We never fail to be amazed about what our readers and visitors worry about. Of all the things that can go wrong with our health, the color of our pubic hair seems pretty low on the list. Nevertheless, many people do seem concerned about both the amount and the color of this hair. See some questions and answers below:

Will Rogaine Regrow Lost Pubic Hair?

Q. I’m 63 and have had a hysterectomy. I know this question is for vanity’s sake, but I don’t want to ask my doctor because I would feel too self-conscious.
Is there anything that can be done for loss of pubic hair? Will Rogaine help? I am embarrassed for my husband to see me without any clothes.

A. Our dermatological consultant could offer no suggestions about the cause of such hair loss. There is no obvious medical condition that would account for this.
Rogaine (minoxidil) might work, but there are no studies to determine if it is helpful in the pubic area. Before you assume your husband would be shocked, check with him. He might not be unhappy with your lack of pubic hair.
Q. I was intrigued to read about the lady who had lost her pubic hair and wanted to know if Rogaine could help. I had the same problem. Not only did I lose my pubic hair, but also the hair under my arms, and on my arms and legs.
I don’t know if my thyroid problem was responsible but it has led to loss of hair on my head. I just wanted to let you and that lady know that she is not alone with her problem. Please urge her again to be sure to tell her husband and not be embarrassed.

A. Thyroid trouble can trigger hair loss and this gland should be checked in anyone experiencing such a sudden change. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Can you Dye Your Pubic Hair?
Q. I have never seen my question written up. Is there anything you can use to color graying pubic hair?
I am only in my early forties and I am very distraught about the gray hair I have noticed in this region. I am sure I am not the only one who would like to know about this.

A. We have never received such a question, but our dermatological consultants assure us that you are not the first person to inquire. Unfortunately, there is no good answer.
Hair dyes made for the scalp may cause contact dermatitis for some people, even when used according to directions. Most manufacturers caution against application on other sensitive parts of the body. Pubic hair is sparser so there might be more skin exposure to the chemicals. Since there has been no testing for safety, we have to caution against using commercial dyes on your pubic hair.
Natural coloring agents like henna haven’t been tested either. One home remedy we came across in Sassy magazine suggested a hair coloring made of a quarter cup blackstrap molasses mixed with one tablespoon used coffee grounds, a tablespoon of dried rosemary and a tablespoon of your favorite conditioner. Wash off after 20 minutes. P.S. We make no promises about safety or effectiveness. It is likely to be messy!
Q. Your answer to a question about graying pubic hair was of great interest to me. I have found sunless tanning gel (No-Ad, manufactured by Solar Suncare) to be very inexpensive and effective in coloring pubic hair to a golden brown in one or two applications. Just moisten the hair and leave the gel on for an hour. Then wash the area with soap and water. The color remains for months. It can easily be reapplied as needed. The tanning gel should be washed from the hands promptly with soap and water as it will stain.
I discovered this method for darkening pubic hair quite by accident. It really works! Please don’t use my name since my wife doesn’t know the truth yet.
A. We do not understand why people are so concerned about graying pubic hair. Our dermatological consultants tell us, however, that this question comes up periodically. Commercial hair dyes are untested and unapproved for this use.
Sunless tanning gel seems pretty innocuous although we doubt the FDA has cleared it for the use you suggest. Such sunless tanning products have come a long way in recent years and allow for a safer tan than sun exposure. Before anyone tries your trick, they should make sure sensitive skin in that area is not going to react adversely. A little test on the inside of the arm might be a good way to start.

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  1. Judith
    San Diego CA

    I’m so glad I finally read about what others had to say about pubic hair loss. I’m 75 and have gradually been losing hair in that region. It has distressed me and made me feel abnormal. My doctor is the only person I’ve told. She said many older women have the same thing. I guess I just didn’t believe her.

  2. Eva
    North Carolina

    I lost most of my pubic hair,no known reason.I’m self conscious about it.My husband
    doesn’t know.We don’t sleep in the same bed.Is there a treatment for this?Can stress cause it?Depressing.

  3. Donna

    About time medical researchers, doctors, and advisors started taking women who are mourning the loss of their pubic /body hair after menopause seriously, it’s annoying being brushed off and laughed at while asking the questions relating to menopause treatments and being written off as unimportant. Since is an issue for so many, why isn’t there any scientific research towards finding a treatment or topical dht blocker that works and is appropriate for pubic/body hair. Telling them it’s all about what their husband finds attractive is old fashioned nonsense…

  4. MaryMD

    Fallacy: hair is there for a reason. It is protectant, can decrease over stimulation, and removing it can lead to ingrown hairs, infection, and skin rash. And why does everyone want to look like a Ken or Barbie? Hair growth is a sign of maturity and adulthood: there is something not right and age-phobic with trying to look prepubertal.

  5. KL

    Really? well I don’t feel ‘blessed” I feel very sad at the loss of my pubic hair. Shaving your pubic hair is something some women do for aesthetic reasons, more from peer pressure, neither of which I personally understand but hey each to his own, it has no bearing on sexual satisfaction.

  6. Helen M

    I’m 75, began to lose the hair on top of my head almost 30 years ago and, in 1983 I had to start wearing wigs. I don’t look good without hair and it has really impacted my confidence. 30 years later, they are lighter colored and shorter. I would no more go out without a wig than I would without my teeth.
    The hair on my legs has disappeared too, along with most of the pubic hair. I was so excited when I grew my “thatches” when I entered puberty, not at all excited when they waned. Made me feel old and I won’t get into what old is in this country. This is a particularly bad place for ageism.
    So yes, without feeling that it is vanity, I too am concerned about my hair loss.
    PS Runs in the family, according to my mother.

  7. Gray Susan

    Kevin, I so agree with you that I do not show off my pubic hair in public; if I wanted to wear skimpy, I would have been having Brazilian Bikini waxes. I didn’t mind going gray on top, I don’t mind the laugh lines on my face. But the loss and grayness of pubic hair made me feel less of a woman.
    Fortunately, I am not an average person and so I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else what they should feel like about getting older, especially not in a self-satisfied, angry way. Thank you for your reply to Terrence.

  8. Kevin P

    This is in response to Terrence;
    Not everyone is worried about their pubic region for the purpose of “showing off”. I am not married and my pubes don’t get “shown” very often (unfortunately). However I DO stress over the color and amount of pubes I have. It is a personal modesty. Especially in the amount. I feel less manly without a modest amount of hair in that region. It makes it even worse now that what little is there is turning gray. And when I am with someone, at 50 years old, I don’t want to be with someone who looks like they are a pre-pubescent teenager, so I like them to have hair in that region also. For you to assume that a concern in this area is related to one’s mentality is offensive, especially when you go on to associate it with promiscuity.

  9. Pearl

    Yes, I have the same problem with pubic hair loss. Also, I have dyed my hair with hair color that you buy at the drug store. I get mine at the 99 cent store. It works,keep on for 30 min. then wash off. It will last about 3-4 weeks. I havent had any problems. Good luck.

  10. PBT

    I am over 80 and I noticed that after being almost completely without pubic hair for many years, it seems to be growing back. How can that be?

  11. Kate M

    I like the old adage of Torrence. Today, young women spend millions on lasers, electrolysis, depilatories, etc. to remove all body hair. Older women are willing to spend thousands to color or replace it. I’d rather spend my
    money on other things and quote M Chevalier: “I’m glad I’m not young anymore.”

  12. Torrence

    This subject matter shows the mentality of the average person. How in the world can anyone be concerned about pubic hair. The only ones who would be concerned are those who want to show it. That my friends is one of the problems with this county. Modesty is a lost art. Pubic hairs belong in your undergarments where they are NOT the show time for the public. It all comes back to morality, of which this country is lacking. Women can’t wait to put on the skimpiest clothes they can wear and show just about everything they should be concealing. And men can’t wait to see them. There is an old addage. Don’t show what you are not selling or giving away.

    • steve

      you under-think the whole issue. If you listen to what most here are saying you’d see that they often feel strong emotions at these physical changes. It’s not so much the pubic hair loss as what it points to – that we are approaching old age and death.
      Empathy is a better trait than having everything sorted into neat little boxes that makes us feel in control.

  13. EL

    I think you need to find another dermatological consultant. Any geriatrician no doubt could tell you that gradual loss of hair – especially body hair – is normal during post-menopausal years. Eyebrows go, too. Every notice how many women in the senior citizen category pencil in their eyebrows?

  14. P.L.

    twezzing pubic hair will make it dessapear overtime

  15. mitajoann

    I am age 70, and have friends in roughly the same age group, 5 or 10 years more or less. We all have experienced loss of hair on legs and pubic area and under arms, even eyebrows. We have attributed it to to normal aging process, even though we don’t like it. Of course our opposite problem is the sprouting of chin hairs. This requires constant plucking. Yuck!

  16. Michelle H.

    I started losing pubic hair post menopause. I thought it was normal.

  17. DS

    Is loss of pubic hair a symptom to be concerned about or is it something that happens with age, or something that happens with thyroid problems? How could one’s spouse NOT know?

    • steve

      there’s virtually no pubic hair in nursing homes. As with other stuff, if we no longer need it the ageing body doesn’t waste energy on it

  18. JDS

    In vogue these days it shave off the pubic hair. It makes for much more enjoyable sex and increases sensitivity in the genital region. I would think the woman who has lost the hair off her legs, underarms, and pubic region would feel blessed!

  19. Gaby

    Loss or thinning of secondary sex characteristics like pubic, arm and underarm hair seems related to hormonal changes such as those related to menopause in women. Medication can affect it–beta blockers, for instance.

  20. TP

    “Will Rogaine Regrow Lost Public Hair?” Please, keep it private, not public :)

  21. Mel

    I found that Evening Primrose Oil helps with hairloss for women. I have thyroid disease and lost some hair at my temples. I started taking it for PMS (works pretty well, by the way) and found that it helps with my hair loss. Others to whom I have talked agree.

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