We are constantly amazed by some of the comments we receive about home remedies for arthritis, bursitis and other painful inflammatory conditions. We have been writing about such non-drug approaches for decades and believe that there must be something going on beyond the placebo effect.
We hasten to add that some people get no benefit. Of course, that is also true with pricey and powerful prescription drugs. Speaking of which, there is a terrific article by Laurie Tarkan in the New York Times titled “Topical Gel Catches Up with Pills for Relief.” It is all about topical NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). They have been popular around the world for decades but only in the last few years have made it to the U.S. You can read all about them in our book, Best Choices From The People’s Pharmacy. They are much less likely to cause side effects compared to oral NSAIDs like diclofenac (Voltaren), ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve).
But we digress. Back to home remedies. Here are a couple of amazing stories we thought you would find as intriguing we we do:
After looking at People’s Pharmacy recipes in our local paper, I decided to try the Certo and grape juice.
I had bursitus in my shoulder, hip and knees for over 5 years. My nails had dry white lines along them. All gone, a miracle, in 4 days. No pain meant my hip relaxed so much my massage therapist was shocked.
I experimented. Safeway carries both Certo and white grape juice. I mixed 64 oz of grape juice and 1 package of Certo. I take only 4 ozs of the mixture mid morning. I am in complete awe.
This goes along with the soap under the sheet miracle. Certo can be found in the canning areas of the supermarket. I have stocked up for winter when they might not carry it.
Barb, August 28, 2010 11:17 AM
Another recipe for Certo and grape juice is 1 TBL Certo in 8 oz grape juice per day.
I suffered from hip pain for almost 6 years. The pain was worse when standing, not so bad when walking or moving around. During this time, I went to two different chiropractors, had three different injections with three different doctors (pain doctors and sports medicine), and went through acupuncture sessions with two different acupuncturists.
My regular doctor commented that two of his patients had pain relief from the raisin/gin treatment, so I tried it. A few days after I started the treatment I was standing in line to pick up some prescriptions at WalMart and suddenly realized I had no pain when standing. I’ve been pain free for a little over a year now.
JM, August 10, 2010
For more details on the Raisin Remedies search this site or look for our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis.

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  1. Lolo

    The certo and grape juice worked for me. I had terrible plantar fasciitis I had stopped exercising completely for a year and tried foot exercises, vitamins, etc. Nothing worked. This recipe completely cured my feet in 2 and a half weeks!

  2. Lois

    Two friends have cured their plantar fascitis by soaking their feet in apple cider vinegar which is slightly warmed. Same vinegar can be used each evening if you wash your feet first. They both claimed they were over it in just a few soakings – one developed it again a few weeks later but soaked again and it disappeared.

  3. Cecily

    If Plantar fascitis is a Plantar’s wart try this which was great for me. Every day place a piece of banana peel, flesh side against the skin and cover with a band aid. Replace each day. My large Plantar’s wart came off and out in about 10-14 days as I recall. Looked like a lemon seed (the type we call a pit) on the removed peel. It is about 10 years and has not returned. I was told it worked on warts of all types.

  4. Nancydrew

    Purple Welch’s grape juice 64 oz with 1package of Certo. That’s the recipe, not what you tried. Stick to what is written repeatedly without variation for optimal results.

  5. sue

    I am very interested in finding a natural cure for plantar fascitis. I have recently tried NSAIDs, prednisone, and a cortisone shot. I am awaiting orthotics but have a feeling that I am going to need a natural remedy since this nagging problem seems to be stubborn. Please share!
    People’s Pharmacy response: Fish oil is sometimes very helpful. The orthotics can make a big difference. We are also fans of stretching: toes toward knees (ie foot flexed strongly) especially before rising in the morning. Use the footboard of the bed or get a partner to help with this.

  6. Rx

    Bob J, you may want to google the Wall Street Journal health blog. They reported on studies that showed cortisone shots (which are being offered by just about everyone these days, for any kind of joint pain) in the short term offered relief from pain. But after one year’s time, the pain was worse They postulated that the shots may cause damage to the delicate nerves and tendons in the joints. I hope I have remembered this correctly – but I suggest you check the article online. Also, I hope you are aware of the side effects cortisone has on your bones and your immune system.

  7. Diane S

    Does anyone know if this remedy is OK to take if you are taking Warfarin.

  8. Lou G

    I disagree with Bob J. I still take Enbrel for Arthritis and Psoriasis, but I think the Grape Juice & Certo is helping. I doubt it is doing more damage to the infected areas. When I had surgery for a toe problem and recently for a Basil Cell Carcinoma on my nose, I had to stop injecting the Enbrel a week before and a week after the surgeries. My joints didn’t hurt.

  9. JFH

    Bob-well there you have it-white grape juice doesn’t have the same effect. Before you give up, try the purple grape juice. It may be mind over matter, but I don’t care because it certainly eases my arthritis pain. Every now and then, I’ll stop it only to have an increase in the pain. I mix one envelope of Certo liquid w/ the 64 oz jar of Welch’s 100 percent concord grape juice (you must drink/discard a bit of the juice to get it to fit) and drink about 4oz about 2x a day.

  10. Bob J

    Sorry. I have developed mild bursitis (about two months ago), I have had two shots of Cortisone. I take 8 oz. of white grape juice with one tablespoon of Certo twice a day. Not one bit of relief.
    I think that those of you who report amazing results with no pain, ease of movements of the inflamed areas are probably using the “mind-over-matter” method, and one day will realize that you have done more damage to the infected areas over a period of time.

  11. Carole H.

    I noticed that there is a new “arthritis medication” on the market. It contains gelatin, this is new. Could People’s Pharmacy be on the cutting edge again?

  12. c Howard

    My question to Colleen M is where do you find Knox NutraJoint (help arthritis) and what is dosage of turmeric capsule.

  13. FED

    If you can’t find Certo you can use Ball liquid pectin. It’s the same thing and not as expensive. I used it in grape juice for my shoulder that I thought was really bad. It took about three weeks until all pain was gone. My neighbor did the same thing for his shoulder and his pain is gone. I’m 67 and my neighbor is 63.

  14. Colleen M.

    I’m 55 and have osteoarthritis. I have resisted the idea of taking NSAIDs which is the only relief I have been directed to by my rheumatologist. My Great Aunt in her 70’s told me that she had cured her arthritis by taking Knox NutraJoint. I started taking it about a month ago and am much improved. No longer taking 1000mg Acetaminophen twice per day for aches and stiffness. Actually, I am no longer taking any pain meds.
    Along with the NutraJoint powder which I dissolve in a cup of hot water and make into tea when I first wake, I am also taking 1 ea. Turmeric capsule and have increased my intake of water. I’ve heard that you should limit your intake of salt, sugar, processed meats, red meat and hard cheese. I’ve also done this. I’m sure it all helps to some degree, but I’m happy to be feeling like my old old self again, and hope to inspire others to look at alternative therapies and diet as a way to address their arthritis.

  15. spencer

    I have a few questions regarding the white grape juice and Certo mixture. I mixed white grape juice and “Sure Jell” premium fruit pectin. The mixture was very sweet.
    1. Does the white grape juice need to be sweetened? Can an unsweetened version be used?
    2. Can the white grape juice be blended with other fruit juices such as peach?
    3. There were several types of fruit pectin. Some were powder, some were liquid. Some were intended to be used to make jams with sugar. Some were intended to be used to make jams with Splenda. Which type of fruit pectin is the most effective?
    Thanks for your assistance.

  16. v.k.ghosh

    in one of the article raisin/gin are recommended for pain relief. can I have the details? thanks vk ghosh

  17. ebm

    Ditto, when I am off bready, wheaty items, as well as sweets (especially chocolate which is very high in fat and sugar), I am less stiff when I get out of bed or sit for any length of time.

  18. B.B.

    This is how I got rid of joint pain. I had a blood test taken for food allergies. The lab results showed that I was allergic to wheat. I gave up wheat totally and the joint pain went away.

  19. ms

    I noticed that grape juice is being used with the certo but can you use blueberry juice instead of grape juice and obtain the same results?

  20. Cheryl S.

    Found this online:
    Raisins, as well as beans, nuts and leafy green vegetables, contain boron. Boron is a nutrient which helps the body to absorb minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, so raisins are essential to good bone health.
    I terminated my hip and leg pain by adding a magnesium supplement to my diet. Worked in days — have remained pain free after two years of unbearable pain that would not allow me to sleep at night. The rationale was that magnesium is regarded as a natural calcium channel blocker. Physicians have successfully treated the intractable pain of interosseous hypertension (thought to be one cause of the pain of osteoarthritis) by using calcium channel blockers.
    Once I instituted the magnesium I was pain free and also free of the horrendous gastroesophageal reflux and pain cause by the anti-inflammatories I was prescribed.

  21. abigail

    I appreciate that the NYT article on the topical NSAIDs said these are NOT helpful for Fibromyalgia.

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