Integrative medicine combines the latest medical techniques with ones that come from centuries-old healing traditions, such as acupuncture or yoga. What is the evidence behind such approaches?

Learn how integrative coaching can turn good intentions into practice.

Guest: Tracy Gaudet, MD, Executive Director of Duke Integrative Medicine. She is also Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center. Her books include Consciously Female and Body, Soul and Baby.

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  1. amf

    Listened with interest to Dr. Gaudet this morning on my way to work (as a hospital pharmacist). I have always believed that lifestyle, diet, and exercise of which Dr. Gaudet spoke of would lead me to a long and healthy life. I do not take any medication, eat very healthy foods (many grown myself), I train for triathlons, meditate, etc. I was recently diagnosed with a form of breast cancer (DCIS). I can’t tell you how many people have said to me “you are the healthiest person I know, how could you have cancer?” I had none of the risk factors (Mayo Clinic). I am convinced that how we treat our bodies is only part of the equation to a healthy life—we need to look at how we treat our environment.
    I am just finishing radiation therapy—what a terrible thing–someday we will look at radiation tx as we look at frontal lobotomies now. So very frustrating for a “healthy” person.
    Interested in your comments.

  2. Stingray Steve

    WONDERFUL to be able to re-listen to the shows, I wanted to get the numbers right for the paced breathing. I was listening on the boat and it went by too quickly. Gads, if anyone needs that, it’s me, thanks !!

  3. MRC

    I don’t usually comment on shows or postings, but this was one of the best, most sensible approaches I have heard. I have heart disease and have been trying to build a support network–at my own expense–similar to this. My doctor is technically excellent, but his personal communication skills are just not there, so I have felt that it is all up to me. That’s a difficult task when one doesn’t feel strong. Thank you and Dr. Gaudet and best wishes for your efforts. MRC

  4. Daria

    As I listened, it struck me how enthusiastic and encouraging Dr. Gaudet sounded. She made responsibility for one’s well being sound like the adventure it is, not the burden it often becomes given our broken health care systems and poor lifestyle choices. I can’t help but wonder where our health care costs and treatment outcomes would be if we all approached our health in this integrated, custodial fashion.

  5. John B.

    Today’s show [#732] on Integrative Medicine, with guest Dr. Tracy Gaudet, was excellent. I have long believed that holistic medicine was not given its just due, and that combining approaches was a far better method than having to choose either/or. We need to be “mindful” to treat the patient, not just the symptoms.
    Thanks Joe and Terry. And, thanks also to Dr. Tracy Gaudet.

  6. Deb

    I have been trying to get help from my doctors for a long time with this very idea. I have been very stressed and depressed and have gained weight. I know this is related and all the doctor says is “I have to discipline myself”. Well obviously I need more than just this recommendation. I have high blood pressure and the doctor said I need to lose weight. Maybe I could get off of the blood pressure medication if I lose weight. He also said I could become diabetic if I don’t lose weight.
    But when I go to see him, I haven’t lost weight and he just continues with this same plan that it’s my problem and if I don’t do anything about it then it will continue to be my problem. In most businesses you pay for some kind of product with results.
    When my husband died the doctor prescribed antidepressant medication which sort of makes me “not care” so I wallow in this “not care, eat comfort food ” attitude and continue to gain weight and have more added stress. The doctor just seems to be waiting until I explode! Until something medical causes me to end up in the hospital or worse, rather then treating me.
    I’d like some real help, I have done yoga in the past, I have been to counseling etc but its all on my own, all disjointed. I’d like too be in a program where experts diagnose and prescribe a plan of action that includes exercise, nutrition and mental health and the experts discuss individual cases with the client and review the progress and make changes where needed. And I’d like this to be covered by my health insurance.

  7. Joan T.

    Bravo to your new website and on offering free podcasts!! Many times I have missed parts of the show and not wanted to buy the whole CD to hear the missed minutes. Thank you for your show and your dedication to the people’s health.

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