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Aerobic Exercise Reduces Asthma Severity

One study shows aerobic exercise helps control asthma symptoms and lowers important markers of lung inflammation.

New research shows an old-fashioned,affordable approach can help patients control symptoms of moderate to severe asthma. Apparently, aerobic exercise reduces asthma severity.

The trial included 43 adults with asthma whose symptoms were being kept under control with medications. All the volunteers got yoga breathing classes twice weekly for three months.

Treadmill Time

In addition, half were assigned to walk or run on a treadmill twice a week for 35 minutes of aerobic exercise at a time.

Lung “Twitchiness” Lessened

The investigators report that lung sensitivity to asthma triggers diminished among the participants getting aerobic exercise. The other volunteers had no changes in lung reactions. Exercisers also had lower levels of inflammatory compounds called cytokines, which are believed to contribute to airway spasms.

Check with your Doctor First

Experts not involved in the study cautioned that people with asthma should check with their doctors before starting an aerobic exercise program. While the activity may be helpful, people may need to take special precautions, such as using an inhaler before beginning moderate to vigorous exercise, to make sure that exertion doesn’t trigger an attack inadvertently.

Thorax, online June 10, 2015 

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