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Amphetamine Salts

Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. 

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I was given a prescription For Adderall about three months ago. My psychiatrist (new one as of one year ago. My previous one transferred to CDRP). This new provider had no interest in side effects (as of a week ago I was able to write an appeal with Kaiser and get a new doctor and will see them on the 12th is this month).

Anyway, here’s what has happened to me when taking this drug: Doctor prescribed 5 mg XR a day for 3 weeks then increased dose to 10 mg per day for 3 weeks, and again increased the dose to 15 mg per day until I was at 20 mg’s per day. All was going well the first day. My brain was finally clear and was able to concentrate. Second day wasn’t as good as the first day. By the third day, I had the worst headache imaginable. I had to ride it out for almost 10 hours until the drug wore off. I drank as much water as feasibly possible. I contacted my doctor who did not return e-mails/calls etc. it took me a week for a response. It didn’t come from her. It came from a nurse, and the nurse was very concerned. I contacted Kaiser’s pharmacy as well. The list of side effects I have had to date are: headaches (the doctor told me to take two arthritis strength Tylenol when taking my medication). I have gained 12 pounds. This medication makes me hungry 24/7. As soon as I take the pill I am starving within an hour. I have tried eating when I take the pill thinking it would make me less hungry. No change in my hunger. I feel confused at times, Between 7:30-8 p.m. I crash and get real tired/sleepy. Other symptoms include feeling “brain dead,” can’t focus; it wears off too soon, and I lose my concentration at work and school.

I am a 48 year-old female. I know this may sound crazy but no judging please. I have taken Phentermine. I never lost weight on it at all. The only thing it did for me was help me concentrate and focus. Why is that? Any ideas on what medication I should talk to my doctor about possibly trying? I truly appreciate any positive input.

I have to make concessions on creating the impression of being unhappy.

I was put on this only 2 months ago, the first round from CVS was Global Generic Adderall xr 20mg-did fine-thought is was working, but I don’t have the brand to compare it too.
Went back-same drugstore-CVS, they switched from Global to Actavis-Horrible!! I was sleepy within the first hour, and the medication caused more trouble and zero benefits. I thought they had given me a sleeping pill. It is night and day.
You can’t tell me this isn’t poor generics due to the fluctuations in my mood and energy levels. I will insist on brand, especially after the recent welbutrin.
Strange thing is I paid for brand, my insurance has both in the same category for some reason, or it was the pharmacy getting a higher co-pay through Humana. It’s $70.00 for brand and that is what I paid for.
To switch 2 generics in 2 months, its no wonder my body couldn’t adjust. The ingredient list of Actavis is double what the brand and global was. That has to make a difference. I feel like I was a guinea pig. Good news, my doctor usually writes DAW, she insisted all these years I’d been on Wellbutrin and in the end, she knows what she is talking about.

Hi Erin. I’m take Adderall for fatigue too. I agree that the first few days were great, but not so great after that. I had trouble sleeping in the beginning which only made things worse, but that is somewhat better due to a prescription sleep aid. I tell people that I’m more mentally alert but still physically tired. I’m also usually more talkative and in a better mood.
I noticed some minor hair loss at my temples but that happens when I’m stressed. I don’t think it’s because of the meds. However I’ve had some numbness in my fingers and toes. When I told my doctor he said I could be showing symptoms of MS. No wonder my hair fell out. But I dug deeper online and found that numbness is a symptom of Adderall. I’m not too worried about MS anymore.
I’ve had trouble with fatigue as long as I can remember. And some family members have the same problems. Like you I also tried brupopin but I didn’t like the side effects and gave up after about a year. It didn’t help that much. I see that your post is several months old. I was curious if you found anything to help your fatigue. I think my fatigue is due to problems with my “sleep architecture”. I had a sleep study that showed some problems.
Good luck. I hope your hair grows back. :)

I am sorry to see the lack of comments about this medication because I would have been interested to see if anyone else experienced hair loss while taking it.
I had only taken 2x day/10mg IR generic adderall (Barr) for 2 – 3 weeks, and while that may seem like a short amount of time, it was long enough for me to make a decision to discontinue it. One of the PAs who helps my doctor asked me to try it when I told her I was taking an herbal supplement for energy (an adrenal supplement). She acted like nothing herbal would help me. I have never taken a stimulant before, but I have had fatigue issues for years, in spite of being on thyroid medication (I have mild hypothyroidism, but it is under control) and trying different anti-depressants, nothing ever helped my fatigue and lack of motivation.
I was previously taking 2x day/75mg bupropion IR, but had to stop because I developed really bad acne. So… Considering I was given the prescription for adderall and I was tired of being tired and tired of falling asleep during the day, I decided to try it as the doctor asked. The initial feeling I got was a feeling of being heavily focused.. Not motivated physically, but just mentally focused and more talkative. I also had dry eyes and a dry mouth, jaw clenching, loss of appetite and diarrhea. The diarrhea got better when I took the medication with food, but the other side effects never went away and the mental stimulation never lasted more than a couple of days.
I also remember being in a good mood at first, but that did not last either. I even felt more tired eventually and I could fall asleep after taking it. Don’t think that was supposed to happen! I was planning on trying to stick with it at least until my next doctor’s appointment, but for the past week I noticed my hair has been starting to fall out. I have been trying to grow my hair out, so that was basically the last straw for me. I refuse to let a pill make me sick and I know the doctor would have surely tried to raise it, but I don’t want it, any of it. If anybody out there reads this and you are exhausted and stressed, but nothing seems to help, research adrenal fatigue. I am so angry that doctors are not better educated on this. It’s hard to get anyone to talk about it, much less test you for it, but maybe something natural would be better if the synthetic stuff is a negative experience.

I am 38 years old and have been on adderall for 12 years. The generic adderall that is on the market right now is garbage.!!! GENERICS are cheap but you get what you pay for. I switched to VYVANSE and I am truly convinced that there is some shady business going on with generic adderall. VYVANSE worked for me like the first time i took name brand adderall back in 2000. I always feared telling my dr. about the side affects I thought he would just quit writing the script.
Well I have had enough! I finished up my last script of 20mg ir by BARR and swore never again to go back.. Brain Fog, Sleepiness, Tired, I took 40mg ir in the am and went back to sleep.. note I take drug holidays twice a week.. so tolerance was not the issue.. I was also having kidney pains.. All my symptoms disappeared once I switched to vyvanse 30mg twice a day. Anyone else have these symptoms with generics?

Our 10 yr old son has recently been rolling his neck, as if trying to pop it. He was Taking 30mg of Vyvanse daily until recently (for ADD). We have been trying 10mg Adderol this week in a.m. and then 5mg afternoon. We felt that The Vyvanse was changing his personality and he told us it made him feel weird.
He said,”Sometimes when I blink, I don’t know where I am.” He has been diagnosed ADD (no hyperactivity) with some auditory processing issues. Medication is necessary and his grades and teachers confirm, but we want to find the best fit. Anyone had this “side effect”? Dosage a factor or just this drug?
Thxs for all input!!

I took 40 mg of adderall (or any variation of the drug) as a “diet pill” every day from my 16th birthday to my 17th birthday. I lost forty pounds but since the drug wasn’t actually prescribed to me, I was buying it from friends, I literally could not eat without feeling sick and trying to sleep on the pill was a nightmare. I once went 8 days without food and 4 nights without sleep, obviously at this point I started hallucinating. After about 6 months of taking the pill I got pneumonia because my immune system was so weak. Immediately after the pneumonia I got mono. I know what you’re thinking, I probably should have stopped taking the drug because it gave me basically every severe side effect listed but since it’s basically legal speed I got addicted almost instantly.
I finally had to quit because I lost my job and couldn’t support the habit anymore but the withdrawal from it is unbearable. So I guess the moral of my story is if you want to use it to lose weight it’s not worth it, sure I got thin but it wasn’t attractive now that I think about it I actually looked scary. I hope this helps with your decision!

Hi Mark: Don’t know if you will be able to reply to my question about Adderall, but here goes… I am wondering if you lost any weight while on Aderall. I am taking this drug for wakefullness; I have severe Sleep Apnea. I have also put on about 15 extra pounds I would like to get rid of. Could you also tell me how many milligrams you were taking….Thanks.

I was the first person in Milwaukee County to be prescribed Adderall.
When I first got Adderall it was marked OB which stood for Obetrol. The company that was making Adderall (Shire) had obtained the patent from another company that marketed the formula for weight control (hence obese control or Obetrol). Interestingly enough I continued to take Adderall as an investigational drug for about a year because the FDC had lost the application paperwork.
This drug worked like a dream.
The only problem is that it killed my creativity, made me like a machine. But boy could I concentrate.

My 16 year old grandson who weighs 150 lbs has just been prescribed Vyvanse. He has not been diagnosed with ADHD through any formal testing, but he, and the rest of the family, realize he probably has ADHD traits. His pediatrician said that he should take Vyvanse and if it worked, we’d shortcut the diagnosis procedure. Is this a good idea? Is this a good drug? Just the fact that it is amphetamine scares me!

I’ve been taking Adderall, & variations of it, now for probably 11 years or so, and have had some variation of experiences, but mostly it’s been positive. The extended release I didn’t like very much, maybe just because of that, I think I need the effects to hit soon, not gradual, over time. I’ve also found that not all generics are alike, nor exactly like the name brand. One generic just didn’t do the job, I’ve been currently taking another, and it’s been working well, so far.
Since I’m not hyperactive, maybe I don’t feel any symptoms worsening, even when I self-medicated (unknowingly, & intuitively) myself with amphetamines in college, they never made me hyper, or really kept me from sleeping, only kept my brain from getting foggy…

I took this drug’s generic for three months. It was actually produced by Barr, after Shire struck an agreement with them. Before it, I had taken the XR version by Shire, actual Ritalin as well as Shire’s Vyvanse. This drug is no better than street dope!
It had virtually no positive affect on my symptoms, and in some cases, increased my symptoms. I had every single side effect listed for the drug, as well as some that were not (I know because they went away after the drug ran it’s course).
My suggestion is that you consider the Vyvanse, as it is a different sort of stimulant drug and so is more effective, long lasting, and (for me) had far fewer side effects. It is expensive though, and currently no generic exists in the U.S. (although Canada has one).
My other suggestion would be that you use the actual drug, or really just anything else.
If you are taking it and you disagree, be sure to speak up. But if you feel the same, I think you should too.
I think too many people are told, as I was by my pharmacist, that generics are “identical”, but they clearly are not. Of course, before this I, as do most people believed that they were and that the FDA would not allow them to give me something that had not been tested. After experiencing these symptoms, I did research and found that apparently generics can contain between 80-120% of any active ingredient. This drug has 4 active ingredients, so it is possible that in the different proportions it actually is a completely different drug.
It wasn’t until I stumbled onto an article that cited this page that I found out that it might actually be true.

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