are 500mg caps, and I plan on taking four a day divided into AM and PM doses. I used to take a lot of supplements, set up in four containers for four a day dosing, with my meds. Since my diagnosis, and my downhill turn in energy and wellbeing, I have only been setting up two containers a day, for that is when I take meds for other conditions. I will add the black seed oil to these containers. Would love the miracle of feeling a little better as I continue on this journey.

Thanks for the coverage. I have also curtailed a lot of my reading and research so never heard of this panacea. Good enough for Muhammed, surely good for me. And tho I am not a believer, I mean that in a totally respectful way. I have been praying for a miracle; maybe this is it. As for impending death, I do have beliefs there, am 80, not an early death, and I am ready. Of course, if I feel better, I may change my mind! At the moment I have completed six treatments of Opdivo and am waiting for orders to be processed for an MRI to assess results.

I hope you’ve had good results from the Opdivo and I hope the black oil seed is another

I heard of black seed oil several months ago. I started using it every night on a couple of bumps on my scalp that appeared about six years ago. I had treated them for a number of years with tea tree oil and other essential oils. Within two months the bumps are now gone. I have no idea what they were, but they were itchy and eventually scabbed over. Thankfully they are gone.

I have been taking black seed oil for 1.5 months straight. I take 1 tsp in the morning mixed with 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of honey and btwn 4-6 ounces of rm temp water before I eat or drink anything. Then I do the same when I go to bed. Since taking it, my skin has cleared up and looks healthier; my hair is healthier; the inflammation in my knees, neck, and shoulder has gone down, as well as my bp. I also run it on any pain and scars, and it helps drastically. I sometimes take it in my ginger tea with honey and lemon. I’m a singer and trying to quit smoking, and it has help me reach notes that I haven’t reached in yrs effortlessly! I have also lost 20 lbs.

For those concerned about drug interactions, look up “black seed” on There is some information there. Specifically, it seems that those taking blood thinners should not take black seed.

Thanks for that recipe!! I stopped using it because it tastes sooooo bad. I can do this!!!

Where can I purchase blackened oil, and what is the average cost?

Debra, it is called BLACK SEED OIL, not blackened oil. Available at health food stores and online vitamin

I was always athletic growing up and perfectly healthy! At the age of 25, I was misdiagnosed for over 1 year with all kinds of symptoms that made absolutely no sense. I was in incredible pain and unable to walk, etc. Found out that it was by now Advanced Lyme disease since so much time passed by without correct treatment!

Since then, I have struggled with all kinds of immune system breakdowns and inflammation and pain in my joints and muscles and nerves. I was on tons of medication.Then one day it occurred to me to simply get back on the natural kick I was on back before I got sick. I’m now I’m 54 years old and found black seed oil about a year ago… Where have you been all these years?!? They say that black seed oil cures everything but death. Well pretty damn close to it! I feel great and no more meds:-)

This comment of black seed oil for advanced Lyme is just what I was waiting for! I’m in the same boat and will definitely start this supplement. Thank you for posting and giving me hope!

Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, said black seed oil is a treatment for every disease except death. He said it 1400 yrs ago, and scientists are discussing it now!

I started my black seed oil journey in October 2016. I had tendonitis in my arm, and wrist the pain was consistent for more than 4 months. My best friend suggested I take it as well as rub it on my arm and wrist. After about 2 months later the pain had subsided. I continue to take a teaspoon day and night.

Black seed oil is also good for energy. The pressure in my eyes also improved since I started taking black seed. I also lost 20lbs while taking this miracle supplement.

I have been taking this for three months now for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My levels are better,and I feel better. Do some research, and you will see all the benefits of it. Just be aware that it van affect your blood pressure. It does lower it. I have normal blood pressure and had to adjust my dosage because it became too low.

I am a very healthy and active 70 year old. I read about the special benefits of black cumin seed a few years ago and have been taking it daily ever since. A wonderful “side effect” is that some of my gray hair has gradually been growing back to my natural hair color. I still dye my hair but much less frequently. After 2 years the results are really noticeable. I also recommended black cumin seed to a friend, who does not dye her hair, and the change in her hair color has been very obvious. When I researched this supplement the article stated it cures “everything but death”!

I would LOVE to try this for severe bursitis, but I take Coumadin for heart problems. Would this interfere with the Coumadin?

Possibly scroll back up and there’s something about it you shouldn’t take it with blood thinners

Where do you find this? I have done research. First hearing of it online,I think. It’s been around since biblical times. It’s in the book of Isaiah. Mohammed said it cures all but death. I think Hippocrates as well as other prominent doctors used it,up until,I think,the 1800’s. How do you find it from a reputable source?

Will blackseed oil also cause anticoagulation effects? I was thinking of this for my husband, as he has significant knee pain and high cholesterol, but he takes Warfarin. Anyone want to weigh in?

I used to black seed oil because of its wonderful qualities, However, please be aware that this also acts as a blood thinner. I had to stop taking it because I got petechiae on my legs and arms. It is not for everyone.

Warfarin could possibly interact with the blackseed oil. It might increase the risk of bleeding.

My son is on dialysis! Is this recommended?

I have cardiovascular disease and take one aspirin today also metoprolol at night will that interfere with it n is it good for your heart

I think you, or your son, must do all possible research on this. At the very least the treatments may wash all of the material out of his body before it has a chance to make things better. I wish you and yours a better 2018 than the previous year. I include a lot of people in my prayers, will try to remember to include both you and your son; I know what it is to have a son, as an only child, and lose him.

Do you have any recommended Organic Black Seed Oil?

Egyptian nigella sativa, black seed oil. Available at health
stores and online.

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