Q. Thanks for your recent column about rash under the breasts. I had been suffering for so long.

As soon as I came home I would take off my bra or put a piece of cloth between my bra and my skin. Zeasorb powder worked wonders quickly.

A. Zeasorb powder absorbs moisture and is sold as an anti-fungal treatment. We are glad it worked so well.

Other readers have found different solutions for this vexing problem. Here are a few of them:

“Coconut oil is remarkably effective! Moisturizing face and body, rough skin, under-breast fungus, athlete’s feet, …the list goes on! It is sold as cooking oil in many grocery stores. I recommend virgin, whole kernel unrefined – readily available at health food stores. It is almost like ‘magic in a jar.'”

“Several years ago I was suffering from fungus under my breasts. I began tucking a thin cotton washcloth or a man’s handkerchief over the vulnerable area and tucking the edge of it into the bottom of the cups of bra.”

“Desitin diaper cream cures all forms of skin-fold dermatitis that I know of. It may take a couple of days to work, but it is more effective than anti-fungal creams.”

“I use a little Vicks VapoRub daily and it stopped the itching.”

“Once you get the fungus under control, instead of regular deodorant, try MoM [milk of magnesia]. Blow dry it completely before getting dressed.”

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  1. Debora Peterson
    Sioux City, Iowa

    I use the same deodorant under my breast and armpits. It works awesome!!! I usually only get a rash under my breasts maybe once or twice in about a 5 or 6 years span. I’m 46 and post menapause, BUT still feeling the effects of menapause, night sweats and all the other FUN stuff that comes along!!!

  2. KE

    I’ve been having a rash under my breasts for the last two or three years once the weather gets warm. I’m 60 yrs old & still transitioning into menopause, so I sweat there, rather much at times.
    Thanks to dp for telling us the difference btwn rash & fungus. Mine is definitely a rash, probably heat rash.
    I have found calamine lotion helpful. It soothes but doesn’t clear it up. I plan to try some of the remedies mentioned here.

  3. Wendy McG.

    So I was having this problem also…a friend suggested apple cider vinegar..at first I thought she was crazy..but thank god I listened. Shower and pat dry, blot the rash with apple cider vinegar and allow to air dry. It is also very important to wag all if your bras in very hot water. It only took 4 days for me to clear up my rash completely!

  4. VFC

    Try a commercially available bra liner (Internet search) They are softer and more absorbent than any of the solutions mentioned before, and it makes those under wires more tolerable!I prefer those that are just for the front of your bra, however. Thanks for all the common sense solutions provided by all of us searching for more comfort. Someone else may just have an answer you haven’t thought of before.

  5. dp

    Some times irritation can come from being sensitive to the rubber found in the band that runs around the bottom of the bra. Some of us are sensitive to rubber in clothing that comes from China. I wear my bras inside out since the rubber does not appear on the band on the outside of the bra. I’ve done this for 15 years after developing a topical sensitivity to rubber.
    Corn starch works well if the problem is a rash other than a fungal infection, But corn starch will make a fungal infection worse. The fungus thrives in the corn starch. I saw this many times caring for nursing home patients. Learn the difference between fungus and rash. Fungus isn’t “pimmply” like a rash. It is bright pink, and concentrated in patches with smaller separate areas advancing away from the central patch. Look up pictures.

  6. Kristina1002

    Coconut oil is the best!
    I also use Shea butter and emu oil, separately or mixed. Emu oil is great for eczema and just general moisturizing. It is also helping me regrow hair in my front.
    Another bit–shea butter makes synthetic hair softer. Now that’s some potent stuff!

  7. CJ

    Years ago I learned of using corn starch under the breasts, and it does wonders. I also cut rectanggle pieces about 7″ X 15″ off of old sheets, and pink the edges so they do not ravel. I use one horizontally under the breast, between the bra and skin.

  8. TA

    Plain cornstarch from the grocery works best for me.

  9. mam

    with exactly the same issue, try listerine rubbed on irritated places, let dry. several times a day until relief. Also, wash your bra more often. I think perspiration is a cause.

  10. Ruth R.

    I have a similar problem only mine is a rash of Keratosis growing directly in that fold underneath my breasts…more with the years…is there anything I can do about them? I am irritated by this, too.
    Thanks! I love your newsletter and catch your program on Sat. mornings on Wisconsin Public Radio.

  11. MP

    Using coconut oil interests me. I have topical dermatitis that plagues me all year round. OTC creams and lotions are useless. I am 78 yrs old and my skin is very thin so I am reluctant to continually use cortisone based prescriptions for eczema and rashes. I take collagen powder daily. I use Vaseline after showering and at bedtime. I need to find a facial moisturizer that will not produce whiteheads after prolonged use.
    How beneficial would coconut oil be for my skin? Can it be used daily as a facial moisturizer, in the AM under makeup and in the PM after washing my face?
    I do use the oil for cooking.

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