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We have been collecting wart remedies for over 40 years. Some of our favorites include banana peel, bacon fat, duct tape, garlic, Listerine, potato, turmeric and vinegar. We have never heard of olives against warts until this reader contacted us:

Q. Years ago I had some warts on my hand. When they disappeared, I wondered what I had eaten differently lately. It turned out to be a 12-ounce jar of stuffed olives that I consumed after work with a drink and crackers over about a week when I had run out of cheese.

A year or so later my eight-year-old daughter had warts on her hand. I got her a 12-ounce jar of stuffed olives to eat in a week. She said, “I don’t like olives.” I said, “That’s fine, but try it.” She did, and the warts disappeared. It’s worth a try.

A. We love your story, but we can’t explain it. Not surprisingly, there has been no research on this remedy. We agree that this unusual wart cure is worth a try.

Children Respond to Magic:

In children, warts are often susceptible to suggestion. The fact that your daughter doesn’t like olives and doubtless paid a lot of attention to eating them might have improved their effectiveness.

A pediatrician once confided to us that he was often successful at treating warts when he made up some magical ritual. The bigger the production the better the chances for success. It could include touching the wart with ice cubes while reciting some special medical nonsense words. Painting the wart with food dye and touching it with a heating lamp can also be “powerful medicine.”

The Miracle of Mind Over Body:

Consider that warts are caused by a virus; the human papilloma virus. How is it that ugly hard tissue can disappear almost overnight as a result of some magical incantation?

In his famous publication, The Medusa and the Snail, Lewis Thomas, MD, shared these thoughts:

“The strangest thing about warts is that they tend to go away. Fully grown, nothing in the body has so much the look of toughness and permanence as a wart, and yet, inexplicably and often very abruptly, they come to the end of their lives and vanish without a trace. And they can be made to go away by something that can only be called thinking, or something like thinking. This is a special property of warts which is absolutely astonishing, more of a surprise than cloning or recombinant DNA or endorphin or acupuncture or anything else currently attracting attention in the press. It is one of the great mystifications of science: warts can be ordered off the skin by hypnotic suggestion.”

Lewis Thomas was extraordinary. He went to Harvard Medical School and was dean of Yale Medical School and New York University School of Medicine. He became President of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute, now known as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Thomas was an amazing researcher, writer and poet. He was one of the great thinkers of of the 20th century.

If we could but unlock the secrets of how the body rids itself of the nasty papilloma virus by suggestion, just think what else we might accomplish. Although some health professionals scoff at this as nothing more than the placebo effect, we agree with Dr. Thomas, that it represents an extraordinary feat. We only wish modern medicine would spend more time trying to figure out how we can impact our immune system to manage such a feat. Were we to succeed, we might have insights on how to cure some of mankind’s most challenging conditions.

In the meantime, we offer our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies with lots of fascinating wart remedies and hundreds of other inexpensive solutions for common ailments.

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  1. HelenM

    One day, while looking for something in a store freezer case, one of the packages cut my cuticle, which bled. A few days later I had my first wart; it didn’t take long for them to populate my finger tips and other cuticles. I met someone with so many warts on her hands that she wore white cotton gloves winter and summer.

    I didn’t like the way mine looked either. Five, or more, years later, we moved from NJ to CA. As we crossed the country in our car, the warts began disappearing. When I realized about half of them were gone, I began looking for them. I would go to bed with X number and wake up in the morning with X – Y. I looked for that Y in the bedding, in my clothing, in my nightgown, in my underwear, in the car seat, in my lap, in the restaurants we ate in, never found any.

    By the time we reached CA, six days later and after winning $300 in Las Vegas, my warts were all gone. A good trade, one I would do again – only they never came back. So, no trade goods; but I figure I am better off this way. And appreciative, still.

  2. Sherry B

    When I was about 6 yrs old, I had a brown mole emerge 1/2 an inch outside my right eye. My Mother inspected it and said, “If it’s still there next summer, I’ll drive you Two hours to San Antonio to see my dermatologist.” well, for some reason that scared me. Everyday when I saw it in the mirror while brushing my teeth, I would day the Lord’s Prayer that it would go away. And it did!

  3. vitdweeb

    What were the olives stuffed with? Something like garlic could make a difference.

  4. Mona S.

    I am 83 years old but still remember having a wart on my finger and my Dad taking me to our persimmon tree, backing me up to it and notching my height on the tree and me walking away without looking back! Well needless to stay the magic worked and my wart disappeared. I am so happy to read your article, to read there has been more magic worked! ?

  5. Rebecca

    As a kid I was told to rub the warts on my hand with bacon and then hide the bacon under a piece of wood (which I did in the garage). Bingo, gone.

  6. Naim

    Joe and Terry,
    This article, and all the articles in this week’s Newsletter, is an excellent example of why I love what you guys do. Thank you so much for your life’s work on behalf of us all.

  7. Michael
    Jacksonville Beach

    I have not found a wart remedy but will seriously give it some “thought” and see if they go away.

    One warning on this article, a 12oz bottle of olives in a week is a serious dose of sodium as I learned after some expensive doctor bills for high blood pressure after falling in love with garlic stuffed olives and eating a half a dozen a day!

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