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Show 883: Healthy Holiday Feasts

Tasty holiday treats can be health-promoting as well as delicious.

Too often the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is filled with excess. Starting with turkey, stuffing, lots of mashed potatoes and gravy, not to mention pie (pumpkin, pecan, apple or sweet potato) and proceeding on through parties with chips and dips and fancy drinks to Christmas cookies and eggnog, temptations to depart from sensible eating are everywhere.

Celebrating the season doesn’t have to mean gaining weight, though, and healthy eating isn’t restricted to raw broccoli and oat groats. It IS possible to enjoy delicious food that is good for us as well. Dr. John LaPuma, Chef MD, tells how to enjoy healthy holiday feasts and follow up with great food for good health (and even weight loss) into the coming year. Learn how to lower cholesterol with diet, and what women can say to men to help them pay attention to their health.

This Week’s Guest:

John La Puma, MD, FACP, is a board certified specialist in internal medicine at the Santa Barbara Institute for Medical Nutrition and Healthy Weight. He is also a graduate of the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago and has pioneered the use of food as medicine. His books include RealAge Diet and ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine. His website is www.DrJohnLaPuma.com. The photo is of Dr. La Puma.
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