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We recently received this testimonial from a visitor:

“In March of 2000 I fell five stories. I broke many bones and spent a month in a coma. During this period I had 36 surgeries and along with them, protracted intravenous antibiotics.
“As a result, I had years of stomach pain and intermittent, uncontrollable-explosive diarrhea. I tried probiotics and digestive enzymes. They helped for only a short time, but I finally discovered something close to an actual cure. That is traditional German sauerkraut fermented in brine (not pickled in vinegar). While it has helped many other people too, it doesn’t always work for everyone.”

Broad spectrum antibiotics frequently disrupt the ecology of the digestive tract. That can result in persistent diarrhea. It is great to learn that something like sauerkraut might be helpful for some people.
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  1. I.S.

    For those who suffer from intermittent diarrhea, like myself, I would advise considering candida a. as the cause. In my case, celiac was ruled out, but there is family history of a delicate G.I.system. I have been dealing with systemic yeast for many years, but am not able to give up sugar and dairy entirely, which the candida diets require. Have also stopped taking antibiotics before each dental visit, as I was told to do all my life, for MVP. I am looking forward to trying the sauerkraut treatment.

  2. MLR

    I don’t have a remedy, but your letter sure was funny! As an RN/Teacher, it gave me the huge laugh i needed at the end of a day. thanks.

  3. Jean S

    After suffering from diarrhea for a week I saw the sauerkraut remedy on your sight. I wondered how something that is roughage could help with diarrhea, but thought I would give it a try. All hell broke loose. I had been getting better now I was back to stage one. I wondered if the letter writer had sent in this recipe as a joke? Rice bananas and apples sauce is helping and probiotics. I love Sauerkraut but it will be a long time before I eat it again. Jean S

  4. M.J.S.

    Easy to make your own saurkraut and you will love it–get a Perfect Pickler (a special jar that comes with recipes). YouTube has many demos and you can check on internet for recipes and tips such as

  5. EM

    Easy. Look at the ingredients. If one of them is vinegar, it is not genuine sauerkraut. Fermented sauerkraut [no vinegar] is available in many places- Costco, for one.

  6. ebm

    I have seen it at a flea market in Pompano Beach, Fl. Probably German stores or health stores carry it.

  7. JC

    This looks rather promising. Could someone tell me where I might buy German Sauerkraut fermented in brine, not pickled in vinegar? Thanks for describing the home remedy and for any advice on where I might buy it.

  8. Karen

    The day before I had the first symptoms of what turned out to be C-diff, I had the first and only craving for sauerkraut I have ever experienced. (I like the stuff enough, but I have never before or since HAD to find it for the very NEXT meal.)
    One serving, unfortunately, wasn’t enough to stave off the infection, and fermented foods weren’t a regular part of my diet back then.

  9. RBR

    When I was young, I used to love drinking sauerkraut juice from the fermenting barrel until I discovered it gave me diarrhea.

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