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Tens of millions of people suffer constant arthritis pain. Many of them have severe joint deterioration. The usual recommendation is to take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). You know: ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, celecoxib, meloxicam, etc. The trouble is that such drugs can wreak havoc with the digestive tract. Here is a case report from just such a person:

Q. I have severe arthritis in both knees and my spine. The pain wakes me several times a night.

I cannot take NSAIDs because I have had a bleeding ulcer from such drugs. I needed blood transfusion a few years back because of these pain relievers.

Medicare won’t pay for chiropractors or massage. My doctor won’t prescribe opioids. What else can I do for the pain?

Arthritis Pain vs. Bleeding Ulcers:

A. You are in a classic double bind situation. Traditional NSAID pain relievers are out because of your history of life-threatening ulcers. Even topical NSAIDS such as Voltaren Gel (diclofenac) may not be safe for you.

Non-Drug Alternatives for Arthritis Pain:

Anti-inflammatory herbs such as Ashwagandha, boswellia or curcumin may provide relief. So too might non-drug remedies such as Knox gelatin, gin-soaked raisins or Certo and grape juice.

You can learn more about these and other natural approaches in our 104-page book, Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis. It can be found at this link.

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Stories from Readers:

Joyce weighs in on a simple home remedy:

“I have been adding 2 Tablespoons of Certo to 5-6 oz of grape juice for arthritis daily and I believe it helps. Courtesy of Peoples Pharmacy.”

Diane in Upstate, New York has an interesting combination approach:

“We’ve been combining tart cherry juice and gelatin for years to help with my knee arthritis and my husband’s hand arthritis. We sometimes add seltzer water to the tart cherry juice to help cut the high sugar content–very delicious–but don’t plan on adding gelatin to this–very foamy!

“For other ways of incorporating gelatin, I find that putting gelatin in non-dairy yogurts also works well (these yogurts tend to be more “runny” than regular dairy yogurts). My husband often puts gelatin right into his hot, black coffee.

“I have severe (bone on bone) arthritis in both knees but still stay very active. I think that the tart cherry juice and gelatin use is part of my success story.”

Here is what C.J. in Danville, VA has to say about the electronic version of Alternatives for Arthritis:

“Why isn’t your Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis required reading for all medical students and adults everywhere?

“There is more common sense in these 119 pages than I’ve found anywhere else. Just finished reading it and am blown away at the concise collection of data available of a comparison of drugs to nutritional supplements in alleviating the suffering of the largest segment of society, those over age 50, from arthritis. It all leads back to your first book explaining the growth of the drug industry and how the FDA is kept in check by it.

“Well done, good and faithful servants. You offer a forum for the voices of medical pros that do not sleep with the drug manufacturers. Sorry for the bluntness, but that’s just the fact.”

Link to: Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis: The book.

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  1. Barbara N.

    Could vodka be used in lieu of gin soaked raisins??

  2. Oma G
    Southport, N.C.

    Chiropractic care is covered with Medicare and thankfully my secondary insurance additionally covers the balance.

    Chiropractic care, and Physical Therapy (cranio-sacral) and (myofacial release) massage have provided significant relief along with yoga, walking and water exercise classes specifically by the American Arthritis Association. On several occasions I have also had injections from a pain specialist.
    For me a gel ice pack that comes in a fabric pouch and has a large elastic belt with velcro closure is a life saver.

    I can strap it to me (day or night) it relieves the acute pain and takes down the swelling. Because I have a very sensative stomach I turn to medication only on occassion. Regretfully, I have not found tumeric, rum soaked raisins etc. have provided any significant relief.

  3. Suzanne
    Pueblo, CO

    The 2 best alternatives I’ve found to any medication for arthritis is acupuncture and copper jewelry. It reduces swollen joints and reduces pain. I recommend it highly.

    I use copper jewelry for my wrists, fingers and toes. My favorite copper company is I Love Copper out of Santa Rosa, CA. You can order any size copper rings, bracelets etc. This is not a quick fix, but if you get a “trigger” finger or one in which the joint will not bend wearing a copper ring for 6 months or so is certainly preferable to having surgery.

  4. Anne
    Great Philadelphia Area

    I have found that 9 grams of hyperimmune egg + glucosamine-HCl makes a major difference in my joint comfort.

  5. Karin

    Consider diet, particularly the nightshade vegetables which cause inflammation. If I eat too many tomatoes or potatoes I really feel it in my joints.

  6. Reggie

    I feel that this book give you options beyond what the Drug Company’s offer w/all the side effects .Thanks

  7. Lisa

    I have been taking Boswellia (Ayush Herbs Boswelya) for several months and it has helped reduce the pain in my knees and hands tremendously.

  8. Val

    I have found Pilates to be very helpful for knee, hip and lower back arthritis. But be careful to do the kind that Joseph Pilates advocated: slow, eccentric movement with proper weight springs on a reformer or cadillac. Matt Pilates may help too but I find the reformer works magic.

  9. Shirley
    New York

    Please tell your readers that curcumin, tumeric cannot be taken together with blood thinners!

    • Ron

      Is that all blood thinners (such as Plavix) or just waferin (Coumadin)?

      • Rob

        Definitely Warfarin.

  10. Rob

    It always amazes me when people refuse to pay for affordable health care they KNOW will help them just because it’s not covered by insurance. Neither chiropractic care nor massage therapy is expensive – take the money you’re saving on not buy ibuprofen and use it to help yourself!

    • Thai

      Dear Rob, May I be the first to ask what alternative universe you’re living in, saying that chiropractic and massage are not expensive? I don’t know about you (or maybe we do from your comments :) ), but most of us seniors living primarily on Social Security, trying to preserve what IRAs or savings we have, need every dollar to meet monthly expenses, buy birthday and Christmas gifts for the kids and grandkids, and pay for supplemental insurance to Medicare to cover the 20% Medicare does not cover to ensure we don’t get stuck with unmanageable medical bills should we need unexpected medical care!

      Massage is wonderfully relaxing, even healing in some cases, but where I live it’s about $60 per massage, about 45 minutes. That is Not “affordable” for many of us if we’d like to keep the heat and a/c at modest levels and put gas in our older vehicles. This in no way covers non-discretionary expenses we face, but you can do that math yourself. I would love nothing better than to be able to have a good massage every other week or so, but I don’t want to take the chance of outliving my savings and end up a burden to one of my children.

  11. SJ

    I think that natural is always better than pharmaceutical, so if you try any of these remedies and they work, stick with them. I also want to say that stretching helps with everything about our bodies. Everyone should being doing some yoga on a daily basis. I had severe back pain throughout my twenties and thirties but I started doing yoga in my forties and all of the back problems went away. Before yoga I was always at the chiropractor’s office. One day I just realized that my back wasn’t bothering me. The same goes for hip and knee pain. Yoga must put us back into alignment so everything feels better.
    A note about Medicare and chiropractic; if you choose an Advantage plan they cover some visits.

  12. Larrie Ann
    Bryan TX

    My pain management doctor gave me a prescription for Lidocaine/Prilocaine cream to apply to my back, knee and ankle twice a day. This seems to help me the most as I too cannot take NSAID’s by mouth.

  13. Robert Lee
    forked river, nj

    Medicare does pay for Chiropractic care.

  14. Lionel
    Austin, TX area

    Recently one of your subscribers suggested “Blackseed Oil” for help with arthritis. Ten days ago I bought some and have been taking as directed. It helps considerably. My hands especially have found relief but it has also helped other joints, like the back and shoulders.

    • Dion

      I use black seed oil with DMSO works wonders.

  15. Sherry
    Waxhaw, NC

    I was SO VERY pleased to see that you wrote about Voltaren TOPICAL Gel may be harmful as most doctors feel ANYTHING topical whether it be cream, ear or eye drops are NOT! Thank you.

  16. Rob

    I had excruciatingly painful arthritis for years, & had reached the stage of needing to be put into a care home – in my 50s – as my husband was having to help me stand up, sit down, in & out of bed, getting dressed, etc, etc. I could not stand for longer than c30 seconds at a time. X-rays confirmed it was arthritis.
    By changing my diet to be completely grain-free, the pain disappeared within a couple of days!! The slightest amount, eg using rice bran oil, or chicken stock (presumably the poultry is grain-fed), brings back the intense pain for at least 2 weeks. I have found I cannot even prepare things using flour, for my husband to eat, as I must be inhaling enough to cause the pain to return.
    Initially I tried just going gluten-free, but for me it was not enough : I need to be totally grain-free, & this includes skin creams, etc – it is amazing what is included in the ingredients lists….!
    Whilst this may not be the cause in your case, at least it costs nothing to try : )

    • Oma G

      My daughter has RA and also has to follow a very restrictive diet which is helping her tremendously

      • Kate

        What diet does your daughter follow?

  17. Lakshmi Krishnamurthy

    I had arthritis pain in my left hip last summer. I went to a orthopedist and he suggested NSAIDS. I decided to try Turmeric instead. I have been taking 1 tsp of organic turmeric powder, from the bulk section of the grocery, in 4 oz of warm water first thing every morning. The pain is gone. No side effects that i have noticed.
    Lakshmi Krishnamurthy

    • Barbara
      Mckinney, Tx

      I use tumeric curcumin with bioperine once or twice a day for bilateral hip arthritis. I, too can’t take any NSAIDS because of kidney damage.

    • Gloria
      Phoenix, AZ

      About 2 years ago I developed a severe cough. The kind that you get day an night. I was really becoming lethargic from the lag of sleep. I went to see my PCP and he referred to a respiratory specialist. After trying several prescription strength cough medicines the cough just would not subside. I finally sat down and try to figure what was I doing different before the cough began. I started writing things down and bam, it hit me. It was the Turmeric capsules. I went online to do some research and found 2 studies that had been done on Turmeric and getting a severe cough was one of the side effects. And to make things worse, the cough was not going away for some of the participants after stopping taking Turmeric. I was lucky, mine completely went away in about 2 weeks.

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