Q. My daughter had three stubborn warts on the bottom of her foot that hurt her terribly. We tried salicylic acid tape from the pharmacy. It always burned off all the good skin and left the wart intact.

Duct tape didn't work, and neither did freezing them off at the doctor's office. They kept coming back.

I made a paste of fresh-scraped turmeric root and taped it on the warts. The warts were completely gone in three applications.

Bright pink fresh smooth skin grew in the black-specked holes left behind after the bandage was removed. After they fell off following the turmeric treatment, the warts never came back.

I bought the turmeric from the health food store and scraped off some. I taped a little lump the size of a pea on each wart and changed it each night. (I had her wear a sock to bed. Turmeric is neon yellow and stains bedding.) I have no idea why it works, but someone at work said it worked for him.

A. No one knows much about why any wart remedy works. Warts are caused by a virus, though. Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric, has antiviral activity (Virology, online Jan. 14, 2008), so perhaps that explains your success.

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  1. Tom

    any grocery store in the spice aisle

  2. Tom

    Every grocery store in the spice aisle. Wal-mart has capsules in the supplements section made by Spring Valley. You buy it in powder form. Few grocery stores will carry the whole turmeric root in produce (next to ginger root), but you don’t really need it that way. It stains badly (its used as a dye and puts the yellow in mustard), so careful with it.
    I’ve heard others complain about the mess made by mixing with oils such as olive oil, so just don’t do it. I’ve found whipped honey spread to be a good medium to mix it with. A little dab will do ya.

  3. S>N>

    my dad has a wart on the side of his foot and doesn’t know where to get the turmeric plant thing a mabob. Does any one know where to get it?????

  4. Gail

    Turmeric, magical! I tried duct tape, got another plantar watt next to the first one. I tried the salicylic acid dots, it took two to cover it now; got more. Tried OTC freezing method, held longer than directed; nothing happened.
    The podiatrist beetle juiced me four times, got good blisters and many more warts. She prescribed 26% salicylic acid, then I was at a quarter-sized wart mass. She then prescribed Aldara, used a couple times before researching the possible side effects. Then I read about turmeric.
    Two weeks of bandages with mix of olive oil from the cupboard and turmeric from the local grocery store spice aisle, a pumice stone scrub every couple days and my wart mass is gone! I will continue treating for another week just to make sure. Note: the best bandages are Nexcare waterproof. They keep the turmeric away from your clothing (avoiding stains), and they are strong, easily lasting two days on my heal.

  5. Tom

    Turmeric is great at taking care of a lot of wounds and skin problems. Next time you have multiple cuts, bandage one with triple antibiotic and one with turmeric, and I bet the turmeric heals faster.
    Here’s one I’ve found as a miracle… I had a few recurring canker sores in my mouth. Those can be really painful, and most OTC meds can do no more than just numb the pain for a few minutes. However, I’ve found to I mix turmeric powder with honey (which has additional antiviral/bacteria properties and helps with flavor). Work that compound into the canker sore and try to hold it as long as you can (saliva will ultimately wash it away, but be still and try to limit that as long as possible. A higher turmeric-to-honey ratio will result in a thicker compound allowing it to last longer. Reapply 2-5 times a day. I’ve found that after only 3 applications, the canker sore just keeps on healing on its own and the pain is gone completely in hours, and the sore gone in 1-2 days.
    Turmeric is supposed to have a lot of anticancer properties as well, but I don’t have any evidence of that. You can buy it in gel-caps and take it every day as a supplement. Makes a great antioxidant. Natural remedies like this that are simple and really work well don’t get any push because pharma companies can’t make big bucks on them charging $2-$3 per pill.

  6. camlle

    it works very well.

  7. leslie

    somebody plz tell me why does it happens? I have a wart in my left arm and it started a root.. now there are three… first 1 is bigger almost 2cm.. and other 2 are small…after reading your stories I want to use turmeric bandage in the night… let see what happens…..and thank u all for sharing your stories.. God bless you all!

  8. C

    I’ve developed 3 warts so far. Freezing with liquid nitrogen was successful on one of them, but 2 weeks ago I saw some turmeric powder going for $3.50 … I started applying turmeric mixed with a little olive oil and covering it up with a band-aid… now one more of them is gone, and I’m pretty sure the remaining wart (the most stubborn one that I’ve had for 6 years) is on its way out right now!
    The best part is that it doesn’t hurt at all, or even smell! I just put it under a band-aid, then washed and replaced it once a day. 2 weeks later, I was able to peel some dead skin off and there was fresh skin underneath, all wart-free! And unlike that salicylic acid compound, it didn’t damage the healthy skin.
    I tried electrocurettage (where they cut it out and burn the surrounding tissue, painful and expensive!), duct tape, salicylic acid compound, salicylic acid disks, apple cider vinegar, and Aldara… none of them succeeded in anything except wasting money!

  9. PP

    Here’s one more success in curing plantar warts with turmeric. After trying salicylic acid for a month with no result and reading about turmeric in your column, we put turmeric powder mixed with a little olive oil on my son’s plantar wart, scuffing it a little with a pumice stone first and covering it lightly with a bandaid to keep from staining his socks. We did this daily for about three weeks. It stopped hurting within a couple of days and disappeared after about three weeks. Our pediatrician was very impressed with the results.

  10. Linda

    My son developed a wart on the bottom of his foot. Not taking care of it as I told him to (imagine that from a 22 year old boy) it grew and multiplied until it caused considerable pain when walking. By then nothing he tried helped.
    His doctor wouldn’t touch it and recommended a visit to a specialist. I told him to get some fresh turmeric but all he could find was the powder. I suggested he make a paste with a little oil. Mixing it with a few drops of olive oil and covering it with a bandage took away the warts and all pain in a couple of days! It has been several weeks since treatment and it has not come back.

  11. bcb

    I have had plantar warts numerous times.
    I found that I scrape a little off with a razor blade, not enought to make it bleed, then I apply a patch of “Moleskin,” a commercial product by DR Scholl (which I think contains salicylic acid), let it stay on for 3 or 4 days, then peel it off. A layer of skin about 1/16 inch thick comes off with it, but only from the wart. It does not bother the healthy skin. Repeat the process a few times and the wart is gone.
    I have used this technique successfully at least 6 or 7 times over the last 20 years.

  12. Rebekah Nash

    My mother has wart on the bottom of her foot. Where can I purchase turmeric root? oakie

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