a scoop of coffee grounds

Q. I have enjoyed reading about home remedies on your Web site and would like to share mine. Dip a bleeding (cut-nicked-sliced or whatever) finger in ground coffee and the bleeding stops. If after the first dip, it still shows some blood, dip it in again and bandage it.

A Lebanese friend told me that it is used all the time in his home. Maybe it’s the caffeine. Regardless, it has always worked for me.

A. Thanks for surprising us with a brand new home remedy for minor cuts. We have collected several others, including ground black pepper, cayenne pepper and ground sage.

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  1. Dominique
    Lathrop, CA

    I have dry, ground, coffee on a wound right now, and it burns. Other than that I will keep you posted of my findings.

  2. Felix
    Brisbane, Australia

    I have been using ground coffee on open wounds for decades but no so much to stop bleeding but to fight infection. It works very well on infections that seem to linger. I also applied it to boils after they had erupted.

  3. Mona
    Amman, Jordan

    My dad is on medication that makes him bleed excessively. He got a minor cut and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Our housekeeper from the Phillipines immediately put ground coffee on it (not after it was brewed but raw ground coffee) – it worked like a jewel. I had heard about it before but had forgotten. We will see how it heals!

  4. WP

    I cut my thumb while working as a cook. Two Mexican sisters who worked for the restaurant immediately came to my rescue. Had me hold up my hand, put coffee grounds (fresh, I think) on the cut and swaddled my thumb in gauze. It seemed counter intuitive to me. “Dirty”, rough grounds on a wound? But the sisters so confident I went with it and it worked.

  5. Judy

    This works like crazy! I fell while visiting Central America and a woman rushed to my aid from her post at the jewelry store. She started packing dry instant coffee onto my mooshed up shin, all the while saying she was a nurse and all her co-workers agreeing (in spanish) so, to answer your questions,
    YES, it was UNUSED DRY INSTANT COFFEE, and she just kept packing it on and we kept wrapping it w/ paper towels until I could pull myself together and sit down.
    By the way, it healed beautifully, with minimal scarring. Thank you, lady in Cartagena. When I cleaned it later on the ship, I gently rinsed off all unstuck stuff and let the coffee do its thing. Looks great. No worse than a shaving cut!

  6. Evelyn

    This is true, dry grounds do stop bleeding on small cuts my mom used it all the time while I was young and now I do the same, it works as weird as it sounds and looks lol!

  7. RL

    I remember using ground coffee (dry) when I was a child. When I came to this country and used it on my child, my American husband freaked out! That was a long time ago.

  8. Robbin

    This really works!! I just punctured my pointer finger fairly deeply with a fillet knife, and while bleeding profusely, had my skeptical husband coat the wound with coffee grounds. This “weird” but effective treatment made believers out of this household!

  9. LMC

    The headline says “coffee grounds” and the article says “ground coffee.” Which is it? “Grounds” usually means what’s left after coffee has been brewed, whereas ground coffee is made from dry, unused beans.

  10. Khatija

    It is also used in India. My mom always used it on us when we were little.

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