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  1. Kieran

    Hi, it seems like a lot of people here are not dosed properly. I have been on Armour for about seven years, I think it is. It has been an absolute godsend. Previously I took Synthroid 125, I think it was. It didn’t work and I was still very hypothyroid. I never felt the hunger signal, just sort of felt low blood sugar and ate because of that.

    I also rarely went to the bathroom. Then came Armour and I take 60 in the morning 60 in the evening with extra 15 mg tablets with each dose. I feel 100% better. Armour suppresses your TSH to almost zero so your doctor cannot be stunned by that and has to order workup for Free T4 and T3 values to make sure they are mid-upper range.

    That is when you will feel right. Good luck!

  2. maggie

    Hi been taking Armour Thyroid for a little over a month 30 ml or mg I forgot, my skin was dry, never weighed over 123 pds was up to 140 never wow on Armour I’m down to 135, feel better my skin is better, I had borderline hypo, then next test normal, but 2 drs told me to take it.

    I have the signs of it & the tests don’t always come out right, so I like it & I’m thankful. Why all the negative feedback, this really horrible for some of you? I will give it a huge thumbs up now, hope you all feel the way you should :)

    • maggie

      Had noticeably to me before hair loss could see the red in my scalp after washing. This was not normal with Armour Thyroid, that has improved, my hair is long & thick to begin with but I would be so upset if I lost it, again a HUGE thumbs up for it.

  3. T

    I had blood tests in September (I finally have medical care available because our state expanded Medicaid in compliance with Obamacare). My doctor said I needed to take 30 MG natural Thyroid. So, I have been taking Armour every day. I take it when I awaken in the middle of the night or when I first awaken in the AM. The results are all positive: I lost at least 20 pounds; some of the fat I had converted to muscle and I now wear smaller clothes; I feel more energetic; my appetite is good but I do not have an urge to overeat; I am able to get by on less sleep; and my heart is not beating out so I can feel it any more (That last was very worrisome!).

    • JOLENE

      Approx how long did it take for you to start feeling the “good effects” from the 30 mg of Armour natural thyroid Rx? And had you been on a synthetic thyroid Rx prior to that?

  4. Tina
    Birmingham, Al

    I have been on Armour thyroid for over 15 yrs., and had half my thyroid removed. In this time I have changed doctor’s a few times. When Armour changed their formula, I knew before my pharmacist because I took my Armour sublingualy (under my tongue). He swore that they had not changed it! That’s pretty scary.
    I have been on the same dose for years, but suddenly my labs came back hyperthyroidism! I wouldn’t trust a doctor who just looked at the labs alone. They should gather all the facts, such as how the patient feels. Going on a diet of 1,000 calories puts your body into starvation mode, and you actually will gain weight. At least a st that’s what I have always been taught in health and wellness classes.

    I used to weigh 123 lbs., but I am 56 yrs. Old now and weigh 143, and am 5’4. To me that’s normal ageing.
    I have recently been diagnosed with low vitamin D. I started going in the sun for a few minutes a day, and feel much better. Sometimes I feel as though I want to blame everything on my thyroid, when something else is actually going on.

    I told my general practitioner that I wanted to see an endocrinologist, because of he labs showing hyperthyroidism. My hair is falling out a little more than it should, and skin is dry. She lowered my armour from 60 mg to 30 because of hyper. The endocrinologist was a turd and was in bed with the drug companies. He said first off I hate Armour. He didn’t give me an explanation for my symptoms, just constantly talked about how Armour causes heart disease. I walked out of that office feeling like I wasted a co-pay. I also realized last year when I was gaining weight that my Lyrics meds were to blame. Stopped taking it and dropped 20 lbs. I got up to 163 lbs!
    I should just stick with my g.p. doctor as she seems to be the one who actually listens.

  5. Sandra

    I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2009 . I immediately saw an endroconologist who suggested having my thyroid destroyed with radioactive iodine treatment. I decided to work with a naturopath to try to reverse my Graves’ disease and get my thyroid working again. After a year with the naturopath with no results I decided to do the RAI treatment. I was then put on Synthroid. I hated it, I had itchy skin and felt depressed. I then changed doctors and began seeing a health and wellness doctor. I was now post menopausal and began bio identical hormone creams after lab results showed my estrogen, testosterone and progesterone were not present in my body. This also causes muscle loss, muscle fatigue ,low sex drive and many symptoms common to low thyroid. I was also put on armour thyroid with this doctor and found the results to be much better then Synthroid, although I am still adjusting the dosage I have, the armour made at a compound pharmacy with a vitamin c filler as the regular armour didn’t agree with me. I still find I get puffy eyes after I take the medication (does anyone else experience this ?) I do get burning in my chest and some nights wake up with anxiety and panic attacks. Not sure if I am reacting to the pig hormone as I have recently become vegan but I don’t know an alternative medication. I may have to adjust my dose. I am currently taking 2 ( 30mg slow release and 1 15 g regular release ). I also recently added the ThyroSense from the health food store which really made me feel great (I put it in water and just drink it slowly in the morning) this is new so I’m not sure what it will do long term. I may need to decrease my armour amount since adding this. I’ll keep you posted. I am determined to find something that may work to help me feel normal again

  6. AFD

    Deciding to take Amour I thought was going to be the best decision in the world because there are so many people who have seen a difference. So, I took Amour for 1 month and started to feel great. Then the hives started to appear all over my body. The hives stayed for 3 weeks, then my skin started to peel off of my body. At that point I spent almost a week in the hospital with Steven Johnson Syndrome (a severe allergic reaction to medicine). I then continued with doctors weekly for about 6 months. Being blessed and having great doctors is the reason I am here today, as it only affected my skin and did not cause damage to my other organs of my body. A little education, Steven Johnson Syndrome can happen with almost any type of medicine, just be aware. August is Steven Johnson Syndrome Awareness month.

  7. R.M.

    I too gained over 10 pounds while taking Armour and I eat very healthy, exercise daily, and have been at a loss as well as my doctors as to why the weight gain. We are begining to think I am having an allergic reaction to Armour so you may want to find out. Starts as weight gain and then gets worse with chest pain and breathing issues.

    • Jan

      Hello, I’d love to hear what you are finding. I switched to Armour in April & feel ok except for weight gain & just this feeling of weight hanging on to me no matter what I do. Even after 200 laps in the pool, not even 1 lb weight loss with good eating. I can’t figure it out & I’m ready to go back to synthetics. Thanks!

  8. ladyliza

    I sure hope you are working with a doctor on your Armour management, because if you are not, then you can destroy your thyroid. I don’t know of any doctor who would prescribe it for just weight loss. Not everyone loses weight on it.

  9. Nina

    Hello. I have been on 129 Mcg of Armour for about 6 months and have taken 60 in am and 60 in pm for about two months. I have not lost any weight and have started working out 3-5 times per week and eating about 1000-1200 calories a day. I burn about 300-800 calories per workout. Any suggestions!?!?!?

  10. JG

    I have been on Armour for 7 months now and I’m still gaining weight! I’m so depressed. I’m taking 45 mg. and my doctor told me that my labs are normal! This can’t be! If my thyroid levels were normal why am I still gaining weight?
    I eat less than 1000 calories and day and workout every other day to where I am dripping sweat!
    I wish that I never had radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid.
    I just want my life back!
    I use to weight 104 pounds and now I weigh 116 pounds!
    Please help me!
    I think it might be time to find another doctor.

    • Erika
      Spring, Tx

      I feel the same way!!! Been on Armour for 3 months now and have gained over 10 lbs!!! This time last year I weighed only 112!!! Now, I’m 124!!! I’m only 5’2″ so 10+ lbs is a ton on me!!! I am def feeling better on the 60 mg twice a day, but weight gain is not okay!!! If I can’t shed this weight, I will be going back to synthetic and adding synthetic T3 to my synthroid. If that doesn’t work then back to plain old synthroid. I would rather be tired than fat. Being tired etc… is one thing, but being fat is depressing and unacceptable when you are eating healthy & Exercising!!!

  11. Floridas beaches

    I just want to know if anyone had hair loss. I am afraid of losing my hair. I am going to start taking Armour Thyro 30 once a day.

    • Debbie

      My hair never fell out while taking Armour. I take 90MG once a day in the morning. At one time I was on 120MG & got so very sick I had to go back to 90MG. I just saw my doctor a couple weeks ago & she said she would like to put me on 60MG but I said no because I was worried my hair would fall out. If you get too much or too little it could fall out.

      • bayougirl
        gulf of mexico

        Has anyone experienced a very mild tingling itch when first starting Armour?

        • Chris

          Yes, but I’ve been on Armour 60 for about a year. I occasionally feel this and itch. I am starting to think the doses aren’t consistent.

    • Kathleen

      I feel the same way. I was size 2 or 4, did the radioactive crap, now size 8 and still gaining on Armour. I hate it. I feel like a pig ! I also have no energy, don’t sleep well and am exhausted all the time. There has to be a fix for this!!!!

    • Lauren

      Did you figure this out? I have hair loss as well. Went on synthroid and the T3 drug together and felt better. Hair got better but dry. Wanted to try armour to see if it helped but 3 weeks in feeling crap and my hair is coming out a lot more and I kind of want to switch back to synthetics since they can be regulated better.

    • Vicki

      I am currently taking 45 mg. of Armour 1x per day (down from 60 mg 1 x per day a month ago). Since 2013, I have experienced hair loss that doesn’t seem to stop. (I’ve been on Armour for many years, since the ’90’s). I have now started wearing wigs, which I hate because they itch. I’ve become tired and some days, depressed, which I never was. I’ve started gaining weight because of the difference in dosage, which has slowed my metabolism. I was 116 lbs. and am now 121 lbs. I feel every lb. too. I hate that feeling since my clothes no longer fit right. I believe the drug company changed the formula considering I’ve taken Armour for years and had no hair loss until 2013.

  12. tiggersmama

    well i know one thing i cant gain weight no matter what i do ive been on levothyroxin since 2010 and i only weigh 60 lbs back in 06 i weighed 102lbsim only taking 25 mcgs of levo my hair is very thin and i get cold very easy i really dont have any complaints about the levo except i just want to gain weight im hypo now cause i had my thyroid radioactivly eradicated back in 2011 so im hypo an still cant gain weight so im just stuck

  13. CS

    I switched to Armour thyroid 12 days ago and my anxiety increased dramatically, my heart races and pounds. I feel hot and cold and break out in sweats. I don’t think pig thyroid is any more natural to a human than synthetic thyroid. I’ve switched back today to levothyroxine and already feel calmer, warmer and all around better. I’m 56 years old and menopausal so maybe age does make a difference. I did always feel good on levothyroxine so should’ve never switched. :)

  14. ladyliza

    Perhaps the dosage is wrong for you or is it possible you are allergic to pork? If it were me I would also call the Forest Labs and ask them if they have ever heard of your side effects. Give them you batch number.

  15. CAZ

    Starting taking new prescription of Armour Thyroid medication, and now my skin feel like I have a severe sun burn on my arms and legs, anyone have same reaction?

    • rk

      About 3 weeks after starting Armour (15 mg) I got a rash that looks like a sunburn. It started at my neck and went down over my chest and covered my stomach. After a few days the skin got really dry and started to flake off. My thyroid started to swell. My naturopath had me stop taking the pills and is ordering some lab work to see if I have an autoimmune disease associated with my thyroid.

    • Roger
      Sarasota Florida

      I had very low wake up temp each morning and got a doctor to give me 30mg Armour and after a month in increased to 60 mg hoping to help my immune system, Candida and tiredness. About three weeks into it I started having very itchy almost warm feeling left forearm. I am also being treated for Lyme Disease and at first thought it was that. I then checked Armour itching on the web and learned Armour new formula is not like the old one and lots of people are having trouble with the itching. Any advice about it would be appreciated. 11/29/14. Thank You!

  16. ladyliza

    I am taking many vitamins and herbs as well as Armour Thyroid. I take it as soon as I get up in the am and cannot eat anything for 1/2 hour. I also have to chew the tablet and not take it with water. (tastes like chalk) Then later in the am I start taking all my other vitamins, etc. I have had no problems.

  17. Julia J.

    Just curious if anyone else is having severe heartburn while taking Armour? I’ve only been taking it for 3 weeks, hoping the heartburn will go away.

  18. Lynette

    did the compound work for you? My hair is also falling out and need a solution to this problem.

  19. ladyliza

    JG, I have never heard of anyone who gained weight on Armour Thyroid. I might suggest you ask your doctor to give you a blood test to determine where you are deficient. I don’t know how old you are or what other drugs you are taking so this is a general list: vitamins D, B6, B12, COq10, magnesium and iron levels. Then I would take your test results to a licensed naturopath to get a second opinion. Not all states have licenses for naturopaths but here in California it is required.
    Most doctors are not trained in nutrition so most won’t be helpful. I was fortunate a decade ago to find an integrative physician who has a phd in nutrition as well. There are a few medical schools around the country that offer degrees in alternative medicine and I am lucky my doctor takes insurance since most of these doctors do not. The second best thing is a naturopath or an osteopath. There are many areas of western medicine where alternative medicine trumps allopathic medicine. IF you want to get better, start doing the research.

    • Mikki
      Treasure Coast FL

      Replying to LadyLiza, I gained 10 lbs over the 2 years I took Armour Thyroid, going up from 112 lbs to 122 lbs. I ate healthy and walked a lot, but felt miserable and bloated. I have finally lost the weight being on Synthroid for 18 months, but now have a myriad of other side effects! Time to go to new doc and find new medicine! I have Hashimoto’s Disease and believe I swing from hypo to hyper.

  20. JG

    My family doctor wants me to take prenatal vitamins because I’m so tired all the time.
    I’m on 60 mg. of Armour.
    Is anyone taking vitamins with Armour?

  21. JG

    I have been on 60mg of Armour and I was just wondering when my weight will stabilize. I eat only 1000 calories a day drink only water and work out every other day. I didn’t work out for one week because I was so tired after the holidays and I gained 3 pounds while still eating only 1000 calories a day!
    I have gained 11 pounds since starting Armour and I’m not happy about this.
    Any advice for me?

    • bayougirl

      I just started Armour and i take a multivitamin and milk thistle (helps my liver process the medication). Also taking fiber.

  22. Deb

    Nikki, any idea how one might be able to buy the Canadian-made Armour? I’d like to try it, if it is the original Armour.

  23. Deb

    I never experienced burning on my tongue while using Armour but, after many years of using it, even after the “bad batch” several years ago, I have moved on to another thyroid product as the Armour was actually giving me muscle aches. Muscle aches can be a symptom of low thyroid. WITHOUT THE ARMOUR I DO NOT HAVE THE MUSCLE ACHES. Unfortunately, after being such a great solution for low thyroid for so many years, something the drug manufacturers have done has created a problematic Rx.
    As for the burning tongue, you might want to rule out acid reflux or thrush (Candida on the tongue). Thrush will leave a white coating on your tongue, especially first thing in the morning.

  24. ladyliza

    I never had any side effects. Perhaps you are on too strong a dosage. Please check with your doctor’s office about the dosage. When I have questions, I often check with a pharmacist.

  25. JG

    I have been on Armour for 5 weeks and my tongue feels like it’s burning and I have lost taste to some foods.
    Has this happened to anyone and will I get better once my body adjusts to the Armour?
    Thank you

    • LuLu

      This burning tongue and taste loss is happening to me. Was it your armour Thyroid med? When did your taste come back?

  26. Nikki

    Hello, I’m glad that you shared that your heart problems went away. Were they arrhythmia? Could you tell me if Canadian Armour is still working well for you? Any side effects? How is your heart?
    The reason I ask also is because my mom is on Levothyroid and is considering Armour, but she has already heart problems. And I need to know which version of Armour cause heart problems. It seems that original might be the answer.
    Could you let me know?

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