The FDA has just banned the importation of pharmaceutical ingredients from the largest drug company in India, but it is not the first time. Four of Ranbaxy’s five manufacturing facilities once made drugs or active ingredients for the US market. (The fifth plant manufactures drugs for other markets.) When the FDA uncovered forgery, fraud and a failure of good manufacturing processes, it censured three of those plants. Now the remaining Ranbaxy facility with US-oriented manufacturing is no longer permitted to send products to the US until corrective steps are complete.

An FDA spokeswoman said, “We are taking swift action to prevent substandard quality products from reaching U.S. consumers.” An inspection had found that quality control data had been fudged. Tests were repeated until the desired results were obtained and nonconforming data was apparently discarded.

FDA inspectors noted the laboratory was in “significant disrepair.” Windows could not be closed and flies were “too numerous to count.” A refrigerator used to store samples was full of water from melting ice that was dripping on the floor.

Ranbaxy has been in trouble with the FDA since 2008. Last spring the manufacturer pleaded guilty to felony charges involving adulterated drugs and paid the largest generic drug safety settlement in history, $500 million in fines and civil claims.

What Does This Mean?

For more than a decade, readers of our newspaper column have been complaining about lapses in generic drug quality. At first we thought these were rare instances, but as more reports arrived we started investigating the FDA’s oversight of generics. What we discovered was that the agency seemed more focused on approving generic drugs than inspecting foreign plants.

Ranbaxy was on our radarscope long before the latest debacle. Here are just a few of the messages we received:

“The Ranbaxy generic for Diflucan [fluconazole] from India did not work for me.” T.T., June 21, 2007

“Generic brands have differences between them too! I was stable on fluoxetine from one company. Then out of the blue the pharmacy changed my fluoxetine to “RANBAXY” brand FLUOXETINE for about 6 months.

“I fell into a deep depression and felt suicidal and had no idea why. My psychiatrist discharged me from her care, saying that she couldn’t help me.

“For some unknown reason my pharmacy switched me back to my previous brand of fluoxetine. In a few days I felt better. Then it all clicked. I could have committed suicide, and it would have been due to the fact that PHARMACEUTICALS NEED TO BE BETTER REGULATED.” S.T., April 13, 2008

“I have been on Tenormin [atenolol] for 28 years. Within this time I have used generics, and they are not all the same. I reacted adversely to the Rugby brand with pounding temples and heartbeat.

“I recently was switched to Ranbaxy without being told. My heart was beating too hard, and my blood pressure was wacky, as though one pill worked and one did not. I called my pharmacist and got one day of true Tenormin until he could get the Sandoz atenolol I had been taking. Now that I am now back on it, I feel normal. I wrote Ranbaxy a note to let them know that I do not think they have the correct formulation.” Cheri, May 8, 2008

“CVS recently substituted a generic acyclovir by RANBAXY. It is useless.” D.L.E., May 9, 2008

“I have been on Minocin antibiotic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis for five years now, and am 90 percent better. At one time I was switched to the Ranbaxy generic. I got worse so we went back to the brand name.” Rose, August 4, 2008

“My atenolol blood pressure prescription was refilled and it didn’t work. I’ve been on it for 20 years with no problems.

“The new one is manufactured by Ranbaxy and my old bottle was Sandoz. I asked the pharmacy to switch it out but they wouldn’t. I went to another pharmacy today and got the Sandoz and within a few hours, my pressure was back to 121/82 (it wouldn’t go below 144/111 with the Ranbaxy brand and got as high as 160/114).

“When I told my doc, she said I’m the third patient that told her about this same problem with exactly the same drug. She advised me to stay away from the Ranbaxy version.” J.Q., January 23, 2009

Ranbaxy isn’t the only company that has come under scrutiny. Other pharmaceutical firms have also gotten into trouble. Two manufacturers of long-acting generic bupropion, used to substitute for the brand name Wellbutrin XL 300, were selling products that were not bioequivalent. The heart medicine digoxin produced by the generic manufacturer Actavis had to be recalled because of dangerous dosing problems. Sandoz had to recall its blood pressure pill, metoprol, because of “deficiencies in documentation and in-process controls.”

Although we have been reporting generic drug problems to the Food and Drug Administration for many years, they usually reassure us that there is nothing to worry about. Right around the time we were receiving the first complaints from consumers about Ranbaxy products in 2007, Ranbaxy employee Dinesh Thakur was filing a whistleblower complaint with the FDA. He was concerned that data were being adjusted to make the company’s drugs look better than they really were. Without being alerted by this whistleblower, the FDA would probably not have discovered the widespread problems at Ranbaxy.

Will The Ranbaxy Import Ban Cause You Trouble?

The FDA has blocked import of active pharmaceutical ingredients from Ranbaxy plants that go into making the following drugs:

  • Atorvastatin tablets
  • Lorazepam tablets
  • Doxycycline monohydrate capsules
  • Donepezil tablets
  • Clorazepate tablets
  • Midozolam liquid

We asked the FDA whether Ranbaxy products still on pharmacy shelves should be recalled and whether patients should return their generic drugs to pharmacies. A representative told us that they were unaware of any reports of problems from patients. So far the agency is not requiring the removal of any current Ranbaxy products and it specifically states:

“The FDA recommends that patients not disrupt their drug therapy because this could jeopardize their health. Patients who are concerned about their medications should talk with their health care professional before discontinuing treatment.”

The company told us, “Ranbaxy strongly believes that the product on the market does not pose any health risk to patients.”

An unspoken complication of the Ranbaxy ban could be serious shortages of some of the medications listed above. There are already so many other drug shortages that hospital pharmacies often have to scramble to make substitutions.

If the FDA is so concerned about quality control that it has banned these popular Ranbaxy products from the U.S. market, why isn’t it taking them off pharmacy shelves?

What do you think? Does this latest generic drug scandal make you wonder about the quality of the pills you are swallowing? Do you trust the FDA to monitor generic drug quality? Share your own story below in the comment section.

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  1. Amber

    I was switched to actavis for my chronic pain management with oxycodone and have found many many people complaining. I went for my urine tests, they came back negative, My Dr considered I might be selling them :( I PAID out of pocket for a hair test, 165 dollars and guess what? negative.

    I am now paying for one more and I got the regent kit as well all along with the many recalls from this company and complaints from others for this drug to my Dr and asking them to trust me enough to try brand name for three months with random drug tests to CLEAR MY NAME. I have 4 auto immune diseases and 5 other diseases which they KNOW but suddenly I have to somehow clear my name and its so hard with my pain and inability to do much without more pain. I even tried to call on TEVA they give a number for their corporate number its out of country it says “this number is no longer in service” then I tried to on Tevas site it says you can send a a message to them.

    I tried 10 TIMES, I tried one paragraph, one sentence even ONE WORD and it never lets me click send. Both on phone, laptop. I am at wits end and about to start two chemo drugs in a month and I cant rest until my name is cleared. NO ONE would just sit and say oh well, let the Drs and people think I dont take it and I sell them. NO ONE. THey would fight and fight until their name was cleared.

  2. babunath
    Andhra Pradesh

    we need pcd products details sir give me pleaase ……………….

  3. John
    New York

    I have had several bad instances with Ranbaxy generics. From time to time I need to take acyclovir or Valcylovir to control fever blisters. I’ve taken acyclovir for years and I know how I react – with one good loading dose say 4-5 200mg acyclovir or 1 1gm valcyclovir, the tingling starts to subside and the blisters never form.

    Last month I could feel a breakout coming on, I immediately filled a scrip for Valcyclovir and took a tab. Hours later, the little bump was growing. I took another. Still nothing. The mfr was Ranbaxy. I called the Duane Reade and complained, got the runaround. Asked the doc for a script for the brand name from Glaxo. $395 later, for 30 pills, but at least they started to work.

    I’ve also been fighting a bad chest infection – was given 875mg Amox/K Clav from Sandoz. Within 3 days the symptoms had almost disappeared. My wife caught the same infection. She filled the same scrip – but from a diff pharmacy (again a Duane Reade) and got pills from Ranbaxy. Her infection was still lingering after 3 days. I switched with her, and voila! 2 days into it her symptoms are gone, but her stomach was very upset (perhaps because there’s actually Amox in the pills – my stomach was very upset the first few days on them).

    With the Ranbaxy pills, my stomach is fine. I sincerely believe that ALL generics from Ranbaxy are worthless, and I have warned my pharmacy, my doctors, etc about it. I now refuse to accept any generic from Ranbaxy. While I’m at it, the MYLAN Valtrex is also useless. SO there is another maker I’ll avoid with acyclovir. The only generic that I’ve found that works (from looking at my old scrip bottles) is Teva. Neither of my conditions is life-threatening, but I worry for other folks with real issues – like blood pressure, or depression, or other – who are forced to take these worthless medicines. I think its criminal that the FDA lets these shyster Indian companies flood our market with useless generics.

    And its also criminal that Walgreens/Duane Reade still distribute them, given they actually sued Ranbaxy a while ago over this issue. I’m not sure how to contact my local FDA, but that’s my next step. This has got to stop.

  4. Theresa
    Bethlehem, PA

    Can someone tell me why I just received fluoxetine manufactured by Ranbaxy in 2016, when this article was written in 2014?? And then can someone else tell me why six Ranbaxy drugs have been banned in the U.S., and one of them ISN’T fluoxetine?? Apparently a death from suicide isn’t as tragic to the FDA as a death from a heart attack, or other physical conditions. Last time I checked, a victim of suicide is every bit as dead. #badprozac

  5. gary
    oakland, ca

    So what are one or two hopefully better companies to buy from in India than Ranbaxy?

  6. Nh

    Omg I am a nurse at a residential faculty and have thought certain brands of generic we’re bogus from the way I see my patients react. Used to think my issues were mainly with ins companies and their greed, now I see I have another huge worry for my guys! Will now pass this on to othernurses so we can really watch out! (Dang always something!)

  7. Greg

    Interesting note. My insurance company switched me from Lipitor to a “generic” in January. 3 months later I had a “Cardiac Event”. Went to the hospital, one of my heart arteries was blocked. Stent was put in, and I am doing well now. However, Dr. increased dosage from 10mg to 40mg.
    I see a correlation to being switched from Lipitor to a generic. Now, I am on blood thinner, and BP medicine (never had BP issues before), as well as the increased statin dosage. I am blaming the insurance company for my “event”. Stress test last year showed nothing abnormal.
    Generics are not always the best medicine.

  8. Sandy

    I am so disappointed. I have been on lorezapam for years due to a anxiety disorder. Ranbaxy was the best lorezapam I have taken. Now I’m having a hard time getting any other generic to work like ranbaxy did. Please tell me how I can get this brand. I miss it so much!!! I think if you checked out any other pharmaceutical company your going to find fault. I never had any problems with my pills at all. So again If I have to get these out of the US please allow me to have the info I need to return to a better state mentally. Thank you!

    • Lisa

      What state or country can I still get Ranbaxy Lorazapam 1mg? I’m on the verge of flying to India…

  9. mb

    Want to know why Rx drugs are not always mfg in this country? the answer is money-American companies set up pharmaceutical plants in India, China-cheap labor-Mind you any manufacturing facility of drugs should be closely monitored by FDA safeguards-there are many that have sterling records for good and safe procedures. We have such as Eli Lilly-(very reputable). Many companies that mfg name brands also make generics, it’s cost effective and can be done safely.

  10. susan d liddell-jones

    why don’t the media expose this? you answer your own question. it’s about the money. drug avertising is about creating cozy relationships between major media and big pharma. more bribes than ads. so they won’t run any story that offends big-money advertisers.

  11. KDelphi

    I am on Medicaid and all my Rxs have to be generic and I cannot afford to buy them–am I better off just not taking them? (blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, and gabepentin for pain)

  12. ws

    I am taking a generic for blood pressure and the name is losartan.
    Brand name is Diovan.
    With the generic one I have had shortness of breath, BP is still and I also have developed and dry cough and stay very tired.
    The brand name did not do that to me so I guess I will have to go back to brand name and do without some food or other things I need to make up the higher price.

    • jeb907
      atlanta ga

      Many of the companies making losartan are from CHINA! The only one I have found that isn’t is TEVA brand which is made in Israel and works great for me. Teva is very hard to find but Rite-Aid pharmacy in my town orders it just for me, otherwise all they carry is the one from China which is not acceptable to me… I’m not taking anything from China after the pet food and baby formula deaths. NO WAY… you really have to check out where your drugs are coming from today… or you may regret it. Big pharma doesn’t care about you, only profits.

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