three eggplants, one cut in half

Q. I have heard that if you place pieces of eggplant in water for a couple of hours and then drink the water it helps reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Is this correct or do I have to put the eggplant in the fridge for four days and drink a small amount daily?

A. Several years ago a reader sent in the following remedy:

“Wash but don’t peel a medium eggplant. Dice it into 1-inch cubes.

“Place the cubes in a glass gallon jug and cover the eggplant with distilled water.

“Put the jug in the fridge for four days. Drink one ounce of the water per day, taking your blood pressure daily.

“After a week or so, the eggplant will begin to disintegrate; discard it but keep drinking the ounce of soaking water daily.”

Although eggplant is part of a dietary portfolio that lowers cholesterol (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Feb. 2005), Brazilian researchers have found that eggplant extract does not lower cholesterol. A recent analysis of eggplant compounds suggests that some may inhibit angiotensin-converter enzyme (ACE) and thus lower blood pressure (Bioresource Technology, May 2008). We don’t know if the eggplant soaking water will have that effect.

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  1. Paul

    At 82 my bp has generally remained under 140, dropping substantially after periodic tachychardia bouts. A couple of weeks ago I got a 160 reading. But after an egg, rye flour and eggplant pancake plus regular drinks of beet juice (thinly sliced red beet soaked in water) bp a few days ago was 130 & 128/ 72, 75

    Chinese friend with low bp told she avoided eggplant.

  2. Ernestine smith
    Euclid ohio USA

    hello about the eggplant I’m happy to here about it born in Arkansas south way the best food to eat because of the very green plants which make a better health, I came to the city 40 year ago and I can see how my life going , I went to see the doctor 3 11 16 and she fight with me when I tell her about lisinopril for my blood PB. and I hate it took it 2 year ago and stop it went back up a little bit thanks for your info about that medicines got hydrochlorozide in it. but I can say Beetroot juice kill blood BP but a little sugar in and type 2 it may be a problem the doctor will say its do not I say it will try it and wait one then check it

  3. Deswy

    My Grandmother, who was an Armenian immigrant to the USA in 1915, used to slice up eggplant for frying. Before frying, however, she used to take the eggplant slices and put them in a colander, lightly sprinkle it with salt, place a dish over it with a heavy round stone she had brought from the Old Country to weigh it down and placed the weighted colander over a large pan to collect the juices. She’d leave this overnight, and in the morning take the fluid that drained from the eggplant (trust me, there was a sufficient amount to save) and place it in the refrigerator, drinking some of it everyday. This, she claimed, was what kept her blood pressure normal.

  4. Merv

    I have heard about the eggplant soak in water for a natural treatment for borderline HBP. I was wondering if eating eggplant once a week have a similar result on high-normal BP? I have just have started eating eggplant once a week for lunch and anecdotally have noticed slightly lower BP levels. I plan on doing a 12 month study of adding eggplant to my diet and monitoring typical BP readings over the course of that time. Is there any information that supports or negates this natural approach to reducing high-normal BP. Thanks in Advance!

  5. dp

    why glass instead of plastic?

  6. m

    My mother had high cholesterol, and high brood pressure. I helped her to changed her diet by eating healthier; brown rice-a lot whole grain, beans, a lot of vegetable, fruit, and to reduce salt in her diet to minimum. We eat a lot of baked, boiled and steamed food. Although she was still taking the bills the doctor recommended, but I told her not to take it regularly (as prescribed) because some of the pills have negative side affect. She listen, within months she went back to the doctor, the blood pressure was normal so was the high cholesterol.
    I am a living proof of this. Follow the six laws of health which are diet, sunlight, water, air, rest, and exercise you should see a big change.
    Everyone is different, but for me the only thing I eat when it come to meat are chicken, and turkey. In seafood I only eat some fish (salmon, and tilapia). For me, this is not a diet, but a life style.
    I am not a doctor. I would recommended to keep up with your doctor by check up, and many suggest some of these natural remedies to him, and see what he/she said.

  7. Herenia A.

    I hope the eggplant does lower cholesterol I have 632 high of the bad one goin to try this let see what happens.

  8. lm

    Wash and cube an unpeeled eggplant and put into a gal. jar of filtered water and put in fridge for four days.. drink 1 ounce per day. Not a cup or glass which can drop your b/p too low… take your b/p daily. When it gets normal start taking every other day.. might take few days to work… go buy a guava tree and plant it if you live where its warm.. hard to find in stores… guava or guava juice also brings down b/p……

  9. Wm

    at the suggestion of an elderly friend knowledgeable in home remedies and nutrition, I made that eggplant solution and after drinking a half cup, I experienced a major drop in my high blood pressure. I think I drank another half cup but I’ve never had high blood pressure since. She did warn me to monitor my BP and only take small amounts of that eggplant water, sufficient to get the BP levels down to normal.

  10. R. L. Bassett

    I am currently taking atenolol, lisinopril, terazosin and simvastatin for high blood pressure. About three years ago my fasting glucose went to 117 ml/dl. Within a year I lost(deliberately) about ten pounds and it rose to 128. I told my doctor that I had read (in your column) that hydrochlorozide had been known to cause elevated glucose. He responded that lisinopril was one of best high blood pressure medicines-end of discussion! After losing another ten pounds(195 to 175) my latest glucose was 143ml/dl and he has diagnosed me as having type 2 diabetes and has prescribed yet another medicine. Any suggestions?

  11. J.C.

    I never heard that eggplant lowered cholesterol. I have been eating eggplant hummus for about 3 years with wheat pita chips as a snack quite regularly. I also eat it many other ways. Without medication my cholesterol is 249. They also did a segment on the Food Network which proved eggplant had no nutritional value. Poor little eggplant. I was saddened but didn’t care as I am quite fond of eggplant being Italian.

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