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Q. I read your column about gout and tart cherries. Celery seed extract works better and quicker.

I take two capsules a day, morning and evening with food. If my gout flares up I double the dose. The active ingredient is 3-n-butylphthalide or 3nB for short.

A. Herbal expert James Duke, PhD, has been singing the praises of celery seeds’ healing powers for decades. We’re glad it works so well for you.

A number of other readers agree. Here are some of their comments on using celery seed extract for gout:

“I’m a roofer. One day I thought I’d broken my toe but the doctor said I was in the gout club. I’ve tried everything, and only one thing works: celery seed extract (3 tablets a day) and plenty of water (2 to 3 liters a day). No more gout!”

“I have been using a 1/4 tsp of ground celery seed twice a day mixed in V8 since November and haven’t had a gout flare up since although I’ve eaten things that would have caused flare ups in the past.”

“Celery seeds work to prevent gout! I am 43 and have been fighting high uric acid since my first attack eight years ago. All the things I’ve tried (from apple cider vinegar to tart cherries and green tea) are for acute attacks. Nothing worked for daily maintenance.

I drink a minimum of 100 ounces of high pH water a day and still have issues. I had a small attack this week on my right ankle.

“I searched the web and read about celery seeds on your site. Within 90 minutes of chewing celery seeds, the pain was almost gone. I have noticed the trips to the bathroom have increased, as celery seed is a diuretic, but I am impressed. From now on, celery seed extract capsules will be a regular daily supplement.”

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  1. Conrad
    Sydney. NS

    I had been battling gout for close to 30 years. I found out that one slice of ham would give me an acute gout attack with 20-25 minutes after eating the ham. I was on crutches every second week. A friend of installed me close to 5 years ago and told me about her friend with gout who started taking Celery Seed Extract. I picked some up that and started taking 1 pill a day and in the 5 years taking it I have not had a major flare up of gout since. My crutches are gathering dust.
    The Doctors and specialists had tried every kind of meds, including steroids, but nothing worked. I can Assure anyone if I had to give up everything except for one thing, I would not give up my Celery Seed Extract

  2. Pat

    Adjusting the diet to prevent gout is easier said than done. We may find a few foods that trigger a bout of it, but sometimes it seems like it just hits anyway. Some diets suggested are extremely restricting and not very healthy for the rest of your body. I had no idea my sudden severe foot pains were gout until I got a case that lasted three weeks no matter how careful I was about what I ate. Adjusting the diet sounds much simpler than it is.

  3. Molly F.

    I bought Celery Seed by Solaray Dietary Supplements. It also says apium graveolens, 505mg per capsule. No where does it say “extract”. Will this work for gout? Molly

  4. Lynn D

    Adding herbs, spices, exercise, etc. to your life is admirable, but if you
    persistently have gout why not search for the cause & adjust your diet?

  5. cart

    My husband suffers from kidney stone attacks periodically possibly caused by some of his medications (for a long history of cardiac events). A year ago, an ultra sound for something else showed no more stones so we felt relieved and were less cautious with diet and fluids. Lo and behold, about 6 months later, he got a kidney stone attack. Why? Is there a remedy for this? (He had tried the daily honey and vinegar mixture without success.)
    Thank you for any suggestions.
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Instead of honey and vinegar, daily lemonade made by squeezing lemon juice into water is recommended. Apparently the potassium citrate in lemons can help reduce the likelihood of kidney stones forming.

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