Q. After dieting and exercising hard for the last year I managed to get my cholesterol down from over 260 to below 220. Then sore joints led me to take glucosamine and chondroitin. Now my cholesterol is up over 240. I think there is a connection.

My doctor recommended Certo and grape juice to lower my cholesterol and possibly ease my arthritis pain. How much do I need and is there anything else natural I could try to control my cholesterol and triglycerides?

A. Research has not confirmed that glucosamine and chondroitin raise cholesterol, but other readers have reported a similar problem. You may be interested to note that grape juice has been shown to lower cholesterol. Soluble fiber in the form of liquid plant pectin (Certo) may have a similar benefit. Many readers tell us the combination also helps ease arthritis pain.

One recipe involves putting 2 tsp. of Certo in 3 oz. of grape juice and drinking it three times daily. We are sending you our Guides to Home Remedies and Heart Health with other arthritis recipes and natural ways to control cholesterol.

Fish oil can be helpful for lowering triglycerides as well as easing joint pain, while psyllium can also reduce cholesterol levels. 

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  1. Ed B

    My cholesterol is 310 my blood sugar is 108 I take lisinopril HCTZ for high blood pressure. I’ve had 4 knee surgeries and my hip replaced almost 2 years ago… I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the last 2 years. I try to be active, but am held back by my hip. Do the cortisone injections I get on a regular basis affect my cholesterol? I also have arthritis.

  2. Lorrie

    My husband recently took Certo and grape juice for two weeks for knee pain from s/p patellar fracture surgery one year ago. It seemed to be helping him, but now his glucose went up. Could this have been caused from the grape juice and certo? He is going to have a cortisone injection next week and I know this will also cause his glucose to rise. His fbs was 123 and his HbA1C was 6.1. He has never had a problem with glucose before. Should he not drink the grape juice and Certo or change to a low sugar grape juice and is there a replacement for Certo that is low in sugar?

  3. Ro

    I am on medications for osteo-arthuritis, cholesterol,blood pressure,acid reflux,alergies vitamins..these are the names FOSOMAX,(VITAMIN 50,000IU) (ATENELOL),(COZAAR)(CRESTOR), (PRILOSEC)(ZOLOFT)(SINGULAIR) & NASONEX++++++
    Does anyone know what I could take instead of all those killer drugs…(I`ve been using (gin & Rasins for years & it`s a miracle drug for me, it cured my swollen & very sore knuckles with arthritis)
    Is there anything else I could use for my cholesterol
    blood pressure and all those other drugs I`m using.. so I could feel normal again..If someone has a suggestion, PLEASE,PLEASE, I WANT TO GET RID OF THOSE DRUGS AND TAKE HEALTHY HOME REMEDIES THAT WILL CURE MY AILMENTS WITHOUT THE DRUGS…My Mom use to do it, I`m sure someone out there has some suggestions…

  4. PHP

    I have elevated cholesterol but cannot take statins due to severe cramps and muscle pains. I have also developed mild rheumatoid arthritis. As I could not take the Plaquinal ordered either due to side effects, the doctor suggested glucosamine and chondroitin. My pre-GC cholesterol was 240. After only 4 months on GC the cholesterol shot up to 305. Only then did I discover that one of the side effects of GC is raised cholesterol levels!

  5. dsg

    to the person with cholesterol and triglyceride problems,also good for high blood pressure and diabetes is onions and garlic every day,what a difference it can make,just eat a couple of green onions or any kind for that matter and any kind of garlic about 5 cloves a day and you will feel so much better and begin to have normal readings,hope this helps

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