Q. A couple wrote to you that they were taking Certo in grape juice to relieve arthritis pain. Did they say how long to keep taking it?

My mother-in-law is trying it, and says it is better than gin-soaked raisins so far. Please send anything you have on these home remedies.

A. You aren’t the only one who wanted more information on home remedies for aches and pains. M.L. in Santa Monica asked about golden raisins soaked in gin: “since the gin evaporates, is there a problem for someone who shouldn’t drink alcohol?”

There’s hardly any science involved in home remedies but we did have the gin-soaked raisins analyzed. After evaporation, nine raisins contain about one drop of alcohol.

The recipe: put golden raisins in a shallow bowl and barely cover with gin. Allow the gin to evaporate; then eat nine raisins daily.

Anyone who should avoid alcohol should probably not even mess with a bottle of gin. The temptation could be too great. We continue to get LOTS of questions about how to prepare gin-soaked raisins:

Here are just a few frequently asked questions:

How long does it take for the gin to evaporate?

Once the raisins are ready, should they be refrigerated?

Does it matter what type of gin you use?

Can you use dark raisins instead of golden raisins?

Are there any side effects to the gin-soaked raisins?

Will I flunk a Breathalyzer test after eating the raisins?

Answers to these FAQs along with lots of other valuable information can be found in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis publication.

Certo is a canning aid used to thicken home made jams and jellies. The remedy calls for a tablespoon of Certo in 8 oz. of grape juice each day. People also put Certo in pomegranate juice or cherry juice. There are no rules on length of use.

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  1. Birdie

    Has anyone tried tart cherry juice? It seems to take quite a bit, but it definitely seemed to help. Make sure it is cherry juice listed first on the label.

  2. T.G. Garringer

    Wife drinks 8oz of welches daily (hates red wine). We are going to start this Friday a.m..

    We will post results. I have been in a great deal of hip pain. (cold weather, had prob. last winter also). Much worse this year. She has knots on her fingers and arthritic shoulder.

  3. MH

    Ok ya’ll…..this Certo/Grape Juice combo is AWESOME! It is completely, totally unbelievable! I could hardly move after sitting for any length of time and after taking this just a couple of times (forgot to take it EVERY day) so far I am pain free! I can actually get out of bed and start walking without being in pain, I can actually get up from a chair at a restaurant and start walking without pain, I can actually get up from my chair at work and walk to the printer WITHOUT BEING IN PAIN!!!!! I am totally amazed! This is great!!! Will definitely keep taking it!

  4. Linda R.

    Almost 70, I had used gin/raisins for a good while for my hip and knee discomfort. I used the cheapest gin and am not sure if that made a difference as the results seemed to decrease. Now my discomfort has grown to real Pain, especially in the morning upon awakening and again in the evenings. I had read of Certo and grape juice, but never tried it because I despised the cloying sweetness of the grape juice.
    After reading the comments here, I at last, after much resistance, decided to try it, getting a more expensive grape juice at Whole Foods, hoping to avoid that awful sweetness. I had also read of the benefits of red wine for heart, memory and Alzheimer’s, and I have a strong family history. But like the grape juice, I did not care for red wine either.
    When I was getting my Certo, I decided to buy a bottle of really cheap red wine on sale. The first night when i was going to try the Certo/grape juice combo, again the cloying sweetness deterred me, so I simply used 6 oz of red wine and 1 Tbs. of Certa. What the heck.
    I truly expected nothing and was dreading the whole thing, understanding that it took a while to get any results at all.
    You can imagine my amazement when I woke the next morning and the awful pain was not there! Yes, my hips had a dull ache, but nothing like before. Documenting this, my hip Pain, did return that evening as usual. But again, this morning, after my second night trial of wine and Certo, gone was the Pain, only an ache in my hips and no ache in my knee. Never has a dull ache been more welcomed.
    I plan to document this and am hoping for more results with time as others experienced. But at least today, I feel like simply walking!
    I will also report my future progress, or lack thereof here as time passes in my personal clinical trial. Smile.

  5. KAW

    I have been using one teaspoon of certo in a glass of red wine and I start to feel better immediately. All kidding aside, I have had bad stinging knees for a long time and hope this works. I will report back on any improvement.

  6. RH

    No constipation that I could discern. I eat the raisins mostly every day – usually a small handful (which is more than 9, but I’m retired and counting raisins isn’t on my agenda. I drink the grape juice (1/2 water) and Certo every morning. When I don’t work with tools or perform other hand-labor, I am sure I feel the difference, but when I’m working on things, the pain is constant and only a day or two of non-activity lessens the pain. As for feeling any other (side) effect, I don’t.

  7. ps

    Does taking the certo/juice mixture cause constipation? I tried it for a few days and stopped because things down south started slowing down. Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. Darlene B.

    For arthritis pain:
    I am type 2 diabetic. What kind of liquid works the same as grape juice with the Certo? Even no “sugar added” grape juice has a high sugar content.

  9. JJB

    Please read the last paragraph. It says 1 tablespoon CERTO in 8 oz. juice each day.

  10. RH

    The earlier postings indicated that one 3oz Certo envelope in 64oz of grape juice is the ratio. Another poster said she was able to achieve the desired effect by cutting the juice by half; that is, 32oz juice, 32oz water, 3oz Certo. It’s a great drink – I just finished my first 64/3 grape juice/Certo mixture – and I’m waiting for the gin to evaporate. I’ve cheated, I guess, since as soon as the gin dropped below the level of the raisins, and they dried a bit, I snagged a few of the top ones and ate them. Good, also.

  11. J.W.

    My husband and I have been using the Certo and grapefruit (and other juices, mixing one pack of liquid Certo with 64oz. of juice.) We then drink about 8oz. at breakfast. Not only has it helped my arthritis, but at almost 70yrs. of age it has helped with my “lady parts” my husband thinks this is great…and so do I. Thank you so very much.

  12. MAC

    I read about the pectin and grape juice and suggested to my friend who had had a hip replacement, when she was here from visit because she was still having arthritis pain. She used with pomegranate juice, but stopped before it was effective. I read on this site that it takes two weeks to “kick” in.
    My sister who has had one hip replaced twice and was having days where she could not hardly move until mid afternoon because of arthritis pains and I told her about the pectin (Certo) and grape juice, and being old sister I didn’t think she would listen but called and said she was starting. I told her don’t expect anything overnight it will take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I had been having “hippy” type of flare ups so I thought what is good for the goose is good for the gander and went and got my bottle of Welch’s grape juice and packet of liquid Certo and off I went.
    I have to tell you BOTH of us are feeling the results.. when my sister told me she was so much better, I was like harrah harrah… she listened… my friend also went back on the regiment and is getting results. I take as 64 oz bottle of Welch’s grape juice, add packet of liquid pectin and drink 6 ozs each morning while my coffee is brewing.

  13. Lou G

    I don’t see a question about proportions until BH above. The original question was how long to keep taking it. Certo contains 2 packs. I put a pack in a 64 oz bottle of Grape juice. One has to empty some juice out first, then shake well, then add whatever juice will go back in the bottle. This lasts me 8 days if I drink an 8 oz glass daily. I believe in another section on this website someone puts the entire 6 oz, 2 packs, in the bottle.

  14. pb

    If you read the very last paragraph – it states 1 Tablespoon of Certo to 8 ounces of grape juice – and then says there are no rules as to the length – so I’m guessing you just try it and see if it works.

  15. AMS

    Your reply was not helpful, because it did not answer the question that was asked. The writer had inquired about Certo in grape juice, while your response was all about gin. How much Certo and how much grape juice?

  16. Lou G

    As I’ve posted on this website on another link to Certo and Grape juice, I’ve been on it 3 years now, and haven’t had the severe foot pain problem I had back then.

  17. BTB

    I’ve tried the gin-soaked raisins and have had no effect. But I’m also on daily anti-inflammatory prescription and may be too advanced in my arthritis as I have bone-on-bone issues. By the way, You didn’t answer the question of how long to take the GrapeJuice/Pectin mixture.

  18. Gail X.

    There are two of us that need the grape juice, apple cider, apple cider vinegar and certo drink to help with our moderate arthritis pain. So I make a whole gallon at a time and we take our vitamins and supplements with it. The effect is mostly unnoticeable. Stop taking it for a while and then you realize how good it does it’s job.

  19. BH

    You didn’t address the question. . . which was about Certo and grape juice. What are the proportions?

  20. Pat K.

    I tried the gin soaked golden raisins and found they upset my stomach. After looking at what makes the raisins golden, I discovered they contain sulfites and I definitely have an aversion to sulfites as found in wine and processed coconut. So, if one is allergic to, or has any adverse reaction to sulfur drugs or sulfites don’t try the golden raisins and gin. By the way, the sulfites are probably the reason the home remedy works for some people because sulfer is a common additive to arthritis meds.

  21. ch

    If you take Certo (and it works well for me, too, in lowering cholesterol), you have to be careful of not getting too much potassium. Certo is potassium citrate, I believe.

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