Q. My granddaughter is a ballerina and she has problems with warts on the bottoms of her feet. I had seen a remedy in your column but I had no idea I would need it. Please repeat it for my granddaughter’s sake.
A. We have collected dozens of wart remedies over the years. One mother had success treating her daughter’s warts with vinegar and duct tape: “Apply the vinegar on a tiny piece of cotton ball, place it on the wart, cover it with duct tape and leave it on for a few days.” Other people skip the vinegar and just apply duct tape directly to the wart.
Another reader shared this: “I had success making a poultice out of grated ginger and grated raw potato. I applied the mixture to a plantar wart under a bandage overnight. It took several weeks, but it worked.”
Then there is this story: “I had Plantar Warts 50 years ago. In Chicago I went to doctor after doctor looking for help. I had so many different treatments I cannot even remember them all.
“Soon I had the mother wart producing babies near her. One doctor used a needle to puncture each little hole or pin prick type lesion. Others applied acid and other solutions to the warts. Nothing worked and they were spreading.
“We moved to a little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I went to the small town podiatrist and he gave me an prescription for Vitamin A acetate. I think that is the correct name for synthetic Vit A. I remember also that they were water soluble Vitamins. After all it has been many many years. In 15 days the warts were gone, never to return.”
You will find more details about other wart remedies here and here and here. Because plantar warts can be painful to walk on, we can only imagine how uncomfortable they must be for a dancer. We hope one of these remedies solves the problem.

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  1. D. E. P.

    I had a positive experience with the banana peel treatment many years ago. I read in a magazine that the banana skin should be touching the wart from it’s outside skin not inner. Just a small piece is sufficient to cover the wart. Finally, wrap it with a bandage. Wear comfortable shoes, of course. Keep doing this for a few days and your wart should macerate until it washes off naturally. It worked for me.

  2. gd

    Looks like there are quite a few remedies for those painful plantar warts, but I’ll add one more that worked for myself and some friends in case your daughter hasn’t found relief from any of the other tips.
    The remedy is Vitamin E. Pierce a 400 IU Vitamin E tablet and apply the contents directly to the wart and cover with a band-aid two times/day – early morning and right before going to bed (so that you’re off your feet during the 2nd application). Be sure to squeeze the Vit E onto the wart, as well as the cotton pad on the band-aid so that it doesn’t just absorb the Vit E from your foot. I also swallowed one 400 IU Vit E tablet each time I applied the Vitamin to my foot. I recall it took 2-4 weeks to fully clear up (the wart ultimately turned black and fell off or just disappeared), but the good news is you’ll know pretty fast if it’s working because the pain should subside within just a few days.

  3. ba

    Most amazingly to watch warts immediately start to diminish within minutes. Take a fresh picked young fig leaf and rub the milky sap from the break over the infected area.

  4. TCP

    I also had a wart on my elbow as a child. I was always hitting it while playing and causing it to bleed. In our community there was a person who could talk off warts. One day he was out walking and my mother called to him. He touched my wart said a few words and in a few weeks the wart was gone never to re-appear. I also live in the South…. I’m a believer……

  5. CBL

    In the South, there used to be people who could “talk off” warts. They’d look at a wart, touch it and gently massage it, and soon the wart would disappear. I remember hearing a boy at my university swear that his mother had taken him to a “talker” to remove his numerous hand warts. She wanted him to make a nice first impression on the college girls. He thought it was silly, but the warts disappeared after an old gentleman “talked off” his warts. Who knows?

  6. ns

    As a child I had a colony of warts on one knee. I fell and knocked the tops off of them. Blood ran down my leg and wherever the blood had gone new warts appeared. At that time there was an over-the-counter oil (tinted red) in a small bottle with an applicator called something like Wart Off. By reading the label we found it was nothing more than mineral oil. After applying it for several weeks all the warts were gone. They just came off in layers gradually until nothing remained.
    That was a good sixty years ago and they never returned. I think it is less important what kind of oil than that it be applied several times a day faithfully. I suspect the oil “smothers” the organism.

  7. J E

    I have had success in regard to getting rid of warts by using tea tree oil. Originally my Dr froze the wart and it came back so after reading something online I tried it and that was over 10 yrs ago and the wart has not returned. It was painless and took approximately 1-2 weeks to fall off. This was not a plantar wart, it was on my finger.

  8. paulbyr

    When I was a Tenderfoot in the Boy Scouts (about 1948), we had to hold hands for the opening or closing ceremony every week. I had a big, fuzzy looking wart at the juncture of my ring and little finger and the other boys hated to hold hands with me. Somewhere, my mother heard that castor oil would remove warts.
    I was VERY motivated and applied it possibly 4 or 5 times a day (I kept the little bottle of castor oil in my pocket). After just a few weeks, as I applied the castor oil one day, the wart just “rolled” out of its socket. The little socket it left gradually completely healed so I had normal skin there. I can still see a little scar where it was.
    I have occasionally wondered if the oil or the toxic effects of the castor killed the virus.

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