Q. When I buy plain aspirin there is no country of origin listed. When I call the 1-800 number, I'm promised a reply to this concern but the call is not returned.

Is there any aspirin made in the U.S. with American ingredients?

A. An expose in the New York Times Magazine (Nov. 2, 2008) revealed that there are no major generic aspirin manufacturers in Europe or the U.S. Most aspirin is now made in China.

Many over-the-counter medications as well as prescription drugs now come from manufacturers in China, India or other parts of Asia. If country of origin labeling is important for clothing and food, why wouldn’t it be even more critical for medicine?

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  1. M. Cervaney

    So where does CVS aspirin come from? Where is it manufactured as I need to be careful of the medications I take.

  2. tom

    according to their website St. Joseph aspirin is made in the USA.

  3. janet
    washington state

    In 2008 when I learned from my pharmacist cousin that all aspirin would soon be coming from China, I bought up as many as I could carry from drugstore shelves. I finally ran out last month. So I bought a small bottle with the familiar label that I recognized.
    Now I’m suffering many of the symptoms listed by the Mayo Clinic that can be attributed to aspirin poisoning. Don’t know if this a correct diagnosis or not, but i disposed of the new bottle of aspirin today. The pharmaceutical industry is awash in corruption and our major drugstores are making a killing selling all kinds of garbage.
    Until recently, I’ve enjoyed a healthy existence. At 72, I’m glad the end is near. I no longer trust anyone associated in the pharma business … including my cousin.

  4. Tony Dougenik

    If the Congress really wanted to help Americans get jobs, why doesn’t someone introduce legislation to help an American company manufacture something as simple Aspirin? Label it with red white and blue stating made entirely in the USA. It could easily be funded with tariff monies from foreign companies making the same product.

  5. Sam Wenger

    I am not happy to read our aspirin is made in China. The people are our friends, but the army is still at’ wa’r with us since the Korean war truce. Did you know that? Look I LOVE Chinese food, architecture and Taoist anything but a little a Judeo-Christian guilt is healthy and the food producer Capitalist Communist producers have none. Here is the potential good news. About ten years ago I noticed a Aspirin manufacturing plant in Norwich New York (Central New York below Syracuse) If they are still in business support them for all the obvious reasons. Both of us, investigate and by “both” of us I mean the untold thousands looking at this! Helping our country begins with a drop of effort

  6. S.R.

    I am in total accord with you and I am going to write my Congressman on this. I am not a person who buys over-the-counter medicine, but thought that I would buy aspirin. I bought aspirin and realized that the distributors city and state were on the bottle of aspirin, but not the place that the aspirin was made or manufactured at.
    This is very alarming to me and ever more frightening is the fact that many products in this country reach store shelves without the consumer knowing where those products were made. Yet these over-the-counter medicines are ingested and no FDA regulations are making these imports state where the aspirin was manufactured at. Why is this being allowed to happen?

  7. RC

    RMD | December 12, 2008 12:35 PM | Reply
    China has a history of food products contaminated with Melamine which ended in fatalities.
    In those cases the Melamine was added to milk in order to cheat the testing device by causing a protein count to be indicated than was true for the watered down product being sold as milk.
    There is no need to cause Aspirin to appear to have a high protein count. As such, there is no reason to add Melamine to Aspirin.
    Having concern for the quality of Chinese products is legitimate; but, I would not fear Melamine in Aspirin, only in protein rich foods.

  8. AH

    I find it incredible to believe that profit before people takes place with medicine. Labeling gives *people* the freedom of choice to economically support their own country, the product quality or other aspects that are affected by economic activity.
    Who is responsible for repealing labeling laws? At one time, all products had a mandatory country of origin. Today, imported goods and even medicines apparently aren’t even tested before being allowed into the American public’s stores.
    This needs to change now.

  9. Bill Ng

    I guess it might be some contamination brought along the manufacturing of this medicine no matter where it is, which was or even now is not cost-wise or technically non-reducible. If this would be the case, no country wants to produce it in their home-land any more if there were other source would take up the risk and bear. But today Sep 2011 even my Chinese friend is asking me to source for that type of Aspirin made in USA! I don’t know where in HK some fresh one is available.

  10. LH

    I use a baby aspirin every day – I checked with the various pharmacies with outlets in Raleigh NC and its environs and Walgreen’s assured me their aspirin was made in the US from US ingredients – I believed them, bought a bottle but nowhere does it say where it was made.
    I am so wary of anything manufactured in China that I would rather do without. The FDA can’t be trusted to watch over the what is manufactured in this country much less imports from all over the world, especially China and other third world countries.

  11. RMD

    China has a history of food products contaminated with Melamine which ended in fatalities. All we need is one incident where a batch of aspirin made in China is contaminated with Melamine and it could cause thousands of deaths. When is the US government watchdog the FDA going to wake up!

  12. al

    I find it unsettling that the products that are being made in China are hurting the American people. Is there any aspirin made in the US at all?
    Still it is our companies in China who are producing these products with cheap labor????

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