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Q. Castor Oil is a life-saver for joints, especially knees.

A few years ago, my husband hurt/twisted his knee while getting in and out of a huge truck. The pain only increased as time went by, so we went to urgent care. After x-rays, etc., my husband was told that it really required surgery to repair and fix his knee, which was NOT in our budget at the time. What to do?

We had already heard about using castor oil on joints from a couple of doctors (M.D.) with knowledge in natural remedies, also.

According to instructions, I massaged castor oil into his whole knee area; then I wrapped the whole area with an old cloth (that I would continue to keep stored/sealed in a zippy-bag, for re-use) and with saran-type-wrap, because castor oil is both oily and staining–it will not wash out. After that, we put a heating pad on the area (SET ON LOW heat) for an hour. We kept the wrappings on his knee over night.

I had to beg my husband to let me apply the castor oil and wrappings on the first night. The second night, he reminded me to fix up his knee again. Night number three, he did it himself, on his own. He woke up the next morning, with his knee feeling great.

If/when he or I ever hurt any joint, both of us know to rub with the castor oil, wrap with a cloth, cover for a while, and get relief. Heat does not have to be applied, but it helps.

There is nothing like castor oil for knees and joints. It’s messy, but who cares, if it helps prevent or STOP the need for surgery and if it stops pain?

PS. A few years ago a non-oily version of castor oil came out on the market: Castiva. We always kept a tube or two around the house; we can not find it now, though. Any idea where we can find Castiva?

A. Castiva Arthritis Pain Relief is still available. You can find it online or in independent pharmacies. Castiva contains a castor oil base and comes in both a warming formula (capsaicin) or a cooling formula (menthol and methyl salicylate). Capsaicin (the hot stuff in hot chili peppers) has long been used to ease joint pain. Combined with castor oil we think this is a winning formulation.

Here are some other castor oil stories:

“Whenever my children hurt themselves, the first thing I reached for was the castor oil. My mother-in-law’s uncle was a boxer and castor oil was what they used after a boxing match to prevent hematomas and bruising. It works like a charm. It has been passed down as a remedy in my family for many years.”


“I rub castor oil on my aches and pains, and it helps a lot. Some people make castor oil packs. I used them when the doctors said I had liver cancer. We don’t know what happened to the liver cancer! It is gone. I use castor oil every chance I get. I hope it works for others! Take care!!”


“Used castor oil in Lacrosse for years. Put on castor oil and wrapped it with plastic wrap, bruise would at times be gone the next day. Frustrated a lot of players because they would swear that they hit you… :-) ”

Tom D.

“Castor Oil DEFINITELY WORKS!!! I am a huge bruiser, esp. since I am borderline anemic and whenever I bruise and I apply castor oil right away directly to bruise and rub it in a bit, it significantly minimizes the bruise right away and/or decreases the severity or # of days it shows! I love it!”


“I had warts on my hands when I was younger. Tried the burning/freezing remedies and nothing worked as well as my mother’s remedy of applying castor oil to the wart and covering with a band aid. This got rid of the warts completely. I forget how long it took or how often I had to reapply, but they never came back.”


“Castor oil completely eliminated a wart that I had tried to eliminate for over twenty years. It did not even leave a scar! I applied the oil on the wart after showering and at bedtime and covered it with a bandage. I kept at it until it was gone, maybe two months.”


We would love to learn about your castor oil stories. Share your experiences below.

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  1. Beverly

    Has anyone tried castor oil for back pain, if so what were the results?

  2. Brendon
    Escondido, CA

    I pulled a calf muscle a few weeks ago while jogging. I was used to using Dr. Christopher products to take away the muscle pain and heal quickly. I love his products but didn’t seem to work this time.The dog came into my head to try castor oil. Are used to put it on my liver at night and wake up feeling much better the next day. So I put it on my calf muscle and it completely healed within three days. I went running on it and do not have a problem with it at all. I really love the stuff.

  3. Carol
    Austin, TX

    Will castor eliminate skin tags as it does warts?

  4. Abnash

    Read the article. Found this useful. I wanted to know if I could use this during the day and not night.

  5. John

    What brand of castor oil can I buy over the counter?

  6. Belen
    California (CA)

    For the lady who used the castor oil packs for liver cancer, did you apply them directly on the liver. Thank you

  7. Linda

    When in the service I had water on the knee, I’d use a rub then wrap it in a warm damp towel overnight. To keep the bed dry I had a trash bag I had put a hole through the bottom of for my foot to go through and slid it up my leg. I suspect the same would work to protect the bed from the castor oil wrap.

  8. Beverly

    I found using castor poil on swollen hemmorids takes the pain and swelling !way quickly. Now I have a knee pain I am going to try it

  9. Diane

    My mother was always ahead of her time with “everything”. She was a vegetarian all her life of 88 yrs., did yoga for 55 yrs (before its popularity) and read Edgar Casey and became a fan of castor oil immediately. I have recently had unexplained extreme pain in knee area and shoulder. Blood tests ruled out lupus and lymes (had tick bite last year) but showed inflammation only. Rheumatologist recommended but I chose the castor oil route instead and improvement within a few days. Could not stand or walk without knee brace and cane, now nothing….RIP Mom

  10. Pat
    London UK

    I had a knee problem for months after popping it playing basketball. Some days worse than others but I could feel pain and discomfort daily. Knee supports and pain creams did nothing. Then I read a book by Edgar Casey, he keeps talking about castor oil and it’s many different applications in health. So I bought the best I could and rubbed some on my knee. That was two mornings ago. Today I am not wearing a knee support and my knee feels fine. All I did was rub it into my knee directly for one day. The pain has gone and so has the clicking and popping. No wonder they call this plant the ‘Hand of Jesus’!! I am not that religious bTw.

    • Abnash

      Thanks for sharing.As I also have a knee problem I am going to give it a try

  11. Ali

    Fantastic & Beneficial!
    Sharing such a valuable treasure like wisdom is also a way to serve Humankind
    . ~ Salvation

  12. Ali

    Fantastic & Beneficial!
    Sharing such a valuable treasure like wisdom is also a way to serve Humankind.

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