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Q. I have had colitis for almost three years. Last month a friend mentioned that she read an article in the newspaper about coconut macaroon cookies preventing diarrhea.
I was ready to try anything, so I bought some cookies. The rest is history. I can now go anywhere without worrying about my uncontrollable problem! I consider it a miracle!

A. We have heard from hundreds of readers about the benefits of dried coconut or macaroon cookies to combat chronic diarrhea. Whether the symptoms are from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or colitis, many people find this natural remedy helpful.

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  1. Cindy

    Just was told I have Collagenous Colitis. Have had it since the end of January this year, as far as I know that is, diarrhea since, cramps in stomach now for 2 weeks. I bought the macaroon cookies, dark chocolate mounds bar and flaked coconut, started to eat it now for 2 days. I’m my I’m worried, I’d this a serious disease, can it kill/hurt me? Anxiety is high. Thoughts please!

    • Schatzie

      Dear Cindy,
      I looked up Collagenous Colilitis on the web and it’s basically like what I have: Microscopic Colitis. They don’t think it leads to more serious diseases, I’m not worried. It just can really affect your life and make make you miserable. I gave my regimen above your posting, It’s made a huge difference, I feel almost normal in this respect. I am so sorry you’ve gone through so much stress and anxiety about your condition. It’s a patient’s right and a doctor’s duty to answer your questions. don’t be too intimidated by a white coat to ask all your questions, you have every right to answers. If you get nervous you can write your questions down ahead of time. I hope you are feeling better and have already gotten the answers you need. I hadn’t seen any responses to your question, so I thought I’d step in just in case. I hope you are feeling better.

    • Ilene

      Hi Cindy – I also have microscopic colitis – had diarrhea now for 8 months – sometimes 20 times per day. Bowel leakage during the night and fecal incontinence when I least expected it! My research showed it can be caused by certain drugs such as Alendronate which I had been taking for two years for osteoporosis!

      Colonoscopy Dr suggested steroids but my research suggests that it does not cure the condition – only masks it temporarily and when you go off it the diarrhea comes back with a vengeance! I tried dairy free, gluten free and didn’t seem to make any difference. However reducing sugar intake helps a lot (so much for my white wine)!

      I also am now taking 1 ml two times per day of a high CBD oil – only 1% THC so no hallucinogenic effect. I feel it has helped tremendously! I already have a prescription for medical marijuana for insomnia, restless leg and hypertension (ain’t it great getting old!) please don’t go out and buy this off the street!

      I have been off the Alendronate and trying the oil now for a month and am feeling better. Not 100% but hopefully getting there! Still have diarrhea but only a few times per day, nothing at night and no leakage – I am researching Turmeric as a supplement but need to know if it interacts with other meds. MC has not seen much research as it has not been in the limelight for that long so even Doctors are not all that informed!

      The good news? This is not the worst kind of colitis you could have and often it goes away on its own after 2 or 3 years. I would ask google specifically if any drugs you have been prescribed can cause MC – then talk to your Dr or pharmacist. I am not a doctor or health care professional – all I know is what is working for me! Best of luck to you!

  2. Cindy

    I was just told after having diarrhea and now for two weeks, cramps since the end if Jan. I have Collagenous Colitis. I’m trying the coconut and Macaroon cookies, hope it’ll work, I’m scared, anxiety from this disease, do I have to be worried, can it hurt me or end my life?

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