Q. A while back you ran an article concerning chronic diarrhea caused by Crohn’s disease: some people were experiencing relief with cookies (of all things). They were Archway Coconut Macaroons, to be exact.

Before reading your column I was leading quite a dismal life with ulcerative colitis. I tried prednisone, Cortifoam and many other drugs that barely relieved symptoms but brought on a host of side effects. None of the drugs left me feeling normal and I knew their long-term use was harmful to my health.

My family suffered as well, since I had no energy and was miserable. The doctors were suggesting surgery. Life was pretty bad and had been for four years.

I had made up my mind to go under the knife when my mother saw your article and sent it to me. I went out to buy some of the cookies. I had tried Chinese herbs, acupuncture and every other alternative, so this one was easy! With all these other treatments I had to go back to the prescribed drugs within two days as the bleeding increased.

Two days after I started eating the cookies I began feeling better. I was able to quit the medicine immediately and kept eating two cookies per day. My energy returned, the bleeding stopped and the trips to the restroom went from 10 to 12 per day to one or two, all within a few days.

This was miraculous. My life has been given back to me. I hope you can pass this on to others who may experience similar problems. You have certainly improved life for my whole family!

A. Your story is extraordinary. We first learned about this remedy from Donald Agar, who had suffered with Crohn’s disease for 40 years. The chronic diarrhea had made his life miserable, and the prednisone he had taken resulted in four hip replacements. By chance, Donald discovered that two Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies could control his diarrhea.

We have shared Donald’s discovery with others through this newspaper column. Some have not benefited, but many have experienced relief just as you have. Here are a few more stories similar to yours.

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  1. PAMC

    Betty, from other incidents I’ve heard with this “treatment” it certainly couldn’t hurt to give this a try. please try it.

  2. Betty

    Do you think this would help IBS?

  3. Ginnie B.

    I keep a bag of sweetened coconut in my fridge. For breakfast I have a bowl of granola cereal and I put in about two heaping teaspoons of the coconut. Tastes great and it works too.

  4. nmc

    Just a note to add to the benefits of coconut:
    At the approximate age of 6 months our dachshund puppy had to begin having his anal glands expressed – it started with the usual symptoms and he had to have two long term series of antibiotics. The first one made him hysterical and the second sleepy and he had no appetite at all – this went on for several weeks. A tech at the vet’s office suggested I give him a tsp of canned pumpkin a day and it should keep the symptoms under control.
    The vet thought maybe he was allergic to chicken, so when we investigated that it turned out that his dry food and the biscuits he was eating were both chicken based. We changed all of that and put him on lamb and rice with high fiber count (which was said to be a help also). Nothing seemed to help. In fact, his stool was not as firm and he seemed to be going more often than before.
    I was taking him back to the vet regularly to have the glands expressed and that was quite an effort and expensive. But then I heard about coconut on another holistic type website. For the past month or two, I have been giving him (a year old now) just a sprinkle (maybe 1/4 tsp) of coconut on his regular dry food (1/2 cup per meal) three times a day and it seems to be keeping it under control very nicely.
    This little fellow is now 20 pounds and holding and eating and sleeping regularly – I might mention lots of prayer went into this effort too!

  5. Dr. Don Selvidge

    Thanks to the Graedons for making the many natural remedies known to the public. A data bank of credible one-main-source natural “cures” would be valuable to have on line. When I am seeing patients, I have difficulty remembering all the good natural remedies to have them try. I have to search several sources. I would be glad to pay for such a service.

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