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Q. I was suffering from severe diabetes-induced osteomyelitis (bone infection with open ulcers) on my foot. I was prescribed Medihoney to treat the ulcer.
This is a waxy sheet of honey that you cut to the size of the wound before applying the bandage. It was soothing and worked to reduce the infection and help heal my foot.
With this treatment and subsequent hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, the ulcer healed and I didn’t require an amputation.

A. We are delighted to learn that treatment with medicinal honey from New Zealand (Medihoney) helped heal your skin ulcers. There is research supporting the use of this product for wound care (Spinal Cord, Feb, 2012; Journal of Clinical Nursing, Feb. 2009).
Other research has shown that sugar can also help speed wound healing. You may be interested in our interview with Dr. Richard A. Knutson, an orthopedic surgeon who has treated about 7,000 wounds in this manner. His original work on sugar to dress wounds was published in the Southern Medical Journal in Nov. 1981.

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  1. e. burcher

    Also, the higher numbers are better. Manuka honey contains methylglyoxal which contributes to it being antibacterial. The higher the MG content, the greater the antibacterial effect. It works on sores, burns, fungi, you can eat it for viruses like colds, infections. ..

  2. e. burcher

    I guess so. I use the Manuka honey for mrsa. I mean, having an invention that is resistant to almost everything and then finding this honey that works way quicker than any antibiotics… was a miracle.

  3. cpmt

    IT MUST BE THE SAME TYPE OF HONEY. MANUKA IS AUSTRALIAN’S NAME and I guess the other name is used in New Zeland… both are hight antibacterial, virus fungal etc… I know they have different strengths the higher (I think is 16) its more expensive but its better.

  4. cpmt

    Manuka honey -from New Zeland and Australia produce it – The price will depend the strength the highest the more expensive it’s up to $36 -39 a jar, but is worth it. I buy in Wegman’s supermarkets.

  5. E. Burcher

    I have a tendency to get staph infections since I am a carrier for MRSA. Not wanting to rely on pharmaceuticals I tried to find natural remedies. My boyfriend came across Manuka honey which actually has hydrogen peroxide in it naturally. I cleaned the staph infection I had, drained the gunk out of it and put manuka honey and a bandage on it. 6 hrs later I took the bandage off and the wound was still clean. If anyone knows about staph they should know that the pus comes back really quickly so this was really amazing. I did it again before bed and the next morning the skin was already starting to heal. Since then I’ve used this honey for a staph infection in my nose as well. This honey can be found at vitamin shops and health food stores. It’s not cheap but it’s not super expensive either (about $20 a jar) but a little bit goes a long way.

  6. E. Burcher

    Do you mean Manuka honey?

  7. MMB

    I recently developed a bedsore on my tailbone. I saw the honey recommendations on this site, had some in my cabinet, so I tried it. I had a nonstick gauze pad and applied a healthy-looking tablespoon to the gauze (the honey was simply the store-brand honey), and applied it to my tailbone, honey facing the skin, of course. I immediately felt the burning stop. By the next day, the healing was well underway! It’s now day 2 and it’s feeling and looking even better. Thank you,Jesus!
    My dog has lick spots on both front legs that I will try the honey on next. Can’t wait to see if it works on him!
    Thanks so much to the People’s Pharmacy for publishing this info! I am ordering the remedies book from your site asap, since the 2 things from your site that I have tried have both worked! THANK YOU!

  8. TWM

    We have nearly replaced tetracycline powder for cattle hoof abscesses and lesions. We saw equal results on the first 100 cows and now have used it for >1000. It is easy to remember, just mix to the consistency of cake frosting: one cup of powdered sugar to 1/4 to 1/3 cup of any cooking oil. Keep wound covered for one to two days and change if necessary.

  9. S.T.

    Used honey from a beekeeper on a fresh burn. Until now I had always used cold running water and then dealt with the subsequent blisters. Though the pain relief was initially not as fast as with the cold water, it was longer lasting and within an hour the burn was not painful to touch any more. I refreshed the honey several times within the first 2 hours. The healing process seems to be different as well: No blister, not painful to touch, a week later still clearly changed skin appearance (Maybe I stopped using the honey too soon).

  10. SMT

    Wound Care specialists have been using MEDIHONEY plus a compression dressing for a cellulitis on my leg since early September. It is healing nicely thanks to the honey. MEDIHONEY can be purchased online at Amazon and at medical supply stores.

  11. GRH

    My wife gave birth to twins via c-section in 1996. She was stapled shut and
    sent home after two days in the hospital. Went back for a check-up a week later and
    the top layer of skin and tissue, about 1&1/2 inches deep and 6 inches across, had not started healing after the staples were removed. Dr. told me to clean it with peroxide and fill it with honey three times a day. I thought with the advent of modern medicine that he was crazy but he was serious. “Just pickup a bottle of the honey bear with the pointed top at the store.” Two days later it was closed shut. I put it on all of my cuts and eat local honey daily. My kids are pretty sweet too!

  12. arealniceguy

    To NLG and cpmt It appears Derma Sciences, a wound treatment company with manufacturing offices in Canada and China makes the product.
    Per their website
    Utilizing patented formulations and a unique species of medical grade honey, evidence supports the use of MEDIHONEY® for challenging wounds
    MEDIHONEY® dressings, a unique line of dressings containing Active Leptospermum Honey from New Zealand, possess unique qualities that make them ideal for the management of chronic and acute wounds and burns. A strong and growing evidence base – including several large scale randomized controlled studies – have shown that MEDIHONEY® dressings are effective on hard-to-heal wounds and burns, in addition to helping to debride wounds and keeping wound beds clean of necrotic tissue.
    They show to have a link to get a sample of the product. Also if you google MEDIHONEY it shows to be sold by Amazon and a lot of others starting around 25 dollars
    cpmt as you can see the New Zealand name for the honey is very long and I certainly would not be able to pronounce it with out hearing it.
    There is a lot more info at http://www.dermasciences.com

  13. BAS

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia said Medihoney is a branded form of Leptospermum honey and gelling agents manufactured in Toronto, CA by Derma Sciences Inc intended to be used as a wound gel for its antibacterial and debridging properties. Medlihoney contains a very high percentage of Leptospermum honey, MEDIHONEY dressing are able to work in the presence of would fluid, blood, and tissue, this promoting an optimal healing environment.
    Honey and sugar have a long history in pre-modern and pre-industrial would care and Medihoney has become an option in the modern & industrialized world.
    It is of value to note that pure honey from a bee-hive should not be mistaken for “supermarket’ honey which is often “cut’ with corn syrup and other low-cost diluting agents (to maximize seller profits). It is also of great value to note that all honey is anatiseptic and as evidenced by the pure honey found in the Egyptian pyramids, no bacteria can survive in honey.
    Accordingly there is no need to buy “Medihoney’ at its inflated cost, and any pure honey from a bee hive has comparable if not far better medicinal properties. The $20 for 375 grams of Medihoney which presumably is not solely a pure honey but also may contain other materials… compare this with an average $7-8 per kg for pure honey from the local beekeeper.

  14. Petra L.

    I have used honey for many years burnt myself with hot steam, started to blister, put on honey ,it pulled out the heat, used it for two days, didn’t leave any scars, have used for this kind of thing ever since.

  15. NLG

    I am interested in MEDIHONEY, I asked at my local Pharmacy and they did not know about it. Where can it be obtained.

  16. MJW

    Does anyone know whether honey and sugar can be used effectively and safely on animals? It seems like the remedy should work, but perhaps someone has tried it.

  17. k .l.

    as a retired r.n. with nearly 40 years employment of nursing, both in the united states and abroad. I would like to comment on the use of sugar in the care of wounds. I remember a terrible bed sore on an old man from a nursing home whom I cared for about 35 years ago. We used sugar on his wound site which was on the right hip and several inches deep. Deep enough that we could see his periosteum. After some time (I don/t remember how long) the wound began to heal and to dry. I am sure that the medicinal honey would work even better. Sincerely kay lanier

  18. cpmt

    I would like to know more about this honey from New Zealand (I can’t remember its name). I heard that it is good for many things: antibacterial, antivirus, etc… and will like to know the numbers they use… some is better than other depending its number but I don’t how which are better (..12 ?, 16 ? etc) It’s expensive but its worth it. And I also was wondering what kind of sugar is ok to use in wounds. I have a friend that have problems with bed sores. Thank you.

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