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As we move into the new year, we’d all like to do everything we can to maintain our brain power. Successful aging starts long before we are old, with the habits of regular exercise, social interaction, intelligent eating and embracing intellectual challenges that we adopt in our 30s and 40s. How can we practice a brain-healthy lifestyle? What are the most effective approaches as we grow older, into our 60s and beyond?
Dr. Carol Greenwood led a project at Baycrest Health Sciences (an academic health sciences centre focused on aging) to develop an evidence-based cookbook. The recipes and meal plans are designed to help us provide our brains with superior nutrition to keep them sharp. Are there foods you should be eating to maintain your mind in top condition?
We welcome listener questions and stories about feeding the brain properly.
Guest: Carol Greenwood, PhD, is senior scientist at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences. She is professor of nutrition and brain health at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Greenwood is the lead author of MINDfull, a cookbook based firmly in scientific evidence and offering step-by-step kitchen guidance. The link to download the ebook is http://www.baycrest.org/mindfull/
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  1. C Golden

    I love this site and the radio show, and am thankful for the efforts of Joe and Terry who encourage and enlighten on how people can take good care of themselves. Like FD, however, I was surprised to hear the guest recommend canola oil. I have seen this oil recommended elsewhere on this site along with Benecol, which lists canola oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil among its ingredients. I believe these oils merit greater scrutiny. I used to use a lot of canola oil as a homemade salad dressing ingredient, and like almost everyone, in processed food. Since cutting it out if my diet I have improved my health significantly.
    I have read several books and other sources recently that list canola as an inflammation promoter due to processing and additives. One integrative medicine physician told me 5 years ago, “it’s rancid when you buy it.” I wish I had acted on her advice then!!
    I challenge the People’s Pharmacy, for which I hold great respect and admiration, to look at canola oil, as mass marketed and as added to so many processed foods, and inquire whether it isn’t really the poison some researchers have come to believe it is.
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Thanks for your “challenge.” We will definitely look into it. You are not the only one interested in this topic.

  2. FD

    I really do Like the People’s pharmacy very much …90% of the time. This “expert” promoted monounsaturated fats olive oil (good) canola oil (really not good…) look at the processing issues for this oil…You will be surprised to see what that oil looks like prior to cleaning and deodorizing. Saturated fats from grass fed animals are important for brain health.
    I found her expertise to be pathetic and very Ag industry oriented. Thankfully, this was not the usual People’s Pharmacy fare. I expect better and mostly do get much better. Heart Healthy and Brain Healthy diets indeed!!!

  3. Yvonne E.

    This show was extremely helpful. It seems vital information that puts people in touch with practical ways that they may gain and maintain their well being without unnecessary reliance on big pharm.
    You are performing a great service. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Ivan S. C.

    Always hearty fare. Wake up to People’s Pharmacy, a healthy earful on WUNC, then on Sunday, hear it again on WFDD. My radio dessert is the podcast. Yum, my brain is sharper.

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