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Q. I have found a home remedy for stinky feet. Brew 8 to 10 tea bags in a foot tub. Allow the tea to cool slightly, then soak the feet until the tea cools. Do this as often as necessary.

The tannins in the tea do a wonderful job as antibacterial agents. Also, please advise your readers to try going barefoot as much as possible. Exposing your feet to air helps tremendously. So does washing slippers, flip-flops or any other footwear that can be laundered.

A. One major shoe firm (Rockport) recently introduced shoes that go in the washing machine. It may not have been motivated by a desire to reduce foot odor, but it may help. Other manufacturers use high-tech materials to prevent sweat from building up in shoes where it can contribute to odor.

Feet that sweat profusely are more prone to become stinky. Tannin from tea cuts down on sweating, and that may be how your treatment helps feet smell better. We include a similar recipe for a tea foot soak, along with many other approaches to reducing aroma, in guide Solutions for Smelly Feet.

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  1. pauline Oh

    I got a spray from Taiwan last year. I used it to spray into my shoes and it works very well for my stinky feet. The spray is made of bamboo vinegar. My shoes cabinet also gets better with less odour smell.

  2. SDoty

    WoW! I’m so happy I came to this website! My granddaughter has stinky feet and we’ve been looking for a remedy for a long time. I am definitely going to try a few of the above remedies!! Thanx to everyone for your input. I’ll definitely be back for our results.

  3. MSR

    My wife had a bad problem with stinky feet. She found an antidote by soaking her feet in a mixture of one cup bleach and three cups warm water (more if needed to completely cover feet). She let it soak for about ten minutes, rinsed and no more stinky feet for a long time. It returned once and she repeated, hasn’t had the problem for months now.

  4. Julia

    My son had open, oozing sores on his feet for months. His pediatrician was baffled, likewise the dermatologist. Finally the allergist discovered the culprit – Tannin in the leather docksiders he was wearing without socks.

  5. C.W.

    It seems that wearing rayon socks make your feet stink less too (nylon is the worst offender!). And they feel great!

  6. nancy P.

    My youngest son’s feet were producing a ghastly smell! We saw the pediatrician who prescribed an antibiotic that cured it. He said do not wear those shoes without socks. Perhaps others could prevent this condition if they keep their kids from going barefoot with sneakers.

  7. Tammy

    My daughter had incredibly stinky feet when she was younger. Her feet smelled even when clean! My husband suggested she soak her feet in Listerine. One soaking did the trick!

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