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Stinky feet are not a polite topic. But the problem of smelly, sweaty feet can be quite challenging. What do you do?

What Can You Do About Smelly, Sweaty Feet:

Q. I have suffered with smelly, sweaty feet for years. During this time, I have tried many creams, ointments, oils, foot baths and you name it. I would put on a pair of brand new shoes and 30 minutes later, look out!

Taking my shoes off in public was utterly embarrassing. The odor could clear a large room out. People, even my friends, would place a finger underneath their nostrils and even constantly spray cologne into the air!

It was so hurtful! I prayed without ceasing because I know that I am not the only one with foot odor. I Googled smelly feet & stumbled upon your article.

Check this out–I soaked my feet in urine for 30 minutes: ‘ODOR-FREE FEET.’ Thank you, and thank God for answering my prayers! My feet still sweat but they have NO ODOR!

Other Readers Overcome Foot Aroma:

A. Thanks for sharing your story. You are not the only one who has suffered from smelly, sweaty feet. Here are several other powerful stories from visitors to this website:

“I have a very bad problem with smelly feet. Not only do they sweat an awful lot but the balls of my feet and heels are white every time I remove my socks. The smell is terrible and both feet are affected.

“Could this be some kind of infection? My socks become very hard when they dry out. This is not normal perspiration. Please help!”


“I have the worst smelling feet I have ever encountered. Though I have tried everything to get rid of this, nothing seems to work.

“I am a welder and have to wear steel toe boots and have insoles in them. They work for a week and it is back again.

“My girl friend always tells me that they are really bad, and they are. I wash them when I get home from work and 3 hours later they are really STINKY again. Is there anything I can do get rid of this horrible problem?”


Trouble with Toenails:

It’s not just smelly feet. A lot of people have problems with nails too:

“I have the worst feet in the world. My toenails are fused to my toe. In other words you can’t tell the difference between dry skin and toe nail.

“I’m so embarrassed I cry. I’ve never worn sandals because my feet are so ugly I don’t know what to do. Please help. I don’t know where to begin. From the ankles up I’m great. I work out & keep myself in shape. I am desperate.”


“My wife has the same problem…extremely stinky feet. It’s really embarrassing when she’s lying next to me…I don’t know if she is suffering from athlete’s foot.

“We’ve tried so many things…powders, creams etc. But it’s too complicated to apply. So I’ve recently found special insoles made from cedarwood on the internet. Are there any experiences with such cedar soles?”


“I too have very very stinky feet. It’s the worst that I have ever smelled. I am only 12 years old. Here’s what I have tried. I have tried my deodorant and it didn’t work. I have tried perfume. That didn’t work either. I have no clue what i should do, please help!!”


People’s Pharmacy Response:

We have some good news for all you victims of smelly feet. You don’t have to soak your tootsies in urine…though that does seem to work. People tell us that dilute vinegar also helps solve problems like athlete’s foot or smelly feet. Some folks like to create a solution of amber Listerine (house brands will work) with white vinegar to create an anti-fungal solution that is hard to beat. To learn more, check out this offer:

Our Guide to Solutions for Smelly Feet is FREE and has lots of other solutions as well. Here is a link: You will also find athlete’s foot remedies included.

Should you wish other options, you may be interested in our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies. Not only will you find lots of simple solutions for smelly feet and nail fungus, you will discover affordable treatments for bug bites, bursitis, arthritis, coughs, eczema, gas, heartburn, hiccups, hot flashes, nerve pain and sinusitis, to name just a few. 

Share your own solution to smelly feet and nail fungus below:

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  1. bilen
    Addis Abeba Ethiopia

    i have sweety feet and i need a solution. realy this is serouse problem for me. i couldint tell for any body becouse i am afired even to tell for a doctar. so please help me what shall i do for this?

  2. PK

    I spray 91% alcohol on my feet every morning before putting on shoes. It took several weeks for the odor to be completely eliminated but I have used it for years. My husband sprays his underarms, lets the alcohol dry and then applies deodorant. Same results.

  3. Abigail
    NW US

    If I eat onions, crucifers (cauliflower, broccoli, etc.) garlic and other vegetables that have a strong odor when cooked,, I will need to change my socks and put lavender soaps in my shoes to get rid of the odor. Avoiding those foods takes care of the problem.

  4. Dori

    Soak feet two or three times a week in a diluted solution with a half cup of bleach or apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. I alternate these soaks and assume different ones keep the bacteria in check. My feet never smell anymore even after wearing boots all day,

  5. Anne

    My feet smell in the summer when I wear my sandals, but frequent washing of the sandals really helps along with occasionally using a foot spray.

    I also had a fungus on one toenail for years and it went away this summer after applying tea tree oil ever day for a week.

  6. Cathie
    Springfield, MO

    If you would spray your feet and your socks with 10 ppm micro-particle colloidal silver, they would not stink. It kills the bacteria causing stinky feet. That’s all you have to do.

  7. Diana

    I have found using milk of magnesia on the feet to work wonders on foot odor. I have eaten a whole food plant-based vegan diet for decades with only wonderful benefits to health and appearance, but wearing shoes made of “pleather” caused a problem I had never experienced when eating the standard American diet–foot odor!

    Nothing I tried helped the situation. When I first heard of using milk of magnesia as a deodorant, I thought it might also help with the foot odor. It did! Milk of magnesia is a wonderful underarm I and foot deodorant. I have been using it for years, and I highly recommend it!

  8. Mr. Pain

    Acid Mantle Cream.
    Use it daily after shower.
    Your feet will never stink again. Also good for excema.
    Usually behind the counter at the drugstore, or on Amazon.
    Expensive, buy the generic. 1LB for about $60, but it will last about 1 year

  9. Sue

    My deceased husband had the worse smelly feet til he stopped wearing black sox with nylon and wore only white COTTON . Truly amazing. Also wear sandals in the summer to air your feet.Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes.

  10. Tim T
    Paris, TX

    I never thought about actually taking a zinc supplement, makes sense really. I do use a product called stop sweat on my feet and it has worked really well for me. You only have to use it once a week and it really cut back on how much my feet were sweating.

    I also found that wearing the right socks helped a lot also. Here is a great article about socks that I thought was very helpful. Merino wool is amazing!

  11. EG

    Take a warm 20 minute bubble bath while you lightly rub your feet all over to well above the ankles. Do not scrub or irritate. You are only soaking with a quality face cloth to soften the skin. Dry off and put your feet into a footpan that you have poured 2 bottles of cheapest vodka. Stay a bit and see the detritus floating off. Buy all new socks for your new sweet feet.

  12. wanda ll

    I use spray on deodorant. Works for underarms and works on feet. Get the deodorant/ antiperspirant one use what brand you like the smell of.

  13. wakeupbarb

    Palmolive Gold soap completely removed smell from my smelly feet, decades ago! Same with underarm smell. HORRIBLE stench before — nothing now.

  14. jd

    You can rub any kind of deodorant. Rub on the bottom of your feet after you take a bath. It really works.

  15. MS

    Stinky feet (along with the white skin) are often caused by the same fungus that causes Athletes Foot. Use any liquid spray treatment. Use the liquid because it gets into all cracks, crevices and toenails. Spray the heel too.

  16. jim

    sprinkle baking soda in your shoes also your socks.

  17. Shelley

    Question: I often get a rash (red itchy spots) under my breasts mostly when the weather is warm. Anti-fungal ointments do clear it, but I don’t like using them so often. I’m looking at your comments about Liserine and vinegar. Might that work? Do you have any other suggestions?

    • Sue

      Use corn starch under your breasts….better than any baby powder.

    • Susie

      I use my antiperspirant deodorant every day to avoid this problem and it works.

  18. HLR

    What worked for me was Boric Acid. I bought a small box years ago, and used the powder on my feet right after showering — problem solved very quickly, within a very few days! I still have that same box and it’s seldom used now. Occasionally I will still sprinkle and massage my feet with Boric Acid, just to be safe. It’s quite economical and effective. I’ve recommended this to many other folks who have had success with no more sweaty, stinky feet.

  19. BC

    Taking 50 mg of zinc really help me with smelly feet. Give it a couple of months.

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