Q. Do you have any information about apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for stiff joints? I have mixed a cup of vinegar with a cup of honey in a gallon jug and then filled it up with cold water. But I don’t know how much of this to take in a day. I would appreciate any other information about remedies for stiff joints.

A. Several recipes involving apple cider vinegar date back more than a century. Famous Texan Sam Houston supposedly drank a daily half-cup of a mixture of 5 parts grape juice, 3 parts apple juice and 1 part cider vinegar.

Other remedies for stiff joints include pineapple, grape or pomegranate juice, spices such as ginger or turmeric and herbs such as boswellia or stinging nettle.

We are sending you our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis with more apple cider vinegar recipes plus other remedies for stiff joints.

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  1. Lori
    Jupiter, FL

    A month ago my 14 year old son was working with his pitching coach four days before two premier baseball tryouts with over twenty professional scouts. He had to cut his session short when his elbow began hurting from a bout of tendonitis. Over the counter anti-inflammatories rarely worked and I had read a blog about treating tendonitis with apple cider vinegar and honey. We promptly started him on two tablespoons of the vinegar and one tablespoon of raw honey twice a day with a half a glass of water. To make him feel better I offered to drink the same.

    After four days his tendonitis was gone and his tryouts a huge success. I continued to take the potion and after two weeks was surprised by the number of people who I ran into comment on how much better I looked since I had lost weight. My weight had creeped up to 187lbs and was largely belly fat and I had become both uncomfortable and depressed about it. After the third person had made this comment, I stepped on the scales and discovered I had dropped ten pounds and was at 177. While I may have reduced some of my portion sizes, I have a terrible sweet tooth and was still indulging in my nightly ice cream bar. I can only attribute the weight loss to the ACV and honey.

  2. charles
    mt. carmel, il

    I have 2 of your books. Both are great reads.
    P.S. Am 82 yrs old (young–lol)

  3. anthony
    United Kingdom

    Does any body know if you can use cider vinegar and honey if you are on dialysis and have leg and joint pains?

  4. wasim k.

    I have read just remedies to reduce joint pain of knee joints or arthritis. I do have the knee pain since I fell down on my right knee in 2007. When I went to the doctor, he immediately told that it is osteoarthritis. He was wrong because before that I was 100% fit. But I did got in left leg the pain after I eaten too much of tomatoes & cucumber to reduce my weight. Instead of reducing the weight I got my uric acid increased and because of it got very bad pain in left leg knee and later on I damaged my knee. I am really having tough time with knees. Can any one help & guide me to get rid of this joint problem.

  5. rupa

    how do u use the ACV to lose weight. plz advise me

  6. Alllan

    I use 1 container of 12oz. frozen apple juice
    1 container of 12oz. frozen grape juice
    1 cup of apple cider vinegar
    3 12oz. of water (3 times from one of the empty containers)
    Take at least 1/4 cup daily. If you limit your self to just the 1/4 cup, the vinegar taste will get stronger the long you keep it. So I take about a 1/2 cup a day.

  7. CK

    It ABSOLUTELY helps stiff joints. I found this out by accident. I am on the HCG diet & have to take 4 tablespoons per day. I feel 15 years younger (I am 50 years old) & my stiffness is barely there at all now. My knees were stiff and heavy – Now I move with ease & my knees feel Light. I use this brand – Bragg Organic, Raw, Unfiltered, with the ‘Mother’. It’s suppose to be the best & only brand to use. I asked my nurse- why do my joints feel so great & she confirmed it is the Apple Cider Vinegar. Give it a try. In about 1-2 weeks you will feel much better.

  8. Cheryl

    Hey Barb, Just wanted to know if this helped your arthritis at all? I have severe joint pain in my knees.

  9. Barbara

    I heard it as an arthritis remedy:
    3 cups of Apple juice
    2 cups of white grape juice and
    half cup of apple cider vinegar
    Drink 8 oz (1 cup) each morning.
    (Am reducing amt to 6 oz per morning, because I am pretty small. Also that tooth brushing right afterwards sounds like a wise idea. I haven’t done this long enough to know if it helps, but it sounds like win-win ingredients on quite a few fronts.)

  10. B. von Eberstein

    I drink it, I clean with it, I use it on my hair and skin, I use it in my laundry and as a personal beauty aid …I use organic raw ACV Oh my! I buy it by the galleons! I need to invest in the ACV industry.

  11. MG

    I have been taking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. of water along with my daily liquid vitamins for three months. Are my (new) extremely chapped lips a symptom of this or what-else might I be doing by changing the pH of my body? I lost weight early on, but that seems to have slowed.

  12. Toby V

    I developed shingles right after Christmas this year for the first time. Started with a terribly itchy rash on my back. I started with a mixture of about a tablespoon of honey for taste mixed into 4 oz of raw apple cider vinegar-morning and night. With in a week the itch was completely gone and by the end of two months the rash had disappeared. I have to say the taste is horrible but it really works! Can’t say as I’m too fond of ACV now :).

  13. S . Wilson

    How much honey? I have a recipe calls for 5 c. grape juice, 3 c apple juice and 1 c apple cider vinegar, but I don’t know how much honey to add to it. Please be helpful for me !!!!!

  14. bw

    I was looking for a recipe that contained honey, grape juice, ac vinegar,
    and apple juice, I have these items listed on a piece of paper and did not remember what it was for, so with the information I saw here, I will mix it to drink warm. I enjoyed reading the comments listed and thank you for posting them, they are very informative.

  15. sandra

    My mother used to use two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of honey in a six ounce glass of water for when she had a bad hang over. It did not only cured the hang overs, but was also good for circulation of the blood. I my self find it very good for stiffness but most important I have not had an asthma attack in more than a year. I had been eating three tips of a teaspoon of yellow mustard, when I would start coughing, and it would stop the cough.
    But since both mustard and the apple cider vinegar contain the vinegar, I stuck with the apple cider vinegar. I still carry packets of yellow mustard in my purse in case of a sudden attack. My doctor was so surprised of of my improvement she took me off all medication over a year ago, for my asthma. The both remedies work. My asthma was so chronic, I was constantly coughing; I really believed I would die or develop Chronic Lung Disease.

  16. JK

    I started using pure, unfiltered ACV a few weeks ago and sweeten it with organic blackstrap molasses. I used it initially to help my skin which always seems to be breaking out (and I am 52!). Within a few days, my skin began looking much better and I had more energy too. I also noticed that I seemed to be breathing easier and my thinking was better and more clear.
    I read a post somewhere where a woman was helped with her hot flashes by using the Blackstrap molasses and I realized that I have been having much fewer of them also since the ACV and Molasses mixture. Anyone else have information about molasses reducing hot flashes? I am also hoping for some improvement with my hip and knee pain, but as of yet, it remains. I have no diagnosis for this pain.

  17. Cyndy

    As a Dental Hygienist, I caution my patients about the tonic use of vinegar (an acid) with any type of sweetener (honey, juices, sugars) and the dramatically increased potential for tooth decay, especially if the mixture is consumed several times during the day. The formation of dental plaque is much greater with the sugars and the acid helps to break down the tooth surfaces fast. Just be sure to brush the teeth after taking this or take it only with meals, brushing carefully afterward. Flossing once a day really helps, too.

  18. Jean M.

    I enjoyed reading your comments about apple cider vinegar and the combination of apple juice, and grape juice to help aching joints. I have rheumatoid arthritis,osteo arthritis and fibromylgia, therefore, I am very interested in anything that will help relieve the pain.

  19. Helen

    I use vinegar for a lot of ailments. I gargle with it for a sore throat, use it for nausea and stomach upsets. I drink it when I feel like I am having a “sugar high”. It is also good for sunburn and I have used it to help heal sores. People laugh at me but it works!

  20. otr6686

    Of course apple cider vinegar is excellent for your health. It is a potent anti fungal. Much of what we suffer from is fungal related, given our high sugar diet. Sugar and carbs just feed the hungry fungus and yeast overgrowths inside us. Just take the apple cider vinegar, no other vinegar, preferably raw apple cider vinegar, and even skip the sugar-laden honey, and you will feel a lot better.

  21. Chuck S.

    I have been using your recipe of white raisins soaked in gin for over a year now to alleviate the arthritis pain in my fingers. If I miss only two days, the pain returns. Thanks again for the recipe.

  22. Betty

    I made a drink of red grape juice, apple juice and apple cider vinegar for years. It was available in a supermarket in Florida for a long time under the label of “Joggin’ in a Jug” but haven’t seen it for years so – I made my own. Somehow, after all the traveling, I forgot about it but, thanks to your information, will make it again. I am 80 years ‘young’, with arthritis in hands, shoulders, knee, back and neck but am still ‘ticking’ and play golf. I take one other thing for arthritis and it
    combines glucosamine, Vit.D3, MSM, Bromelain, Turmeric, Devil’s Claw, Boswelia – a tablespoon at bedtime.

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