a sprig of cilantro

Q. I have a home remedy that is amazing. I used to have severe psoriasis on my knees, elbows, eyes, forehead, wrists, feet and scalp. It would crack and bleed, itch and flake.

One day a man commented on my raw patches and asked about the treatments I’d tried. I explained about the numerous prescription treatments that had next to no success. Steroids gave short-term relief but the problem usually came back worse than before the treatment.
This man said to cure my skin problem all I needed to do was eat raw cilantro. He said I should eat enough to turn my stool green.

I found that it takes a bundle each day for 10 to 15 days. I mix it in a green salad with my favorite dressing and find it an interesting flavor. My skin has been completely clear for six years. If I notice a small patch starting to get rough once or twice a year, I eat a bundle of cilantro for two or three meals and have no more skin problems!

A. You’ve found a remedy we’ve not encountered before. We searched and were unable to locate studies pertaining to this herb for psoriasis, but it certainly is inexpensive and low risk.

Not everyone likes the taste of cilantro (coriander leaf), but it is a favorite seasoning in Chinese, Indian and Latin cuisines. Another possible natural approach involves turmeric. Readers have reported surprising success with this spice. Read their stories at PeoplesPharmacy.com.

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  1. Gayle

    Has anyone used pure cilantro oil to cure psoriasis? If so, how much was needed and for how long.

  2. Bill
    Nampa idaho

    Hello all, I am the original person that posted about cilantro, I hardly have any cases of psoriasis unless it’s winter time. I noticed that some one posted they had luck with rubbing coconut oil on it. This past winter I had an outbreak on my inner forearm, my wife said to try coconut oil ( just a coincidence I guess) it helped, but I found that almond oil worked better for controlling the out break. It really helped my scalp.
    I still need cilantro to make the outbreak go away. But thought I would try somthing new. Good luck all!

  3. Brad

    I’ve independently noticed a correlation between eating coriander and a huge improvement in my eczema. But it’s so hard to pin down correlations with eczema because there are so many interlinking factors. Which is I went on Google and found this article.
    Now that I’ve seen others have noticed the same correlation I will definitely try to eat it more for a while and see if it helps.

  4. tim

    are you guys eating both stems and leaves?

  5. Robin

    My mother-in-law gave me this same info from an article in the paper. I’m trying it. I ate about 2/3 of a bunch of cilantro tonight. I love cilantro in salsa and guacamole & found a smoothly recipe online. I’ll try anything to get rid of the Psoriasis. It’s on my hands and wrists where it splits open and bleeds…and hurts! I also have patches on my legs. Will keep you posted on results.

  6. enrique l.
    lima, peru

    I Have a bad case of psoriasis all over my legs, a little on my scalp and butt cheeks; since a started the cilantro diet (13 days ago) I’ve seen great improvement, I would say that I’m 70% healed… I am willing to eat cilantro until I see it gone though. Hope it helps me, because I was giving up and feeling very depressed.

  7. quinton b.

    I started 2 days ago and will keep you posted on results.

  8. Lu A.
    Sarasota, Florida

    CILANTRO for psoriasis?
    Interesting if true. I ran across the same claim in a syndicated column in the newspaper.
    I have since informed several ‘sufferers’ Just in case the suggestion will appeal to and possibly help them.
    I’m from a long line of this malady but somehow managed NOT to get it.


  9. Bryan
    portland, OR

    Anyone still doing this. I kinda gave up on it but thinking about starting it up agian! Its just so hard to keep up with.

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