Q. I found that Certo and grape juice really works for my arthritis. However, it seems to make me constipated. Do you have any ideas to counteract the constipation so I can keep taking the Certo and grape juice?

A. Certo is plant pectin, a soluble fiber. Home canners use this product to thicken jams and jellies.
We have heard for years that a spoonful of Certo in a glass of purple grape juice can ease arthritis pain for many people. We have not heard that this concoction is constipating. One reader reported that grape juice alone eased her child’s constipation.

There are several options for combating constipation, including psyllium (Metamucil, Serutan, etc), flaxseed (Uncle Sam’s Cereal) and sugarless gum.

We are sending you our Guides to Constipation and Alternatives for Arthritis with ten tips to combat constipation, a recipe for dynamite pumpkin bran muffins and some less constipating remedies for arthritis.

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  1. Holly

    I suffered from constipation for many months and tried numerous foods (bananas, grains, dried fruits, apples, aloe juice, many vegetables, etc.) to add more fiber to my already healthy diet–per my doctor’s instructions. There was one fruit that help me: ORANGES. Oranges made me regular! Ten months later I ran into another bout of constipation. I tried oranges again, and they worked so well. Eat two a day and see if they help you.

  2. Tymothy

    The best manner to approach constipation (or diarrhea) is through diet. Increase your fiber intake, consider the standards, prunes (which are actually pretty tasty), figs and the like. Also exercise is generally helpful, even a simple walk around the neighborhood on a regular basis.
    I would not ever take Certo personally as it contains Benzoate which is a toxic preservative. There are numerous brands of pectin that do not contain this ingredient (some researchers have found that it actually unravels DNA!).
    Hope this helps..

  3. cm

    “Smooth Move” in addition should be taken in moderation when you first starting.

  4. Kathy D

    An easy fix for constipation: My husband’s constipation was fixed with a daily probiotic taken with breakfast. It needs to contain both the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains. Get a good brand like Nature’s Way, found in the refrigerator section at health food stores and the Vitamin Shoppe. The cost is approx. $16 for a 90-day supply.

  5. leroy

    using certo and grape juice for relief of arthritis,can you advise as to portion of each for best results?

  6. Cheryl

    Good ole Prunes work great for mr! And, they taste great! All I need is two prunes, works like a charm.

  7. Beth B

    Your best bet for constipation is magnesium, either as magnesium citrate (pill or liquid) or good old Philip’s Milk of Magnesia. Take a TINY dose to start, though, or you could be in for some dramatic results. Magnesium works by getting the body to pull water into the colon. You don’t want too much water–it isn’t harmful, it’ll just give you an unscheduled colon cleanse. So, start with just a partial dose, and if that doesn’t work in a few hours, take a tiny dose more. The full label dose will clean you out.

  8. egk

    I, too have found Certo and grape juice to help with arthritis pain, as do raisins and gin. (Could it be the grape is the common effective ingredient?) But the Certo-grape juice does constipate me, so I alternate between the two.
    I also have discovered that restless legs, leg cramps and irregular heartbeat are caused by supplemental vitamins and minerals. The conditions are severe when I take supplements and disappear completely when i stop taking them.

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