Knox unflavored gelatine, strengthen your nails

Arthritis pain is not an inevitable part of aging, but sometimes it may seem so. When joints ache and complain, you may not want to get into a regular habit of taking NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen. Or possibly you can’t, because you don’t tolerate the side effects or you take another medication that interacts badly with NSAIDs. What else can you try for relief? Have you considered Knox gelatine?

Knox Gelatine for Joint Pain:

Q. I had been suffering with aching joints for a little over 10 years. Doctors didn’t pay attention because I’m only 37. Yet I could not move well and was in constant pain.

My mom read about taking gelatin to ease joint pain. I didn’t listen, but then she asked me to do her the favor of printing out some info on this subject off the Internet for a friend.

She’s very wise: the friend was me! She knew I would at least try it if I found others online with similar afflictions.

So I gave unflavored gelatin a try, a little bit in a glass of water. I was skeptical but by the third night, I was able to move my toes with no pain!

It had been a decade since I’d felt this good. In about a week and a half after starting, my hands were not swollen and I was able to type, brush my hair and do other tasks I hadn’t been able to do before. To me, it is a personal miracle.

Will Knox Gelatine Help Arthritis?

A. We heard about this remedy for joint pain a couple of years ago from a reader who stirs a packet of Knox Gelatine into juice, oatmeal or yogurt every day. You can read more stories on our website,

We have not found clinical trials on the use of gelatin for arthritis pain. A recent study in rats found, however, that collagen from gelatin helped to protect cartilage in experimentally induced osteoarthritis (Isaka et al, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, June 2017). We suspect that the effects for humans might be similar.

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  1. Marie
    Prairie Grove Ar.

    Hello my mom asked me if I had heard anything about using the gelatin for a rise on your hair. does anyone know anything about this.

  2. Helpme

    When u follow the instructions on the box the 1st time u us it u will have an idea of what to exspected when making ur own flavored gelatin. The gelatin has NO flavored & NO sugar.

  3. Robin

    My problem with the gelatin is that the gelatin is made from pigs’ skin.
    I have seen on other articles that Certo is used. Certo appears to be made from plants and may have the same effect.
    Has anyone tried the Certo for arthritis?

  4. Dutch
    bay area

    I take Enbrill shots. I take 1 packet Knox Gelatin in A.M. and 1 in P.M. Pain level and swelling have gone down as as a result. Heat a cup of water to boiling. Pour the gel and one packet Emergen-C for flavor. It works.

  5. Me

    How long is this gelatin recommended for? I bought 2 containers and would like to know how much the packets contained for my own measurement. Also my mother is taking it per the advice of the caregiver and she is over 70 years old. Are there any side effects? Should it be taken for life?

  6. Nancy
    Keansburg, N.J.

    I just read all the comments said about using gelatin for joint pain which I do have in my knee and hip.Also, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and sciatic pain .I am definitely going to try this! And hopefully this will help! Thank you for sharing your comments!

    • Sheera

      I am super anxious to hear how those of you who recently tried this are now feeling? I do have a question about the mixture… is it important to let it sit overnight or can I just mix and drink.. and get the same effects??

  7. Liz
    Toms River, NJ

    I just started my 1st dose. I intend to do 2x a day 1/2 packet am & pm in a cup of tea. I’m having severe pain in my fingers. Have osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis so I’m hoping this works. I will update in a few week…

  8. Hafeez

    Sir please tell me. Will it work on rheumatisum?

  9. Doug

    I mix a packet of Knox with approx. 1/3 cup of natural fruit juice or the brand “Vitamin Water” , it turns into a jell that I eat with a spoon.

    • jose

      I use this remedy, and it works.

      At night mix 2 tablespoon of gelatin (unflavored, I prefer) with 1/4 cup of water. Leave it till the next day, and in the morning mix it with water, juice or yogurt (whatever you prefer) before you eat anything.

      Do this for 7 days, then repeat after one month and then after 6 months.

      • jean

        why can’t you just take some every day….do you feel that it wouldn’t be safe?

      • Shay

        2 tablespoons or 2 teaspoons? Other remedies I’ve read say 2 teaspoons. Over time, did you find this amount worked?

  10. TERRY

    I was taking an envelope of knox gelatin a day for about a week for knee osteoarthritis. All of a sudden, I developed diarrhea, which I never had. I stopped gelatin and diarrhea ended. Can I restart use with smaller dosage?

  11. Bill
    Tallahassee, fla

    Hi Betsy….Thanks much for the tid bit…Will try on our oatmeal in the am…Merci..Bill

  12. Melinda

    What is the recipe for consuming this gelatin?

  13. Janie
    Harlingen texas

    What is the difference with regular flavored jello

    • Betsy
      Savannah, GA

      The difference between flavored jello and unflavored is that it contains sugar. We just read, we are as a country are eating way too much sugar. I put it in my hot oatmeal which I eat with no added sugar and some fruit on top. You will never know you have added it.

    • jose

      There is no difference except the sugar. I prefer it without sugar

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