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  1. Cheryl
    Luton England

    Hi I have been taking the “gin and raisins ” for stiff joints and have definitely seen an improvement as has my husband but I have experienced another benefit as well I suffered severe pain from gout and have been taking Allopurinol which helped but didn’t stop the attacks of gout Since taking the gin and raisins I haven’t had an attack of gout and I have stopped taking the medication for the past three months Has anyone else had this experience or is this a fortunate coincidence? I would be interested to hear from others .

  2. Jayare
    Gettysburg PA

    Question; does anyone know if drinking tart cherry juice will help get rid of gout?

    I have pain in my big toe joint in the mornings sometimes its very painful. I know I should cut back on caffeine and other things.

  3. Pat
    Roanoke, Va.

    I read and enjoy your newsletter. Sorry, I do not do Facebook or Twitter. I do
    go to your website to see what is new. I read your column every Tuesday in
    The Roanoke Times.

    You supply a need that the ordinary person can use. I have many of your books. I use them for reference. I also loan my books.

    Thank you for supplying a need.

  4. Cindy M. B.
    Seattle, WA

    RIGHT ON, YOU OTHER COMMENTERS! I get so many emails (despite constant unsubscribing) that I’m always behind on even scanning them, much less acting on them in any way. There are people I should’ve written back a year ago, still on my “Things to Do” list. I tape the few TV shows I follow, and I’m always behind by 2 or 3 episodes or more, on all of them. Same thing with newspapers. I love newspapers, but I’m usually behind on reading them by nearly a month. But read them I do, because I’m not gonna waste perfectly good information! I also do crosswords and eat/cook very healthy, all from scratch. And there’s the gardening and the sports and so much more. It all takes time!!

    LORD HELP ME if I should add something like “TWITTER” to my daily repertoire. I can’t even imagine it. I’m actually kinda proud to say that I’ve never read a tweet, wouldn’t know how to find a tweet, wouldn’t know how to write one. That suits me fine. If I could figure out how to put one of those podcasts on my iPod, then I might listen to it on my daily 4-mile walk. But I don’t know how to do that. Very non-tecchie! But it’s all OK…

    I’ve noticed that the PP articles are getting shorter and shorter, assuming people are gonna rely on tech to get the rest of it. Well, that’s disappointing. But at least it saves time and tells me what I need to Google! Cheers from Seattle.

  5. Mrs. R Hart

    I really love your newsletter. However I really don’t want to be on twitter. It infringes on my time and space. I enjoy the podcast. The programs can be heard on my allotted schedule.
    Twitter—no thank you.

  6. rose
    clearwater fl

    I always enjoy your newsletter, and I gain a lot of helpful info. Please -any info on OTC pancreatic enzymes? Any suggestions-thanks!

  7. Taylor

    I read the newsletter I receive from Peoplespharmacy.com but I am not going to spread my time even thinner by participating in Facebook or Twitter.

    When will someone support those us who do not want to “Twitter”?

  8. Rob

    You do a good service for your readers.

    • JANET
      Troy MO

      I’m with you. I don’t social media either.

    • T.
      Boone, NC

      I totally agree! Who has time for either Facebook or Twitter and now that Congress has ruined the internet by allowing companies to sell our info, who would want to join either?

      Please continue your website and email notifications as is!


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