a stinky smelly skunk

Q. Thanks for suggesting milk of magnesia as a deodorant. I tried it and it works like a miracle. Vinegar did not, and made me smell like sauerkraut besides.

A. Many readers report that milk of magnesia applied to the underarms reduces sweating and odor.

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  1. Rebecca

    I love milk of magnesia as a deoderant. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me. Question: can you safely use it in genital/anal area for sweat odor?

  2. mj

    I am curious about Mom, and i want to give it a try. I have been suffering from bad odor underarms. I used deodorant with perfume, but it irritates it, I’m currently using dove unscented, but its still not working, I’m frustrated (with a lot of low self esteem) so I needed something new and I just read about Mom… I hope it works! I think the peoples pharmacy MoM is more convenient buy since I guess its not available here in Philippines… Thank u

  3. Boh
    South Africa

    I will definitely use MoM to my 6yr old daughter,she is having smelly armpits.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. H.N.

    I bought milk of magnesia at local grocery store it worked just fine for me no odor. I was so amazed, but I still sweat so my armpits were sticky. Can I add a unscented anti-perspirant deodorant with this so I’m not wet or sticky and how effective is the roll-on mom from peoples pharmacy?

  5. SN

    Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

  6. Folly

    Pls can MoM work for my groin odor? If no, any suggestion about what I can use? If it can work, what brand?

  7. ANON

    MoM didn’t work for me. I bought it online. Try searching here in the internet. But unfortunately, my seller gave me an expired one. I have relatives abroad, I asked them to give me one. But the new MoM didn’t work either, I had used it for maybe weeks; there wasn’t any improvements. Now I decided to consult a doctor, she recommended clindamycin solution for my armpits. I’ve still hoping for results til now; been using it for 2weeks.

  8. she

    I was amazed about the comments about MOM. I want to try it, but the thing is, will it be also effective if I’ll try ordinary MOM instead of using the one from peoples pharmacy? Because I don’t think it is also available here in the Philippines..anybody can reply to my msg, pls..

  9. Ina

    So I’ve been reading on people’s comments about milk of magnesia (MoM) here, but it seems that some are talking about the one that is being sold by the people’s pharmacy, which are mostly inquiries and not reviews on the product itself. And others (which is like a majority of them) are talking about the store bought laxative… I’m really interested in buying the roll on since it’s more convenient but does it have the same effect as the regular mom that can be bought at the local grocery store? Could it potentially darken the underarms?

  10. lara

    I used MoM on my arm pits and I had a slight smell and I still sweat a bit so I had sticky arm pits, and I was in my office all day, not in the direct sun/heat. Is the roll on the exact same as whats in the bottle? Or can I add anything to it so I am not “wet” or sticky? thank you
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: The roll-on is almost but not quite the same as the bottled laxative. It has some ingredients to help it roll on more smoothly.

  11. L.E.R.A.

    This is my first day trying MOM. I am very excited in hopes that this will actually work for me. My question is… I bought a scented MOM, will that be a problem? Or does it work the same?

  12. alex

    Wow wow wow…it worked, I am so happy, I thought the bad odor was stress ,alcohol, or maybe I was getting older, I am in my mid 30s and never had this problem…milk of magnesia is a miracle…

  13. GLG

    MOM is milk of magnesia. A blue bottle over the counter medicine for constipation.

  14. thomas m.

    Having a bad problem with body odor. Underarms are fine. Wonder if anyone knows whether MOM will help in this situation?

  15. MJ

    Hi evryone, i am from the Philippines and I am suffering from BO for almost 20 yrs now.I would like to try this MOM but, I am not sure where to buy it in the Philippines and what brand is the best one.
    Does anyone have an idea?
    pls help, i really want to get out of this smelly situation.

  16. adriana

    My 6yrs old have or should I say had an underarms smell problem, the milk of magnesium did the trick. Thanks to anyone who post it their comments about it. If anyone have a question about anything this surely will b the Website I’ll direct them to.

  17. A.B.

    MoM stopped my underarm odor. I pour some into the provided measuring cap and apply it with my fingertips. It dries in about the same period of time as a roll on deodorant. I haven’t had any problem with odor since I began using it a month ago.

  18. gg

    I have gotten the same problem using baking soda. I get that when you tug on your armpit hairs while applying and it gets underneath the skin that way causing the swelling. The bumps can be reduced by either waiting it out and being careful not to be rough. Or you can take hot water and a towel and apply it until you cause the pores to open.(doesn’t always work).

  19. Candace

    I can remember stinking since elementary school and nothing would help. All of the years of being made fun of despite being an attractive girl I became a recluse. I’d wear sweaters and carry extra shirts with me wherever I went. I can swear on my life that milk of magnesia works for me. Its quick. You don’t have to put it on the night before. There’s no smell even though I did sweat, which is fine with me provided that my sweat to stink ratio was 1:9. I’m so thankful! I just wish I knew about this when I was growing up. I would’ve been so much more outgoing :-)

  20. Adriana

    Ive been reading about Milk of Magnesia for underarm odor, so, is it ok, for my 6yrs old daughter to use milk of magnesia for her armpit. If yes, also, how should I apply it??

  21. SNP

    I have suffered from excessive perspiration since I was a small child of 8-9 years old. I have used countless deodorants, anti-antiperspirants ,crystals, baking soda…you name it. NOTHING worked for very long, not even the clinical formulas. I’ve been using MOM for roughly 4months, and I will never switch to anything else. I use it on my underarms, as well as my groin area, and I swear by it. I use a regular, generic formula, and have never experienced any issues. On days that I shave, I skip it just in case.
    I am very interested to see that someone else posed a question about loose bowels, just how likely is it?( I’m thinking pretty likely) BUT….. there is no comparison, I would rather poop than stink!!

  22. Joe M.

    I have been using MOM for 1.5 years and it is wonderful. I use it also on my face, arms, chest & back as I garden in the sun without a shirt. I have two concerns and would like a response: (1) I now use the cherry flavored as it seems to be more effective. Is it more harmful than the original because of the red dye? (2) When I share this with friends, they saw that it is normal for the body to perspire and this is not good to stop this process. How do I respond? Much thanks for your answer….

  23. jp

    I, too, have been dealing with excessive sweating and issues with underarm odor. prescription deodorants help, but do not eliminate this problem. When my mom mentioned milk of magnesia I gave it a try, and was elated to find that it worked!! However, after a few days I found that my right armpit was red, painful and slightly swollen.
    It seems that this has happened to a number of other people, but People’s Pharmacy has yet to comment on this. Could you please let us know if there is any potential danger in using M of M as an underarm deodorant, how often it can be applied, and what the cause (and resolution) of the underarm rash is? I’m excited to have found something that works, but would like more info! Thanks!

  24. Maria I. T.

    My therapist told me about milk of magnesia. I have tried many deodorants and nothing works! I tried surgery to decrease the sweat but I still smell. I tried lipo suction in the underarms but I still stink!. I finally tried botox and it works because it prevented me from sweating but it is soooo expensive. It cost almost a thousand dollars that would only last three months.
    I got very depressed that I decided to see a therapist to control my emotion = control sweat = control odor in my underarm. It works for a while. Then, I got depressed again then my therapist told me about a client for hers that told her about milk of magnesia six days before I saw her.
    Amazing! It works. I have been using it now for 4 days and it works. Thank you… I was about to have another surgery to control the sweat. But I don’t need the surgery anymore. Thank you, Lord!

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