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For reasons that remain somewhat mysterious to us, amlodipine (Norvasc) is one of the most popular blood pressure medications in the pharmacy. This calcium channel blocker lowers blood pressure in part by interfering with the flow of calcium into artery walls. This helps dilate blood vessels in the heart and throughout the body.

Amlodipine is perceived by many health professionals as a highly effective, low-risk medication. We estimate that nearly 14 million Americans swallow a pill containing amlodipine every day.

Drug Combinations containing Amlodipine:

Although this calcium antagonist is most frequently prescribed as a single pill, increasingly it is combined with other drugs. There is, for example, amlodipine plus an ACE inhibitor called benazepril. The brand name is Lotrel.

Amlodipine plus valsartan is called Exforge

Amlodipine plus olmesartan is Azor

Amlodipine plus aliskiren is Tekamlo

Amlodipine plus telmisartan is Twynsta

These combination products are designed to lower blood pressure more effectively than amlodipine alone. There is even a drug combo that combines the cholesterol-lowering drug atorvastatin with amlodipine. It is called Caduet.

What this means is that many patients are taking amlodipine and may not even realize it. Are there any downsides to this drug?

The FDA’s Official Info:

When you read the prescribing information for Norvasc you learn that

“NORVASC has been evaluated for safety in more than 11,000 patients in U.S. and foreign clinical trials. In general, treatment with NORVASC was well-tolerated at doses up to 10 mg daily. Most adverse reactions reported during therapy with NORVASC were of mild or moderate severity. In controlled clinical trials directly comparing NORVASC (N=1730) at doses up to 10 mg to placebo (N=1250), discontinuation of NORVASC due to adverse reactions was required in only about 1.5% of patients and was not significantly different from placebo (about 1%).”

That makes it seem as if Norvasc is super safe. Dig a little deeper, though, and you will see that over 10% of patients taking 10 mg daily develop edema or fluid retention. Dizziness, flushing, headache, sleepiness, fatigue and heart palpitations are also listed, but are not considered common complications of the drug.

The FDA has another category for side effects. It is what we refer to as the “LESS THAN 1%” rate. In other words, these are adverse drug reactions that are supposed to affect fewer than 1% of patients. The FDA states that “a causal relationship is uncertain.”

We also refer to this as the cover your derriere section. Should someone actually develop one of these seemingly rare side effects, both the company and the FDA can claim that it was listed along with dozens of other symptoms. But few health professionals take these side effects very seriously. After all, less than 1% seems almost trivial. It is unlikely that patients would be told about anything that affects less than 1%. But judging from our comment section, many people do experience some of these so-called rare side effects.

Skin Reactions:

Although there is mention of “allergic reaction,” “pruritis” (also known as itching) and “rash,” these are not perceived as common or terribly worrisome. Our visitors would beg to disagree. Here are just a few comments:

Gary in New Zealand is suffering:

“I have been on 5 mg  of amlodipine plus statins for two years. I suddenly developed an intense red spotty body rash (like measles). I also experienced muscular pains, tinnitus in both ears and diminished hearing.

“I have extreme fatigue (like sleeping sickness). I stopped all medication and now seem to be gradually recovering, but the rash persists. It’s been 8 weeks now since I stopped meds, so here’s hoping. I am in my 70’s and BP is still down around 120/70.”

Anne in Ohio also suffered a rash:

“I was put on mmlodapine besylate 5 mg once per day in January. I kept record of my BP and based on the fluctuations the doctor decided for me to take the 5 mg twice a day for a consistent reading on BP.

“At the end of February, after getting out of the shower, I noticed on my legs a series of pin dot red spots that looked like a rash. I didn’t think much about it but thought it could be a reaction to drug amlodapine.

“I was out of town for a week and during that time broke out in itching hives on arms, chest, thighs and buttocks. When home I promptly saw the doctor and he changed my medicine to lisinopril. After over 9 days on lisinopril, the itching and new break outs continue. I read where it takes 11.5 days to get Amlodipine out of system, also itching and hives can also be a side effect of lisinopril.

“So back to doctor who wants me to see a dermatologist for skin condition and thinks it is allergies. (I don’t even get poison ivy), so I refused as I know the cause is the mmlodapine and/or lisinopril. I am just waiting it out. I am a 68 year old female, vegetarian, walk/ jog 2 miles daily. I am very disgusted with the entire ordeal and wish I could lower BP naturally. So pleased to read other people’s similar experiences.”

Sally shared her husbands experience:

“My husband has been taking amlodipine 10 mg and he has had a rash for 2 years. It never clears up. His nurse told him her uncle was on amlodipine and he developed a rash which never went away. I will make sure his primary changes it to something else.”

Sylvie in Canada adds her story:

I have been on amlodipine for high pressure for a couple months first at 5 mg then at 10 mg. I developed eczema and a terrible rash a bit after taking the med. At night I feel palpitations, plus I have numbing of the fingers, hands arms.”

Perhaps rash is not as uncommon as we have been led to believe.

Other side effects associated with amlodipine include:

  • Swollen ankles
  • Fluid retention
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Palpitations
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Skin rash

The ALLHAT Trial:

A fascinating study called ALLHAT (Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial) involving over 33,000 participants revealed some curious data. An inexpensive diuretic called chlorthalidone was just as effective as pricier drugs like lisinopril (Prinivil or Zestril) or amlodipine (Norvasc) when it came to reducing complications of hypertension such as kidney or cardiovascular problems. More important, however, this diuretic was better able to prevent heart failure (Archives of Internal Medicine, May, 2009).

Heart failure is a very serious condition. Elizabeth Taylor died from congestive heart failure and it is a difficult disease to treat. Because calcium channel blockers like amlodipine have been linked to a higher risk of heart failure (American Heart Journal, Jan, 2007), than diuretics like chlorthalidone, we think patients should be warned about this potential complication and other side effects associated with this medication.

One other word of caution. An article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (Feb. 22, 2011) has reported that when calcium channel blockers like amlodipine are combined with certain antibiotics such as erythromycin (E-Mycin) or clarithromycin (Biaxin) that the result can be a precipitous drop in blood pressure. This is particularly problematic for older people as it can cause serious dizziness or shock and lead to some very dangerous cardiovascular complications. It can also increase the risk for falls.

More Stories from Visitors to this website.

Below you will find reports from readers. Feel free to add your own experience (positive or negative) with regards to amlodipine.

Vicki S and fatigue:

“I have always had a problem with any kind of medicine since I was young. I am now on only two medicines for BP: atenolol and amlodipine. I suffer severe headaches and debilitating flu like symptoms without the muscle aches. I experience dizziness to the point of being immobile.

“No doctor seems concerned or able to find anything to help. They just don’t want to deal with it.”

Tyler describes foot swelling and withdrawal:

“On my doctor’s advice I took 10mg of amlodipine along with Carvedilol for about a year to control high blood pressure. I am otherwise healthy.

“After my feet began swelling, I put up with it for as long as I could, but stopped when it became too painful to walk. So I called my doctor and told his nurse that I was stopping the two drugs, and asked if there was something else I could take.

“They called back and scheduled an appointment. When I saw the doctor a few days later, he said he would not prescribe a new drug at that time. HE NEVER MENTIONED ANY POSSIBLE PROBLEM FROM ABRUPTLY STOPPING THE AMLODIPINE. About 10 days later I developed extreme “rebound hypertension,” with BP soaring to as high as 220 over 118.

“Two weeks later, I am STILL struggling with high hypertension!! These doctors cause more problems than they solve by failing to give patients the info they need to make intelligent health decisions. Had I been warned, I would NOT have stopped the drugs abruptly, but sought advice on how to wean myself off of them.”

Jimmy smelled smoke:

“I noticed the past two years that my feet get really cold at night. I never linked it to my medications. I checked with my doctor, and he believed it could be a side effect of the amlodipine. In fact, he was having the same issue with the drug.

“I was also fascinated by the comment from someone who reported smelling cigarette smoke. I’ve noticed it as well. I thought someone may have been outside my home smoking, but never saw anyone. Now I suspect amlodipine.”

No one should EVER stop any medication without checking in with the prescriber. But please let your doctor know if you experience uncomfortable side effects. And share your experience with blood pressure medicine below in the comment section.

Revised 4/13/17

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  1. Lori
    Orange County, CA

    I am a 52 year old woman who has had borderline hypertension for 12 years. I have tried many medications only to develop hives and itching. It’s been about 5 yearso since I was willing to try anot her medication. 5mg Amlodipine was prescribed. I had the most severe side effects of my life to a medication. Started out with a stiff neck, earache and loss of hearing.

    Then came joint pain, joint stiffness, extreme fatigue, severe headache, swollen face, low fever . I thought I had the flu. Kept taking the Amlodipine not knowing it was the cause. By day 6 I was not getting better and figured out what I was doing different. Started to also vomit with severe nausea. Had my daughter drive me to UC .

    I didn’t tell doctor my hunch. Went over my info and she concured. Recieved anti-nausea and pain relief shot. This was 2 days ago. I am much better but still have lingering symptoms. Headache is a level 3 hurts to bend over, cough, or lift, earaches level 4, Fatigue, knee stiffness and one thumb with extreme weakness. I am hoping all the symptoms will disappear soon. It was a rough 7 days.

  2. Kevin

    I was taking a 5 mg dose of Amlodipine, but after repeated symptoms of shortness of breath, dizziness and being in a fog, asked my doctor about it. He recommended just stopping it. Since that, my BP is up to 183/76, and I can feel my heart beating. The doc’s response was: “We can try something else, if you’d like”. If I’d like???? Are there alternatives?

  3. Phil G.

    Your website convinced me to take my wife off of Amlodipine.
    She was just prescribed amlodipine as a substitute for other long working but slightly problematic heart medicines.

    She started getting terribly swollen feet and legs. She’d never had that happen before. She was prescribed low dose lasix as potential water retention solution. Absolutely no effect.

    She also had the extreme fatigue as well as the odd cigarette smelling characteristic. Since I took her off the amolodipine, her feet and ankles are slowly returning to normal-her lasix dose is in half now.

    My wife takes three other heart medicines so a high blood pressure reading will be controlled by those. Her blood pressure was still good (for her) after the amlodipine was stopped.This was terrifying watching my wife’s feet and legs blow up like never before along with her quickly decreasing ability to move.

    Thank you to everyone here who posted and who runs this website. You probably helped save my wife’s life.

  4. Dana

    I was prescribed amlodipine 8 weeks ago, 5 mg. At 7 weeks my eyes became bloodshot and itchy. As I am one of the 1% that develops side effects I cut the tabs in half to 2.5 mg. The red itchy eyes went down, but not away. I have on occasion itchy skin. I have been on a diet of about 1000 calories a day and cannot lose weight. There is some water retention around my ankles. I often smell cigarette smoke. Years ago I had an adverse reaction to Atenolo which resulted in hospitalization. I also am prescribed a statin. I now take COQ10, Tumeric D3, B12, and beet powder. I am trying hard to get away from medications. Once a doctor told me that he thought the preservatives in tablets cause adverse effects in some people. I believe that.

  5. James

    My doctor prescribed me 10 mg of amlodipine for mild/moderate hypertension readings. 2 years ago I had a very serious adverse side effect to an antibiotic I was prescribed for a sinus infection. Since then I’m very particular about reading and researching side effects to these drugs. After reading multiple sights and reviews, I’m very worried about this amlodipine and such a high dose for a first time taker. I have not started the drug yet. I think I’m going to reach out to my GP about an alternative. Any suggestions? He first prescribed diuretics but I wouldn’t take because of listed side effects. Should I start there? Thank you in advance for any advice. P.S. I’m a 45 yo male, slightly overweight.

    • Sarah

      My husband is on Amlodipine 5mg for his B/P. One day at work, he started having pains going down his left arm and pain in his chest they sent him to the ER they kept him for 3 days run all kinds of tesr found nothing wrong then when he went to his Doctor he increased the dose to 10mg now he is even tireder.

      I don’t understand on weekdays he gets a shower eats dinner than he is asleep on weekends he is so tired he doesn’t do anything he got like this when they put him on that pill yes he was like this on just 5mg someone please give me some help or answers. Thank You

  6. John

    I suffer from Cellulitus brought about as a result of a slight cut to my foot accidentally caused by a podiatrist during foot treatment. I am diabetic type II and at stage 3 CKD. I suffer peripheral neuropathy and nephropathy. I have regular blood tests taken. Some 6 weeks ago, I received a phone call from a hospital doctor who informed me that he had received the results of my most recent blood test that day and that my potassium levels showed dangerously high ( 6.9 ) and that I should come to the hospital ER immediately. I did so and was admitted and taken to the Cardiology Department where further tests were carried out on me, and by then my potassium had reduced to 6.6 . I was placed on a controlled saline and glucose drip until my potassium reached a safe level. After checking against my regular monthly prescribed medication , it was determined that the cause of the high potassium in my blood was due to a medication known as RAMIPRIL, and that I should stop taking it forthwith. Upon discharge from hospital, he prescribed me AMLODIPINE 10mg (one per day ).

    Since taking AMLODIPINE, I developed excruciating painful gout on my wrist and forearm and has since developed a severe rash causing me to itch until I bleed; the rash will not go away. My ankles itch. There has been a more severe increase in my peripheral neuropathy with uncontrollable bodily jerks and jumps. I have become confused, and I have began to have weird dreams (something I normally never experience). I lose my balance; the calf muscles of my legs have hardened; and my ability to walk has been considerably reduced. ( All of this in such a short period of time since taking AMLODIPINE.)

    I would not have believed the cause of such effects to my health would have been this drug, if it were not for this forum, but having read the reviews, I can now identify with others who have experienced the same, or similar effects. Whatever the outcome, I will stop taking AMLODIPINE immediately as the side effects are too many and too unbearable. I have never in my life been so badly affected. I thought I was nearing my end. I BELIEVE THIS DRUG AMLODIPINE IS VERY DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE BANNED FORTHWITH.

  7. Omeagan
    Washington, DC

    I’ve been taking Norvasc for about 2 weeks now and I’m experiencing flushing, dizziness, memory loss, discomfort in chest, and smelling smoke. I can deal with most of the symptom, but the other day I thought someone had lite a match and was smoking in my car. It was horrible.

    I read about people experiencing memory loss, but it happen almost instantly with me. It’s so scary, I want off of this med. It also doesn’t lower my blood pressure alone. My feel swelled up, so I took half of HCTZ 12.5 and the swelling lift and my BP went from 142/90 to 138/81.

    I need to find the right meds to take that will agree with my chemistry and not cause so many side effects.

  8. Lou

    My Doctor replaced my diueretic (Hydrachlorathizide) with Amlodipine 10mg. After one week I started getting out of breath very easily while doing the most mundane physical activities. I mean just going from the living room to the bedroom felt like I jogged 2 miles. The last straw was, when yesterday, I stood up from my desk and immediately past out. Woke up 15 minutes later with nausea, a cold sweat, a bump on my forehead and a sprained neck. (the bump and sprain caused from crashing into the wall as I fainted) I have no energy to do anything. Am getting off this drug right now cold turkey. There must be some better alternatives to Amlodipine cause I have one hell of a bed life threatening reaction to it.

    I wish to express my thanks to this forum as a way to informally share general experiences with Amlodipine

  9. Annie

    I too have experienced itching and rash around my ankles, but this seems to be subsiding after a couple of months on 10mg; also fluid retention in feet appears to be lessening. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

  10. Rose
    Fredericksburg, Va.

    I was prescribed amlodipine (norvasc) two year ago, was very good in lowering my bp, although I was always fatigued, also experienced dizziness and a rash on my lower legs. But the last straw was the terrible swelling of my feet and ankles. What I didn’t understand is why after using the meds for two year, was I experiencing the swelling. My feet were so swollen I could hardly wear my shoes and was itching so badly. I called my PC and she told me to stop taking the amlodipine, but I had already start to lower my dosage by taking the med every other day, so I did not stop it abruptly,because I know that you do have to wean yourself off some bp meds. My doctor prescribed Hydralazine 25 mg of which I take 3 x daily, it seems to be working.

  11. Cathy
    Ravenna, Ohio

    My doctor started me on Amlodipine Besylate for high blood pressure about two months ago. No problems at all so far. It’s been working great. (hope it stays that way lol, knock on wood lol)

  12. Chrissie K

    I have been on Amlodipine for some years. I was taking 5 mg. After a long time, I was told to switch to 10 mg. Now, I am having heart palpitations (abnormal heartbeats) especially when I am sleeping at night.

    I was told to be examined on ECG and the doctor told me that its normal because of aging and if it continues I should buy Arternol when palpitations stops I should continue with Amplodipine. But I am thinking its because of the medication I am using. Is it good to change the medication? Since I dont know what is happening in my heart.

    • Terry Graedon

      Amlodipine can cause palpitations. We are puzzled by the Arternol recommendation. Arternol is norepinephrine, not a blood pressure medication. Ask your doctor to explain further.

      • Dan
        St. Louis, Mo

        Maybe the suggestion was Atenolol, a beta-blocker. I used to carry a small amount around with me in case of a reaction to Nardil – an Mao Inhibitor. Sounds more likely than nor-epi… ?!? (Name brand of Tenormin)

  13. William P

    I’m grateful for this web site and the people who have shared their comments. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and my primary care givers are the VA doctors at Jesse Brown hospital in Chicago. I’m service connected disabled by Dioxin/Agent Orange exposure in 1969/1970. Once exposed Dioxin remains in the body for life. I’m now 68 years old.

    My VA doctor started me on Amlodipine about a year ago. The VA professionals are some of the most kindhearted and caring people I’ve ever known. I know her intention was to help me. I never gave it a second thought until strange things started to happen. I’m a body builder, weight trainer and walker. I can no longer run and I’m in pretty good health. My blood pressure was borderline so I agreed to start a medication. That was about nine months ago. I can relate to everyone who has shared so far. Here are my problems.

    My eyes are now blood shot and itching all day long. I have blurred vision. I’m mentally confused! I forget the names of my grandchildren. I lose my car keys. My thinking takes leaves of absence, I forget where I am and where I’m going. I get lost while I’m driving. I tell my wife I have CRS! Can’t Remember S–T!

    I get this high pitched ringing in my ears. I’m normally very fatigued and fall asleep when I sit down. I have this terrible rash, pin point red spots that itch like hell and are worse if you scratch them. I itch until I’m bleeding. It’s worse at night! I feel like something is biting me. I get huge hives all over my back. The only medication that helps is the itching medication we have for our little Yorkshire Terrier. It’s called, “ZYMOX” It’s a Topical Spray and it works better than any prescriptions I’ve been given. I now have erectile dysfunction and I’ve developed a neuro muscular problem with my ability to urinate and move my bowels. I also have numbing and tingling in my legs and feet.

    After finding this web site and reading that people smell cigarette smoke I knew I was in the right place. The other day I said this to my wife, “I know this sounds crazy but have you been smoking?” I knew the answer would be no but I had to ask. To rule out Type 2 Diabetes, because I have all the symptoms I took a special blood test yesterday. No problem there! So, what on earth has happened to me in nine months. I found out like the rest of the folks here! It’s without question a violent reaction from Amlodipine!
    I’ll talk with my PACT doctor today and suggest that I change medications or no medication at all until by body starts to recover and work right. I’m with you folks! This is a living hell!

    By the way, the ZYMOX Topical Spray works great! Blessing to all who suffer here!

    Bill P

    • Sunny

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Hi Bill,

      I’m wondering, you mentioned your eyes become blurred. Did you develop something called CSR (Central serous retinopathy)?

      I”m curious if this caused the same thing with my eye.


  14. Carolyn

    Amlopodine 10mg causing feet and leg swelling. Also taking diuretic. Talked to doctor and went off Amlodopine and tried other mess. None worked. Systolic reminded consistently in 140 range. So went back on the Amlodopine Be returned to 110 to 120 over 65-75 range. But now swelling back. I hate it!
    Now that BP range is low I am going to cut back to 5mg and see if that reduces swelling and keeps BP in acceptable range even if higher

    • Sunny
      Hong Kong

      Hi Bill,

      I’m wondering, you mentioned your eyes become blurred. Did you develop something called CSR (Central serous retinopathy)?

      I”m curious if this caused the same thing with my eye.


  15. Linda

    Amlodipine is the only drug that has stopped my migraines. I take it with micardis
    I take 5mg of amlodipine and 80 mg of micardis. Sometimes I get a bit of edema in lower legs and ankles but not much.

    I love amlodipine because I have no other side effects and it is the best for prevention of migraines. Had 6 years of constant migraines until I was given amlodipine. I have my life back, thanks to amlodipine!!! Amlodipine and Micardis keep my blood pressure normal as well.

    If you get migraines, trust me, Amlodipine will stop them, give it about 2 weeks and you will see an amazing difference.

  16. Amy

    I am on 5 mg of amlodipine and occasionally experience the smell of smoke. I did not even associate the two until I read someone else has had the same experience. It is a strange feeling smelling smoke when there is no evidence of it. I also experience occasional dizziness for only a few seconds and a little swelling in the ankles. I too would like to quit taking it but without it my blood pressure is too high. I believe mine is caused by veins skrinking from chemotherapy.

  17. Thai

    Wow, I had no idea other people have so much trouble with Amlodipine. I’ve been on 5 mg. for about 12 years and have only experienced moderately swollen ankles, which my doctor said might happen. The med does a very good job for me. I’m not overweight at 70, and am a 30-year vegetarian and eat fish/seafood, pasture raised eggs, and milk in my coffee. I think that helps many things go well at my annual physicals; my lipid profile is really good. Just FYI, if I get lots of truly vigorous exercise, my BP actually goes very low, which is a head’s up for all of us. Exercise is serious medicine if we’re serious about taking care of our health!

    • Linna

      I was started on Amlodipine 10 mg following kidney surgery. Within 2 days, I noted my feet, ankles, lower legs swelling a LOT, to the point of making my skin itch from the stretching. I am an RN and always read side effects when taking a new medicine. This was simply unacceptable. I called the doctor right away regarding the swelling and he ordered 5 mg which I tolerate without any edema in my lower legs.

      However, I get really cold feet AND hands in the evening. Uncomfortably cold. I run my hands under warm water to alleviate. The thing that really raised my eyebrows was the cigarette smoke. I’ve smelled it, too, here and there, now and then. I thought perhaps it was in a piece of furniture or carpet from guests who smoked in our house years ago, but why wouldn’t I smell it ALL the time. Very peculiar, but now, I wonder.

  18. CJB

    In 2013 my bp suddenly spiked. It had been under control with Lozol (Indapamide generic name), a diuretic, but suddenly it was elevated and would not come down. My doc put me on a low dose of Amlodipine along with Losartan. I was on Amlodipine for several months and fortunately, suffered no side effects. My bp finally got normal again with just the Indapamide. I never did find out what caused it to go up and stay up for so long. I’m just grateful I don’t have to take Amlodipine anymore. The fewer meds, the better.

  19. Lynne Howell

    Four years ago, my husband, then 78, was given Amlodipine (Norvasc) and AGRENOX in the hospital after a mild stroke that left no obvious physical effects. The drugs were added to LOTENSIN and ATENOLOL . He went to the hospital with normal thinking and came home with obvious cognitive problems. I asked three doctors if the additional drugs might be responsible and was treated like it was absurd for me to ask. One neurologist simply prescribed Aricept.
    I took it upon myself to stop the Norvasc before we started the Aricept. The improvement in his thinking was remarkable. He and I worked together to exercise his brain and he improved considerably to the point where he drives, goes to the store and to activities.
    Unfortunately, he has never completely returned to the person he was prior to the Norvasc and I consider that damage to be a result of this drug.

  20. Joan
    Buffalo, NY

    Norvasc was added to another blood pressure medicine Metoprolol. After 3 weeks on Norvasc I started to suffer nightmares every night. I stopped the Norvasc and continued on all my other medicines, and the nightmares stopped. It was obvious that it was the Norvasc that was causing them.

  21. Aya

    I can relate to the side effects of amlodopine — itching, smelling of smoke — but what are the alternatives? My doc gave me a cream to treat the itching….. I walk daily, changed my diet drastically to the mediterranean type diet, I meditate daily. Other meds also have side effects. I’ve seen folks get strokes by not taking their bp meds; that’s not an attractive alternative….. Still searching for effective and safe ways to treat this condition of hbp.

  22. Brigitte

    Amlodipine has been the med for me. We tried many different drugs to lower my BP, but the 5 mg of amlodipine did it. However, I also eat as low sodium as possible (even bake my own bread), try to keep my weight under control, and walk at least 3 miles a day in addition to my normal activity, which together comes to about 5 – 7 miles a day. I find that this combination is the key for me (walking makes a world of difference.) Sometimes my BP goes up when I get cold, and we tried to increase to 10 mg during winter, but that didn’t work for me (some swelling in my ankles). Now, I never thought that my cold feet at night were related to the med, but this is not significant enough for me to change anything. I just put soft socks on before I go to bed. I have learned that controlling BP is trial and error, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, I think everybody should consider life style first, and then, if needed, slowly add a medication.

  23. Sammy

    I was placed on Co-Davian for (80mg/12.5) sometime in August 2015 but I stopped after sometime in 2016 and started taking only herb supplement (Cadio power capsules of the Green World). towards the end of 2016 I started again after seeing an eye doctor who insisted I must be on a high BP drug. I discovered that I feel as if there is a speck or hair strand in my left eye only. I read the leaflet in the Co-Davian and discovered it said the medicine has a side effect of Glaucoma. I met another Doctor who then prescribed NORSASC 10mg. I had a terrible headache the night I drank it at about 4pm. I have just read that there are so many side effects of this NORVASC (Amlodipine). Please what advise does any body have? Is there any BP medicine without these side effects because I might return to only exercises and supplements like Cardio-power and Lecithin capsules to control the high BP. I was also told by the Doctor to be taking Vasoprin one tablet twice day. Please I need advise urgently.

  24. p t

    started off 5mg amlodipine and felt ok, even greatly reduced my migraines. then got BP checked again and gp said it was still quite high so she prescribed 10mg. I haven’t been right since! severe dizziness at time, tired sleepy aches in my shoulders and back feeling spaced out and no motivation for anything. have just seen gp today, she says it’s not the amlodipine! I’m reducing today to half a tab, see how it goes.

    • Stephanie

      You need to do some research on herbs that can lower blood pressure and be beneficial to your heart. One of them is Hawthorn Berries. Accupuncture can help also. Check with an herbalist or Naturopath, they can direct you. Yes, your insurance may not pay for a visit, but your health is worth the cost. And please don’t forget the a good quality fish oil can also help lower BP.

  25. Gary
    New Zealand

    I have been on 5mg Amlodipine and statins for two years. I suddenly went down with an intense red spotty body rash (like measles), muscular torso pains, tinnitus in both ears, diminished hearing. Also extreme fatigue (like sleeping sickness). Also a persistent dry cough. I stopped all medication and now seem to be gradually recovering, but the rash persists. It’s been 8 weeks now since I stopped meds, so here’s hoping. I am in my 70’s and BP is still down around 120/70.
    To all those folk on here that have been through worse than me with amlodopine, I wish you a speedy recovery. On the face of it, it’s a horrible medicine. I think a healthy diet and daily exercise is the answer. Walking is the best exercise, especially up and down hill so that you get some bone jolting going downhill.

    • Anne Rupert

      I was put on Amlodapine besylate 5 mg once per day in January for a start. I kept record of my BP and based on the fluctuations the doctor decided for me to take the 5 mg twice a day for a consistent reading on BP. At the end of February after getting out of the shower, I noticed on my legs a series of pin dot red spots that looked like a rash. I didn’t think much about it but thought it could be a reaction to drug Amlodapine. I was out of town for a week and during that time broke out in itching hives on arms, chest, thighs and buttocks. When home I promptly saw doctor and he promptly changed medicine to Lisinopril 10 mg once per day. After over 9 days on Lisinopril, the itching and new break outs continue. I read where it takes 11.5 days to get Amlodipine out of system, also itching and hives can also be a side effect of lisinopril. So back to doctor who wants me to see a dermatologist for skin condition and thinks it is allergies. (I don’t even get poison ivy), so I refused as I know cause is the Amlodapine and Lisinopril. So just waiting it out. I am a 68 year old female, vegetarian, walk/ jog 2 miles daily. Very disgusted with the entire ordeal and wish I could lower BP naturally. So pleased to read other people’s similar experiences.

  26. Marla
    North Carolina

    I started taking amlodipine besylate 10mg 2 months ago along with Valsartan/hctz 320/25mg. When the Dr. Added the Amlodipine Besylate, I thought I had gotten lice from my grandkids. It’s worse at night. I have severe itching on ribs, legs, groin, top of my feet. I scratched so hard I have areas that hv bleed.

    Granted Hctz Dry’s out your skin, so I increased lotion. That didn’t help. Increase my fluid intake and noted the tops of my feet and ankles swelling. Now that I have read about this drug, they should have to take it as well as the FDA. My Dr is wonderful and we all have to remember Dr’s are not gods, they are humans, and we all need to be more active in our health care. I am very grateful for everyone’s posts. I am not crazy!!

  27. Sallyann Fallon

    My husband has been taking Amlodipine 10 mg and he has had a rash for 2 years which it never clears up. His nurse told him her Uncle was on Amlodipine and he developed a rash which never went away. So I will make sure his primary changes it to something else.

  28. don
    euclid ohio

    I have been on Amlodipine and Benazepril for months after they changed me from Lotrel. Recently I developed bad ithching and rash that so far they can’t clear up. I will see an allergy doctor this week, and hopefully he can advise me. I don’t think my heart doctor believes in side effects.

    • Fiona

      Hi don,

      I’m on amnodipine 10mg since the past couple months every so often I get a rash by my ankles the doctor didn’t seem interested – wonder if I should be changing the meds one of the side effects is swollen feet and rash my rash is under the skin and looks rather unsightly sometimes it’s itchy.

  29. sylvie

    I have been on amlodipine for high pressure for a couple months first at 5mg then at 10 mg, I have develop excema a terrible rash and a bit after taking the med at night palpitations plus I have numbing of the fingers, hands arms…my blood pressure still at 180/95 so not great anyway…I am reducing from 10 to 5 as of today and making doctor appointment…

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