Q. I recommend extra virgin coconut oil for vaginal dryness. It’s a natural anti fungal and antibacterial. I use it a a sexual lubricant but also as a moisturizer for my face and neck. Stephanie

A. We have heard from many other visitors to this website that coconut oil has some surprising benefits. Here are a few stories:

“Coconut oil is the best. It has a wonderful light scent. It stays solid until it touches your skin and it is incredibly slick and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. We wish we would have found it years ago.” Kim

“Over a period of 13 years I think I have tried every organic coconut oil out there. What I have been using for probably ten years now is from Tropical Traditions. I buy the Gold Label by the gallon bucket.

“I have NOT had to use it vaginally but I do use it on my skin about every other day and take two TB daily in a hot chocolate drink every afternoon.

“Even my doctor commented on how great my skin is the last time I saw him and he couldn’t remember how old I am now. He’s been my Dr. for over 20 years and I am now 67. He seemed surprised about my skin so I told him about the coconut oil. He just said ‘Ah!'” F.B.L.

“My mainstream, but thoughtful oncological gynecologist, suggested olive oil because of ‘stuff’ in commercial products that was considered iffy cancer-wise especially for a post cancer person like myself. We’ve liked very expensive Sylk lubricant found online and at alternative co-ops. It’s far better than drugstore products and very natural schmatural. A small amount goes a very long way.” Susan

PEOPLE’S PHARMACY: Sylk is a water-based lubricant. It contains kiwi-fruit vine extract and is available on the Web at www.sylkusa.com.

“Don’t overlook Cornhuskers Lotion for sexual lubrication — very slick, water based, pleasant fragrance and will absorb into the skin with no aftereffects — use in moderation as a trial. Great on rough skin as well.” Alxzba

“I see there is already a vote for Corn Huskers Lotion.

Been using it for years. It is water soluble, a bonus. No cleanup problems. Easy to use & inexpensive. Great hand lotion also.” B. P.

“For years I have used Queen Helene brand cocoa butter creme! The only drawback is that it is extremely slippery so it has to be used in moderation. There are several great things about this product though. It is inexpensive; I buy mine at the local super WalMart. If you are embarrassed about buying sexual products this is considered a moisturizer and is found in that isle. Especially during the summer months I do, in fact use it for a heavy moisturizer especially for my feet at night. What a great multi-purpose product!” R.L.H.

We have also heard from a visitor to this site that Aloe vera gel can be helpful, though we suggest testing it first on the inside of elbow. Some people are allergic to aloe vera and it would be unpleasant to experience dermatitis in private areas.

“My husband and I can’t use KY Jelly or any other brand of lubricant we have tried. They make me itch and burn.

“We have found, though, that the slimy gel that oozes from aloe leaf when you break off a piece is a very good lubricant. I hope this will add to your uses of aloe vera and help another couple.”


Please share your own favorite moisturizer in the comment section below.

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  1. MB

    consume 2 tbsp coconut oil daily

  2. JJ

    I am using it now. Does it work? Yes. Am I pregnant yet? No. So I still don’t know if it’s recommended for couples trying to conceive.

  3. JJ

    Can the coconut oil be used for couples trying to conceive?
    Commercial lubricants are not recommended in this situation because they are bad for sperm survival (and yes, I have tried PreSeed for this purpose and it does not work, it is awful).
    I really hope someone says yes, this would solve a big problem for me.

    • achal

      Yes, coconut oil is natural with immense benefits.
      It can be taken orally (take 1 tbs daily followed by like warm water)

      During intercourse it can act as an amazing lubricant. Make sure it’s not cold. It can be heated so that its texture is flowing like water. Have fun.

  4. TD

    I’m getting coconut oil TODAY for ecxema/psoriasis. Tried everything,including urea. Stay tuned.

  5. DMMcC

    If coconut oil is an anti fungal I wonder if it would be useful for toenail fungus ?

  6. Barbara

    Did anyone tell you how to apply coconut oil vaginally? I have heard several friends wonder how it is inserted. I have no idea. If someone suggested to you how to apply, please let me know.
    Have you tried raw, organic cocoa butter? I use that on my skin and hair with excellent results.

  7. GGG

    Coconut oil gets my vote. My Mom has talked about the good properties of coconut oil for years & years.

  8. B

    I was just wondering if Albolene is safe to use as a sexual lubricant. Isn’t it a petroleum product?

  9. Ruth C.

    I just recently bought coconut oil, along with neem and Bio-Oil, to make a remedy for psoriasis/excema. Found a recipe on the Herbs and Oils World web site. Have used it a couple of times and it may be working to slow down the flaking and itching.
    I had a previous product from Ecco Bella that was applied at night and washed out in the am. It was discontinued. It is sloppy, extremely greasy, has to be washed out well in the am. So, we will see it it continues to work for my psoriasis.

  10. Carla

    Coconut oil is great.
    A word of advice–avoid sticking fingers in the oil and applying.
    That can cause contamination and UTIs.
    Learned that ‘first hand.’
    Pour it instead–or use a spoon if it’s solid.

  11. HC

    hmm… one problem. I don’t know how to apply the coconut oil for vaginal dryness. Thanks.

  12. Sunny M.

    Love coconut oil! I cook with it, use it on my skin, and as a lubricant. Multi-tasking!

  13. Fran M.

    My husband and I have used Albolene as a lubricant for 30 years! It is inexpensive and wonderfully effective.

  14. PR

    Occasionally I have a problem with itching breasts. Not just on the underside but on top. Sometimes it is about an inch off the nipple. And when I have it, it is constant and I really have to dig at my breasts. It is embarrassing out in public and I am just so miserable. I have tried Benadryl itch cream and it works for a while.

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