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Q. “I took Allegra for years, and then switched to Zyrtec (cetirizine) about seven years ago. Over the years, when I tried to stop Zyrtec, I experienced intense itching EVERYWHERE — feet, palms of hands, inside ears, throat, private areas, scalp, legs, arms, under arms — no place was immune.

I finally found this website about six months ago when there was a news article in the paper about withdrawal, and I googled “Zyrtec withdrawal”.

I have been weaning myself for six months and am almost completely Zyrtec free. I couldn’t do the cold turkey because it was publicly embarrassing. Itching would begin at hour 23 without the antihistamine in my system. I began trying to hold off as long as I could on taking the next pill. Finally got to 36 hours, then 48, 72 hours and am now up to 4.5 days between pills.

I do notice my asthma (which had disappeared for years) is recurring more often, but if it gets really bad, I take 5mg of Claritin with my inhaler and all symptoms disappear. I think I’ll be Zyrtec free within the next 30 days, and believe me, I will never take an antihistamine on a regular basis ever again!

A. You are among hundreds of other visitors to our website who have reported terrible itching or hives upon sudden discontinuation of cetirizine (Zyrtec) or other oral antihistamines. There is nothing in the medical literature nor in the FDA-sanctioned official labeling about this.

Although we have brought cetirizine withdrawal symptoms to the attention of the Food and Drug Administration, we have not received any recognition of the phenomenon nor any interest in following up with any of the people who have reported this reaction. It is almost as if the FDA would prefer this issue disappeared. The FDA executives who were notified seem to be treading water on this problem, hoping that it will sink without a trace.”

We are including a few more stories below and welcome others to share their own experience in the comment section below. Many people have also shared their success stories about getting off Zyrtec. It may differ for each individual, but many of the stories are compelling. Here are some links:

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Stopping Zyrtec Triggers Itch

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“Hello. I’m from Portugal and for the last 10 years I have been addicted to Cetirizine (Zyrtec’s generic name) due to the itchy withdrawal effects.
 The itching I’ve been subjected to is unbearable, UNBEARABLE!

“Several times I tried to stop taking Cetirizine but I just couldn’t handle the horrible skin itching that seemed to get into my bones and burn my skin so eventually I had to take the pill again. For those who could overcome the addiction – you are my heroes!!

“I will write to the makers of Zyrtec and FDA to show my revolt as for the lack of listing the itching as a secondary effect and also to ask them for a solution to our problem. I beg all of you to do the same.” J.P.

“I was taking Zyrtec for about a year for allergies. I stopped taking it because…well, because it wasn’t working. Two days after my last Zyrtec dose, I started itching everywhere (really, everywhere! Even my earlobes itched). By the third day, I decided I couldn’t stand it anymore and had an idea. I was pretty certain my extreme itchiness was caused by withdrawal from the Zyrtec, which we all know is an antihistamine. So my idea was to take a different antihistamine — one that acted similar to Zyrtec but one made with a drug my body was unfamiliar with – i.e. Allegra.

“I bought a one month supply of Allegra and after taking the first dose, my itchiness was gone in two hours. I continued taking the Allegra for two weeks and then stopped without experiencing any further withdrawal symptoms.

“Perhaps the makers of Allegra should market Allegra as an antihistamine that alleviates the symptoms caused by allergies as well as an antihistamine that alleviates the symptoms of withdrawal caused by Zyrtec.”

 in San Marcos, TX

“I am currently on day 9 of Zyrtec withdrawal. The itching and hives have been absolutely unbearable. Every bit of my body has been affected throughout the days after quitting Zyrtec. Palms of hands, soles of feet, privates, scalp… you name it. I had no idea back in January of this year that Zyrtec withdrawal was causing the itching, so I took more Zyrtec. Then thankfully after reading websites like this I realized I was not alone. (Thanks to all who have posted here). There really was not much by way of over the counter creams to help the itch. Sarna cream kind of helps.

“For me extremely hot water on the site of the itch and hives helped some. By day 7 my symptoms were pretty extreme and I was in tears. I have really not been able to lead any kind of normal life for the past week. Additionally the agitation of the hives and itch and insomnia made me extremely irritable, moody, depressed. I have been through the recovery of two c-sections and wisdom teeth removal and the pain of this withdrawal has been the worst thing ever.

“Yesterday a friend convinced me to go to acupuncture. Thank goodness. Just having ear points done helped calm my system. The accupuncturist also gave me some Chinese herbs to combat the itching, hives and insomnia. I have seen some relief. I am going to continue going to acupuncture to get my body back in balance.

“Other side effects I encountered – weight gain, sensitive skin while on Zyrtec, and of course drowsiness. I am just starting to mildly feel better at day 9 of withdrawal. I am hoping that as many people have said that Day 15 is the day things start to really calm down. The days have gone by so very slowly.” F.M.

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  1. Lacey
    Dallas, Texas

    I accidentally stopped Zyrtec by running out of it and forgetting to buy more. My hands and feet started itching about day 2 a little, then a lot by day 3. I finally figured out that it had to be Zyrtec withdrawal. I work at a hospital with many prestigious medical professionals, and they think Zyrtec withdrawal is not a real thing just because they have not heard of it. Something definitely needs to be done about the labeling of this product. I went to the Dr and got a steroid taper, it has helped a little in the day time, but at night I go crazy and scratch my skin off my hands and feet. Taking a Benadryl before bed helps. I am on day 5 of cold turkey no Zyrtec, don’t think I can last much longer.

  2. Jessica

    I’ve been taking it for about 6 months – just stopped yesterday because I’m going in for allergy testing in a week and OMG! The itching is horrible. I thought I was coming down with chicken pox or something. I had no idea it was related to stopping the medication, but I guess it makes sense. Really ridiculous that there’s no warning this is a side effect – and it’s extremely disruptive.

  3. Sherry

    I have had the same problems with itching. I have tried a slow withdrawal process that seems to work. I start by skipping one day for a short period of time, that is, taking Zyrtec every other day for a week. Progressively, skipping two days for a week and so on.

    • Jennifer B.

      I overheard someone who had a cold say the antihistamines makes their scalp itchy and flaky. A light bulb went off could this be causing my sudden scalp issues? I stopped the Zyrtec and my entire body itched like I had bug bites everywhere! I mean everywhere! Felt like a crazy person! The whole reason I started taking it was for hives how ironic. My research led me to all of you and I now know I’m Not Crazy but having withdrawal. I’m going to try switching to Allegra, then stopping that. I read in many places in my research this works. Good Luck Everybody!

  4. Tanya Roth

    Just tried stopping my zyrtec due to being pregnant and OMG the itching is so bad my entire body is red and scratched. This symptom would had been nice to know before I started this medication. I also have a 2 year old on it and not sure what I’m going to do to help him get off of it!!

  5. Tim

    I stopped taking Atarax after 2 years of taking 25mg every night at bedtime. By the third day I started having severe itching in my hands and feet. The itching got so bad I scratch the skin of my feet and palm open. I was told there would not be withdraw symptom. But upon reading the responses of others on this board it sounds like my symptoms may be legitimate? I do not want to go back on Atarax, but wonder when the itching will stop?

  6. Lori

    I stopped taking Zyrtec last week because it was not helping me anymore. I had taken it for 1-2 years daily. I started itching on the 2nd day after stopping and it was driving me crazy! It would come and go but when it started it was so intense I could hardly stand it. I took benadryl and it calmed down after about 30 minutes. I started itching again the next day and the only thing I could think of that I was doing different was stopping the Zyrtec. I googled Zyrtec withdrawal and could not believe all the comments! I will never take it again! Bendadryl is helping me get through this!

  7. Dianne

    I’m sitting here right now itching to death! I’ve been taking the generic version of Zyertec. There is no warning label on the bottle of this horrible side effect and something needs to be done. I can’t go cold turkey off this stuff so I’m trying to wean myself off slowly by taking 1 tab every two days and then try every three days,etc…I’m sorry everyone else is itching too but I’m also relieved that I’m not alone in this. I really hate pharmaceuticals. Is there anything being done???

  8. vicki

    My Dr told me to stop Zyrtec due to chronic sinus infections. Couldn’t understand why I would start itching. Didn’t understand it and then I read all these other stories and I’m with y’all. Does anyone know how I can get off this stuff?

  9. Kris

    My doctor also looked at me like I was crazy when I told her of the zyrtec withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately once my husband saw how much I was suffering with itching everywhere, he helped me greatly in figuring out what to do. About the same time I decided to go cold turkey with my hubby’s support, I got a bit of a cold. I was taking dayquil and nyquil for about 5 days. This helped DRAMATICALLY with the itching. I’m assuming the antihistamine in it was enough to stop the itching. And I think the 5 days was long enough to get the zyrtec out of my system. After my cold cleared up, I was zyrtec and itch free!

  10. E.C.

    After multiple failed attempts at discontinuing cetirizine over two years with the cold turkey approach, I am finally free of the medication and withdrawal free. I want to share how I did it in the hope of helping others who — like me– tried and failed to suddenly stop taking this medication due to itching so severe as to make it impossible to function at work and as a parent. This is a kindler, gentler way to do it, but it will take a few weeks.

    Week one- decreased my usual dose from 5 mg at bedtime nightly to 2.5 mg. I also started taking 1 gram a day of vitamin C, 1 pill daily of Les Labs Sinus and Seasonal Dietary Supplement ( I bought this at — contains Quercetin, Nettle Root Extract, Bromelain, and Butterbur Root Extract), and NAC Sustain ( from Jarrow Formulas– also purchased on Amazon). The supplements are to support healthy histamine levels naturally. No Itching.

    Week 2- changed to liquid Cetirizine dosed orally with a syringe so that I could precisely decrease the dose. Decreased dose to 2 mg at night and continued Vitamin C, NAC, and the Sinus and Seasonal supplements as above. No itching.

    Week 3 – 1.5 mg nightly plus the supplements. No itching.

    Week 4- 1 mg nightly plus the supplements. No itching.

    Week 5- decreased dosed from 1 mg by 0.1 mg nightly and continued supplements. I thought I was going to withdraw without any side effects. After all, I weigh 120 lbs. this medication could certainly not be strong enough to be having any effect on my body in such small amounts, right? RIGHT? Wrong! As soon as I went off the cetirizine, the itching started within 12 hours of the last dose. It was markedly decreased from previous withdrawal ( by about 80%), and manageable, but still bothersome: unpredictable patches of itching and burning skin affecting scalp, and strange areas like the eyebrows, and between the fingers and toes. I also found that my skin became hypersensitive- localized hives where my hair touched my shoulders, the neck line of my shirts. I had to stop wearing a necklace because I would break out where the pearls touched my skin. I also had flare ups of itching after showering, at night when changing clothes, and during changes of temperature. Of note, I have never had hives or suffered from sensitive or itchy skin before taking Zyrtec. I carried around with me Benadryl vials that can just be torn open and taken on the spot. The first week I took three when the itching got bad at work. All itching gone within 15 minutes of taking the Benadryl and did not return for 24 hours. The second week I only took Benadryl once. I have not needed any since, the itching essentially went away day 15 after I stopped the medication. I now feel great. I continue taking the vitamin C, NAC, and Seasonal and Sinus natural supplement since I do have allergies.

    One thing I found extremely helpful was a heating pad. I don’t know why, but applying the heating pad to itchy skin made the itch stop almost immediately.

    Good luck. I encourage everyone who has withdrawal symptoms for report it to the FDA, as I did. This medication is too powerful to be over the counter and needs to carry strong warning against long term use.

  11. Cheryl

    Like some others on here, I am having allergy testing next week & have to be off antihistamines. I stopped Zyrtec and had no trouble the 1st night, but last night I woke up at 4 a.m. feeling like I was being attacked by fleas! I was SO itchy….EVERYWHERE!. I layered cortisone cream, then calamine lotion, then cortisone – finally I caved and took 1/2 of a Benadryl and was able to get back to sleep.

    I thought I had seen or heard something about itching when stopping Zyrtec so I Googled it and it brought me here. I’m glad to know I’m not alone, but NOT happy to hear how hard it is to get off of this stuff. Is there any medicine we can trust? Talk about a rock in a hard place :(

  12. bron

    I too had bad zytec reaction..chemist said switch to another brand of antihistamine…but also try Phenergan 25mg..take at night
    I did this for one afternoon and 2 nights..itching is going
    Phenergan makes you very drowsy

  13. Amy

    I’m going to have some allergy testing on Tuesday and have to be off of all allergy meds for I week. The first couple days were OK but come Day 3, I can’t quit itching. Especially, my hands between my fingers. It feels like it itches in my bones. It would be easier to say where I don’t itch. My husband saw me gently rocking at the kitchen table and said he thought I was going through some form of withdraw symptoms. I thought he was nuts until I googled and found this forum. This is sooooo what’s going on with me! I can’t believe the doctors mentioned aren’t familiar with it!

  14. Tracey

    LOL, took me years to finally Google this.
    My palms and fingers get ridiculously itchy if I don’t take my Zyrtec.
    I try not to take it every day, but by the 3rd day, the itch is unbearable. Pop a Zyrtec and it’s gone almost immediately, well okay, maybe within 15 minutes. I am going to try a 3 day regimen to start, maybe a half a pill every 2 days. My doctor thinks I’m nuts…

  15. Rholochie

    Add me to the list of itchy scratchers and finally connecting it to zyrtec withdrawal!

  16. Terri

    I’ve been taking zyrtec for several years…was doing allergy shots, nasal spray etc for my allergies. I got tired of shots so I quit last fall…they seemed to help but such a pain to do every week. A few months ago I went off my nasal spray due to cost and off Singulair due to side effect of mood swings. Only on zyrtec now. I tried 1 day not taking it…had a rash and itching start at my hands and feet then eventually went everywhere. Miserably itchy hot rash. Today I forgot to take it and late this afternoon and just now I’ve been getting rashes here and there..just got over both feet itching so badly they burned, red with raspy bumps….still itching all over one area to the next…I just took another zyrtec not knowing what to do. I told my doctor a few months ago when this first happened and she had no input…I’m not crazy..this sucks really bad. What can we do??? I am so happy to see its not just ME! SOMEONE help please.

  17. Florian

    Hello together,
    I’m from Germany and I started with Cetirizine almost 10 oder more years ago. In all this years I often tried to live without it, but at every time, there was this horrible itching all over my body. So I went to the doctor and we found out, that I was allergic to dust, but not very strong. So I lived a long time with the pills and took them every day.

    One year ago, I told another doctor of my symptoms (maybe the 6th doctor). He was horrified and said to me that I have to withdraw it because this medicine isn’t produced to live with it. He said there can be some side effects to my mind and other things. But how I can get off this pill, he didn’t tell me. So I started to reduce the portions all two weeks:

    1. One pill on every second day
    2. half pill on every second day
    3. quarter pill on every second day

    Than i stopped taking it. The itching started, every day I survived without taking it again, I marked on my calender. The first week was very hard, the next two weeks hard but not as the first week was. Sucking some bonbons helped me and hot water. I tried not to scratch my skin because it made it even worse.

    Now I’m Cetirizine-free for 3 and a half month. It still itches sometimes but nothing I couldn’t handle. I believe some day it will completly gone because I feel every week, that it becomes better and better. I have much more energie and I’m more positive than before.

    So try it: You can live without this pill!!!

    All the best to you and kind regards from sunny Germany!

  18. Brent

    It took me several instances of forgetting my cetirizine to conclude that the intense itching was a withdrawal symptom. Doctors have since told me if I don’t have any side effects while on cetirizine then continue taking it. I’m not ok with that since I now know how it affects my whole body. It is amazing that such a small dose (3mg) can completely eliminate the itch for 23.9 hours. I’ve tried weaning and cold turkey a few times.

    I’m currently in hour 44 and having some serious itching. Sudden changes in temperature such as removing a shirt or socks seems to trigger it the most. The scalp and eye itch is the worst for me!

    Thanks for your posts. They helped bust the thoughts of other things being wrong. Hopefully some research will be conducted and give us some relief.

  19. Esther

    I’ve taken Zirtek for over 20 years from Spring through to Autumn for seasonal allergies and urticaria. When I leave it off in Winter (no allergens) its absolutely fine.

    While there is obviously a problem for SOME people, please don’t spoil it for everyone with all this scaremongering. Zirtek is a godsend to thousands of chronic urticaria sufferers that the other antihistamines just don’t touch.

  20. Patrick
    Upstate NY

    I ended up here because I stopped zyrtec a few days ago, and suddenly began itching like CRAZY. I didn’t make the connection till today and googled to see if there was a connection between stopping zyrtec and itching. Ye gods this is hell.

    I think I’m going to have to start taking benadryl when it gets bad. Be nice if the FDA would at least investigate it.

    • Amy

      I don’t think this forum is meant to ruin it for those who experience no issues. Rather, it’s to help those who are experiencing issues. I’m glad it works for you!

  21. Carol

    Omg! I took my last Zyrtec Sunday morning and Monday morning the itching began! I have been taking Zyrtek for 3+ years now at the suggestion of a dermatologist! This is insane! It’s Tuesday morning and the itching is almost unbearable. So glad I found this website I was starting to think I was nuts. I am going to try Allegra for a month as someone else here suggested.

  22. Amber

    I am off now for 5 days bc of allergy testing and I itch so bad it’s unbareable. I have hives all over my body. I feel like there are needles prickling all over and itching every single inch of my body.

  23. LN
    New York

    I tired to get off Zyertec cold turkey and three days in I had to rush to see my doctor. I had been taking the meds for over 15 years and wanted to build up my immunity. The intense itchiness is a problem – it will end you because it is public and it will itch and private places. The hives are huge, hot and can bleed. My face also had hives and I was embarrassed as heck. My doctor told me we have histamines in the belly and that when we stop taking meds, our bellies freak out. I got nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. It really is not worth losing a day of week, not being able to eat and my doctor told me that the hives are a result of my body reacting to my allergen (dust) and not withdrawal. So folks, of course do as you wish, but right now, I am in bed, in a cold type sweat, not being able to eat, taking 3 types of meds to get over my symptoms. I’m taking the Zyertec – there is no evidence that it will impact your central nervous system and homeopathic medicine is cool, but when your allergies are almost giving you panic attacks, enough is enough!

    • Samad

      I stopped taking Zyrtec because I had to do some allergy shots testing then the following day I start ed being itchy really itchy but when I saw the doctor he offered me two Allegra Pills and miraculously the itchiness stopped. However, after a couple of days, the itchiness came back. I am not sure if I should continue with Allegra or go back to zyrtec or quit both and endure the crazy itchiness.

  24. Dolly

    Frustrated with no solution as of yet…. I took Zyrtec for about three months last spring thinking I had seasonal allergies. When I tried to stop in the early summer I immediately had full-body, intermittent random intense itching with no visible symptoms – felt like it was coming from UNDER my skin, especially in my hands, feet, ankles and belly. Saw my dermatologist and my allergist and neither had a good answer for me other than “it’s ok to be on these types of drugs long-term.” But I don’t want to!!!! Gah. So after some internet research I found the rebound itch issue with Zyrtec and decided to switch to Allegra. Once daily Allegra completely eliminated the itch, but if I forgot to take my daily Allegra the itch came back with a vengeance. I have to take it within an hour or two of waking up otherwise I start itching in my palms and feet. So now I am stuck taking Allegra daily for the unforeseeable future because I simply can’t take the itch. With no visible symptoms the doctors can’t seem to help me at all. I have been able to cut back to 1/2 an Allegra pill each day, and plan to try to cut back further to 1/4 and see what happens, but now it’s been almost a year stuck on these meds. Itching is a million times worse than pain and I don’t wish it on anyone. If anyone has success getting off these pills, please share your strategies!!!

  25. Senthil K.

    Hello All,

    Im taking this Zyrtec tablet from 2004 to till date, almost 12 years. Initially it was prescribed to me for hives and rashes, daily 2 tablets of 10mg. Slowly the doctor asked to reduce after 15days to 1 tablet a day and then to half tablet a day. I was able to reduce the tablet to half a day, but couldn’t get rid of it.

    If I try to stop or not taking the tablet, after 2 days itching starts over the whole body along with chest congestion and cough. Once I take half tablet of zyrtec, I’m relieved in 20-30mins. looking at the hypertension and drowsiness, even I consulted homeopathic doctors… continued both Zyrtec and Homeopathic medicine for almost 3 years…still I was not able to stop this itching and consumption of zyrtec.

    Is there any permanent remedy or solution in the world to stop this itching due to zyrtec withdrawal? What are these scientists doing, who developed cetrizine and zyrtec tablets? It’s horrifying for our human to live with such drugs side effect. Could somebody help with any permanent solution to come out of this addiction?

    • Patrick
      Upstate NY

      If the itching starts after 2 days, maybe you can try 1/2 tablet every 36 or 48 hours, and then increase the time between them by 12-24 hours over the next 2-3 months? I havent tried this, but I may have to. The itching is driving me mad.

  26. Lori
    Stephentown, NY

    I am so glad I found this site. I stopped Zyrtec a few days ago after taking for years. I am going absolutely mad from the intense itching, especially on my hands. I do have all over my body but the hands are the worst. It is a hot burning sensation in my nerve endings. Running hot water helps temporarily. No lotions, anti-itch medications or creams of any kind help whatsoever. I’m going back to taking Zyrtec today!

    • Richard
      Northern Ireland

      If you have been taking Zyrtc (cetirizine) for years I would disregard most of what you read here. I took it for over 20 years and have found the advice below largely unhelpful in my case. I tried weaning unsuccessfully (got down to 1/8 pill every other day but couldn’t get beyond that point). I tried replacing Zirtec with Allegra (Fexofenadine). This did not work for me and largely undid anything that was achieved through weaning. In my experience only a cold turkey approach is feasible. It is incredibly difficult but I dont think there is another way if you have taken these medications for prolonged periods. It is now almost 8 weeks since I stopped taking either drug. Most testimonials state that itching is usually gone in six weeks. This has not been the case for me. The itching is less frequent but as bad as ever when symptoms return. I will never take Zyrtek or Allegra again and live in hope that symptoms will one day stop. Good luck.

  27. Jackie

    I thought I was going crazy and thinking that there was something seriously wrong with me (intense, painful itching on hands, feet, scalp, private, etc.). Nothing soothes the itch and will often scratch until it bleeds, bruises or welts.

    I have finally decided that it is the Zyrtec withdraw. I have been on Zyrtec for months due to allergies and tried stopping once before but going back on the Zyrtec was the only thing that made the itching stop. Recently switched to Allegra for the past few month and am on day 4 of trying to stop again and the same intense itching. Has anyone had any success with stopping the drug and getting rid of the itch?

    • Daniel
      United States

      I am having the same symptoms wroth Allegra. I’m itching everywhere. I’ve tried cold turkey before and it drove me nuts. Im trying again for the second time. Does anyone know of a way to ease off it slower?

      • Evet Hall
        Edgartown, Ma

        I have being taking Citirezine for chronic hives and seasonal allergy for 3 years, I tried weaning myself snd having severe itching all over my body, hot shower and Vanicream help calm the itching and Cola herbal tea.

  28. Balaji
    Chennai, India


    I have been on levocetrizine (5mg) for the past 3 months, and in trying to wean myself away from this drug, have suffered the horrible itching and urticarial that results. However, I have been able to manage the suffering and symptoms of itching through Ayurveda – specifically the use of “Gandhaka Rasayana” pills once daily. This medicine uses Sulphur + herbs as key ingredients.
    Folks that have access to Ayurveda locally could try out this treatment, it worked for me. Some diet restrictions may be necessary though.

    • andy

      Dear All ,
      last few year i am taking levocetrizine (5mg) because of my itching in body and pain in hands after taking this table i will fill good , now i want leave this tablet i can’t so please provide me your suggestions so can leave this tablet , every two day i have itching start from hand and goes to all body and pain in hands.

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