Q. One of your readers requested natural recommendations for migraines. I had tried many migraine treatments. Then I developed wheat intolerance, and since quitting grains (wheat, rye, barley, oats), I have not suffered a migraine for almost two years. I also have not had IBS, brain fog, or even the slightest cold. There are a lot of wonderful gluten-free products now. If only I would have known I would have quit a long time ago.

A. Gluten intolerance, or celiac disease, often has neurological symptoms such as migraines or forgetfulness. Not everyone with migraines has celiac disease, but it is worth testing to rule out this serious condition. It is treated by avoiding wheat, barley and rye.

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  1. Brent B.

    You might want to also try feverfew and butterbur. I believe in France they have some kind of homeopathic feverfew formula which is administered by some kind of inhaler (I saw it on national TV news once). I had a friend who had migraines and that was one reason she couldn’t get into the Air Force. By now those roll-on OTC formulas are proliferating — you might want to try making your own, but be careful with the essential peppermint oil on skin, because it can burn! So mix it with water or something else to soften the effects.

  2. Jason H.

    My wife had suffered migraine headaches for quite some time, and then I had her cut the coffee out for awhile–she was drinking about a pot of coffee a day. Her migraines went away after she stopped. She then went back to her coffee after a couple months, and cut back to two cups a day, and she has not had consistent migraines, although she will get a migraine from office stress on and off at times. In those cases we both found that PEPPERMINT OIL rubbed from one temple across the forehead to the other temple works like a charm, the menthol I think somehow helps relieve the migraine. Sure worked for us at different times. Good Luck! J.H.

  3. Sheila H.

    Re: migraines; I used to have almost one per week, or at least two a month for years and years. I tried lots of things: chiropractic (he promised he’d get me pain free); I took old timey prescriptions like ergot?-containing meds; even fiorinal and the newer migraine meds. NOTHING worked. This went on for years since the 1960’s.
    Then I read an article about people who are sensitive to caffeine and the resulting headache from even a small drop in intake from day to day. It all made sense.
    I used to drink 5 or 6 cups of coffee on sat and sunday (plus sometimes colas). Then monday I went back to one cup of coffee. By tuesday morning (Day 2 with the lower levels of caffeine compared to the weekend), I would wake up with a head banger/classic migraine. Without fail! I decided to keep a watch on my TOTAL caffeine intake and kept it level. (I took my favorite coffee mug, filled it with my daily usual, then measured the amount in a measuring cup. I made sure that each and every day I kept it at that amount.) I just pour my morning coffee from the measuring cup; I drink no more and no less. If I go out and drink a little coffee or cola, I make a note of it, and the very next day I drink a little more caffeine than my usual measured amount; then day 2 I go back to my measured amount (tapering from the higher amount back to my normal amount).
    That cured it! Two years have gone by with no headaches. NO headache; no migraines anymore!… except the two different times I forgot and left some of my morning coffee in the microwave and forgot to “finish my daily dosage/intake”.
    This sounds complicated but it is not; figure out about how much coffee/caffeine you want to use and keep it level. I am headache FREE!! And they were migraines, triggered by caffeine drop; (even 1/2 cup LESS coffee or a couple of cans of cola can trigger a headache in many people).
    sheila H.

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