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Are You Afraid of Dying? Why Aren’t NDE Survivors Scared?

Most humans are afraid of dying. It protects us from reckless behavior. When people survive near death experiences they are often transformed.

Most of us fear death. This fear often shapes our lives. Don’t get me wrong. Fear of death can prevent us from doing a lot of reckless things. Driving without a seat belt is foolish. Driving under the influence of alcohol puts the person at risk along with everyone else on the road. But can we learn something valuable from survivors of near death experiences (NDEs)? Why are most of these people no longer afraid of dying? How does an NDE often change lives quickly and permanently?

Our Interview with Dr. Bruce Greyson:

We have been conducting interviews on public radio for 40+ years. That means we have talked to thousands of experts over the decades. We can say that we think this week’s podcast with Dr. Bruce Greyson is one of our most compelling. It is all about his book After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond.

Even people who are skeptics will, we think, find this interview compelling. Dr. Greyson is a distinguished psychiatrist. He has been studying near death experiences for decades. He has approached the topic with care. Like others, he found that people who survive a brush with death and have an NDE are rarely afraid of dying. They also may change their priorities. His approach is scientific.

Who Will Find Show # 1249 Worthwhile?

We think you will find this show of great interest. That is true for people with deep religious beliefs as well as agnostics and atheists. The show is about the hundreds of cases that Dr. Greyson has studied over his long career. Many of these individuals are no longer afraid of dying. Find out why.

An Apology:

We have an apology to make. Our website is acting up. That means you probably won’t be able to download the mp3 file today. We hope to fix that shortly. In the meantime, there is an even easier way to listen to Dr. Greyson’s interview.

When you go to show # 1249 you will see Dr. Greyson’s face at the top of the page. Just under it is a green circle with a white arrow inside. If you click on the arrow you can stream the audio show on your computer. It is an extended interview. Most of our shows last an hour, with 44 minutes of guest-host interactions. The extended interview is about 30 more minutes. We think that once you start listening you won’t want to stop.

Some Listeners Share Their Reactions:

John thought this was one of our best shows ever:

“I rarely listen to anything twice, but I think I missed the first minute and since she said there was more interview in the podcast listened to the whole thing.

“I think this is one of your best shows ever. I have been listening to you on NPR for a long time and really enjoyed your interview with Dr. Greyson.

“Thank you very much.”

Randy also appreciates the interview:

“Fascinating and inspiring broadcast. I have been fascinated with NDEs since age age 13 in 1975; perusing Dr. Moody’s book. The last few minutes of your program today with Dr. Greyson was personally emotional for me for it put things into a simple context..

“I am a thirteen year brain cancer survivor and have had the privilege of watching my daughters, stepson and grandson grow. It is ALL a gift. Thank you for the broadcast.”

Should you take the time to listen, please let us know what you think in the comment section of the show. Thank you for sharing this interview with friends or family if you find it worthwhile. Again, we apologize that you can’t download the free mp3 immediately, but we hope it will become available soon. If you wish to share the show, you can purchase a CD and send it to a friend or loved one. The free mp3 file is now available for download! Sorry for the delay.

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