two coconuts, one split open

Q. I believe Archway Coconut Macaroons help my IBS [irritable bowel syndrome], but as a diabetic I don’t want the sugar. Do you know why they help? In other words, could I just eat unsweetened coconut? I called Archway Cookies and they said they don’t know why their coconut macaroons work.

A. We think it’s the coconut. We encourage you to try unsweetened coconut flakes. Many readers report this works as well as coconut macaroon cookies to quell diarrhea.

Here’s one testimonial:

“Coconut controls my son’s ulcerative colitis. I sprinkle roughly one tablespoon of coconut flakes on his yogurt in the morning and give him an individual Mounds bar for dessert at lunch.”

Another reader wrote:

“I found out about coconut from you all at least 15 years ago. I always kept the Archway macaroons on hand. When they couldn’t be found, I switched to unsweetened coconut from the health food store; just a small dish of it worked. On trips, Mounds bars along with Pepto Bismol would save the day. Terry and Joe, you have really made life better for me with many, many healthier ways of dealing with problems than drugs whose side effects are an anathema to me.”

Based on this person’s experience along with that of others, we suggest you give the unsweetened coconut flakes a try.

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  1. sz

    thanks for the coconut idea to treat ibs–i will try it asap

  2. Nancy

    So many things here that I have tried and they worked. I thought for sure I had colon cancer or a severe problem with my bowels. I was afraid to have a colonoscopy for fear of the results. Last week I read about IBS, went and bought coconut oil and then went to the Dollar Store and bought sugarless coconut cookies… Three days and I feel great and thankful for the information.

  3. fbl

    BP, read my post above. The probiotic that I used successfully was by Gardens for Life, Primal Defense. I’d tried lots of others.

  4. BF

    I’ve been recently diagnosed with IBS, and have been reading lots on the internet about it! This website is very helpful, as are the ones by ASK and Mayo Clinic. I was going to try Archway macaroons, but they contain DAIRY, which is a big trigger for IBS. You can go online and search for coconut cookie or macaroon recipes, which I did. Mine is not yet under control despite Dicyclomine Rx from my GI specialist and avoiding dairy and caffeine. Now my doc wants me to try Colestipol off-label, but I sure would prefer not to… will go for more coconut instead. It’s odd that when I lived in the tropics and enjoyed eating raw coconut, it usually gave me the runs. The dried kind doesn’t seem to. My thanks to all who have shared their experience with IBS!

  5. Res

    I have been using a tab of coconut flakes plus 1/2 banana on my cereal every morning and my diarrhea has been under control completely.
    The coconut really works & one tab a day doesn’t cause any great problem.

  6. Janet

    Just wanted to let you know that the “New Skin” remedy worked on a bothersome skin tag on my neck. Such a relief not to have to pay the dermatologist to remove at a much higher cost.

  7. beverly shores

    u can soak the store bought sweetened coconut flakes in a bit of water, change the liquid several times and the water will leach sugar out

  8. fbl

    Hasn’t anyone tried a consistent course of probiotics?
    After chemo & radiation and then a new BP medication (Xarelto) wreaked havoc with my gut, I’d tried everything! Yeah, even coconut. Nothing worked.
    Finally I started trying different probiotic products and found one that worked. Not at first of course until I read the instructions. When I worked up to one each 3X a day the runs stopped.
    Still can’t eat veggies w/o a problem but do sneak in a bit of salsa once in awhile without a problem. It is taking one 2X a day to keep me normal.

    • Louise

      Probiotics can help ago of people with digestive problems. I would think that you should try to feed the probiotics with a prebiotic and also try to repair some of he damage that has occurred. Be careful which prebiotic you choose. My choice and what has worked for my GI problems was slippery elm bark and I also added the Aloe Vera inner leaf juice to get rid of inflammation as well as being a prebiotic. Both of them help to reduce pain and diarrhoea.
      With vegetables, make soups or slow cook them so they are easy to digest. Be careful of broccoli, cauliflower & onions because these can be difficult to digest if not cooked well. Juicing is a good way to retain all of the vitamins that you need.
      Other foods that tend to cause problems are lentils, beans and dried peas and whole grains. Difficult to digest and too much fibre when you are trying to repair. These foods are better for people who are obese and trying to flush out their bowel contents with fibre.

  9. JCF

    I have heard that 100% pure coconut oil is being used for treating many ailments from Alzheimers to Toe nail fungus this may be helpful with diarrhea. Any thoughts or information

  10. nlm

    ALSO – if your dog has to have anal glands expressed frequently – try putting a small amount of unsweetened coconut on food EVERY meal (have 24 pound dog and use about 1.4 to 1.2 tsp each time) – have not had to have expressed in over year since using. Works better for us than canned pumpkin which was suggested by vet.

  11. CBT

    Add some unsweetened coconut to yogurt. I make my own yogurt, which is not as thick as commercial brands, so the coconut absorbs the liquid to give it more body. Combine with fruit, fresh or dried, and a few chocolate chips to complement the coconut.

  12. LFC

    I suffered from IBS for years until I read ” Wheat Belly” and got tested. It turns out that gluten sensitivity was the culprit all along. After eliminating wheat from my diet, my IBS symptoms disappeared along with some headaches and allergic symptoms as well. Millions suffer from allergies to this genetically modified wheat we eat and don’t even know it.

  13. cpmt

    I ALSO HAVE IBS and drink coconut water, or milk, or dry coconut with no sugar added. all of them work for me.

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