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Acupuncture Restored Sex Drive

Q. A year ago, seeking relief for the pain of an arthritic knee, I began seeing a traditional Chinese acupuncturist. Within a couple of months, much to my surprise, not only was my knee much better but my libido was also resurrected!

This systemic unblocking of vital energy affects every system in the body, and it makes perfect sense to me that sexual energy is affected. I continue regular acupuncture “tune ups” and feel like the desirable/desiring woman I was 20 years ago.

A. A recent meta-analysis of acupuncture for chronic pain reviewed 31 randomized controlled trials (Archives of Internal Medicine, online Sept. 10, 2012). The pain conditions considered in these studies included back and neck pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis and chronic headache. According to the investigators, acupuncture is effective for treating chronic pain, so we are not surprised that your knee responded well.

We were amazed, however, that your libido was also restored. We could find no relevant studies in the medical literature, though one review suggested improved libido in stallions (Theriogenology, Aug. 2008).

This may well be worth a try. We have included other possible approaches to overcoming a postmenopausal drop in sexual interest in our Guide to Female Sexuality.

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I have been married for ten years and had three children vry close together. I had lost my sex drive to the point i was scared it would never return.
Recently i have had acupunture for a sore foot. Not sure how my foot is going, but my sex drive is back in full force and my husband could not be happier! I feel great and would recommend it to everyone!

Acupuncture can help many health issues. It sounds like he has been put through the ringer. I would seek the advice of your local acupuncturist. I also recommend systemic oral enzymes for pain. This includes bromelain. Look for community acupuncture. That is a good way to get affordable healthcare. If you do a search, your local clinics should come up. This is acupuncture done in a group setting, on a sliding scale.

I am wandering if acupuncture may be the answer for my husband. He had 4 screws inserted in his lower spine in Dec 2011, followed by a Laminectomy to drain fluid build-up and hopefully untangle nerves (possibly caused by another doc ordering a spinal tap and cisternogram without consulting back surgeon). It was recently found that the nerves are still entangled. He has constant pain in left side where he has also been diagnosed with diverticulitis. The CT done to verify the diverticulitis showed an adrenal nodule on his kidney. So,will acupuncture help with all of this?

Believe it!!! I visited an acupuncturist last year for general weakness in my left side (as a result of surgery). My acupuncturist helped restore more sensation to my left side. He also, unintentionally, restored my ability to have an erection, my desire to have sex and, most surprisingly, he increased the size of my penis. Both my wife and I were amazed. A year later I have been back for a “tune-up” and will continue to do so as needed.

I’m an acupuncturist. Your libido is usually a function of your kidney energy. As you age, your kidney energy declines. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can fix this. Sometimes the liver energy is involved with libido. Herbs such as cordyceps can restore kidney energy over time.

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