We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new sponsor, KayaBiotics. You may be wondering about the probiotics stories you’ve been seeing and hearing over the past few years. In July, a comprehensive review concluded that taking probiotics together with an antibiotic can help avoid the diarrhea and other gastrointestinal complications from the antimicrobial drug (JAMA, July 19, 2018). Other studies have shown that probiotics may help ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online Feb. 22, 2017) and reduce inflammation (Nutrients, Jan. 3, 2017).  These beneficial bacteria appear to be useful in treating a range of digestive difficulties, including ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome as well as acute infectious diarrhea and antibiotic-associated diarrhea (American Family Physician, Aug. 1, 2017).  A review of the literature show that certain probiotics can be effective in treating constipation (European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, Oct. 2018). Not just any probiotic will do, however. They are not all created equal.

Why KayaBiotics?

As with all dietary supplements, it can be hard to determine the quality of the probiotics you may find on the drugstore shelf. Moreover, with probiotics, one variety does not fit all needs. There are many different strains of probiotic bacteria and they have different uses.

That is why we are pleased to introduce KayaBiotics. These probiotic products are produced in Germany, where regulatory oversight of dietary supplements manufacturing is far stricter than in the US. KayaBiotics products are made only from organic certified ingredients and are designed to improve the diversity of intestinal flora. They are hypoallergenic and micro-encapsulated to protect them en route to your large intestine.

The three available formulas are created for very specific purposes, such as strengthening the immune system, fighting yeast infections and helping with weight loss.

Learn More:

To learn more about Kaya Biotics probiotics and the important topic of gut health, please visit the website KayaBiotics.com and use the discount code “PEOPLE” for $10 off your first purchase.

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  1. Jan

    So sorry to hear about your GERD. I had it for years also come to find out I did not have enough stomach acid so I needed to add apple cider vinegar Ginger accelerate lemon juice instead of taking the Nexium and and the other medications for GERD I need to build up my stomach acid not stop it that might be a problem sweetheart . so now I drink apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water before or after I eat I chew Ginger I don’t drink any water with meals cuz it cuts down on your stomach acid hope it helps

  2. Vahsi

    in previous articles, you endorsed MDProbotics – is KayaBiotics better? Need to purchase ,but don’t know which Is better

    • Caroline A

      How long is a good enough period to take this gut probiotic

  3. Carey

    Do you have to take probiotics forever? It seems like it could “fix” your issues and then you could go off of it for a while. (Then if other issues crop up or you take antibiotics you would take them again.)

  4. Katherine meares

    So much info on so many products! I don’t know how to access whether they will help! I have so been scammed by trying a sample only to receive them every month at full price. I’d love to try this once! Kat

  5. Dorothy

    Does this company have a U S office where probiotics can be purchased?

  6. Anne
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Excited to read about your new sponsor – and just now ordered the strongest probiotic. I am aware that Germany produces excellent health products and am happy to try this new one. I am pleased it is organic too. I used the discount code and was pleased to see they offer free shipping. I will comment again after I try this and compare it to what I have been taking for years (Floragen 3).

  7. chris
    northampton ma

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the great information you provide.

    I was looking at KayaBiotics, but could not find any information on how many capsules should be taken per day.

    The bottles come in 60 or 180 capsules, so I would like to know how long a bottle lasts.

    thank you

    Chris Matera

  8. carmen

    I use Align and I love it.
    It is the only thing that has worked for me.

  9. Pat

    I had read that if you didn’t take a probiotic in the 30-50 billion CFU range, you were wasting your money. Is that accurate?

  10. Faye
    St Augustine, Florida

    I suffer from extreme GERD to the point that the acid in my stomach comes up and burns my throat and sides of my mouth. I have tried to manage my stomach issues by watching my diet and not taking medication (due to reading the horrors of PPIs affecting one’s memory). Do you recommend any probiotic that can help me with my condition?

  11. Julie

    I just placed an order with them: their products looks good, and if Joe and Terry trust them, I will give them a chance. I have been a regular listener for many, many years, and trust Joe and Terry not to send us astray! I was happy to find the company takes PayPal as payment, for those of us whose main concern might be putting our credit cards forward with a foreign company. Germany has long been the world’s leader in pragmatic use of herbs, supplements, and probiotics for health, and even their mainstream physicians use integrative care. I welcome this new company to your repertoire, Joe and Terry!

    • B.

      Try using diges.tive enzymes after your meal, I use chewable ones they seem to be better after meals. I used to have the same issues as you with redux ans burning to where m throat was literally burned.

  12. Bev

    Would love to get a coupon but having a hard time becoming a member. Only returning members can log in. I’ll figure it out. Willing to give it a try for my husband and I. It has free shipping too! I’m currently in Germany so I’ll look to hopefully bring some home to get started. Will update to let everyone know if the weight loss one has been affective. Someone I know has Candida so I’ll be sharing this info with her.

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