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Banana Peel for Warts

One of our favorite home remedies for warts is using a small piece of banana peel.

Warts are extremely susceptible to home remedies, and many have been developed for this common condition. One of our favorites is readily available at any grocery store. Tape a small piece of banana skin (with the fleshy side towards the wart) over the wart at bedtime. Leave it on overnight. Some people report that warts given this treatment daily disappear within weeks. One reader wrote:

“My insurance company paid $600 for a dermatologist to burn warts off my fingers (three treatments). Such pain! When I heard that you could rub the inside of a banana peel on warts I started treating my fingers. A month later my fingers are smooth and pain-free at no cost.”

Here is another report of success with the banana peel approach to warts:

“I went to the doctor with six warts on my arm. I wanted to get rid of them before my wedding in November. He froze them off but they came back worse, red and blistered.
I read on your site about banana skin for warts. I didn’t believe it would help but I tried it. After two days, my warts had dropped off.

“Before bed, I cut a piece of banana skin to cover my warts with the white fleshy side touching the wart. I wrapped a bandage over it and taped it up so I couldn’t scratch at it in my sleep. In the morning I removed the bandage and used the shower to hose them down. Whenever I got a spare minute throughout the day I put more banana skin on the warts; then at night I did the treatment again.

“My warts have dried up. I hope they will not grow back.”

Mike offered this:

“Banana peel as a solution to planter’s warts was offered several months ago on this site. I had them for decades, but decided to give the banana peel a try. It worked! It took some weeks, but I have been wart free for months.”

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