Television ads warning men of the dangers of “low T” (inadequate testosterone) have become commonplace, but they rarely explore the risks of taking testosterone replacement medications. That may be partly because, like hormone replacement therapy for women years ago that supplied estrogen and progesterone, testosterone treatment has not been fully studied.

It isn’t necessary to use testosterone medications, however, to get the benefits of more balanced hormone levels. Dr. John La Puma offers men a way to boost testosterone naturally with adjustments to what they eat and how they exercise. The side benefits are a more appealing physique and better health overall, as well as a turbo-charged sex life.

What to Eat for More Testosterone

Find out what foods should be a regular part of a testosterone-friendly diet, where to find strong vegetables, and why you should “tart up” your carbs. Why is citrus water good for the metabolism?

You’ll also learn the symptoms of low testosterone levels and how to judge if your new eating plan is making a real difference. And women can learn what to say to encourage the men in their lives to make changes.

This Week’s Guest:

John La Puma, MD, is board-certified in internal medicine and medical director of the Chef clinic in Santa Barbara, CA. He taught the first nutrition and cooking course for medical students in this country, and he cofounded the ChefMD video series.

His previous book, Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine was a New York Times bestseller. His most recent book is Refuel: A 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Pump Up Strength and Stamina.

His website is

Other links of interest include:

Dr. La Puma’s New York Times Op-Ed on Men’s Health and Low T

The REFUEL page for foods, freebies, how-tos, products

The REFUEL Minute YouTube playlist

What Women Should Know About a Man’s Low T

ABC Coverage of Crisis in Men’s Health and Refuel

Listen to the Podcast:

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Air Date:January 3, 2015

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  1. A happy 85 yr OLD man

    I tried androgel for over a year and was disappointed with it. Then in 2007 my Endocrinologist (who also taught Endocrinology in a Northern university) put me on testosterone injections. I took them until 2 yrs ago with no side effects. I moved and
    my new doctor said I shouldn’t take them. I recently moved again and got a new doctor. He ran a full workup on me before putting me back on Testosterone. My testosterone was very low and I suffered from fatigue. However my PSA was good, my lipid profile showed no signs of liver or kidney damage, etc. Also, my EKG and echogram of the heart were all normal. After 8 yrs of Testosterone injections, no problems.

  2. Tony D

    Requesting email updates

  3. Pete Myers
    Charlottesville VA

    I deeply appreciated Dr. La Puma’s observations and recommendations, and was especially struck by his reference to gender bending chemicals in plastic wrapping used for food. That will come as no surprise for Joe and Terry, as they have reported on this consistently for over a decade, with scientists like John McLachlan and Fred vom Saal adding their wisdom and knowledge to the discussion. The suggestion that cruciferous vegetables could help reverse some of the impacts of gender bending plastics was very heartening.

    I’m changing my diet. Maybe not cauliflower… but certainly broccoli and brussels sprouts. Thank you.

  4. Charlie M.
    dunedin, fl

    Is this REFUEL doable for vegetarians?

  5. Tony D

    Any reader thoughts/comments on products like Andro400 or your comments on all the “natural” supplememnts?

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