Q. I'm so irked about erectile dysfunction ads. I'm a mature adult, married (with adult children), so I’m not ignorant or prudish.

I think, however, that if you have a problem, you know it and should see your doctor. These advertisements are so offensive, considering all the people who end up watching them.

A. Many people are fed up with TV ads for erectile dysfunction drugs. Only the U.S. and New Zealand permit any prescription drug advertising to patients.

The law could be changed to restrict such commercials. Let your Senator or Representative know how you feel.

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  1. V. S.

    We have already sexualized our children through popular songs, movies, video games and even books and the newspaper. Why must every other t.v. commercial refer to an adult sexual problem? We must protect our children.
    Beyond that, we must not allow the drug companies to advertise their prescription wares. This adds customer pressure to an already problematic situation. The all-pervasive reach of drug companies into our doctor’s educations, offices and minds is unacceptable.

  2. dvb, MD

    Many men would not go their doctor until these ads appeared. Since the beginning of advertising campaign I have diagnosed several men with diabetes, heart and vascular disease that would not have come to the doctor. Also the availability of ED medicines (both real and fake) is reducing the pressure on endangered species such as tigers, rhinos and bears, that have been decimated by poachers selling concoctions.

  3. Grace

    I’m absolutely thrilled to discover many others feel exactly as I do about all these disgusting commercials refering to Feminine product advertising & all the Erectile Dysfunction advertising on TV especially since we have to pay the Cable companies continuous increases w/their rediculous taxes & outrageous fees. I don’t have any youngsters living at home any longer, but even while watching TV in mixed company, these disgusting ads are extremely distasteful. They’re just as disgusting as all the continuous pornographic trash freely displayed on TV. I’m certainly not a prude but I’m not fond of commercial interuptions to begin with, therefore choose to watch only the channels that feature uninteruped good old movies.

  4. CJL

    I find that these ED commercials are both disgusting and hilarious. Disgusting because they remind me of the womens’ hygiene products ads from years back, and hilarious in that the women in the ad appear to be on “stand by” for 24 hours, waiting for the man to say “I’m ready”. All we are missing are the words “Thank you, thank you very much” at the end of the commercial using Elvis’ song.

  5. mac58

    OMG, I could not agree more! Feminine product advertising has always been a bit uncomfortable but this is over the top and I thank goodness I don’t have small children. I recall with amusement my sister reciting the Blue Star Ointment commercial when she was little in the 70’s, I shudder to think about small children reciting these!

  6. RMD

    If you walk around with an erection for more than an hour and you don’t know you have a problem, you’re an idiot. These commercials are for old men who wish they were young men. Get with it and accept yourself for what you are. If you want to increase the chances of getting an erection naturally, lose weight, lift weights and do aerobic exercise regularly! You’ll feel better, be more attractive and live longer.

  7. Philip W.

    I think all prescription drug ads should be banned. They all offend me. Why can’t they use that money in a more useful manner? Are the modern doctors too stupid to know what to prescribe? Do they expect patients to tell them what to prescribe? The ED ads are the worst.

  8. jb

    My sentiments exactly! Not only is it inappropriate for any viewing except adult only, but eliminating the expensive advertising could reduce the cost of all medications. All who use medications, as well as all insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid should benefit from that.
    Consequently, everyone should benefit from the elimination of the drug advertising.

  9. LM

    I’m also offended by the picture you use on this website and on your email. Could you find a less suggestive one? Otherwise, I really appreciate all the wonderful help you give us. Thank you.

  10. SC

    I totally agree. I’m tired of all these drug ads showing up on TV constantly…especially the ones you mention and others like it.

  11. LDS

    I am irked by these ads, too. They make me feel like a voyeur and that feels yucky. It is especially annoying when our family watches baseball, with kids 14, 12 and 10 years old.
    By the way, the photo accompanying this article was too much, too! I know you could have found a more subtle one.

  12. ED

    Amen! Amen! We are SICK of these offensive ads! They are STUPID! (Who has TWO bathtubs
    out in the backyard?!) Children are watching!

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