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Q. I developed toenail fungus and tried using some herbal remedies. The daily soaks were working, but very slowly.

Then I did a cornmeal soak and almost immediately the nail fungus started to disappear from my big toe. I continued the soak about once a week and all the toes grew out clear of the fungus.

Making the Mush

I used organic cornmeal for purity. To make the cornmeal soak, put about an inch of cornmeal in a shallow container that will just fit the affected foot.

Carefully pour about an inch of warm (not hot) water on top of the cornmeal and let it sit for an hour, so the water and cornmeal can combine naturally. After an hour, add enough additional warm water to cover the foot and soak for an hour.

The mush must cover the whole area, not just the toenails, because fungus thrives everywhere on the toes, especially between them. After an hour, rinse the mush off with warm water and pat the foot dry with a clean towel. Soak the toenails once a week until the fungus clears up.

A. Thank you for sharing all the details on your successful nail fungus treatment. Other readers have also reported success in treating their toenail fungus with cornmeal.

Other Remedies

Not all nail fungus infections respond equally well to each home remedy. For readers who would like to learn about other approaches, we offer our Guide to Hair and Nail Care that offers details on many other remedies that can help eliminate fungus. These include soaks in Pau d’Arco tea, vinegar, Listerine or a combination of the two as well as topical treatment with vitamin E or tea tree oil.

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  1. James

    I’ve had toenail fungus for twenty some years. One big toe, & two pinky toes. Recently I lost my big toenail that had the fungus on it, when running. The toenail became black, and fell off. Anyway, I thought what a better time to fight the fungus, before the nail grows back. I previously tried Lamisol, Vicks, Kerosal, Tea Tree Oil, Garlic, and Coconut Oil, all with no results.

    Well, anyway, I’ve been using the Corn Meal soaks for a couple of days now. The weird thing is, although it is making pinky toes fungus, really soft, it seems to turning my big toe, where I lost the nail white. It looks almost like fungus. It seems to disappear after a night of sleeping, but it is scary too see, after the soak. I realize the corn meal contains a fungus that kills nail fungus. Is it possible that what I’m seeing is the cornmeal fungus, and it just reacts differently with skin? Do you think that I should worry about possibly contracting a skin fungus? I am doing the treatments everyday for an hour. Maybe I am doing the treatments too much, and if I do then less often, do you think that the problem will subside?

  2. Toe-dy

    I am looking for a natural cure for toenail fungus. I have purchased 2 different kinds of fungus-killing potions from nail spas in the last year. Each time I begin to use them I see information about how BAD the ingredients are for you. Namely, people have been to the hospital with reactions, and some have died. So, I am afraid to use them and OTC or prescription treatments. I have many foot/feet ailments and would love to get this fungus issue under control.

    I am starting the cornmeal treatment today – hoping for success. I would also like to know if the “regular” ointments/cures are really dangerous or were the sources just trying to sell their own product, instead?

  3. Pat

    I had to go to the emergency room last evening with the nail fungus. The first thing the doctor told me was about the corn meal soaks so I’m going to try it now. He also had to lance the nail as it was full of pus and infected. He said to do the treatment once a week for seven weeks.

  4. Michele

    I have been rubbing Vicks all over my two big toenails and wrapping in bandaids for over a month now. The toenail on my right foot, has a new nail growing under it. The left just is showing slight yellowing on one side. This morning I poured cornmeal right out of the box into a shallow plastic tub and buried my feet in it. I felt like I was at a sandy beach. I watched tv and surfed the internet for an hour. I brushed most of the cornmeal off, but left the powdery stuff on my toes. I put fresh socks on, sprinkled more cornmeal in my new walking shoes and walked the dog, Came home and forgot all about my toes. Later I felt a snag in my sock, took my sock off and the top old dead nail just fell off! No pain, nothing. The new nail looks pretty good! I was surprised it worked this fast. I was thinking I would be doing this method for several weeks before seeing results. I think different methods work, because there are different types of toe fungus. I will keep soaking in the dry cornmeal and sprinkling it in any shoes I’m wearing. It worked for me!! I love how soft my feet feel too.

  5. Rachel
    Austin, Tx

    Can you combine cornmeal treatment once a week with other treatments or is it better to use only this treatment? Like could I combine cornmeal treatments once a week with tea tree oil applications?

  6. Mike

    Cornmeal when mixed with water is very effective at removing dead skin. Direct anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties are unproven (doesn’t mean there isn’t just not proven yet). What is clear however is conditions benefited by the removal of dead skin are benefited by wet cornmeal treatments. Toenail fungus is killed by the presence of oxygen in the air. Debris under the toenail not only feeds the fungus but provides a low oxygen environment for it to thrive. Cornmeal baths removes the debris and softens the nail effectively removing the food source and increasing oxygen levels under the nail. Likewise as an acne treatment, cornmeal facials unclog pores and increase oxygen to the pores removing the condition acne thrives in.

    • Linda

      I’ve been plagued with toenail fungus, but this time it is bad. I have tried oral meds as well as topical ones. I am now trying the cornmeal soak. I figure cornmeal can’t hurt me. Jubila did not work whatsoever. That was after 5 months.

      Does anyone use tea tree oil between soaks?

  7. Hannah

    I have been doing the corn meal mush soak for about 5 weeks. After many previous treatments including laser, I’m getting results. I would love to have a pedicure but I’m not sure if it’s too soon. My big question is: How long must I keep doing this soak??? I pour the mush down my kitchen sick using my disposal to finish the job. Thanks

  8. Ginny

    I used a larger container to accommodate both of my feet.

    After the treatment, I was going to pour the mixture down the kitchen sink, but it looked too think. I started pouring it down the toilet and could see it was going to clog up. How do you get rid of the cornmeal mush.

  9. dr joseph smith
    va beach, va usa

    I am a podiatrist and have not found a topical treatment yet that I believe works. Lamisil oral works very well. But I will try this on a few patients and see what I get. It can’t hurt to try!

    • Ann

      Pour it into your compost, same as any other food scraps.

      • Lori
        Reidsville nc

        Great idea, did not think of adding to compost. Was breaking it up in toilet b/c of clogging. Have done “the soak” 3x in a week & seeing results already! Have thick & yellow dead nails on 1st 2 toes on ea. ft. Thinking this just may work

  10. jackson

    I use Dettol Glen 20. This will cure nail fungus and similar very quickly, and is far superior to anything from Chemists. Just spray a little on and between toes after shower once or twice a day.

  11. William M.
    southern tier of New York

    In regards to leg cramps, when I was about 70, I began to suffer from leg cramps. This went on for several years. Cramping affected my feet and legs below the knees, and episodes were quite painful. Typically the cramping began in morning hours, about sunrise. I would have to get up and try to ‘walk them out’ . Occasionally cramps would begin early, at 3 am. I tried a variety of remedies but found only one that has helped: Spirulina Pacifica. I take one 500 mg pill of hawaiian spirulina pacifica with the evening meal, or at about bedtime. After about a week, the cramping stopped. As long as I continue the spirulina, the cramping stays away. This remedy was suggested to me by a friend from Princeton University, for whom cramping had also been a problem.

  12. paulette k.

    I suffer from unsightly toenail fungus and will definitely try the cornmeal therapy.

  13. John

    Is there any reason this treatment can’t be used for fingernail fungus?

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