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Before agreeing to take any medication, people should be aware of the benefits and risks. There are a number of drugs that are used to combat osteoporosis, which is certainly a benefit. But all of these medications have risks, including the injectable medication Reclast. One reader had a horrifying experience:

“My problem was a reaction to Reclast. Right away I started getting muscle aches and pains. Then I started having problems walking.

“I told my doctor who sent me to an arthritis specialist who gave me a shot which did nothing. I kept going back to my doctor to show him my legs and feet and how swollen they got and how red my feet got. It got to the point I could not walk. I went to his office in a wheel chair and he gave me a handicap sticker but refused to think it was a reaction to this medication.

“I called the manufacturer (Novartis) and they told me to have my doctor call when I went back into the office because it was a sure side effect of the medicine. So I handed him the number and he said he did not have time for this crap. I had to change doctors after spending $9,000 on tests and medications.

“Now the new doctor I have doesn’t believe my symptoms could be caused by the drug either. She said enough time has gone by that I should not be having problems with my feet and knees because of the medicine. She also wants a million tests done that are costly and I just don’t have the money.

“So she shrugs it off by saying you don’t want to pay, so what am I to do. I feel like a person who will never get cured. I am at a loss. And I am only 58 and work full time with limited benefits and hurt all the time.” –Diane

People’s Pharmacy Response:

Reclast is an osteoporosis drug (generic name is zoledronic acid). It belongs to the bisphosphonate class of medications, much like the following:

Alendronate (Fosamax)
Ibandronate (Boniva)
Risedronate (Actonel)

A recent review of randomized controlled trials by British researchers concluded that bisphosphonate drugs do reduce the likelihood of fractures due to weakened bones, but that the benefit-to-risk ratio is defensible only in patients whose likelihood of a fracture is high (Health Technology Assessment, Oct., 2016). That is because of the negative impact on quality of life. For Reclast in particular, flu-like symptoms are considerably more common among people getting the drug than those getting placebo.

Instead of taking an oral drug daily, weekly or monthly, like other osteoporosis drugs, Reclast is a once-a-year injection. That means it has LONG-LASTING effects. That makes it convenient for some, but for those who experience side effects, it may mean long-lasting misery.

Reclast Side Effects:

  • Muscle aches, arthritis, joint pain, bone pain, muscle spasms
  • Pain in arms or legs, back pain, fluid buildup in legs, tingling in extremities
  • Fatigue, flu-like feelings, fever, lethargy
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Digestive distress, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation, heartburn, diarrhea
  • Rash, skin irritation, severe allergic reaction
  • Eye irritation, eye damage
  • Jaw bone death (osteonecrosis of the jaw)
  • Unusual fractures of the femur (thigh bone)
  • Kidney damage, kidney failure
  • Low calcium levels in the blood
  • Atrial fibrillation (with other bisphosphonates)

We are saddened that your physicians have ignored the official prescribing information and pretended that your symptoms are unrelated to the medication. This seems irresponsible to us. You can read about ways to protect yourself from this kind of oversight in our book, Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them.

Diane is not the only person to share bad experiences with bisphosphonates. Here are some other case reports:

“I have had 2 infusions of Reclast. I had 2 SEVERE bouts with inner thigh pain. Lasted about 1/2 hour and both time woke me up at night. Pain was debilitating; couldn’t move; VERY DEEP BONE PAIN!! VERY scary…. I did think of the Reclast drug. When I went the second year for my 2nd infusion of Reclast, I asked the lady if she had heard of anyone experiencing severe thigh pain. She told me no.

“Well, after this 2nd infusion I have had 3 bouts with horrible thigh pain. Two of those were of the inner thigh and the last one was on the outer thigh on the left leg! I will never take this drug again. Please be careful, as I think these drugs need MUCH MORE TESTING!

“Best of luck to anyone having these symptoms!!”–Monica

“I have been diagnosed with third stage renal failure and I also have atrial fibrillation. There is a question now about how can we treat the atrial fibrillation (A-fib) since my kidneys are in bad shape.

“I took Forteo injections for 19 months and a couple of years later I had a Reclast infusion. The decline in my kidneys started after I had the Forteo and worsened after the Reclast. I feel sure that I will not be taking another Reclast injection.”–J.C.

“I was taking Fosamax and sustained two femur fractures after its use… Reclast was used two years after the first fracture. When the IM rod was removed after healing…it was causing much hip pain…. the leg spontaneously broke in the mid shaft while I was dressing two days later… we had to place the rod again, so two fractured femurs from medications to prevent fractures.

“I am frightened. Is Reclast part of the Fosamax femur fractures? I have no osteoporosis, but my mother had it severely. The drugs were given for that reason. The fracture is very slow to heal due to these drugs. Another doctor wants to use Forteo…. I am not sure what to do.”–Lee

“I’m a 54 year old healthy, active woman. Two years ago my doctor said I had osteopenia and put me on Actonel, once a week. After one dose, I was in such pain I couldn’t stand for anyone to touch me, and could hardly get out of bed for 2 days.

“I called the doctor who said I had the flu and should try it again in two weeks. I felt so much pain (not flu symptoms) there was no way I was going to try it again. Then he tried Boniva. It worked well for about 6 months, then my heart would start racing when I was relaxing… including about 4 a.m. when I was asleep… which awakened me and prevented me from getting rest. It would take about an hour for me to get over the dizzyness and sick feeling. I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours… and it went from 44 to 147 in an instant in the middle of the night.

“I’ve now just upped calcium, D, and magnesium… because I may break bones, but at least I won’t be a couch potato from the pain.”—Linda

“Have been on Boniva for approximately 8 months and have back, hip, and leg aches which I am now attributing to the drug since I walk regularly at least a mile a day and bike. I am 72 and thought I was falling apart until I read on the web that others are also having this aching problem. If I sit in a chair five minutes or more, my hips, knees and legs are stiff.

“I plan to discontinuing this drug despite osteoporosis in my left hip and will continue with calcium, D and magnesium and weight bearing exercises.”–R.F.

“I could not tolerate Boniva. I had so much joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue I started taking my husband’s prescription strength ibuprofen. I stopped the Boniva because I was nervous about a stomach ulcer. Then I realized the longer I was off of Boniva, I had no need for the ibuprofen. I am grateful for the early warning and my physician agreed with me in stopping the Boniva.

“I think these drugs do more harm than good. My friend now has atrial fib and has had two spontaneous fractures of her lower legs. She had been on alendronate (Fosamax) for 10 years. I know it is femur fractures they are discussing, but if it can cause a fracture in a strong long bone like a femur, it certainly may cause them in the smaller bones. Her doctor felt alendronate certainly could have contributed to her atrial fib.

“I would strongly recommend patients really read everything they can and be very knowledgeable about the drugs they are prescribed and then make an educated decision with their physician on how to treat osteopenia and osteoporosis.”–S.H.

We would like to learn more about your experience on bisphosphonates such as alendronate (Fosamax), ibandronate (Boniva), risedronate (Actonel) and zoledronic acid (Reclast). Have they worked well for you without any side effects. Let us know below. Have you experienced symptoms? If so, please describe what happened.

Although Reclast and other bisphosphonates are probably the most common treatments for osteoporosis, they are not the only ones. To learn more about some alternatives, you may want to check out our Guide to Osteoporosis.

If you’ve had trouble taking Reclast or any other bisphosphonate osteoporosis drug, please share your story in the comment section below.

Revised 11/17/16

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  1. Beth W.

    As of Nov. 2018 I’ve had three Reclast infusions in 3 years. One prevented me from having a successful dental implant; it took a year and a second surgery to remove the cadaver bone that wouldn’t grow. The third time I’m having frequent joint pain, hand tremors, leg and feet cramps, muscle weakness, confusion, and irritability. This is more than 6 months after the infusion. I will never take Reclast again.

  2. Kim

    I had a RECLAST infusion 5 years ago, and it has ruined my life. Extremely debilitating bone pain. They put me on narcotics, and I had to go thru rehab to get off of them. I still have the pain and will probably be on suboxone the rest of my life. This has cost me well over $35,000 out of pocket costs. I am so lost as to why the pain won’t go away. I am 100 pounds, and they gave me the same dose they give a 300 pound person!

  3. Eloise L

    I had an infusion of Reclast. two days later I had trouble walking, the pain in my right leg is unbearable at times. I have had steroid shots and nothing will give me relief. I would like to hear from someone as to what I can do to get relief. Is there anything that will counteract this medication or since it is given once a year does that mean the pain will remain for a year??? HELP

    • Terry Graedon

      The pain will probably not last all year, but we don’t know of effective treatments for it. Perhaps someone else who has experienced it can give you some advice.

    Baton Rouge, LA

    Bone density test showed osteopenia, and doctor really pushed the Reclast infusion, because it was such a wonderful new drug, that you only had to take once a year. Oral medicines caused me stomach problems… so even though I wasn’t sure I should do it, my doctor kept assuring me that I really needed it. He said to expect about 3 days of flu like symptoms and then it would be over. Five months later, he referred me to a rheumatologist because the pain was so horrible in my joints… saying this could not possibly be the result of Reclast. Every joint in my body ached, and I lived on high doses of ibuprofen, because I didn’t want to take pain medications. Took a couple more months to get in to see a rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease, and started me on methotrexate. Six weeks into taking that, I totally lost hearing in my left ear. One thing has led to another… but I firmly believe it all started with the Reclast.

  5. Sarah

    I just had reclast on September 7. Today is the 8th. I have pain all over like the flu, can’t sleep and am narseua. I have been on reclast for 10 plus years. The first time I felt like this and it lasted 2 days. I never had side affects after that. Why now after all these years. We will see how long this last.

  6. Wendy

    I received the reclast infusion just this Monday, August 13. It is now Thursday, and I am still in pain. The pain in my bones became so excruciating Monday night into Tuesday that it felt like someone was breaking my rib cage. I could not roll over, and I needed help to get out of bed. I called my dr. He prescribed me tramadol for the pain. I have also not eaten anything because I have also been throwing up. Hopefully I will feel better in a few days I have already cancelled next year’s infusion.

  7. Jessica

    In the beginning of July 2018, I was informed I had osteoporosis on my spine L1-L4 at -2.70. Due to the fact that I am only 34 years old my doctor told me I needed to begin a treatment right away as i’m so young and needed to correct the problem right away. He then spoke to me about Reclast. I of course looked up the drug and saw the bad side effects but I wish I had found these forums beforehand.

    It wasn’t until I googled “pain after reclast” that I was horrified. July 27, 2018 I had my reclast infusion at 9:00am. and by 9pm that night, I became completely immobile. The pain was throughout my entire body and was excruciating. No matter what position I was in I hurt so much I was crying. I got up and tried to walk but felt as though I had been hit by a truck. Then the chills came. I began to shake so bad I could not get warm. These symptoms continued a few days and I finally called my doctor.

    I was prescibed Tramadol for the pain. Sometimes it helps other times it just puts me to sleep but at least i’m not feeling the pain. I wish I had known then what I know now. I’m a single 34 year old woman who lives on my own and I’ve had to stay with my 65 year old parents so they can take care of me. I can’t even get in and out of bed without assistance. I’m in severe pain most of the time and people tell me i’m walking like an old lady (I was not having any issues before the reclast infusion, I was an avid runner and ran at least 3-4 miles daily.)

    It scares me to think I may never be active again. I’ve been losing weight because I don’t even have the desire to eat. I’m becoming frail and my eyes seem to be blood shot all the time. Reclast has ruined my life. I’m extremely fortunate to have an understanding workplace as any other employer would of fired me by now since i’m not able to perform my work duties on some days. I’m hoping it gets better soon and I’ve begun to drink lots of fluids hoping i can miraculously flush out this poison.

    I can say one thing I will never let a doctor scare me into taking medication again. If you know of anyone considering this drug please do not let them make this foolish mistake. The pain you are in afterwards is not worth it. I don’t even know how the government allows this terrible medication to be on the market.

  8. Carole H

    In July 2017 my doctor recommended a Reclast Infusion due to bone loss in my hips. I had the infusion just before a surgical procedure on my esophagus. I felt so terrible after the surgery, I blamed it on the general anaesthesia. I am 80 years old. I had the second Reclast Infusion July 13th this year. I have experienced muscle cramps, extreme fatigue, weakness, and just an overall feeling of unwell.

    I had previously been in and out of atrial fib but after the Reclast, I have been in atrial fib continuously and now take drugs to try to slow my heart rate and regulate my heart beat. My ankles have never been swollen but they are now. I have cramps in my feet and hands, and in my rib cage as well. I just wish I had researched the side effects of this drug before I so willingly agreed to take it. I can tell you this though, I won’t take it again!

  9. Linda

    In December of 2016 I was given a Reclast infusion by the VA for Osteoporosis. 8 hrs after the infusion, which was given to me in 15 min and I was not instructed to drink water prior, I was absolutely freezing. I had taken my 83 yr old neighbor to a Christmas Jazz program and the longer I sat at the musical the worse I was feeling and could not wait to get home. I dropped her off and went right home and went to bed. About 2AM I had to use the restroom and when I went to get out of bed I fell on the floor. Suddenly I had pain everywhere and was as weak as a baby.

    From past back problems I had a cane so I crawled to that and between that and my bed I got back up on my feet. I was so weak, dizzy and out of balance. I held onto the wall and had my cane to get to the restroom. I had to use the cane and the counter top to get up off the commode and carefully walked back to bed and covered up with two blankets because I was so cold. Oh I live in Florida by the way. Saturday morning I awoke about 9 and again could not get out of bed without the use of the cane and the wall.

    The whole day I was not hungry, was cold, having much pain and balance was way off. Stayed home all day and slept. Sunday came and I managed to get dressed to go to church. When I got there 3 people came running to me asking me what was wrong. I was walking gingerly with the cane stopping every so often. I was sent home not allowing me to stay for the service. Slept that whole day again. Monday comes and I am again not good. I called the clinic and they told me to come right in. As I am trying to get dressed they call me back and tell me to go to the ER. Once I got to the ER they put me in a room right away after taking my BP which was 90/40 with a temp of 102.

    I was seriously dehydrated. The first Saline they gave me had electrolytes put in it and it was pushed so it was totally in me in 30 min. Hurt like there are no words for. The second Saline took 8 hrs. I was sent home after the 2nd Saline and told to drink plenty of water and was given an appointment to see the Rheumatology Dept the next day. Rheumatology put me on Prednisone, 10 mgs a day. A week later I am back to Rheumatolgy complaining about pain in my arms, shoulders, neck, fatigue, trouble eating and my right knee was swollen three times its normal size. They tried to take the fluid out of my knee, which you could see it, but they only got two drops out of it because it was too thick to get through the needle. I was told to continue to take the Prednisone because that was all they could give me for the pain.

    The next day on of the doctors from Rheumatology called to tell me the fluid the got from my knee was Calcium crystals which causes Gout and the other substance was RECLAST. So now I have a doppler becasue they thought I had a Bakers Cyst, but no the RECLAST encapcilated in the back of my knee. And I am not the first to have this happen. It happened to woman in Spain and a woman in France and guess what it was in their right knee also. Ok, I begged my primary to give me Percocets for my pain, which she did and I would take one half of one as needed. And oh I was given medication for the pseudo Gout. The knee swelling went down in about 5 months but I could not bend the knee all the way like I could the day before I had the infusion. My arms and shoulders hurt so bad that I could not lift my arms past my shoulders so I had to bend my head over to wash my hair.

    So, 6 months after the infusion I am now told I have PMR Polymyalsia Rheumatica because now my hips are not wanting to work. Stay on the Prednisone and gradually drop 1mg a month till I am off it. Ok so a year is up I still have pain in my shoulders, upper arms, hips and neck and now I am gaining weight because of the Prednisone and because I can not be active because of the pain. I go to my Cornea Dr and he wants to know why I have lost a whole line of eye sight in both eyes in 6 months. I also have Sjogrens which causes chronic dry eye. I tell him I have been taking Prednisone and he tells me to get off it before it steals my eye sight from me and I am no longer legally able to drive.

    All this time Physical Therapy can not do much for me because I hurt so bad.In Feb of 2018 I am seeing the Pain Management Dr and she asks if I would like to try the therapy pool that is 92 degrees. Yes, yes, yes please. So for 12 weeks two days a week at 8 AM I am in the pool that is allowing me to move without pain. I have lost my muscle, I am seeing an Acupuncturist and now I am working out in the pool. I am still exhausted and am falling just falling every now and then. I mean I am walking and all of a sudden I am falling for no reason.I have learned to “tuck and roll”.

    So, here I am 20 months from when I had the fusion and I am still in pain, it is summer so I am swimming in my neighbors pool everyday I can, take one half of a Percocet as needed and now I have swelling in my left knee and have trouble bending it. My neck and shoulders and arms still hurt and now my left thumb starts paining and will not move for a while. Rheumatology wanted me to go back on the Prednisone last month, which I refused to do and the intern asked me who diagnosed me with PMR. I told him his Department Head did, the intern says, “I don’t think you have PMR, see you in 6 months”.

    So, here I am still in pain in all the places that hurt from the beginning, a left knee that is swelling and not wanting to move, a left thumb that takes spells where it does not want to move. I do feel better after swimming, but when I can’t for a couple of days I am not an easy person to get long with because I hurt so bad. I go back to Pain Management next week and will need to get some more Percocets but that probaby won’t happen with all the worries about addiction, but it is the ONLY medication that gives me relief. Lyrica swells me up, Prednisone does nothing. I pray this country as others have done would stop using RECLAST.

  10. Emily

    Several years ago I had an infusion of Prolia, after taking Fosamax for several years. I had severe back and leg pain and had trouble sleeping for nearly a year. I could hardly walk and used a shopping cart to get around stores. I refused the second infusion and gradually improved. Then my doctor wanted me to take another medicine for osteoporosis which wasn’t covered by my insurance, so he recommended Reclast, saying it is a different kind of medicine from the Prolia. Well, now I’m losing my hair, and have severe stomach pain and back pain, especially at night, which interrupts my sleep. I will never never have another osteoporosis medicine and feel that the doctors minimize possible side effects.

  11. T Lee

    After a dexa scan, my dr prescribed a reclast infusion for me. I could not take the oral because of severe reflux. I was leery about doing an infusiuon, but the doctor urged me to go ahead with it and assured me I would have no problems since “all drugs have complication warnings”. I felt in good health and never had any osteoporosis symptoms before the infusion. A couple days after the infusion, I had terribly severe symptoms. I could not get out of bed and had really bad chills/sweats for a couple days. Within a couple weeks, I began having bad joint and bone aches that I had never had before. It has been two years now, and I now have severe hip pain and joint aches, that as I stated, I never had before the reclast, along with other symptoms such as neuropathy in legs and arms. I am so upset with myself for not following my inner intuition. Please be VERY careful about making a decision to take this drug no matter what doctors say. It has greatly altered my life.

  12. donna

    My husband was given Reclast on the morning of April 19, Immediately started feeling weak with leg pain, doctor told nurse to send him to ER. By the time we reached ER his blood preassure was way down. Cat scan and ultra sound showed an absess in his liver.

    They drained it and by morning his organs started to fail. They thought he wasn’t going to make it that night, but he lived for 7 days. He was on 24 hour dialysis and many antibacterial drugs and breathing tube and induced comma.

    He developed flesh eating bacteria on his left calf and that muscle was removed. I just don’t know what happened. A real mystery!!!

  13. Mia
    highland beach, Florida

    I am 67 years old, in good health and keep up with all my yearly exams. In 2015 I was prescribed Klonopin for restless leg syndrome, never being told it was addictive. After many Doctor visits thinking I had dementia I realized I was addicted to the Klonopin. I went through withdrawal and have been off it since Nov 2017.

    However, I find myself in a similar situation with Alendronate—my fault did not read about it first and realize this was Fosamax I have been taking75 mg weekly for about 5 months . During this time I began having severe neck problems starting at the base of my skull and radiating to my left shoulder. Since I have MRI stating I have arthritis in my neck —-every doctor (again) that I went to said it must be just that –Arthritis.

    I am so stupid! I actually again put my faith in the medical community believed them. After going to several Neurologist’s and a Rheumatologist, Thought I needed cervical operation to stop the pain. Can you imagine having an risky operation like that needlessly. That’s right all this pain (which has not been helped by meds)has been caused by the Fosamax Out of pure desperation I began doing research on my condition.

    Do NOT wait like I did—If you are taking shots or Alendronate orally for osteoporosis please read about them and their side effects. Horrible to think I got played again, after having to withdrawal from a benzodiazepine that should never have been prescribed, into taking yet ANOTHER killer drug.

    WHAT IS UP WITH THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY???…..and Insurance companies suggesting this as the best treatment. Can they be this stupid? I have had cervical pain for 5 months and will now stop taking Alendronate. I only hope this with resolve itself once stopped.

    Doctors are really clueless, so be your own advocate when it comes to your health.

  14. Karen
    Madison, WI

    I had this Reclast infusion on Weds. I woke Weds., night with such horrible bone pain EVERYWHERE. I could barley walk. Every bone in my body hurt. I had the chills, headache, so darn tired I could barely stay awake. I slept 19 hours yesterday. I hope this crap ends soon. Not happy with the result. I will not do this infusion again.

    • Amanda

      I am 45 years old with a history of childhood cancer. I have a compression fracture of the T12 vertebrae. I had a Reclast infusion on Wednesday July 25th and woke around 1a.m. shaking violently with chills, but was buring up with fever. I’m body, straight through to my bones hurt so bad, when I was able to get out of bed I thought every bone would break.

      I haven’t felt that kind of pain since going through chemotherapy clinical trials, that caused my osteoporosis. I already have congestive heart failure, with this add to it I truly thought I was going to die. I was taken to the er, and given fluids, steroids, Benadryl, and pain meds intravenously. It helped for one day. Now the pain is back, and so is the weakness. Does anyone know how long this pain will last? Is there any relief? At this point I truly freak for my life.

      Not only am I never taking these drugs again, I plan on starting a social media campaign to enlighten people of the risks. I will be better informed next time.

  15. Michelle

    I had reclast 5 months ago. I’m stage 4 breast cancer. Between chemo and forced menapause I have developed osteoporosis. I was told reclast has little side effects. I might have flu like symptoms for a couple days. I ended up in the ER. Horrible reaction. 5 months later I’m in severe chronic back pain. Devastated. Can’t work like I used to, can’t do anything physical without severe bone pain.

  16. Regina
    Gilbert, az

    I had a Reclast infusion 3 days ago. The first evening I was sore but not too bad. Woke up at 4:45 a.m. with joint paints including the top of my hands. Cup not hold a cup. Nausea, can’t smell food without getting sick, no energy, lock of concentration, diarrhe, if I had read this blog before I had this infusion I would have never consent to it. My body is killing me and this poison will be in my system 12 minths. I am praying I don’t come down with grave side effects.

  17. Don

    I had a Reclast injection five weeks ago. Still have severe neck and headache pain, mild chills and flu symptoms. How long do these symptoms last? Is there anything that will help get this drug out of the body?

    • Regina

      What do you mean by moderation. There are some typos but you can’t type, my hands hurt. Definitely not going for a second round.

  18. Doris
    South Carolina

    In 2013 i had a reclast infusion three weeks later i had a severe headache which caused a brain hemmorage!! On jan11/2018 I had another reclast infusion in three weeks time, I was so sick i thought it was the flu. So i went to my primary dr who sent me to a hemotoogist because my blood work was so bad! I now have been diagnosed with acute myeleod lukemimia i will never ever take another infusion or anything else for osteoporosis!!!!

  19. Betty
    Plymouth, MA

    I had a Reclast treatment in December & since then have had terrible leg pain at night which wakes me up. Doc says no connection but I find it too much of a coincidence. Have had X-rays, circircilation test & am now going for PT & doing exercises but nothing seems to help. I am 81 years old & very active. Have been diagnosed with osteoporosis but have never experienced anything like this. Just need to know if this will go on indefinitely or is there any relief in sight.

  20. Linda
    West Coast, USA

    I had osteopenia for many years. Had a bone density scan last year which showed fairly advanced osteoporosis. I have been researching these drugs now for close to a year after refusing to take fosamax. My reason is that I have gastric reflux and a hiatal hernia and the potential side effects to the esophagus from the oral osteoporosis meds are horrifying. (By modifying my diet and process of omission, I was able to discontinue the stomach medicine and proton pump inhibitors a decade ago).

    I have had osteoarthritis in my knees since my mid 30’s. One knee was replaced 10 years ago. I refused to take NSAIDS for the pain because of the risk to my stomach. My other knee has been bone on bone for 10 years as well. I could not walk more than a few feet and was in searing pain 24/7. Having no faith in our traditional medical system, and fearful of more surgery due to the unreported fact that over 400,000 people die yearly in USA hospitals due to preventable medical errors, I sold my home to get stem cell and PRP treatments. My pain has been gone since a week after the stem cell treatment and for the first time in 30 years I walk normally and 98% pain free.

    My Blue shield Insurance denied prolia injections ( although I was unsure anyway if I could commit to such a risk). Instead they sent me a letter saying I had to do the reclast for a minimum of 2 years before they would approve prolia; which brought me to this website tonight- as my internist did not warn me at all. These side effects from reclast make the prolia side effects sound like a day in the park.

    My heart goes out to each and every woman on here whose life has been horribly impacted by these hideous side effects. I have read almost every blog and site like this; and literally thousands of woman around the country have had these life altering side effects.

    The low numbers and percentages the pharmaceutical companies indicate for these horrific side effects do not match up at all given my extensive research and readings on the thousands of woman suffering and losing their lives at young ages. I am equally horrified the Insurance companies try to force people into these treatments.

    I know I am taking a calculated risk, (I am otherwise in excellent health) but I cannot consent to this type of treatment knowing the odds of not having a side effect or risking heart and kidney disease are low. I am having trouble seeing how any benefit from these drugs is worth the extreme risk.

    Thank you to all who have shared, I hope you all get some relief from these nightmare effects. I have begun calcium, vit D, and light weight bearing exercise several times a week. Hopefully they will come up with better treatments for Osteoporosis. This has made me completely disgusted with drug companies, Insurance companies, and many physicians. Good luck to all of you.

  21. Shannon
    Virginia Beach, VA

    I had a recla infusion three weeks ago. Twelve hours after the infusion, I woke up to astounding bone, muscle and joint pain. My lower back, where my osteoporosis is the worst is debilitating at best. I cannot use my hands and have had a migraine ongoing since the medication. The drs office(RA) that gave me the infusion says it cannot be the medication. I know it is. It is no coincidence that every listed symptom both rare and common began to affect me from the 12 hour mark until now, three weeks later with no end in sight. The ER told me I was crazy and actually hurt me worse. Mine own dr has no experience with patients having long term pain. Pain management put me on Demerol every 6 hours at 100 mg per dose. I’m allergic to nsaids and acetaminophen. The demerol does not touch the pain. My heart also races out of the blue and I cannot control my bowels or bladder. I’ve actually woken up in the middle of the night in my own bile. This is crazy. I cannot leave my bedroom. No one will help me. They just keep sending me in circles to ther drs. I have scoured the internet and found dozens upon dozens of patient testimony about the horrible side effects. What can someone like me do? HELP!

  22. Hilde
    Ohio (Lorain County)

    I had a Reclast infusion December 7. Became very sick during the first night and went through all the side effects mentioned. It took about three weeks to feel better and two weeks more to get some energy back. A week after that, my skin started to show red dots, was very dry and started to itch. Even with humidifier and lotion the skin rash became a full blown allergic reaction. I am now treated for that. My question is, because of my severe first reaction and the long lasting working of Reclast does that mean that I can expect more side effects for months to come?

    • Terry Graedon

      Hilde, it is possible. We just don’t have good data on this. There is probably quite a bit of individual variation in how long the side effects last.

  23. Wendy
    Fred, md

    I had my first reclast infusion 2 weeks ago today. Was informed i will have flu like system for 3 to 5 days . The joint and bone pain has been so severe, it hurts to touch, i can not lift 2 pounds without severe pain, i have a hard rime doing stairs the list goes on. I went from being extremely active to almist bed ridden. I went to the doctor today. She said i have all the signs of fibermalga. I reassured her, I have never experienced this type of pain until after the infusion. Now she has me in a anti-inflammatory. Symptom should dissipate in a month. Not a HAPPY individual. Will not be having another reclast infusuin. God i pray for relief.

  24. Melyn Richman

    I had severe hip and joint problems 2 years ago and was told I needed to have both my hips and knees replaced in series. I wouldn’t go for that, so I started taking every known supplement and vitamin which is supposed to be good for osteoporosis and joints, and I GOT AN INVERSION TABLE AND CONTINUE TO USE IT REGULARLY.

    After two weeks on this program all my joint pain went away, and my hips worked again. I gave up my cane and could live life again. I went back to riding my horses and actually doing everything I love! Now I’m 72 and Doctors are concerned about my osteoporosis which they see is getting slightly worse as time goes by, although I had no pain or mobility issues at all. Dr. sent me for Reclast infusion and 24 hrs later I was SICK!!!! Flu like stuff and extreme pain in all the joints and bones I had ever hurt!! Knees, ankles, wrists!!, jaw joints, skull and other stuff. That was a month ago, and I still have pain, especially in wrists, ankles, and my back. My bunions, which were at least dormant for around 15 years, are now painful and red again. But surprisingly, I think, my old problematic hip joints are NOT bothering me! How long is this supposed to last, and what can I do to stop these side effects? I am SOOOOOOO fatigued!!!!

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