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Skin tags are not dangerous, but they can be annoying. These benign growths are usually small, and often occur in underarms, on the neck or near skin folds. Dermatologists can remove them surgically, but they may charge more than you would want to pay. Is there a way to get rid of skin tags at home?

Trouble with Skin Tags:

Q. I don’t know if others have had an experience like mine with castor oil. I had a place on my face about the size of a nickel that looked like a scab but was actually something that developed from a surgical procedure several years earlier. It started tiny and grew bigger over time.

My neighbor suggested castor oil and gave me a little container of it. After about six months of regular application, the thing vanished entirely. That was several years ago but I have also used castor oil on skin tags. They have now gone away.

A. A scab or sore that doesn’t heal should be seen by a dermatologist. Occasionally, that’s how skin cancers appear.

Castor Oil to Get Rid of Skin Tags:

Some other readers have had success getting rid of skin tags by applying castor oil to them. Skin tags are fleshy growths that may appear on the neck or face, under the breast or in the groin. While they aren’t dangerous, they can sometimes be unsightly.

If you think you have a skin tag, have it checked by a dermatologist to make sure that is what it is. You wouldn’t want to overlook something more serious because you mistakenly assumed it was a skin tag. In addition, if you have numerous skin tags, especially around the neck, you might have your blood sugar checked. People with metabolic syndrome, diabetes or pre-diabetes appear to be more susceptible to these growths (Seremet & Gurel, Clinical Dermatology, Jan-Feb. 2018).

Other Approaches to Get Rid of Skin Tags:

Some people report that coating the skin tag with New-Skin Liquid Bandage can also be helpful. It may take several weeks to see a response. Not everyone reports success, however. If the problem remains or recurs, you may want to have a dermatologist help you get rid of skin tags.

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  1. Linda

    Will this work for sebborheic keratosis?

  2. Marianne

    I have used wart remover successfully to remove skin tags. I have also clipped them off with cleaned sharp cuticle nippers. Preparing site and nippers with alcohol first. Fast and easy.

  3. jane

    I got rid of a skin tag once by just giving it a twist whenever I’d think of it during the day, didn’t take long till it dropped right off. I had cut the circulation off it.

  4. Anne

    I get them under my eyes. A dermatologist froze one off on my right eye, and now I have one on my left. These are odd growths that even tend to get small white spots and they are also flatter. I know it’s important to be careful around my eyes, but I’m wondering if castor oil would be safe?

    • Terry Graedon

      You would have to be very careful to keep the castor oil out of your eyes.

  5. Kat

    My husband had a large (quarter-sized), flat skin tag on his face in his sideburn area. The doctor had cut it off once, but it came right back. We tried castor oil—he applied it with a cotton swab 2–3 times a day.

    I don’t remember how long it took, but it gradually shrank until it was completely gone. It’s been several years, and it’s never returned. He had tried liquid skin and oregano oil, but they did not work for him.

  6. Diane

    I discovered my skin tags appeared after I had eaten too many sweets. Reduced sugars equaled no skin tags.

  7. Don N
    San Diego, CA

    Skin tags started appearing on my neck and in my armpits when I was in my very late fifties. A dermatologist suggested pulling them off after first cleaning my fingers and fingernails with alcohol. Pulled off thirty or so over the next several years. Instant gratification!

    After wondering why they didn’t bleed, I discovered, upon examination under a ten power optical comparator, that there was no blood vessel in them. Now, well into my seventies, I haven’t seen a skin tag in many years. Success, with no harm done.

  8. Stephanie

    Applying tea tree oil can also remove skin tags, usually in 2-3 weeks. You must first apply some neutral oil, such as sweet almond oil, to the skin around the tag to keep it safe, as tea tree oil can be very irritating. Dab the tags with TTO in the morning and evening. After about a week, my tags actually got slightly bigger and became very sensitive to the touch. However, as I continued into the second week, the tags started to darken and shrivel. By the third week, they fell off completely.

  9. Gina

    I have used castor oil on multiple occasions to get rid of skin tags. However, after applying the oil I rub baking soda on the area as well. My skin tags are gone in a week.

    • Clayton

      Gina, I wonder if putting the baking soda on after the Castor oil kind of seals the castor oil and allows it to stay on the skin much longer.

  10. Dean

    Is it against some publishing or medical ethic to recommend the tried and true for removing the occasional, random skin tag? If so, please ignore anyone who suggests that you just tie a fine thread
    very tightly around the base of the tag. You will feel a little tightness and a perfectly tolerable small pinch. Over time, the tag will turn dark from ischemia (lack of blood supply) and almost literally fall off. Once you forget that you ever had it, you will have to look very hard to find where it originally was.

  11. Willard V.

    We just put ice on them, and then slice them off with a fresh razor blade. I can’t see putting something on them every day for months. I can barely remember to take my blood pressure meds.

  12. Joseph
    Tiffin, OH

    I asked the doctor if I could wrap a string tightly around the skin tag on my waistline. He said he knew others had done so successfully. I tied a string tightly around the tag, and in a few days it turned dark blue in color and then fell off on its own. It has not come back.

  13. Wendy

    I have had some luck with just keeping a skin tag coated in clear nail polish. Need to frequently reapply, to make sure the seal isn’t broken.

    More success with putting tea tree oil on a cotton ball and covering with bandaid. I sometimes do this at night, then during the day, use the nail polish treatment. I’ve had total success between these two methods.

  14. Donna
    Liberty, NC

    My husband just saw the dermatologist recently for a full body check, but we all missed the skin tag under his eye. He had a melanoma removed from his lower arm over a year ago, so we keep an eye on him now. Can we safely use the liquid bandage treatment on his tag?

  15. Lia

    Castor oil works to get rid of moles for me. Takes a few months of daily application.

  16. Linda

    My Dermatologist (and also an Aesthetician that I had seen) suggested oregano oil. Just a drop on the tip of a toothpick once or twice a day has removed several skin tags from my face. Not sure if it will work for everyone but a good suggestion that has seen results.

  17. Hanna

    Castor oil mixed with baking soda (poultice) and applied by gently rubbing into the skin tag will dry them much faster. They will fall off probably in two weeks.

  18. Lori

    For Skin Tags ~ if they are large enough, tie a piece of dental floss real tight, and the skin tag will fall off in days. Then dab calamine lotion on it, and wow – skin tag completely gone. For small skin tags, dab calomine lotion on daily, and it will dry up and be gone within 30 days.

  19. Glory

    About skin tags: I happen to use Vitamin E. I poke a hole in the capsule & squeeze on the tag. Use till skin tag disappears. Works wonders. It worked in 3 days. All gone. Yay!

  20. Betty

    I had one in an ‘unmentionable’ place. I tied a string tightly around it, and it fell off. Just disappeared.

  21. Rob

    My skin tags disappeared as an unexpected bonus of changing to a grain-free diet : )

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